Photo TR: Derek and Nicole do Rehoboth and Ocean City

lots of dark rides and an infestation of Wacky Worms
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Photo TR: Derek and Nicole do Rehoboth and Ocean City

Postby DerekRx » Wed Jul 30, 2008 9:21 am

I had first visited Ocean City for its coasters 2 years ago, but went before Memorial Day and half the things weren't opened yet for the year. Being that they were all just run of the mill carnival coasters I wasn't in much of a hurry to get back, but with Trimper's contemplating closure because of high property taxes I figured this would be a good time for me to get back there, not so much for the coasters, but for the dark rides, and to take Nicole with for some more shore fun.

Our first stop would be Rehoboth Beach. We were going to stay at a friend's place down there, but they had plumbing issues a few days earlier and decided to put us up in a hotel instead. Rehoboth Beach is like a Cliffs Notes version of everything associated with the shore; it's got everything from beach, boardwalk, amusement park, hotels on the beach, mini golf, restaurants, bed and breakfasts, etc but it's a heck of a lot smaller than other places like Ocean City or Wildwood.
Welcome to Rehoboth Beach
Our hotel for the stay was right on the boardwalk, just a few feet from the beach, and on the northern more quiet side of the town. Only thing we didn't have was a pool.
The surf was pretty crazy that weekend and I managed to kiss the ground on more than 1 occasion. I think I still have some sand in my ears!
One of the gotta eats while in Delaware is Grotto Pizza, some of the best pizza ever
Funland is Rehoboth's little amusement park on the boardwalk
Some rides, like the carousel and a good amount of the kiddie rides, are covered by the main building
But a few rides are out in the open. There isn't a roller coaster here, mainly just kiddie rides, though there are a few more thrilling rides for the rest of us
But the main reason we're here is for the Haunted Mansion, one of the best dark rides still around. Most of the rides open at 1, but this doesn't open though until 6:30pm
so until 6:30 comes around, we may as well have some eats at the towns only brewpub and one of the largest growing microbreweries in America, Dogfish Head
Finally 6:30 comes and the ride opens. As you can see, it's very popular and the queue is always full, though the wait isn't bad at all
and this dude will keep you entertained while in line with his ride spiel
much like Peter Pan, this dark ride is suspended. And they'll let the whole family ride together if you can fit
time for our venture on this well themed dark ride
there are a few areas where it ventures outside, attracting more people passing by
more kiddie rides that I don't think have changed since I was a kid coming here!
The place is very popular once the sun starts going down
the bumper cars are also very favored since it appeals to a wide audience. You hear that, Six Flags?!
New this year is the Moser Superflip, taking the place of the Chance Chaos
going green, instead of being powered by gas or electricity, this ride runs off the power of yams
They've also got a Gravitron that we would see little 3 year olds walking off of and loving it
The Cuddle Up is also a good family ride, and offers a different style ride than regular tea cups
time for us to cuddle up!
here you can see another spot where the Haunted Mansion briefly steps outside
Such was our visit to Funland, which is also very affordable. We got 48 tickets for $12, and rides like the Haunted Mansion cost 5 tickets. Quite affordable for the amount of fun we had
That night they had a band playing in the Grand Pavilion at the center of town. Just a really cool old fashioned vibe
another must stop place for us is the Ice Cream Store, which seems odd since we're both lactose intollerant
but with all these flavors how can you pass it up!
and yet more funky flavors
coconut for me and fluffer nutter for Nicole
and we'll end our time in Rehoboth with a walk on the boardwalk
and watching some kites on the beach
All clear....

Dispatch, enjoy your ride.


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Postby DerekRx » Wed Jul 30, 2008 9:47 am

On Sunday we took the 40 minute drive south to Ocean City, a place much bigger and touristy. With a really nice big beach, long boardwalk, 1000s of hotels, and plenty of bars, restaurants, and more mini golf than anyone could possibly play in a summer it's easy to see why Ocean City, Maryland is such a popular summer getaway. But we're here mainly for 2 things, 1 the dark rides, and 2 the credits, of which Trimper's has the better selection.
after finding parking fairly easily for a Sunday late morning, we took a little walk on the boardwalk, much longer and wider than Rehoboth's
in the distance you can see Jolly Roger at the Pier, which doesn't open until 1pm
also at Jolly Roger at the Pier is a Ripley's museum, definitely stamping Ocean City as a tourist trap
Trimper's Rides, located really close to the pier opens at 12, so we went there first, and rode the Toboggan for the credit
still one of the most brutal and uncomfortable designs ever
our next stop was Pirates Cove, which just blows the one at Waldameer away
lots of twists, turns, dark areas, and slanted floors
and seemingly with more pirate theming
this is one neat little walk thru
time for another coaster, the only "permanent" model in all of OCMD, Tidal Wave
which happens to be a boomerang
nothing too brutal, but not smooth as a baby's butt either
more cool old school things at Trimper's include a funhouse
Nicole almost died on the rotating wheel
another small funhouse type ride that rocked back and forth like Noah's Ark
and even included a slide finale
tucked away off to the side is a mirror maze
and up on the actual boardwalk is Trimper's Haunted House, a great old Bill Tracy dark ride
it mixes old tricks like rotating barrels, horns, water stunts, blacklights, and things that jump out before the lights turn off with newer props. Lots of action and it didn't seem like anything wasn't working
the cars were a little uncomfortable on your spine, but they looked cool
after riding the Haunted House a few times and getting our money's worth, we decided to enjoy some more rides, like the Freak Out
and the always dizzying Zipper
and before we go, better get Nicole's last credit at the park, the first of many Wacky Worms
everyone knows Wacky Worms offer the most intense ride in the back
All clear....

Dispatch, enjoy your ride.


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Postby DerekRx » Wed Jul 30, 2008 10:14 am

After Trimper's we headed to the Jolly Roger parks, of which there are two, the Pier and 30th St. Both parks work together with the same tickets system, so we grabbed the $15.99 1-6 wristband good for all the rides and included some mini golf as well.
just in case you forgot where we were
our first, but brief stop, the Pier
A little rain was approaching, so we tried to hurry through the pier, which was easy since there wasn't much we really wanted to do here other than the Looping Star
we also did the dark ride, Morbid Manor, which was right up there with the Jersey Junkyard as a really bad dark ride. The "coolest" part was that all the props were metal sculptures...all like 6 of them
since we were in Ocean City, we had to get some Thrasher's Fries
a look at the beach before we head to the other Jolly Roger park
The original Jolly Roger is on Philadelphia Ave at 30th St
the rides area is very carnival-like, plopped down on gravel
yay, a wacky worm!
again, back row's most intense ;)
New for 2008 is this Wildcat that is believed to have come from Bell's
The ride looks newly refurbished, now complete with LIM brakes
not sure how long this ride will stay put though, this place seems to get the coasters from traveling fairs and keep them for only like a year or two.
time to take a ride on Malaria Falls
even the ducks don't want to swim in there!
This may be the slowest flume ride ever!
another Gravitron but we didn't ride it due to the 1 operator per 3 rides thing going on at the moment
this dark ride was also closed at the moment, which was a bummer because I think it could have competed with Morbid Manor and Jersey Junkyard as worst dark ride ever
the mirror maze even included arrows on the ground to tell you where to go. Where's the fun in that?!
It seems that Jolly Roger's Waterpark, Splash Mountain is the big draw here, with lots of newer style slides
more newer slides
and a tipping bucket kids area
we can't leave Ocean City without first playing at least 1 round of mini golf
Jolly Roger's Treasure Course was pretty good. They also had a Jungle Course
finally, on the other side of the bridge into Ocean City we run into our last stop, Baja Amusements
Besides mini golf and lots of go cart tracks, they've got something else quite rare to find in Ocean City
a Wacky Worm! I hadn't seen one of these in like a mile
too many intense wacky worm rides left us riding this one in the front. The best thing about this credit was the price, $1.50 per person! Cha-ching!
and so, our weekend of credit whoring and dark ride exploring had come to a close. Next time we'll spend more time on the beach and playing mini-golf, assuming Ocean City doesn't get devoured by Wacky Worms first!
All clear....

Dispatch, enjoy your ride.


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Postby dandaman » Wed Jul 30, 2008 11:06 am

Jeff Johnson would be proud, you two! Great pics.

Does Jeff Johnson count this donkey as a credit?
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Postby tnguy » Wed Jul 30, 2008 11:26 am

Cool. I love small seaside parks like these. I especially enjoyed all the pictures of the dark rides.

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Postby FlyingScooter » Wed Jul 30, 2008 11:35 am

Great TR!

DogFish Head Rocks! 60 minute IPA...
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Postby lil jimmy norton » Wed Jul 30, 2008 11:37 am

Nice, I am going to Ocean City next weekend. I was wondering how close each of the parks/peirs are too each other?

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Postby DerekRx » Wed Jul 30, 2008 11:41 am

^The Pier and Trimper's are like 1 block from each other. Baja is pretty much on the same latitude, but on the other side of the bay from them (Highway 50, I believe). Jolly Roger at 30th St. is 2 blocks over from the Boardwalk and like 30 blocks north of the other two parks. I would suggest parking by the beach for the lower 2 (or walking there if your hotel is close enough) and then driving to Jolly Roger and Baja. Both of those have free parking and large enough lots.
All clear....

Dispatch, enjoy your ride.


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Postby cfc » Wed Jul 30, 2008 12:35 pm

I liked Pirate's Cove and the dark ride at Trimper's, but Jolly Roger's Morbid Manor was like riding a golf cart in a stinky aluminum box.

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Postby deguy123 » Wed Jul 30, 2008 12:40 pm

Good to see Rehoboth on here since it seems like Delaware doesn't have anything. Rehoboth is pretty much all Delaware has :-) I'm heading down their this weekend.

Funland used to have this ride called the Wagon Wheels. You went upside down in a circle and the arms spun around at the same time...I miss them!

BTW yeah Grottos is the most known in Delaware/Rehoboth.....Nicola's is actually the best IMO.


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