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Postby Warlord694 » Fri Jun 20, 2008 3:30 pm

Looking at the coaster it looks like it is slow thru the course.
But when you are on it it has great pacing and really flys. Great airtime.
We got to the park about 5 min after opening and the line was backed up past the train bridge. I walked down and they were not letting anyone into the queue. So not knowing how long delay would be I took the kids on Moon cars which goes under EK but track is really short.
By the time we got off that(10:50) They had a guy dressed like Evel on a Harley go flying down the sidewalk by the queue, and then they started letting people in line go. We got in line and the ride was stopped for technical difficulties 4 times. It took a little over an hour in line and then we were on.
We went back around 2:30 and line was much shorter only about 15 min. We got up into the station and Evel's wife was hanging around the station. She was gone when I got done with my ride.
We got in a couple more rides. Last car right seat is my favorite. I also rode 2nd row and still had excellent airtime up front. Line was too long for front but I'll get to hit that soon. I'll have to go after work some night and get in some night rides.

It is definitely a hit for SFSTL and GCI.

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Postby CP_RULES » Fri Jun 20, 2008 9:04 pm

I was there today. The short version says this ride is VERY smooth, has plenty of airtime, tons of laterals, and is really fun! Full written out review later when I'm not worn out from a full day at the park.
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Postby VivaLaVibora » Sat Jun 21, 2008 12:12 pm

EK SFStL Commercial ... re=related

To me, it kind of makes fun of an EK toy by saying it's only 1 flag.

Here's another one:

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Postby sixflagsguy5 » Sat Jun 21, 2008 1:17 pm

This ride looks really cool. When it was first announced I wasn't expecting much, but now that it's completed I'm much more excited to ride. I'll be checking it out next tuesday. :airtime:

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Postby StLCPfan » Sat Jun 21, 2008 9:30 pm

Six Flags opened at 9 this morning for "Rise and Scream" ert for passholders. It didn't list EK in those rides, so I figured I would ride Mr. Freeze, The Big Spin, The Boss, and Screamin' Eagle and then get in line for EK by 9:45, but Evel was running when I got there just after 9. I got 5 rides in before 10 when the regular crowd rushed the ride. This coaster is AWESOME! It flies through the course. I was whooping and laughing the whole time. The air and the smoothness of the transitions, even the really abrupt one as the train heads toward the swoop curve wraparound 3/4 through the ride, were PERFECT! This is similar in ride to The Boss after the mid-course break, but SMOOTH and RERIDEABLE. I was a little worried when there was no test seat because right now I weigh 280 with a 39 inch waist, but I was told I wouldn't have a problem fitting. You have to be able to get at least 1 click of the ratchets on the lap bar, and I got it down 3.
I talked with a guy from GCI around noon. He was standing back by the moon cars watching Evel run the circuit, just quietly enjoying his creation. I asked him about the design, the CG picture included when Six Flags released the information showing the swoop curve wraparound going clockwise, the opposite of Thunderbird's counterclockwise move, and he said no, it's almost exactly the same as Thunderbird. I don't know if anybody else had noticed that yet. That's the spot with the insane direction change from a left turn away from the section along the lifthill to a right turn heading back toward the first swoop curve and turning counterclockwise around it heading into the final bunny hops. The bunny hops are really cool!
COME TO ST. LOUIS AND EXPERIENCE THIS RIDE! I'm really looking forward to my trip to Valleyfair next week, Renegade looks really fun, but the compactness of EK with the multiple crossovers and headchoppers is a PERFECT addition to my home park.

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Postby gatorchomp83 » Mon Jun 23, 2008 3:52 pm

This ride looks AWESOME!

I was never really excited about it, from announcement, through construction and testing videos. However, after seeing the POV, I REALLY wanna get to St. Louis and ride this!

The speed looks a lot faster than I would have imagined with the size, and the direction changes, as well as those consecutive bunny hops, makes the coaster seem as if it packs a very good punch!
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Postby Six Flags Addict » Mon Jun 23, 2008 6:04 pm

Here is a link to my Evel Knievel review. (Sorry. . . no photos.)

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Postby spaceace12 » Mon Jul 14, 2008 6:09 pm

Was in the park on Sunday, It was squeling bad. Seems like the track wasn't greased at all. It could have been my top coaster (close to it) but with the squeling, it kept it at number 2 for now. Smooth and plenty of floater time. Back seat had a few pops of ejector air.

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Postby Airtime&Gravity » Mon Jul 14, 2008 6:41 pm

I rode EK on July 4, and it is my #3 coaster. It is a lot like Avalanche, but with less airtime. It is a lot of fun, but I see trims being added sometime soon.

All but one family that rode it loved it, and most teenagers didn't like it as "it isn't big".(a lot like TDK)

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Six Flags St. Louis 2009

Postby CoasterLover » Mon Sep 15, 2008 7:31 am ... t2008.aspx

Six Flags to Add Water Racer to Hurricane Harbor and Nighttime Parade in Theme Park

For the fifth consecutive year, Six Flags St. Louis will bring its guests new and exciting thrills as the park cements its position as the premier “daycation” destination in the Midwest. This season, Hurricane Harbor will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2009 by expanding the water park to add the exciting Wahoo Racer and the theme park is set to amaze guests with an unparalleled spectacular nighttime parade, Glow in the Park.

“Each year we strive to offer new and exciting experiences,” said David Roemer, Six Flags St. Louis Park President, “and to be able to bring our guests two incredible new attractions is a win-win. These enhancements reaffirm our commitment of providing quality, family entertainment at the greatest value.”

After 10 years, Hurricane Harbor remains the only water park in the Midwest that is free with theme park admission. To celebrate the water park's 10th anniversary, Six Flags is expanding the tropical island paradise to make room for Wahoo Racer. This six-lane water racer features a triple drop layout that provides maximum speed and airtime. Riders will race head-first on sled-type mats down 262-feet of steep drops and rolls reaching speeds of 35-mph. Wahoo Racer will be designed and built by the award winning manufacturer of water attractions, ProSlide. The new water attraction will be located between The Big Kahun and the Speed Slide complex in Hurricane Harbor and is scheduled to open Memorial Day weekend 2009.

In 2009, Six Flags St. Louis will take its daily parade over the top and leave guests in awe with the introduction of a nighttime parade, Glow in the Park. This unparalleled nighttime spectacular will feature six custom-designed floats, two additional mobile units, 65 light-adorned performers and 35 support staff and technicians. Floats will light up the night with vibrant, multicolored lights illuminating the streets and fill the air with specially arranged cirque-style music. Drummers, puppeteers, singers, dancers and kinetic stilt walkers will surround the floats making the Glow in the Park parade unlike any other in the Midwest.

The parade, which also debuts Memorial Day weekend, will utilize the combined talents of a world-renowned creative team to help transform the park into a fantasyland of light, sound and motion. The Gary Goddard Entertainment group is responsible for creating several attractions at various theme parks throughout the world including “The Spiderman Adventure” and “T2/3D” at Universal Studios Florida and “The Jurassic Park River Adventure” at Universal Studios in California. GGE is also the innovator of entertainment venues in Las Vegas and Hollywood and has enlisted one of Cirque Du Soleil's premier composers, Benoit Jutras, to create the music for the parade. For float design, the internationally acclaimed conceptual parade designer, Raul Rodriguez, was commissioned. Michael La Fleur, whose résumé includes artistic coordinator for Celine Dion's “A New Day” in Las Vegas, Imagineer for Disney and extensive Broadway musical and play work, will create fluid choreographed numbers for the Glow in the Park performers. The final touches to the parade will be added by Mia Gyzander, who will take on the task of designing and constructing more than 100 breathtaking costumes that will shimmer with bright colors, reflective fabrics and glowing lights.

Guests can experience all that Six Flags St. Louis and Hurricane Harbor has to offer including the new Wahoo Racer and Glow in the Park parade all season long with a 2009 Season Pass. A Season Pass offers the best value with unlimited visits to the theme park and water park and comes with a coupon book featuring over $300 in special offers including free concerts. A Season Pass can be used at all Six Flags Theme Parks throughout the country and are now on sale. Purchase before November 1 and save $5— just $59.99 at the park or at Guests who buy a 2009 Season Pass now can use it the remainder of the 2008 season to experience all the thrills and chills of Fright Fest.


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