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Beijing Parks Super Update

Postby packfanlv » Wed Aug 20, 2008 9:11 am

Mostly because I won't have much time over the next two weeks and partly because TPR will be visiting these parks shortly, I have decided to combine all three of the major Beijing parks into this super update. (In 3 Parts) Since TPR will cover them in great detail I'm sure, I will try to stick to the major points and give my opinions of Sun Park, Beijing Shinjingshan Amusement Park & Happy Valley Beijing!

In a week or two look for a few more updates from China including a couple of parks in Shanghai and what remains of Mongolia's only roller coaster! Also look for an Olympic trip report including pictures from our patronage at seven of the Olympics finest events! After that it is on to Japan and a few of those parks that you have seen mentioned here numerous times before.

As always keep the comments coming. I really appreciate the feedback. (Please note that these pictures were taken several weeks apart during different visits to Beijing!)


Part 1: Sun Park (Chaoyang Park)

This park is located in the eastern part of Beijing and in addition to be a huge public park, it has loads of amusement rides and even a science museum. The name may also be familiar to you since it also houses the Beach Volleyball venue for the 2008 Olympics.

We really enjoyed the atmosphere and rides at this park. While it doesn't have anything life shattering, it was quite an enjoyable place to spend the afternoon. Now on to the trip report. Enjoy!
Beijing 048.JPG
Actually there is a 4th park in BJ. Its called Beijing Amusement Park and unfortunately we didn't go in because they have two coasters and admission was north of $20.
Beijing 049.JPG
Here is the entrance though.
Beijing 067.JPG
Ok now on to the update. The first park "Sun Park" is another park within a park. It is located within Chaoyang Park in Beijing. To enter the public park you pay 5yuan entrance.
Beijing 069.JPG
As you can see from this map the park is enormous and the amusement section takes up about a quarter of it.
Beijing 070.JPG
The park itself is quite serene much like all Chinese parks.
Beijing 076.JPG
We were really surprise to see just how many rides this park had.
Beijing 080.JPG
Heck they even have a parachute tower!
Beijing 081.JPG
Ok on to the coasters. The first coaster of the day was the mine train. It is housed in quite the fake looking mountain.
Beijing 087.JPG
It basically helixes around the mountain a couple of times. All in all, quite lame!
Beijing 089.JPG
Another look.
Beijing 098.JPG
The next coaster was their spinning wild mouse. (Yes this is the same as all of the others!)
Beijing 102.JPG
They also have another mouse coaster.
Beijing 108.JPG
Not bad for what it is!
Beijing 109.JPG
Beijing 117.JPG
Moving on we see the next coaster, which is coincidentally the same purple color as the other two.
Beijing 122.JPG
Its your standard loop then two corkscrew layout.
Beijing 123.JPG
Another view.
Beijing 124.JPG
Along the exit path a gate is left wide open that leads right under the coaster. (You wouldn't see this in the U.S.)
Beijing 125.JPG
The Disk-O is very popular in China. Every park has one!
Beijing 126.JPG
The First Person Responsibility System is in place here.
Beijing 133.JPG
Moving on, I have a test. Do you think this is a credit or not?
Beijing 135.JPG
If you guessed no then you are right. It is a powered shooting ride!
Beijing 137.JPG
The lion head was my favorite animal to shoot.
Beijing 140.JPG
Ok credit whores... back to the coasters.
Beijing 142.JPG
Now call me silly, but this gave a great head chopping effect. (And we got to run 7 cycles on it!)
Beijing 148.JPG
Ok on to the sixth coaster. It is a family coaster that is themed to Tarzan.
Beijing 150.JPG
Look its Tarzan's Treehouse!
Beijing 154.JPG
The theming is quite impressive.
Beijing 162.JPG
Another China amusement park staple is the fireman game.
Beijing 165.JPG
With all of the credits out of the way, we decided to explore the park further and check out the Beach Volleyball Olympic venue. (This was a couple of weeks before the Olympics started.)
Beijing 166.JPG
The park is fantastic!
Beijing 169.JPG
There was literally a team of 10 gardeners in this area working to keep the site looking nice.
Beijing 174.JPG
Here is the entrance to the Beach Volleyball ground pre olympics. (Check back later on our Olympic TR for the inside since we were lucky enough to see a few matches there!)
Beijing 180.JPG
I'll close part 1 with a few random shots from Chaoyang Park.
Beijing 184.JPG
Also since we visited right after leaving, I'll throw in a couple of shots from our first visit to the Bird's Nest and Water Cube area.
Beijing 192.JPG
The Bird's Nest is 10 times more impressive in person than on TV.
Beijing 203.JPG
This day was the worst air quality I have ever seen anywhere. (It felt like breathing in cigarette smoke!)
Beijing - Forbidden City_0705.JPG
Ok I'll close with the picture I know you wanted to see!
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Postby packfanlv » Wed Aug 20, 2008 9:44 am

Part 2: Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park

Beijing Shinjingshan Amusement Park gained fame last year when they were shown using knock off Disney characters. I am happy to report that on our visit there were no characters around, only the Cinderella Castle that sits in the back of the park.

As for the park itself, it houses 9 coasters (With a tenth almost ready to open) and all of them are crap! The park also has no unlimited ticket so each ride must be purchased individually. This lead to me paying quite a bit to ride the coasters and nothing else.

The park sits on two sides of real train tracks and the front seems to be quite a bit more run down than the back. Also there is a new section of the park in the back that is quite nice, but very cheaply done. It is quite obvious that this park has had a monopoly for some time and they are now trying to compete wit Happy Valley by building these new sections.

The other thing that makes this park noteworthy is that it houses a fake Vekoma SLC. That ride was horrible. The first half was so rough and the second half the train meandered slowly through the track. Quite an experience! Anyway I hated this park, but what the heck I picked up 9 credits! Enjoy.

(Look for Part 3: Happy Valley Beijing in a couple of days!)
Beijing 224.JPG
I introduce to you hell on earth!
Beijing 226.JPG
After 30 mins at the front trying to figure out if they had an unlimited ticket we finally gave up and headed inside the park.
Beijing 229.JPG
From here everything looks nice!
Beijing 230.JPG
But just look around and the truth suddenly becomes apparent!
Beijing 232.JPG
The first coaster we came to was a shuttle loop. (It wasn't that bad!)
Beijing 231.JPG
Here is the other side!
Beijing 246.JPG
The next coaster was the same mine train from Sun Park.
Beijing 242.JPG
Except that it has top notch theming!
Beijing 243.JPG
Beijing 250.JPG
Walking further we found more ripoffs from Disney. The American Adventure...
Beijing 249.JPG
And Spaceship Earth! The ball housed a ride that sounded like a rip off of Soarin', but we didn't ride it.
Beijing 252.JPG
Now on to the back section of the park. These "real" train tracks run right through the park.
Beijing 255.JPG
Double Decker carousel and fake SLC!
Beijing 259.JPG
I was really scared to get on this thing!
Beijing 261.JPG
Fake SLC seats!
Beijing 265.JPG
GOD please don't let me die!
Beijing 267.JPG
At times I actually saw the wheels leave the track.
Beijing 271.JPG
The ride is painful and incredibly slow at times.
Beijing 277.JPG
Hey the park looks really nice here!
Beijing 280.JPG
The fourth coaster of the day was Worm Coaster. It was a big version of the kiddie ride at Sun Park!
Beijing 286.JPG
Yay for coasters that go through apples!
Beijing 289.JPG
See parts of the park look really nice.
Beijing 290.JPG
Beijing 292.JPG
But then you have cheap crap like this. (It is just a screen!)
Beijing 294.JPG
I know at this point you are wondering if they have a spinning coaster too! Well of course they do.
Beijing 302.JPG
They also have a looping double corkscrew coaster.
Beijing 306.JPG
Methinks it is going to be painful!
Beijing 308.JPG
Beijing 311.JPG
Now on to Dream World the new section of the park.
Beijing 312.JPG
It is bright and clean and for kids.
Beijing 314.JPG
Heck they even have a water battle.
Beijing 318.JPG
And employees that ride standing up.
Beijing 327.JPG
Leaving Dream World we came to the fakest looking rock mountain ever!
Beijing 329.JPG
The water ride actually looked good, but we didn't ride.
Beijing 332.JPG
Here is an example of the excellent rock work.
Beijing 339.JPG
This mountain also houses a dinosaur themed indoor coaster that is brand new.
Beijing 341.JPG
Beijing 347.JPG
The parks other new coaster was not yet operating on our visit. It is a suspended coaster that goes through a really fake looking forest.
Beijing 438.JPG
I snuck into the station to get a peak at the trains.
Beijing 349.JPG
The rock master at work.
Beijing 377.JPG
This ride was fun though!
Beijing 380.JPG
Ok this is cool.
Beijing 384.JPG
Ok back to the coasters.
Beijing 387.JPG
This mouse was quite crazy.
Beijing 391.JPG
Hence the name!
Beijing 392.JPG
Beijing 405.JPG
Before the next coaster its time to take our photo in front of Cinderella's Castle.
Beijing 407.JPG
The parks last coaster just basically went in circles.
Beijing 417.JPG
Beijing 413.JPG
Beijing 424.JPG
Beijing Park #2 and open gate #2
Beijing 440.JPG
Ok thats about it. The park really mixes crappy and ok, but mostly crappy. (As seen here and this mountain is brand new!)
Beijing 443.JPG
Shawn Reece what do you think?

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Postby larrygator » Wed Aug 20, 2008 11:16 am

Shawn - thanks for the update. I have added many of your pictures to the TPR Park Index.

I'm sure those going to China next week will find this useful and informative.
As usual, my analysis is free of charge!
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Postby OldJJman » Wed Aug 20, 2008 12:16 pm

Once again Shawn, great up date!

The information you're giving will be very useful when we get into China next weekend. It will probably save lives at some point! :P

I know that Elissa is LOVING the news about all of the parks having the spinning mice! She loves 'em!


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Postby dino » Sat Aug 30, 2008 3:45 am

packfanlv wrote: Along the exit path a gate is left wide open that leads right under the coaster. (You wouldn't see this in the U.S.)

Wow, I can't believe that ::shock:: . You could just wander right up to the coaster. I guess people in beijing are just more trustworthy. Great update BTW.

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Postby revilolee » Sat Aug 30, 2008 6:17 pm

Wow, just now reading this. Great TR's Shawn. Looks like you're having a blast. Keep up the great work ;) !

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Mongolia's Only Coaster

Postby packfanlv » Sat Nov 08, 2008 10:26 pm

We have been back home for a bit now and I thought I would try to finish out this thread with a couple of parks not seen on this site before. First off I have what's left of Nairamdal Park in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia which housed Mongolia's only known roller coaster.

I first heard about this park in an online blog post while doing research on Mongolia. I then found more information in the Lonely Planet, but ultimately discovered that I made it to Mongolia about a year to late to experience this special place. The Lonely Planet describes Nairamdal Park as Mongolia's version of Disneyland. Even though it is now defunct, judging from what I saw, they were stretching a bit with that description. I hope you enjoy!
Ulanbaataar 014.JPG
Welcome to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia or as the locals call it, "UB"!
Ulanbaataar 018.JPG
1 US Dollar is worth around 1100 Tugriks. Here is a million!
Ulanbaataar 021.JPG
Shawn Reece loved being a millionaire!
Ulanbaataar 019-1.JPG
UB is full of old soviet style apartment complexes.
Ulanbaataar 025.JPG
But with the fall of communism more interesting buildings have started to appear.
Ulanbaataar 026.JPG
Nairamdal Park is located not to far from the shark's fin building. The whole park had a fence around it, with one exception.
Ulanbaataar 027.JPG
We did find an opening in the driveway to a sports complex that is located adjacent to the old park.
Ulanbaataar 029.JPG
At first glance this just looks like a vacant lot. Its hard to believe Mongolia's version of Disneyland stood here just one year earlier.
Ulanbaataar 031.JPG
Ah we have some sort of Chinese themed building. Now I know what they are talking about with the Disney comparisons!
Ulanbaataar 030.JPG
Continuing on, what do I see in the distance?
Ulanbaataar 033.JPG
Why its a very scary looking ferris wheel.
Ulanbaataar 035.JPG
Ulanbaataar 039.JPG
As we approached the wheel, what is left of Mongolia's only known roller coaster began to appear.
Ulanbaataar 050.JPG
One scary looking mouse!
Ulanbaataar 038.JPG
It has been partially disassembled.
Ulanbaataar 037.JPG
Ulanbaataar 043.JPG
After looking around for a while I decided to fulfill a coaster geek's fantasy.
Ulanbaataar 048.JPG
I climbed slowly on the rusted out steps to the top of the lift hill.
Ulanbaataar 049.JPG
and then came down closer for another picture while yelling "I conquered Mongolia's only roller coaster!" (Ok maybe not)
Ulanbaataar 052.JPG
After a few moments of silence for the defunct coaster that I wasn't ever going to be able to ride, we moved in for a closer look at the ferris wheel.
Ulanbaataar 053.JPG
And found the basis for all of those Disney comparisons.
Ulanbaataar 055.JPG
Just think of all of the fun we could've had.
Ulanbaataar 066.JPG
Oh well, at least we got to see throat singers
Ulanbaataar 074.JPG
and eat some gigantic Mongolian balls. Thanks!

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Postby printersdevil78 » Sat Nov 08, 2008 11:58 pm

Great stuff, Shawn! Miss the updates on your RTW website, but I can't wait to see your Olympics photos on here!

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Postby dino » Fri Nov 14, 2008 6:39 pm

Great update. Love how you "conquered" the coaster :roll: .

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Postby packfanlv » Fri Nov 14, 2008 11:36 pm

^Thanks for the kind words. :br

I know it sounds crazy, but walking on the rusted out track of a roller coaster was a bit eery.
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