Indiana Beach - Photo TR - 7.15.08

Great Park + Clear Skies + No Crowds = (Steel Hawg) Heaven
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Indiana Beach - Photo TR - 7.15.08

Postby Theme-Park-Urge » Thu Jul 24, 2008 3:32 pm

This past week, I took some time off work to do a little Midwest park tour. When all was said and done, I had put 1,000 miles on my rental car in addition to two Nashville/Chicago flights of 500 miles apiece; not bad for a last-minute trip that would hopefully gain me about 15 new credits.

First stop: Indiana Beach.

The park was all I had hoped it was plus more! It’s one of those places that welcomes you in such a way that you really don’t want to leave. Luckily, crowds were non-existent on this particular Tuesday, and I was able to command multiple re-rides throughout the day and nite.

So, you’re probably wondering about Steel Hawg: Is it all it’s cracked up to be? Is it painful? Was there a long wait? Is it worth the trip (back) to Indiana Beach? Is it a world-class coaster?

Well, I say: Yeah. Nope. Hardly. Absolutely. Not quite.

The seats, even though they have OTSRs, are quite comfy. The lift is super-fast. The sharp turns don’t hurt at all (fyi: I’m about 6-foot and 200 pounds). The 120-degree drop is fun as hell. The outside-banked turn is a nice touch. The hangtime in the roll-to-dive is incredible. The angled barrel roll kicks major a$$. Yeah, it feels a lot like a Eurofighter.

Operations were good: efficient loading and unloading of the two cars in operation. I didn’t see the coaster experience any down-time whatsoever. The only thing that I was kinda surprised about was the lack of enthusiasm on the riders’ part. Perhaps it’s because Steel Hawg, even with all of its unique elements, is not a scary ride at all. It’s just pure fun.

As for its length, it’s hard to explain… With the amount of elements and the way the transitions flow, Steel Hawg is long enough to satisfy but short enough that you want more; if that makes any sense… Let me try to put it this way: It’s not a disappointing ride by any means, but you kinda wish that it was a bit longer. Being that it’s so smooth and pain-free, it’s a pleasure to ride. Maybe that’s why I’m having a hard time putting my finger on it. Either way, Steel Hawg is a winner in my eyes!

Aside from Steel Hawg, the park has a good collection of coasters: a couple CCI/PTC woodies (I enjoyed Hoosier Hurricane much more than Cornball Express btw), an old Schwarzkopf Jet Star (a blast!), an old Zyklon Galaxi (sadly, not in operation that day), and the unexplainably random Lost Coaster Of Superstition Mountain (Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain). Oh sweet Lord, what the hell were they thinking when they built/redesigned that ride?!?

Their flat collection is pretty typical: Ferris Wheel, Music Express, Falling Star, Swinging Ship, Flying Bobs (a must-ride for me), Tilt-A-Whirl, Double Shot (love ‘em), etc. However, some of their flats (Scrambler, Paratrooper, Chairswing, Flyers) being placed directly on the water is what makes this park so great!

Anyway, it was an extremely long and enjoyable day. I’m glad that I finally got to make it to a park that I saw commercials for ever since I was little in Chicago. Indiana Beach definitely is a unique park experience with plenty of charm and attractions!

Thanks for reading! Now, on to the pics (posted in multiple parts coz there's a whole bunch!):
Road - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15).JPG
The day started with a 2+ hour drive thru a lot of corn. BTW: There ain't much besides corn in IN, despite what people may lead you to believe.
Sign - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 01.JPG
Hooray! I'm finally here! Only a half-hour behind schedule since I-65S was closed.
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 01.JPG
OMG! Their new baby Steel Hawg is right here! Looks like I won't have to walk much to get to it! Score!
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 03.JPG
Ah yes, the (in)famous crow welcomes me to ride Steel Hawg. I grew up with this crow on IB commercials.
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 04.JPG
Steel Hawg in all its orange glory as seen from the paid parking area.
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 05.JPG
Hey! There's that outside-banked turn. That looks fun! (And it is!)
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 08.JPG
Hey! There's that 120-degree first drop. That looks like fun! (And it is!)
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 09.JPG
I'm finally in the park & ready to try this bad boy out! I hope the line isn't massive!
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 12.JPG
Negative. There's only about 20 people in the queue. Amazingly, it would stay like this all day!!
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 13.JPG
The lift is super-quick!! It takes you up 100 ft in a couple of seconds.
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 15.JPG
I was expecting the turn-around at the top of the lift to hurt like hell. It didn't!
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 16.JPG
I was expecting the drop to be uber-intense. It wasn't!
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 17.JPG
Instead of uber-intense, the first drop is just pure fun. I may even like it more than Maverick's...
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 18.JPG
Let's take a closer look at the brakes on the first drop, shall we...
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 19.JPG
The brakes definitely slow your momentum but it's so fluid that you really don't even notice them.
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 22.JPG
The outside-banked turn is a unique element & very fun! It feels like you could just drift off the track.
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 23.JPG
The inside-banked turn that follows is tight but not too forceful. It prepares you for...
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 24.JPG
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 26.JPG
Hooray for hangtime!!
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 28.JPG
This element is pretty drawn out. You feel like you're hanging forever traveling upside-down.
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 31.JPG
The dive back down is perhaps the most intense sensation on the ride.
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 32.JPG
I could definitely feel my muscles tense up right about here.
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 30.JPG
Again, though, the coaster is so fluid. Even with the intense maneuvers, there's no shaking/rattling/etc. This Hawg seemed smooth as silk.
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 35.JPG
After that, it's time for the barrel roll toward the ground.
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 36.JPG
Oh my!! What a cool element!! Probably the scariest thing on the ride.
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 37.JPG
Even after you exit the Barrel Roll TO Hell, there's one more element for you to conquer...
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 41.JPG
...the over-banked turn!
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 42.JPG
It ain't big but it packs a pretty good knock-out punch! (Much like the coaster itself)
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 43.JPG
Some of the few brave riders I saw that day with their hands up!
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 44.JPG
For the most part, everyone held on pretty darn tight.
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 46.JPG
Satisfied riders, it would seem. Hold tight for the next batch of Steel Hawg pics: Artsy shots & coaster porn ahead!

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Indiana Beach - Photo TR - 7.15.08

Postby Theme-Park-Urge » Thu Jul 24, 2008 3:49 pm

Part two (Steel Hawg artsy shots & coaster porn):
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 25.JPG
I won't caption-ize these pics coz they're pretty self-explanatory.
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 27.JPG
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 29.JPG
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 34.JPG
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 38.JPG
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 39.JPG
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 48.JPG
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 49.JPG
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 50.JPG
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 51.JPG
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 52.JPG
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 53.JPG
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 54.JPG
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 56.JPG
I will captionize these though... See those little piston-like pins toward the bottom of the car?
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 57.JPG
Well, this contraption comes up from under the track...
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 58.JPG attach itself to those pins. This seems to be how the car's functions operate.
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 59.JPG
When the contraption is attached to the thingies (I know, not real technical...), the ops can raise/lower restraints. When the thingy-majig comes off the car, everything seems to be locked into place. The little computer box seems to be the car's brain that communicates with the control panel.
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 60.JPG
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 61.JPG

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Indiana Beach - Photo TR - 7.15.08

Postby Theme-Park-Urge » Thu Jul 24, 2008 4:27 pm

Part three (the wooden coaster section of the park):
Rocky's Rapids Log Flume - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 02.JPG
With Steel Hawg conquered (a couple of times) I ventured into the park.
Midway - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 01.JPG
I've seen better but it'll do...
Ride Entrance - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15).JPG
Choices... Choices...
Rocky's Rapids Log Flume - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 01.JPG
Rocky's Rapids Log Flume wins - not for scenery, mind you; I just chose it first.
Rocky's Rapids Log Flume - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 04.JPG
It only provided a little splash. Dare I ask: Acceptable amount of wetness?
Hoosier Hurricane - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 03.JPG
Next up: Hoosier Hurricane.
Hoosier Hurricane - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 04.JPG
Here's the pre-drop curve...
Hoosier Hurricane - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 06.JPG
And here's the drop...
Hoosier Hurricane - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 08.JPG
Hoosier Hurricane really is one of the most photogenic coasters I've come across.
Hoosier Hurricane - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 15.JPG
Hoosier Hurricane - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 17.JPG
Hey! There's a train! (With one train operations, it was a game of patience before you could finally get a good pic)
Hoosier Hurricane - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 18.JPG
Hoosier Hurricane - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 19.JPG
Hey! Another train! That only took five minutes... (grumbles to himself)
Hoosier Hurricane - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 24.JPG
Obligatory shot.
Hoosier Hurricane - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 25.JPG
Yes, that's right: Eight people. Did I mention that crowds were light that day?!?
Hoosier Hurricane - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 26.JPG
Obligatory shot #2.
Hoosier Hurricane - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 27.JPG
There we go. A full train! Hooray!
Hoosier Hurricane - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 28.JPG
An absolutely gorgeous setting for a great coaster!
Hoosier Hurricane - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 31.JPG
The return route back to the station.
Hoosier Hurricane - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 13.JPG
Happy riders once again! BTW: does anyone know why the block(ed) off the 1st row?!?
Midway - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 02.JPG
So here's a little more of their "midway" with a barn-full of games to hide you from the sun.
Mini Pirate Ship - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15).JPG
Time to venture further into the park. What's this?!? A Mini Pirate Ship. How cute?!?
Merry Go Round - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 02.JPG
Good. They have a Merry Go Round. Isn't it a requirement, or something?!?
Cornball Express - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 01.JPG
So Cornball Express is UP the steps?!? Well, why is the arrow pointing DOWN then?!?
Cornball Express - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 02.JPG
Cornball's exciting twisted first drop.
Cornball Express - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 05.JPG
Turn left at the log flume.
Cornball Express - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 08.JPG
Cornball wasn't as photogenic as Hoosier Hurricane. And I didn't find it as much fun either; lots of jerking & shuffling.

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Postby spaceace12 » Thu Jul 24, 2008 4:57 pm

As for blocking fo first row, I don't know, but I know the white trains padding on Hurricane SUCKS! It is not this soft leather padding, it is hard plastic molded seat that is not nice to wider people (I am not that wide but I hated my ride in June).

As for Cornball, I sure hope it was just a bad day because Cornball kicked my a$$ and I loved it.

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Indiana Beach - Photo TR - 7.15.08

Postby Theme-Park-Urge » Thu Jul 24, 2008 5:11 pm

Part four (featuring Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain & puke {yes, puke}):
Convoy Race - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15).JPG
Time to check out the Kiddyland section. Many rides in here, like Convoy Race, were not in operation.
Kiddy Boats - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15).JPG
Kiddy Boats. Not Operating.
Kiddy Cars - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15).JPG
Kiddy Cars. Not Operating.
Kiddy Cycles - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15).JPG
Kiddy Cycles. Not, um, operating.
Kiddy Whip - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15).JPG
Kiddy Whip. You guessed it: not operating.
Winky The Whale - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 02.JPG
Ah ha! Winky The Whale's operating!!
Train - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 01.JPG
There's a train station down here too.
Tig'rr Coaster - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 01.JPG
Enough with the closed kiddy attractions! I want some excitement! Tig'rr Coaster should provide some!
Tig'rr Coaster - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 03.JPG
I love me an old Schwarzkopf Jet Star!! With no restraints!!
Tig'rr Coaster - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 04.JPG
Now that's a twisted mess of track!
Tig'rr Coaster - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 05.JPG
It looks so harmless...
Tig'rr Coaster - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 11.JPG
What a fun coaster! I think every park should have a Schwarzkopf of SOME kind!
Air Crow - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 01.JPG
Time to check out the flyers: Air Crow.
Air Crow - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 02.JPG
What?!? What?!? What?!?
Air Crow - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 09.JPG
Such a cool location for flyers! And even though there was no snapping, they still gave a good ride with a very long cycle.
Park Map - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15).JPG
Here's the park map. Is it just me or does it seem like every smaller park has this style of map these days?
Sea Dragon - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 01.JPG
Here's their swinging ship. Not for me.
Dr. Frankenstein's Haunted Castle - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15).JPG
Dr. Frankenstein's Haunted Castle was the world's #1 walkthrough attraction in 2006?!? I probably should've done it but a $3.50 upcharge was out of the question.
Gallery Of Ghouls - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15).JPG
This is their shooting gallery & more of Frankie's castle in the distance.
Antique Autos - Indiana Beach (2007.07.15).JPG
Since I was racking up the credits & rides rather quickly, I decided to take a ride on the Antique Autos.
Lost Coaster Of Superstition Mountain - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 01.JPG
Next up: Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain. Oh, sweet Jesus...
Lost Coaster Of Superstition Mountain - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 02.JPG
I don't doubt this sign but, perhaps, they should fill in the letters at the bottom more. Coz...
Lost Coaster Of Superstition Mountain - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 03.JPG
...this is what happens when you ride Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain if you are in doubt. Ewww!
Lost Coaster Of Superstition Mountain - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 04.JPG
The kids are all smiles while mom reads the newspaper. I wonder if they'll be so content AFTER the ride...?
Lost Coaster Of Superstition Mountain - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 05.JPG
The very unique (& freaky) elevator lift in action.
Lost Coaster Of Superstition Mountain - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 06.JPG
The start of your unforgettable journey...
Lost Coaster Of Superstition Mountain - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 07.JPG
Actually, it is quite forgettable coz you have no idea where you're going as you twist & dive through the tunnels, er, mountain.
Lost Coaster Of Superstition Mountain - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 08.JPG
Hmmm... Odd location for a sign on a coaster... "Hey Jim Bob, we need to put up a sign warning riders". "I got it Rufus, let's put it UNDER the track".
Lost Coaster Of Superstition Mountain - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 11.JPG
Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain's outside track layout.
Lost Coaster Of Superstition Mountain - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 19.JPG
More of the same but with flowers. Somehow Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain & flowers don't mix...
Lost Coaster Of Superstition Mountain - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 14.JPG
Speeding uncontrollably into the mountain...
Lost Coaster Of Superstition Mountain - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 15.JPG
...never to be seen again.
Lost Coaster Of Superstition Mountain - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 17.JPG
Yes, the infamous bear. I didn't see any Mardi Gras beads on him though...
Color Your Hair Sign - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15).JPG
But perhaps just as random & freaky as the Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain bear, I present Color Your Hair. (The lady on the top left kinda scares me...)

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Postby spaceace12 » Thu Jul 24, 2008 5:23 pm

Hmmm... Odd location for a sign on a coaster... "Hey Jim Bob, we need to put up a sign warning riders". "I got it Rufus, let's put it UNDER the track".

FYI: that sign is for the old ride that was in Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain before it was put in. If you look, you can see the track bed for the old powered dark ride.

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Postby Erik Johnson » Thu Jul 24, 2008 6:07 pm

Great update! I really want to go back to IB sometime.

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Indiana Beach - Photo TR - 7.15.08

Postby Theme-Park-Urge » Thu Jul 24, 2008 6:11 pm

Part five (the boardwalk & panoramic pics)
Splash Battle - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15).JPG
These Splash Battles seem to be popping up everywhere. It looked like fun & the riders can shoot people on the Boardwalk & vice versa.
Falling Star - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 04.JPG
The Falling Star with a dizzying view of the lake. Seasick anyone?
Music Express - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 02.JPG
Music Express provided tons of laterals! And it ran backwards!
Island Golf - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15).JPG
They also have a putt-putt course located under/within Hoosier Hurricane but I didn't see anyone playing all day.
Giant Wheel - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 01.JPG
This way, huh?!? That's gonna be difficult. Wait! I thought it was called the GIANT Wheel...
Giant Wheel - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 02.JPG
Sadly, the signature ferris wheel wasn't operating all day/nite.
Photo Sign - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15).JPG
So I took a walk across Indiana's longest suspension bridge (I think that's what they said) & came across this little sign. Funny, I don't remember a looping steel coaster at IB. Nevertheless, I took the sign's advice...
Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 01.jpg
And got these panoramic pics.
Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 02.jpg
Water Swings - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 02.JPG
Of course, no trip to IB would be complete without the Water Swings.
Water Swings - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 03.JPG
Aptly named, the Water Swings swing you over the water.
Midway - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 03.JPG
Time to venture down the Boardwalk. From this pic, the park kinda looks crowded but it really wasn't.
Paratrooper - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15).JPG
The Boardwalk has a bunch of flats, like the Paratrooper, placed directly on the water.
Scrambler - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15).JPG
There's a Scrambler here too but it only operated half of the time. From what I could tell, they alternated running the Paratrooper & Scrambler, since they're right next to each other.
Boardwalk Ribbon Fries - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15).JPG
Here's where you get ribbon fries. Good stuff!
Galaxi - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 02.JPG
Time to get my final credit at IB: The Zyklon Galaxi!
Galaxi - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 01.JPG
Too bad this was as close as I would get. It wasn't operating all day/nite. Boo to my first missed credit that I can recall.
Fish - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 01.JPG
Whoever's in charge should sleep with the fishes!
Fish - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 02.JPG
Actually, I can't see sleeping of any kind going on with these fishes.
Fish - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 03.JPG
I could, however, see them eating you in a couple seconds. Seriously, these things are digusting!
Flying Bobs - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 01.JPG
Now that I escaped the fish, time to grab a ride on the Flying Bobs.
Flying Bobs - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 02.JPG
Exclusive Flying Bobs POV (before the ride started - I know, I'm lame).
Flying Bobs - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 03.JPG
Exclusive Flying Bobs mirror POV (see previous caption for admission of lameness).
The Den Of Lost Thieves - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 01.JPG
Time to check out The Den Of Lost Thieves - their shooting dark ride.
The Den Of Lost Thieves - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 03.JPG
This skeleton was cool but I honestly don't remember much about the ride itself.
The Den Of Lost Thieves - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 04.JPG
That's coz I was doing what this girl is fixin' to do: Shoot some Pirates! (or whatever was in The Den Of Lost Thieves; I told you I can't remember...)
Tilt-A-Whirl - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15).JPG
The obligatory Tilt-A-Whirl; also not in operation. Ya know what? As I'm typing this TR out, I'm realizing that MANY flats were down that day...
Dodgem - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 03.JPG
Dodgems were operating though. (Whew)
Skyroom - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15).JPG
This is the Skyroom where they have live bands & dancing. This area totally reminded me of the Myrtle Beach Pavillion (R.I.P.).
Big Flush - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15).JPG
Continuing on, the Big Flush was down. Although I can't even imagine how hot a black water slide gets after it bakes out in the sun all day. Just an observation...
Action River - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15).JPG
(Lazy) Action River. This thing was totally in a dream I had about nine months ago. It was such a strong deja vu moment that it gave me chills. Still does. Moving on now...
Splash Bash - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15).JPG
Splash Bash is the interactive water park that was pretty packed. I seem to pick days at parks when everyone is on the water side. No complaints here, though.
Monster Trucks 3D - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15).JPG
Monster Trucks 3D. Nothing could interest me less.
Frog Hopper - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15).JPG
Cute little Frog Hopper, why are you closed too?!?
Double Shot - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 01.JPG
Oh please, for the love of god, let the Double Shot be open...
Double Shot - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 03.JPG
Hooray!! I absolutely love Double Shots! Hate drop towers. Love Double Shots.
Sign - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 03.JPG
Then, I found this cool retro sign touting IB way back in the day. I love when parks keep stuff like this up. It so adds to its character!

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Postby ebl » Thu Jul 24, 2008 6:50 pm

"The kids are all smiles while mom reads the newspaper." (Theme-Park-Urge)

Odd place for your mom to read a newspaper... :?r

Otherwise, Indiana Beach looks like a fun park. One day maybe I'll give it a try.

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Indiana Beach - Photo TR - 7.15.08

Postby Theme-Park-Urge » Thu Jul 24, 2008 6:56 pm

Part six (dude on a crane & nitetime pics):
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 71.JPG
Time to head back to Steel Hawg.
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 70.JPG
Yes, Steel Hawg thru the trees. I'm guilty.
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 62.JPG
So I get back to Steel Hawg & there's this duder in a crane cage. What's he doing?!?
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 63.JPG
Oh damn! He's filming! Time to go ride again!
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 67.JPG
Notice how he's perched ABOVE the floor of the cage?!? No way Jose!!
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 10.JPG
This is the best I could do this time around...
Hoosier Hurricane - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 34.JPG
As the sun started to set, I headed back to Hoosier Hurricane to get some (hopefully) beautiful pics.
Hoosier Hurricane - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 36.JPG
Hoosier Hurricane - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 38.JPG
Giant Wheel - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 05.JPG
Time to show Giant Wheel some love...
Giant Wheel - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 06.JPG
I couldn't have planned this shot any better. This is my new mousepad picture.
Water Swings - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 05.JPG
The Water Swings were looking especially inviting.
Falling Star - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 06.JPG
Falling Star was all bright & shiny.
Falling Star - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 07.JPG
Falling Star standing at the dusk's attention.
Midway - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 06.JPG
Although the park seemed to clear out once nite set it, that's when I started to have even more fun.
Water Thrill Show - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 01.JPG
I even checked out the Water Thrill Show - something I hardly ever do. BTW: This dude's crazy!
Water Thrill Show - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 02.JPG
Told ya!
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 75.JPG
Back to Steel Hawg for another quick ride & more pics.
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 76.JPG
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 78.JPG
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 79.JPG
Cornball Express - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 14.JPG
One more lap through the park as it gets dark. Cornball's much prettier than I expected.
Lake Shafer - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15).JPG
Lake Shafer looks beautiful!
Shafer Queen - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 04.JPG
The Shafer Queen strikes a pose.
Water Swings - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 09.JPG
Water Swings under the moon. It seems to be everywhere...
Falling Star - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 10.JPG
Falling Star all symmetrical.
Lost Coaster Of Superstition Mountain & Hoosier Hurricane - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 10.JPG
Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain in the front. Hoosier Hurricane speeding by in the rear. You don't know how long it took me to get this shot & I still wasn't happy with it.
Sea Dragon - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 05.JPG
The Sea Dragon at nite.
Sea Dragon - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 07.JPG
I like the way this pic turned out even though swinging ships aren't my thing.
Midway - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 07.JPG
One last look at the lighted Boardwalk.
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 82.JPG
One last trip past Steel Hawg...
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 83.JPG
She's almost prettier in the dark. (I wish that wasn't the FIRST time those words were uttered from my lips...)
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 85.JPG
Steel Hawg by the light of the moon.
Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach (2008.07.15) - 88.JPG
And to finish it off... Thanks for reading & making it thru this all-too-in-depth TR of Indiana Beach!


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