Photo TR: Divv's Danish Adventure

Final Part: Tivoli Friheden (page five)
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Archived Photo Trip Reports of Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, and Donkeys!
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Postby Divv3k » Sat Jun 14, 2008 2:06 am

Thanks for the comments!




After spending a few hours at BonBon-Land we planned on hitting the two Copenhagen parks. We knew we wouldn't have much time at them but thought it was worth it since we were so close and it meant credits!

Bakken is the oldest amusement park in the world. I really liked it! It's got a very cool atmosphere which was probably accentuated due to the sheer number of people in the place. Although despite the vast number of people there was hardly any waits for the rides. This was due in part to some fantastic operations by the staff and in part due to the fact a lot of people were just relaxing and enjoying the bars and restaurants.

The Scenic Railway at Bakken was probably the best of the four Ive rode. There' air time on that thing in places you don't expect airtime.

The Mine Train had one of the best ride crews I've ever seen. Despite only having one train they couldn't have pushed through people any faster. Plus they were doing cool things like jumping onto the back of the train while it was moving and rocking out to the awesome music that was playing in the station!

There's also a really cool Ghost Train at Bakken with one really surprsing moment. I won;t ruin it but if you've been on the inverted monorail thing at Tibidabo you might have an idea of what it is!

Anyway, we didn't spend too long but we got to ride all the coasters, the ghost train and the shot tower. I really liked Bakken. A bit different from the other places we'd been to so far.

I didn't take too many pictures here but here are a few...
SS855804 (Custom).JPG
Park number two of the day - Bakken!
SS855806 (Custom).JPG
Rutschebanen. A fantastic Scenic Railway.
SS855827 (Custom).JPG
Despite the park being packed you could still got onto the rides in minutes.
SS855807 (Custom).JPG
Just a great fun ride. It's amazing to think it was built in 1932!
SS855809 (Custom).JPG
So you just saw the red train. Here's the blue train...
SS855808 (Custom).JPG
and here's the green train! Did I mention the operations here were amazing?
SS855811 (Custom).JPG
This is the ghost train. It's very dark and has quite a surprising moment!
SS855813 (Custom).JPG
Here's another of the coasters - Racing.
SS855815 (Custom).JPG
It's lots of fun!
SS855816 (Custom).JPG
The double shot was good. Parts of it are enclosed to keep the noise down.
SS855818 (Custom).JPG
Tom rides wacky flat ride of death.
SS855820 (Custom).JPG
Man these Splash Battles sure are showing up EVERYWHERE!
SS855821 (Custom).JPG
Marie Honen is the sad and pathetic credit here.
SS855822 (Custom).JPG
They hold the train on the lift hill to allow parents take photos of their kids.
SS855823 (Custom).JPG
The parks mine train was really good. It had one of the most insane first drops I've ever seen on a mine train.
SS855826 (Custom).JPG
That'll do it from Bakken. I really liked this place. Although you don't need more than a few hours there they are a fun few hours!

Tivoli Gardens is next!

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Postby HighExtreme » Sat Jun 14, 2008 3:00 pm

Fantastic TR, just returned from Liseberg/Farup/Djurs myself really impressed by those parks, as you've mentioned the sommerlands aren't just about the rides, there's lots of distractions, such as shooting ranges, assault courses and trampolines which are just a complete giggle and something a little different to your usual amusement park

Did you manage to get inside the ship themed fun house at Bakken?

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Postby Divv3k » Sat Jun 14, 2008 3:23 pm

^ Thanks! The ship themed fun house at Bakken was very random and a lot of fun! I think Tom took some photos inside it so keep an eye on his TR for that!

Does Jeff Johnson count this donkey as a credit?
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Postby tnguy » Sat Jun 14, 2008 4:39 pm

Cool I hadn't seen very much of Bakken before. It looks like a nice park. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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Postby Divv3k » Sun Jun 15, 2008 7:46 am



After Bakken we drove into the centre of Copenhagen using a bit of improvisation due to umpteen closed roads. We got parked up right next to Tivoli Gardens and headed in for a bit.

We only rode the coasters so we definitely didn't get the best out of the place but we didn't have long, needed to get a decent meal in us too and had a long drive to our hotel in Germany ahead of us. The good thing about Tivoli Gardens is that its open at Christmas time so it makes it an easy place to go back to when everywhere else is closed.

Here's the photos (again I didn't take many)...
SS855833 (Custom).JPG
Park number three of the day - Tivoli Gardens.
SS855834 (Custom).JPG
I've been following the Big Mike road show for too long as I keep taking photos of price lists now!
SS855835 (Custom).JPG
Tivoli Gardens is really about a lot more than the rollercoasters.
SS855836 (Custom).JPG
But rollercoasters is what you're here to see so here's one!
SS855839 (Custom).JPG
Daemonen is a TINY B&M floorless.
SS855838 (Custom).JPG
The area around the ride is quite nice.
SS855837 (Custom).JPG
This is one of the better floorless coasters in my view. Despite its small size it still packs a punch.
SS855842 (Custom).JPG
Karavanen is the kiddie coaster of Tivoli Gardens.
SS855840 (Custom).JPG
Watch out you don't get attacked by growing plant life!
SS855841 (Custom).JPG
The S&S tower is painted gold. It looks very cool.
SS855845 (Custom).JPG
Odin Expressen is the powered coaster in Tivoli Gardens.
SS855849 (Custom).JPG
Don't let the fact that its powered put you off, this thing really flew around its course.
SS855851 (Custom).JPG
This is the other Scenic Railway in Copenhagen.
SS855853 (Custom).JPG
While not as insane as Bakken's this one was still pretty good.
SS855854 (Custom).JPG
Lift hill enthusiasts rejoice once more!
SS855855 (Custom).JPG
Yet another ride that seeks to make X2 jealous!
SS855852 (Custom).JPG
That's all the credits at Tivoli Gardens achieved.
SS855861 (Custom).JPG
This ride will have to wait until another time. Like maybe at Holiday park in a week or two?
SS855859 (Custom).JPG
Tivoli Gardens really looks fantastic at night.
SS855860 (Custom).JPG
I wish we had more time to spend here. But I'm quite happy in the knowledge that I'll be back some day soon.

Next up is Tolk-Schau in Germany. Our first of four parks on our last day.

Enjoying the hot Scottish summer!
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Postby Chrissie » Mon Jun 16, 2008 4:11 am

Great TR Divv.

You definitely should work as a promo person for trips to Scandanavia.
Im convinced I should go there after reading this! :br

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Postby Divv3k » Mon Jun 16, 2008 3:15 pm

^ Everybody should go to Scandinavia. I'm convinced it's gonna be the best TPR trip of all time!




After Tivoli Gardens we raced all the way back across Denmark and then hopped down over the border to the Northern German town of Flensburg for the night. This allowed us to hit up Germany's most Northern park in the morning before heading back into Denmark hitting more parks up there later in the day.

Tolk-Schau is aimed at younger audiences but it's still a really quirky place. It's got one credit and a load of those "self operated" rides you've seen in previous TPR updates.

It's these self operated rides that really provide the fun in this place. The butterflys are ok. Definitely not a credit for me but fun. The Nautic Jets are freakin' fantastic! Pictures don't do these things justice! We both had a few goes on these.

We didn't stay here very long but still checked out a lot of what was on offer. I'm glad I finally got my fix of these self operated rides. I only wish they'd show up more places!

Here's the pictures...
SS855866 (Custom).JPG
Park number seven of the trip and the first of our final day - Tolk-Schau.
SS855865 (Custom).JPG
The giant Tyrannosaur welcomes you into the park.
SS855874 (Custom).JPG
What's that I spy through the trees?
SS855868 (Custom).JPG
A credit! Same layout as the dog fart coaster but nowhere near as entertaining!
SS855878 (Custom).JPG
The butterfly. Cool little concept.
SS855877 (Custom).JPG
But NOT a credit! Not for me anyway.
SS855876 (Custom).JPG
Butterfly POV!
SS855879 (Custom).JPG
Here's another of the random self operated rides.
SS855880 (Custom).JPG
Tom straps himself in.
SS855881 (Custom).JPG
And I send him off a tumbling.
SS855883 (Custom).JPG
Tom's not quite sure what he's letting himself in for here.
SS855886 (Custom).JPG
I push the button and send him up the hill.
SS855884 (Custom).JPG
Tom then gets apprehensive.
SS855885 (Custom).JPG
Tom then flies off the edge.
SS855887 (Custom).JPG
It's quite an experience!
SS855888 (Custom).JPG
Check Tom's TR for action shots of me whenever he gets round to it!
SS855872 (Custom).JPG
Yeah, there's also a self operated zip line.
SS855871 (Custom).JPG
So this is Non-German Tom in Germany. Does that just make him Non-Tom?
SS855869 (Custom).JPG
I should mention it was HOT on this day! And this was only like ten in the morning!
SS855870 (Custom).JPG
And that's Tolk-Schau. If you find yourself doing a Denmark trip it might be worth considering a quick jaunt down to check this place out. Well at least if you haven't been to Klotten!

Back to Denmark for Sommerland Syd next!

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Postby Divv3k » Tue Jun 17, 2008 2:13 pm



Our second park of the day was Sommerland Syd, right in the south of Denmark. There's not much in this park except for a couple of coasters and some waterslides but it's all quite spread out and what is there looks nice enough.

Danish Face/Off is the big coaster there. Erik tells me that this was the first Invertigo and it really showed. This thing really kicked our asses.

The other coaster Kæmperutschebanen was a bit better and at least looked a lot less deadly than the Vekoma ride!

We didn't stay here long, it's more or less just a credit stop park on the way up to Legoland!

Here's the photos...
SS855913 (Custom).JPG
We're back in Denmark for park number two of the day - Sommerland Syd.
SS855891 (Custom).JPG
The park entrance looks alright, although the other Danish parks had kinda spoiled us by this point.
SS855890 (Custom).JPG
Oh dear that doesn't look good.
SS855901 (Custom).JPG
That's right - it's Danish Face/Off!
SS855896 (Custom).JPG
Here's the view of impending death.
SS855895 (Custom).JPG
I wasn't looking forward to this.
SS855903 (Custom).JPG
Ow, ow, ow, ow ow.
SS855900 (Custom).JPG
This thing looked pretty messed up. Again, something you won't see in a lot of other countries.
SS855898 (Custom).JPG
This is Tom's "apprehensive about ordering Pepsi" face
SS855897 (Custom).JPG
This is what the park's entire range of merchandise consisted of.
SS855893 (Custom).JPG
There's also a Disneyland dwarfing castle for people to laugh at.
SS855894 (Custom).JPG
The pirate ship was nicely themed albeit a bit deserted.
SS855904 (Custom).JPG
There's quite a few water slides in the park.
SS855905 (Custom).JPG
These seemed to be a lot more popular than the other rides.
SS855906 (Custom).JPG
I didn't manage to catch a price list for Big Mike readers but here's a season pass sign with park's mascot.
SS855911 (Custom).JPG
The park has some boats and other obstacle course stuff that's the norm in this country.
SS855907 (Custom).JPG
Kæmperutschebanen is the park's other coaster.
SS855909 (Custom).JPG
No, I'm not gonna try and pronounce it but suffice to say it's better than the Vekoma death machine.
SS855912 (Custom).JPG
Sommerland Syd is not much more than a credit run but worth checking out if you're passing.

Two parks down today, two to go!

Legoland is next!

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Postby coaster_dude2002 » Tue Jun 17, 2008 2:21 pm

Nice photos Divv. They are really tempting me to fly back over!

Congrats on getting a ride on Danish Face/Off with out causing an emergency stop.

Can't wait for the rest.

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Postby thecoasterkid » Tue Jun 17, 2008 9:17 pm

My favourite part about your trip report so far? The classic Divv selfshots that finish off each park! :evil:

I really need to get overseas and check out some of these parks. I'm now going to have to give that 2009 trip some serious consideration. Who knows, maybe I'll even head up to the UK with Andrew in 2010 atleast!


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