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Postby PeoplemoverMatt » Sat Oct 04, 2008 2:31 pm


Regarding construction taking place at the intersection of Magic Mountain Parkway and The Old Road:
The Signal wrote:Construction activities for The Old Road realignment and Magic Mountain Parkway widening will close the intersection for at least a week, according to the latest update from the City of Santa Clarita, LA County, Newhall Land, Metro and Caltrans.

Beginning the morning of Oct. 14, Security Paving Company Inc. will begin constructing temporary asphalt concrete pavement at the intersection, which will not be accessible until work is completed by the evening of Oct. 20.

Construction signs for alternate routes will be posted for directional purposes to the surrounding business and theme parks.

The intersection is scheduled to reopen to through traffic the morning of Oct 21, 2008.

Additional, road-widening work on Magic Mountain Parkway between Tourney Road and The Old Road will begin later this month and continue through February 2009.

To accomodate traffic, motorists will be shifted onto two lanes for both east and westbound traffic on Magic Mountain Parkway.

The detour at the northbound Magic Mountain Parkway off-ramp and I-5 will remain open throughout the ramp windening and removal of utility lines.

A suggested alternative for access to Valencia Industrial Center is the off-ramp at Highway 126 and Newhall Ranch Road.

Detours and road signs are in place to assist the operational needs of the public in this area.

Construction on the intersection began in July 2006 and is 50 percent complete. This $37 million project is slated for completion in December 2009.

Check the City of Santa Clarita's website at or the project hotline (661) 290-2297 for updates.

I'm not quite sure how anyone's supposed to get into Magic Mountain with the Magic Mtn. Pkwy./The Old Road intersection totally closed, so anyone planning to go between 10/14-10/21 should be prepared for even more construction delay and detours than are currently being seen.

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Postby costa425 » Sat Oct 04, 2008 2:41 pm

NEW YORK — Six Flags Inc. is considering various options, including a reverse stock split, following notice from the New York Stock Exchange that is not compliant with the market’s listing standards, company officials said Thursday.

The stock has closed at an average of less than $1 a share for 30 days.

“Many companies are facing challenges in today’s volatile economic climate and Six Flags is no exception,” said Mark Shapiro, president and CEO of the company.

“We believe that our improved performance and cash flows will be key to repositioning the company for long-term growth.”

The company has six months to remedy the situation or be removed from NYSE listings. It will remain listed in the interim.

Six Flags owns Magic Mountain and Hurrican Harbor theme parks in the Santa Clarita Valley.
The company’s stock closed Thursday at 65 cents a share.

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Postby trcg721 » Sun Oct 05, 2008 2:51 pm

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Postby robbalvey » Sun Oct 05, 2008 11:38 pm

Hey everyone!

Today's SFMM update comes to you direct from Fright Fest 2008!

We just got back from the event and I have to say that if there was an award for the "most improved So Cal Halloween event" it would go to Six Flags Magic Mountain!

Here's the short version of the story - this year SFMM has given Fright Fest an overall event theme. And if you are familiar with Fright Fest in the previous years you'll know that the maze that started it all was Willoughby's Haunted Mansion up on Samurai Summit. This year Fright Fest is all about him and the terrifying exploits of his nightmarish family.

Yeah, yeah, it's cheesy and hokey, but it WORKS! It was actually nice to see an event theme and in fact, there was more of an ongoing theme at Magic Mountain than at Universal this year. I hope they keep this up as it was a very nice addition.

Something else has changed about Fright Fest this year - the mazes are a $5 upcharge. I know, I know, there has been some complaining about this, but honestly, I haven't been through a Fright Fest maze in a few years because I didn't want to have to stand in the long lines. The $5 wristband gets you into ALL the mazes, and so far it really seems to have balanced out the lines. And really, $5 is close enough to "free" that it really doesn't hurt to pay it. I think the cost of the maze wristband is less than a large soda at the park!

And the mazes were "decent." I'll be honest, they can't compete with Universal, but then again, Universal is a $50 seperate ticket event. If anything most of the mazes are comperable to Knott's "lower end" Haunt mazes. And that's actually saying they are pretty decent if you are looking for a fun, cheaper night of Halloween scares. It was also nice to see real make up instead of latex masks. In fact, I think the only masks I saw were in the Jokers maze. Most everyone else had real make up and face paint, which I thought added a nice touch.

And finally there is the Heckles and Twitch show. Yeah, these guys didn't have such good luck with Universal a couple of years ago, but I think their show fits in PERFECT at Magic Mountain. It's crude, funny, and well written. These guys are awesome characters and it's good to see they've found a better home at SFMM!

Ok, enough babbling...onto the photos!
Night falls on Magic Mountain and all the spooky stuff starts coming out...
It's Sunday night, the perfect time to go to Fright Fest...the crowds are light and the scares are plentiful!
Yes it's true! The mazes are now a $5 upcharge, but I think this works well. It balances out the lines so your wait is much less than it used to be. It's also only FIVE FREAKING DOLLARS!!! Pay it! Deal with it!
Hey look everyone! It's Brandon! He's totally doing his "I am Six Flags" pose!
"Hello Mr. Brandon! I would like to purchase one $5 wristband please!"
And yes, during Fright Fest all your favorite coasters are also open!
And if you're not into the Halloween scares, you can still avoid all the scare zones. But KidTums doesn't mind!
OK, so let's check out one of these sexy new Fright Fest maps and see where to go first!
We'll check out Willoughby's Haunted Mansion since this is the one that started it all. Viewer discretion is advised!
Ok, good thing this is only a scare rating of 3. My not-so-cast-iron-stomach couldn't take a 4 or 5! =)
"Always a body bag room..."
Hey! I didn't know the ACE buffet was in here!
Man, that must be one tasty leg!
Two things:
1. Can you spot the actor in the room?
2. Can you spot the hidden Mickey? =)
Yes, yes, crazy scary shaker can woman, we see you, sure...but the cool thing to see here is that the old Magic Pagoda mirror room is still pretty much the same!
Can you see Riddler's Revenge here? Nope! Neither can anyone's GONE!!! I told you! They have removed Riddler's Revenge to make way for that 500 foot tall Dive Machine! You all didn't believe me when I took that picture of the cone last week!
Ok, ok...the lights are just off for Fright Fest... =) (It's pretty cool though riding it in the pitch dark!)
Deadman's Bog, Willoughby's haunted swamp was the make-shift maze in Tidal Wave's queue. Now, I gotta say, I thought this maze was going to be a total suck fest, but it was really fun!
Yeah, camo-netting...I saw enough of this making Call of Duty!
OMFG!!!! Where do YOU come from!?!??! Don't DO THAT again!!!
"Well, Helllllllo spooky hot snake lady! Can you tell me where I can fill out a job application?"
Sparks! All I can see is sparks!
So Brutal Planet is now Willoughby's sideshow freaks. Like I said the overall theme was kind of hokey, but it was actually a nice touch. Kudos to whoever suggested a theme for the event.
I feel like E.T. is going to pop out at any moment and kick my ass with a Speak N' Spell!
Look, dude, I just want to get through the spinning tunnel without hurling my Papa John's breadsticks and sprite...MOVE IT!!!
Yeah, I think this room could use a little bit more RED...wadda you think?
Ok, let's talk man to man here...what was the best thing about Fright Fest this year? All the HOT DEAD CHICKS in the mazes!!! Seriously! I loved that most of the actors were babes! Fright Fest mazes $5 extra, but you put lots of babes in them? SOLD!!!!
A *MUCH* better use for Mr. Tornado Slide Cow!!!!
"We invite you, if you dare, to step aboard because in tonight's episode you are the star...."
"Have you seen Chucky? We gotta hook you two love birds up!"
"I'll bet your girlfriend *LOVES* you!"
This was one of the better mazes...I actually thought it was fun running back and forth through the warehouse into the little rooms of random stuff. Highly reccomended!
Next up was a new maze this year, Willoughby's Warehouse 13. Again, I thought a maze just switchbacking through the Log Jammer queue would be lame, but it actually worked out quite well.
Creepy dead hot chick in the maze? CHECK!
Attention to detail shot! It was nice to see the "Willoughby" logo was on quite a bit of stuff reminding everyone about the theme.
The scare zones had quite a few actors and sliders in them.
It's actually cool to see the park lit up for Halloween. I think most parks look their best this time of year.
Hello Mr. Clown popping out of the closet (do you know Mike?) that means we must be in the Jokesters Hideout!
I liked this room. I know there's a "head" joke to be made here...but I'll just leave it at that!
Hallway of doors...which one will the clown pop out of next?
OMG! That's a FREAKING AWESOME Jay Thomas costume!!! (That clown looks TERRIFIED!)
There is just something REALLY creepy about these dudes. They really look like they are about to KILL!
And Mr. Bungee clown...well, we won't ruin the surprise and tell you where he comes from, but he's usually good for a scare or at least a laugh or two!
"What do you mean there is milk in that truck?"
During Fright Fest Gotham City becomes home to "Heckles and Twitch!"
Gotham City looks just a *little* differnet during Fright Fest.
"Hey, you think you can drive me and one of the hot dead chicks in the maze to a drive-in movie?"
During the show Heckles and Twitch want the hot chicks in the front and the ugly chicks in the back!
"If you don't come to Fright Fest and see the Heckles and Twitch show we'll kill this Park President!!!"

If you haven't been to Fright Fest at SFMM in the past few years, check it out this year! It's much improved and a lot of fun!

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Postby trcg721 » Sun Oct 05, 2008 11:45 pm

Sweet, I am in the update. I am the clown inside Jokesters that is next to Jay Thomas. I don't know if this had been mentioned, but the fountain in BBW has been repainted.

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Postby ebl » Mon Oct 06, 2008 12:24 am

I actually gave some thought to going out there today, but just wasn't really up to it. But it looks like Fright Fest holds its own to Haunt and HHN.

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Postby arrowfanman » Mon Oct 06, 2008 1:55 am

I'm actually really a fan of the little plusses here and there they were able to do for Fright Fest. In fact, I like every part of it. . . .except for the fact that Willoughby's name is "Johan".


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Postby PeoplemoverMatt » Mon Oct 06, 2008 3:07 am

^ Are you really going to say that you weren't a part of that? Come on now... ;)

Fright Fest looks good. Kinda sucks that construction will make it a pain in the rear for anyone trying to get in the park.

As for the $5 fee, it's pretty comical that people would complain about that and not about what Knott's or Universal charges, or that $5 buys you 1/3 of that parking space your car's in. It's not anything to really complain about, especially since Fright Fest isn't hard ticket. See the mazes, or don't, your choice.

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Postby bobafett » Mon Oct 06, 2008 6:16 am

Heckles the Clown looks looks like Dr. Rockso the Rock and Roll clown from Metalocalypse.

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Postby Meteornotes » Mon Oct 06, 2008 7:00 am

Looks pretty cool, certainly better than any Fright Fest I've seen at any SF park before. Good for them for updating the mazes and stuff.

And anyone complaining about a $5 wristband charge is insane. That is NOTHING. And it gets you into every maze. I guess people just like to complain.

And yes, hot dead chicks rule.

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