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Postby robbalvey » Sun Sep 28, 2008 4:03 pm

New SFMM Update!

Sunday, September 28, 2008
With all our summer TPR tours would you believe how difficult it's been to get to the park right down the street from us? Well, now that we are back in town the regular updates shall start again!

Today was a very interesting day as it seemed kind of quiet but there was a lot going on.

First off, Hurricane Harbor has extended their season through October 5th so if you're in the So Cal area and hot, now you have a cool down option.

Next, Fright Fest was also well underway and that opens next weekend. There wasn't any visible information about the $5 additional fee for the mazes, but I'm hoping this might actually cut down on some of the horrendous lines as I've seen in past years. Yeah, free is always nice, but then again *free* meant 2 hour lines for the houses. So it's kind of a toss up as to which you'd rather have. I guess we'll have to see how this new system pans out.

And then finally *something* is going on in Psyclone's'll see!

Now on to the photos...
Yup, it's still good 'ol Six Flags Magic Mountain and Fright Fest is coming soon...
Hey look! I recognize that train from somewhere!
Look out people! That giant man-eating spider is going to get you! (Women, you are ok...)
Hurricane Harbor still open through October 5th. If you want wet...go here!
Fright Fest is awesome because it means more Gossamer! (Google it!)
KidTums is NOT afraid of the giant pussy!
"Hello! I am the happy evil pumpkin head inviting you in for some hot fresh donuts at the Cyber Cafe!"
No donuts = epic fail!
Speaking of epic fails there is this awesome ride op on Orient Express. She didn't even notice that Elissa and KidTums were standing on the stroller side of the ride and almost dispatched the ride had I not said something. "Excuse wife and daughter would like to ride too!"
"Hi! She finally let us in, but those other people weren't so lucky..."
Yeah, she dispatched the ride with an enitre family just standing there! She wasn't even paying attention. :(
I hope those fingernails taste good!
Kick ass! It's been months since we've been in the tower!
At least we have Willoughby's to look forward to soon! It's always cool to go in here and see the old "Magic Pagoda!" (You older timers will remember)
Awesome! Thank you SFMM for supporting a game that my company worked on! (Too bad the movie kind of stunk!)
New random wall...just because...and there was a Wario poster which automatically makes this wall cooler than Spin Out! =)
Wow, so it would appear that any last remains of Psyclone have been TERMINATED!!!
The whole are has been cleared and some peculiar little orange flags have been placed...must be for a new Fright Fest maze!
I'm not sure what they could be building here, but if it is a Fright Fest maze, man it looks HUGE!
They've even got a new trailer back here and everything.
Wait a second....There are those mysterious white stacks of a material that came from outer space! It can't be a Fright Fest maze...Fright Fest starts next week and those stacks came from outer space...what would space aliens want with a haunted house maze?
Wait a second...that one has the tarp blown looks's WOOD!
YES! OMG! Those are in fact stacks of WOOD! least the space aliens that put them there want us to *think* it's wood. Really it could just be wooden aluminum. As you know space artifacts are only built out of two substances. Either what you see here in the pictures or "Transparent Aluminum." And if you saw Star Trek 4 you would know that Transparent Aluminum is what you use to transport wales through outer space and through time. So obviously whatever is being built here must be a space/time portal for whales....built out of wooden aluminum (the transparent stuff is WAY out of Six Flags' budget.)

Or it could just be a new wooden roller coaster...but that would be silly! =)
"Ok, I'm going behind this tree and count to three...all you other diggers and bulldozers go hide!"
"More Flags! More Fun!"
If this is a new wooden coaster, I'm sure it would be a Great.... Coaster.... *cough*Inc*cough*

But really? Who knows what it could be. I'm still placing bets on the Whale Portal. I mean, think about it, you figure out how to transport whales through time and space and you can sell a LOT of admission tickets to come and see that!
I'm wondering if this view may be slightly different one day....
If you haven't gotten an AirZooka yet! Now's your chance! They are 50% off!
They sure are having a lot of sales at Magic Mountain today...or maybe the park is just doing it's "Hard Rock Park Impression!" (Too soon?) =)
If Magic Mountain was in Japan, you would see this picture a LOT!
Oh, THANK YOU for having Soda Shack open today! Seriously these are the best pretzels in the park! (We now almost forgive you for having the donut machine down!) =)
Wow, there is a LOT of Fright Fest webbing around Tidal Wave....another maze, perhaps? Cool!
OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!! There's a *CONE* there!!! You know that that means? That's right! 5 HUNDRED FOOT TALL DIVE MACHINE!!!!!
Geez, man, I hate to see a perfectly new painted wall be all loaded up with webs and nastyess.
"Can you tell me which way to the gravy buffet please?"
Fright Fest theming....or new toilet facilities...YOU DECIDE!
Yay! The Colossus area has been populated with cars again! Wait...what is that I see on that sign?
Oh, now that is just MEAN! C'mon guys! Don't rub it in!

(Anyone know what I'm referring to?)
Yay! Backwards Colossus is here again! And this year, backwards Colossus has a new name...and that name is....
Psyclone!!! YAY!!!!
At least this sign points in the right direction! =)
The obligatory Thomas Town shot...yup still here! Take your kids on the train. They will like it, I promise.
Oooh....looks like new Fright Fest goodness happening at Log Jammer!
Now we have that to look foward to next week too!
Jokster's Hideout...yup!
Obligatory Tatsu shot! (which actually seemed to be dispatching quite well fact we saw a LOT of coasters going very consistently today!)
And today's good employee award goes to Eric and Nancy who were awesome and helped us out.
But the bad employee award goes to this guy who came over and stamped our hands, then proceeded to go back and lean against the turnstiles while Elissa let her and the stroller out of the gate! Way to go, dude! =)

So that concludes this update! Remember, Fright Fest starts next weekend, Saturday October 4th and Hurricane Harbor has been extended until October 5th. See you at the Mountain!

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Postby astroworldfan1 » Sun Sep 28, 2008 4:19 pm

SharkTums wrote:It talks about how the last coaster in that spot was crap...

Well, if Psyclone wasn't total crap, wouldn't it be standing today?


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Postby the ghost » Sun Sep 28, 2008 4:19 pm

^? What :?r

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Postby speedracer » Sun Sep 28, 2008 4:43 pm

arrowfanman wrote:
speedracer wrote:
Aaronkv wrote:If they are building it in Psyclone's old spot i bet many or the GP wouldn't even know it was new after it is open for a few months. Probably still call it Psyclone.

What I was thinking too. If it ends up resembling any sort of medium sized traditional woodie, no matter how different the layout or how much theming they add, the clueless GP will just think it's just Psyclone redux. Especially after the X/X2 redo.


Then the rumours of a Terminator-themed family woodie wouldn't be sounding so ludicrous. Only with better theming and sets than TDK I would hope if so. (always fun to speculate!)

I disagree. X2 proved to me that you could market ANYTHING. Lol. Some of those "clueless GP" don't even realize that X2 is X! They think that it's an entirely new coaster! People will be seeing ads for Terminator and come to the park, for Terminator. If they were to actually make the Psyclone-connection, I'm sure one ride would change that immediately. Lol!


That's amazing, would have never thought anyone would ever think X2 was a completely new ride! Truly amazing how gullible people can be.

Just I overhear all the time up here people insisting Grizzly is the exact same ride as Roar and Giant Dipper, just because they're wood too. Like that recent article too about CGA's proposed GCI where they asked some putz in line for Grizzly what his thoughts were. And he stated CGA didn't need the new coaster because "they already have a wooden coaster that's good enough". Just seems to me that in the eyes of the coaster clueless GP, no matter how great or craptacular, all woodies are the same ride regardless.


Postby Papas » Sun Sep 28, 2008 5:01 pm

Whats with the blue polos? Did wardrobe run out of the yellow ones or something :lolr:

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Postby Mr Stratosphere » Sun Sep 28, 2008 5:20 pm


Robb "Oh, now that is just MEAN! C'mon guys! Don't rub it in!
(Anyone know what I'm referring to?)"

::Sigh:: El Toro.
Thanks for the update Robb! I'll be at the Mountain on October 13th!


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Postby Ice101 » Sun Sep 28, 2008 6:05 pm

WoW! Can't wait to see if Deja Vu gets a new buddy!

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Postby Wes » Sun Sep 28, 2008 6:39 pm

The white stacks are just the framing for the X2 tunnels. Duhhhh

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Postby TheRapidsNerd » Sun Sep 28, 2008 6:47 pm

Maybe 3rd times the charm for the new Whale Space Time Portal next to Deja Vu. Definitely a fun and funny update to the goings on.

Oh, and Robb, I Googled Gossemer, but I had to use the mouse. How quaint.

Good stuff! =)

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Postby rclay2003 » Sun Sep 28, 2008 6:51 pm

Woo-hoo!! I love watching construction at SFMM. It has become a pastime of mine. The internet is great! Thanks Robb! :airtime:
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