Photo TR: Divv's Danish Adventure

Final Part: Tivoli Friheden (page five)
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Photo TR: Divv's Danish Adventure

Postby Divv3k » Mon Jun 09, 2008 3:13 pm

Hello all and welcome to another trip report from yours truly, Divv.

I've spent the last four days in Denmark with Non-German Tom checking out the parks, the rides and the occasional Danish hottie. Be sure to check out Tom's trip report whenever it appears - it's sure to be similar to this one but probably even better!

Update list:

So without any further ado here's park number one of ten...




Pretty much as soon as Piraten was announced last year Tom and I agreed that we would be over to check it out shortly after it opened. Now despite my experience with Intamin hypers being limited to Millennium Force (damn you S:ROS for being closed!) I was excited about this due to the good reputation of similar rides. And deliver Piraten did. Despite its small size it really packs a punch. This is just pure fun - great ejector air on pretty much every hill and super smooth of course. I really can't wait for Goliath and Expedition GeForce now!

But Piraten isn't the only great thing about Djurs Sommerland - the place is filled with loads of great rides and has lots of real charm. The park also has a very "RCT" feel to it. In a good way.

The Gerstlauer Bobsled was a lot of fun. With some pretty insane helixes of death and a nice little airtime hill too. The queue line has some really cool theming to it as well.

Also of note are the off road go-karts. These were a lot of fun and surprisingly not an upcharge attraction. I normally don't bother with upcharge rides so it was great to get to do this.

Oh and if you visit this park you absolutely MUST check out the "Jungle Safari with Chico and the Poachers" (seriously that's what it says on the map. Words can't describe how random that thing is.

We tried out pretty much every ride in the park, although we had to take two goes at getting on the log flume as we got evacuated the first time!

All in all this was a really nice place with a great atmosphere that was a lot of fun for all ages. I can see TPR having a LOT of fun here on the Scandinavian trip next year.

Here's some photos...
SS855448 (Custom).JPG
We're in Denmark and here's our rental car for the next four days so let's get going!
SS855449 (Custom).JPG
First stop - Djurs Sommerland. Home of Piraten!
SS855450 (Custom).JPG
Just in case any of Big Mike's readers are joining us here are the 2008 admission prices.
SS855451 (Custom).JPG
OK, enough messing around. Let's go and get eaten by a big skull!
SS855453 (Custom).JPG
Up the super fast lift hill...
SS855563 (Custom).JPG
and down the first drop...
SS855562 (Custom).JPG
...over the twisty hill...
SS855560 (Custom).JPG
Then its just ejector airtime hill...
SS855456 (Custom).JPG
...after ejector airtime hill...
SS855457 (Custom).JPG
...after ejec... You get the picture! Pure awesomeness!
SS855555 (Custom).JPG
Another happy train of riders returns to the station.
SS855460 (Custom).JPG
The ride exits into a little shop filled with Piraten souvenirs.
SS855556 (Custom).JPG
There's plenty of T-shirts and other random crap available.
SS855459 (Custom).JPG
OK enough drooling over Piraten. We'll be back later.
SS855463 (Custom).JPG
Djurs Sommerland does have other rides...
SS855532 (Custom).JPG
Such as Thor's Hammer!
SS855465 (Custom).JPG
This Gerstlauer Bobsled was good fun.
SS855477 (Custom).JPG
Lift hill enthusiasts rejoice!
SS855483 (Custom).JPG
It's definitely whetted my appetite to try more of these rides!
SS855535 (Custom).JPG
Yep, its just a big mess of track!
SS855533 (Custom).JPG
Here's a fun little hill!
SS855469 (Custom).JPG
Yay for pseudo-donkeys in the queue line!
SS855471 (Custom).JPG
No, you are not seeing things!
SS855476 (Custom).JPG
"Enter the surface forbidden"! WTF?
SS855484 (Custom).JPG
Anyway, fun ride. Go ride it!
SS855485 (Custom).JPG
According to the map this translate to Chico and the Poachers.
SS855486 (Custom).JPG
Tom's not quite sure what he's let himself in for.
SS855487 (Custom).JPG
Yes that is a turtle hanging in front of you.
SS855493 (Custom).JPG
OMG! We're on Lost: The Ride!
SS855500 (Custom).JPG
Yes, the ride is this messed up!
SS855502 (Custom).JPG
There's also a cameo from King Kong.
SS855503 (Custom).JPG
Oh and there's monkeys humping branches. This is just one of those rides you have to experience. It really took us by surprise!
SS855508 (Custom).JPG
If you ever forget where you are just check out the side of the rapids boats!
SS855544 (Custom).JPG
Here's the topple tower. Which was incredibly themed for a little flat ride.
SS855511 (Custom).JPG
The ride itself is a little lame but that suited me in this case. I thought it was alright.
SS855514 (Custom).JPG
Yes, we are sad and pathetic.
SS855515 (Custom).JPG
Yay for Wacky Worms!
SS855518 (Custom).JPG
This log flume looks fun.
SS855519 (Custom).JPG
Lets give it a go.
SS855520 (Custom).JPG
This doesn't look quite right.
SS855523 (Custom).JPG
SS855529 (Custom).JPG
Djurs also has off road go karts!
SS855530 (Custom).JPG
Tom's ready to go.
SS855531 (Custom).JPG
And there he is! These were great!
SS855536 (Custom).JPG
Tarzanland is the parks obstacle course.
SS855538 (Custom).JPG
Its fun. And we thought it was a little challenging.
SS855539 (Custom).JPG
But it was nothing compared to Farup Sommerland's the next day!
SS855545 (Custom).JPG
Tom and his "spunk"! I love foreign sweets!
SS855546 (Custom).JPG
If you like fruit or veg Djurs Sommerland is the place for you!
SS855452 (Custom).JPG
OK, back over to see these dudes.
SS855559 (Custom).JPG
Here's some more Piraten to drool over.
SS855564 (Custom).JPG
It may be small. But that doesn't it stop it being amazing!
SS855550 (Custom).JPG
Mmmm... Piraten...
SS855454 (Custom).JPG
Just look at it!
SS855552 (Custom).JPG
Photos don't do this thing justice. I can't wait to try the other Intamin hypers on the Europe trip!
SS855558 (Custom).JPG
Aha! Finally a photo of me! Djurs Sommerland is a fantastic park and well worth a visit. Especially so now that Piraten is there. I know I'll be back here someday.

Farup Sommerland is up next!

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Postby coaster_dude2002 » Mon Jun 09, 2008 3:20 pm

Great TR so far Divv!

Djurs Sommerland looks like an awesome park, and those off road go-karts sounds like a ton of fun.

Can't wait to see the rest.

- Andrew

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Postby RIP Psyclone » Mon Jun 09, 2008 4:32 pm

I've been to Denmark, and it was my favorite of the Scandinavian countries. Unfortunately, I only visited Tivoli Gardens, so I hope to see that park in this report. I hope to do the TPR Scandinavia trip since in my summer 2005 trip I was definately "doing it wrong." By that I mean not visiting theme parks, of course.

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Postby Steffen_Dk » Tue Jun 10, 2008 1:00 am

Great pics!
Looks like you had lots of fun; and an evacuation - I've never experienced that out there, and I'm coming there so often.... And what about the go karts - you weren't getting choked over the extreme durst they produce?

Non-German Tom
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Postby Shockwave » Tue Jun 10, 2008 3:18 am

^I wouldn't call the dust extreme, and I'm one of the worst allergy sufferers out there!

Djurs was a nice little park with some quirky stuff and a great coaster in Piraten.

The best bit was how much responsibility people took over there, a lot of the stuff in Demark would never be allowed in the US or even Britain because of the way things are.

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Postby cobra_roll06 » Tue Jun 10, 2008 3:54 am

Great start Divv! Looks like an awesome little place. Looking forward to the the rest!

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Postby Divv3k » Tue Jun 10, 2008 3:57 pm



Wow, what a park! I absolutely loved this place. Right up there with places like Kennywood and Liseberg IMO. It just has a really great atmosphere and some really great fun rides.

Obviously the big attraction is Lynet which just opened the day before our visit. Thankfully the park wasn't too busy so we got to ride a few times. It's a lot of fun, especially in the front. The back has some bumpy spots after the MCBR. There's good airtime and some good laterals too. Plus its themed really well. I can see this ride being a big success for the park. Hopefully more of these rides will start to pop up around the world soon.

The other big coaster in the park is Falken. What a fantastic ride! I'll be honest I didn't think it looked that amazing in video but that just shows that you should never judge a ride by a video. It's really great. fantastic airtime on every hill and just generally a lot of fun. It's a little rough on the final turnaround but apart from that it's all pretty good.

Other things worth mentioning:
- The speed boats! Yeah they have speed boats in which you can do a lap round their little lake which is a LOT of fun. Again, this isn't an upcharge which makes it even better!
- The obstacle course! OMG, this was like something out of Gladiators. It's really long with loads of cool different things to try. We were both pretty exhausted by the end of it. Especially Tom - who actually made it across the monkey bars!
- Trampolines and bouncy castle things. These were great fun and yet again another way in which to exhaust yourself silly!

All in all I have to say that this place really exceeded my expectations. I'm really looking forward to visiting this place again some day!

Here's some pictures...
SS855577 (Custom).JPG
Park number two of the trip - Farup Sommerland!
SS855578 (Custom).JPG
As soon as we got into the park we followed the masses towards this big wacky shack type thing!
SS855579 (Custom).JPG
They call it Lynet!
SS855589 (Custom).JPG
That's right. There's finally a ride named after a Desperate Housewife.
SS855699 (Custom).JPG
Up the top hat you go.
SS855696 (Custom).JPG
And over the airtime hill.
SS855588 (Custom).JPG
Then its all bends and flips and stuff.
SS855592 (Custom).JPG
See - flips like this.
SS855587 (Custom).JPG
The whole area around the ride is really nice.
SS855585 (Custom).JPG
Although I would NOT like to wait in all that queue line! Thankfully the queue was only about 20 minutes or so all day.
SS855695 (Custom).JPG
This is one of those rides that can really appeal to everyone.
SS855700 (Custom).JPG
It really is a solid addition to the park. And just one of many reasons to visit Farup Sommerland.
SS855598 (Custom).JPG
Flagermusen is the park's spinning mouse.
SS855599 (Custom).JPG
I don't know how they did it but they managed to make a spinning mouse look semi decent!
SS855600 (Custom).JPG
This one wasn't too Divv-unfriendly.
SS855610 (Custom).JPG
Falken is the other big draw at Farup Sommerland.
SS855676 (Custom).JPG
I liked this ride a lot!
SS855689 (Custom).JPG
This woodie really packs a punch!
SS855690 (Custom).JPG
It has great airtime over every hill.
SS855611 (Custom).JPG
Tom's looking for people. It's like our own little ERT session. The funny thing is the car park was really packed today. But most rides were like this!
SS855679 (Custom).JPG
Another happy train of Falken riders come back into the station.
SS855680 (Custom).JPG
This really is a great ride. S&S are two for two with great woodies for me.
SS855608 (Custom).JPG
Ah, the speed boats. These were bloody amazing.
SS855612 (Custom).JPG
There goes Tom speeding along.
SS855615 (Custom).JPG
Again there was a only a small line for these despite not being an upcharge. Needless to say we had a couple of goes.
SS855616 (Custom).JPG
Another fruit stall. This isn't something you'd see in a UK park.
SS855617 (Custom).JPG
Tom enjoys his banana. There's a much better caption in this photo I'm sure.
SS855620 (Custom).JPG
This one's just for you Erik!
SS855621 (Custom).JPG
Everyone loves the Vekoma ride.
SS855625 (Custom).JPG
This is the ride where every photo is "through the trees"!
SS855626 (Custom).JPG
Tom invites you to play his game.
SS855628 (Custom).JPG
Did I mention that Denmark has hotties wherever you look?
SS855682 (Custom).JPG
The weather was really hot today so the rapids were a welcome cool down.
SS855635 (Custom).JPG
Tom has a go on the embedded bouncy castle thing.
SS855636 (Custom).JPG
He just kept bouncing around for hours. In fact he might well still be there bouncing away.
SS855639 (Custom).JPG
The log flume here has the same layout as the one at Djurs.
SS855640 (Custom).JPG
Although we managed to get through this one without getting evacuated.
SS855687 (Custom).JPG
I love Denmark!
SS855642 (Custom).JPG
Tom takes on the triangle.
SS855646 (Custom).JPG
And succeeds. (Although I did it first)
SS855651 (Custom).JPG
Tom mastered the art of bouncing on his head.
SS855658 (Custom).JPG
Here's Tom - presenting TPR slush!
SS855659 (Custom).JPG
Time to take on the obstacle course!
SS855661 (Custom).JPG
Slide POV!
SS855663 (Custom).JPG
I was convinced I was gonna die here.
SS855664 (Custom).JPG
Here's Tom moments before his momentous completion of the monkey bars.
SS855665 (Custom).JPG
Here's Tom entering Anita's back door.
SS855668 (Custom).JPG
I don't know how we did it but we somehow made it through the obstacle course alive!
SS855674 (Custom).JPG
Yes, the park let you shoot guns!
SS855670 (Custom).JPG
Here's some gun POV.
SS855684 (Custom).JPG
If you go to this park you won't be able to buy any merchandise. That's because Tom bought it all.
SS855698 (Custom).JPG
Here's another look at Lynet before we leave.
SS855694 (Custom).JPG
Definitely a great addition to Denmark's coaster collection.
SS855693 (Custom).JPG
It has some real nice airtime on this hill.
SS855666 (Custom).JPG
Words can't express how cool Farup Sommerland is. Definitely one of my favourite parks. Get over to Denmark and check it out!

Karolinelund will be up next!

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Postby downunder » Tue Jun 10, 2008 8:04 pm

Divv, you should be the recruitment manager for the TPR 2009 Scandanavia trip, I'm sold. Those parks look like they have so much character and detail, rather a lump of concrete with coasters on it.

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Postby Steffen_Dk » Wed Jun 11, 2008 12:57 am

Great TR again :)

I still have Lynet coming to one, and these pics really draw me! I've only seen POV's of it, and it looks like it's going over the tophat with a pretty decent speed - am I right?
Lynet's theming must be Europe's answer to Mystery Mine. I'm actually quite impressed over the Lynet theming, since the rest of the park is a little blaah.. with the theming.

Non-German Tom
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Postby Shockwave » Wed Jun 11, 2008 5:02 am

^The theming is not super amazing, but they've made a good effort with it. The ride has got some great airtime over the tophat and the hills. It's a bit of the Gerstlauer shakes through the turns, but it's a good little ride that fits in really well with the park.

Fårup Sommerland was without doubt my favourite park of the whole trip. There was just so much fun to be had, and even the spinning mouse (almost all of which I hate with a passion) didn't fail to bring a smile to my face. The whole atmosphere is just incredible.


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