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P. 1717 - Firehawk to be removed after the 2018 season
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Postby SFGAm Shock Wave » Fri Apr 04, 2008 4:45 pm

^ While I don't really understand the logic either, that was also one of the reasons SFGAm gave for not running American Eagle backwards anymore. My guess would be that its not so much the weight as it is the dynamics of a backwards train. Also, the undersides of the cars might difer from front to back. That said, whether its a legitimate reason or not, CF isn't the first to use that excuse.

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Postby CoasterComet » Fri Apr 04, 2008 5:14 pm

ginzo wrote:I heard a rumor about this last year.

Just more evidence that CF is the a$$hole of the industry.

Couldn't agree with you more!

It's the whole 'machine/corporate/brainwash' thing that unfortunately, is a BIG part of the United States Of America.

I was lucky to work on the Blue Streak before it was neutered and lost it's 'classic status'.

To me turning around the Racer is a slightly less crime than removing the last hill, adding awful ratchet lapbars, ugly headrests and seat dividers. The damage was done along time ago, I'm afraid.

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Postby CoasterComet » Fri Apr 04, 2008 5:27 pm

Musical Pete wrote:Wow, you can tell this is a coaster site - nothing but moaning about just about everything. :lmao:

I remember both sides of KI's Racer being very rough, but it's nothing to do with the direction you face. It's simply due to the oversupported nature of most wood coasters these days. John Allen built a typical 9' spaced structure, but over time the maintenance people decided there needed to be a few more bents put in to lower track maintenance and hey presto, a spine jarring ride. It's a common trait with the corporate parks, CF is no exception - and apart from this issue, I've enjoyed their parks I've visited.

Backwards riding is fun, I used to ride the Texas Tornado at Morecambe as a kid and often rode the backwards front car. It's seen as a safety issue today as the coasters weren't designed with backwards riding in mind - not that they'd be structurally any different if they were - it's just something that insurance people don't like. A shame, but not the end of the world by any means. I sometimes wonder whether coaster enthusiasts actually live in the real world... :butt:

Hmmm.... I have an Engineering degree and have ridden quite a few coasters, and I don't find the 'more supports more rough' to be true at all.

Have you been on Viper at Great America? Amazing ride, amazingly fast forceful and smooth. And almost NO new wood since it was built.

Sokay to disagree, I just don't see that being valid. If the track/trains are maintained properly, the ride should NOT be painful. It's about 50/50 in the states. About 50 percent of woodies have uncomfortable spots (MOST six flags woodies have downright painful spots - I can speak for back cracking rides on Predator and GA Cyclone - formerly a top ride).

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Postby John Peck » Sun Apr 06, 2008 8:45 am

I don't have a link to the quote, but the president of PTC stated that PCT Trains should not run Backwards.

I wish I had more info on that, though

I think it's more of an insurance and warranty reason than anything, but I am no expert.

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The Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

Postby robbalvey » Wed Aug 06, 2008 11:29 am

KINGS ISLAND, Ohio - The biggest and most exciting new attraction in Kings Island's 36-year history, a 5,282-foot long steel hyper roller coaster named Diamondback, will change the landscape for thrill seekers when the ride makes its debut in April 2009.

Diamondback will be the tallest, fastest and meanest roller coaster at Kings Island. The ride will stand 230 feet at its highest point with a first drop of 215 feet at a 74 degree angle and reach speeds in excess of 80 miles per hour. The ride features 10 vertical drops overall including drops of 193, 131, 129, 110 and 106 feet, two helixes - one at 323 degrees and the other at 287 degrees - and a spectacular splashdown ending. The ride experience on Diamondback will last more than three heart-pounding minutes.

"This ride is big - real big - intense and aggressive," said Greg Scheid, Kings Island's vice president and general manager. "Not only are the statistics of the ride awesome, but its use of the rugged natural terrain and spectacular splashdown ending ensures that no other roller coaster tops these thrills."

The trains on Diamondback will feature unique, open-air stadium-style seating that will allow riders to experience an unobstructed view of all the thrills and excitement on one of the world's best roller coasters. Kings Island will be the first park in the United States with trains of this style on a roller coaster.

Diamondback will be located in the western themed Rivertown area of the park and will prey over flat land, woods, water and rocks, slithering along nearly one mile of track through gut-wrenching drops, twists and turns, leaving riders feeling snake bitten.

"The western diamondback is the king of all rattlesnakes with a fearsome reputation," Scheid said. "They're big, mean, aggressive and terrifying. The name Diamondback accurately conveys the image of the characteristics of the coaster as it resembles that of a coiled snake ready to strike."

Diamondback will be the biggest investment in Kings Island's 36-year history at $22 million dollars and will be the park's 15th world-class roller coaster.

Construction is currently underway. Because of its location park visitors can see the ride being built from the ground up. Those who cannot wait until 2009 may take a virtual ride on Diamondback at Visitors to may also access exclusive Diamondback updates and features, including virtual renderings, ride statistics and much more.

Diamondback was designed by Bolliger and Mabillard of Monthey, Switzerland, a recognized industry leader in roller coaster development.

Kings Island is owned and operated by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, a publicly traded partnership that is listed for trading on The New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "FUN." In addition to Kings Island, Cedar Fair owns and operates ten other amusement parks, six water parks, one indoor water park resort and five hotels. Cedar Fair also owns and operates Star Trek: The Experience, an interactive adventure located in Las Vegas, and operates the Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park in Gilroy, Calif. under a management contract.
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Postby slither37 » Wed Aug 06, 2008 11:34 am

Logo is very cool, ride looks like it will be amazing. Videos look very good. I will make sure I am there on media day in April.

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Postby Skramp » Wed Aug 06, 2008 11:35 am

Is it Wacky Wednesday? Everyone is double-posting!!!

But, the ride looks cool and the name's ok, at least it's not Maverick!!! Should be fun.
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Postby coasterdude5 » Wed Aug 06, 2008 11:37 am

The name's alright. The only thing I don't get is the yellow supports on the lift hill... But I guess it's different in a good way. The splashdown looks great.

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Postby theyd » Wed Aug 06, 2008 11:39 am

Well I guess it's not Laser snake horse on fire eh.

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Postby BeemerBoy » Wed Aug 06, 2008 11:44 am

The name sucks.
The logo sucks.
The colors suck.
The trains suck.
The layout sucks.
The splashdown sucks.
The trims suck.
The park still sucks.

Feel free to copy and paste any of those you need. :wink:

By the way, it IS still on fire.
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