Photo TR: Efteling (the Netherlands)

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Photo TR: Efteling (the Netherlands)

Postby Beeja » Sat May 17, 2008 5:30 pm

Ah, the Efteling... Such a beautiful park! I'm really in love with it and everytime I visit it, I'm stunned by it's beauty.

Even though the weather wasn't great (rain in the morning) we still had a day packed with fun! The lines were OK so we rode all the coasters (some of them twice), did some flat rides, had some good snacks, blah blah blah!

I'm not good at words so I'll let the pics speak for themselves. Enjoy!
Efteling 08 002.jpg
On our way to the Efteling!
Nelle is having a carrot, I will have a Efteling-DVD. Much better!
(yes, I have new braces... woo hoo)
Efteling 08 003.jpg
A coach full of blurry but happy people!
Efteling 08 004.jpg
Yay! We arrived unscathed!
Efteling 08 006.jpg
We immediately went to Dream Flight since the lines can be very long.
Liesbeth and Annemie are very excited to meet elves, trolls and other riff-raff!
Efteling 08 008.jpg
A tiny troll in the bushes and some elves sitting in a tree...
(this is the only pic of Dream Flight that came out good)
Efteling 08 011.jpg
Next stop: Villa Volta! (a.k.a. Vekoma-in-a-box)
Efteling 08 010.jpg
Here's Hugo, the owner of the place, warning us that his house is cursed!
Down is up and up is down!
Efteling 08 013.jpg
Liesbeth checks the map to see where we go next. Hm, I hope she knows what she's doing...
Efteling 08 085.jpg
Time to ride the Flying Dutchman!
This is the über-themed entrance building.
Efteling 08 072.jpg
This is the queue area.
The pic is a bit dark but I think it perfectly shows the atmosphere. It really feels like you're waiting in a harbour from the Golden Age!
Efteling 08 078.jpg
Going down!
My very first attempt making onride pics and only one came out good...
Efteling 08 080.jpg
Liesbeth and I having fun on the Flying Dutchman!
Efteling 08 081.jpg
This is the lovely view you get when you're going back to the harbour.
Efteling 08 082.jpg
Another boat trying to escape the curse of the Ghost Ship!
Efteling 08 089.jpg
That's the reward you get when you escaped...
Efteling 08 086.jpg
A Flying Dutchman boat with Pegasus (Intamin junior woodie) in the background
Efteling 08 090.jpg
A train climbing the lift hill of Pegasus.
A cute coaster but we rode it only once and that was enough! A bit painful in the back seat...
Efteling 08 026.jpg
Just a lovely sight!
Efteling 08 028.jpg
The Carrousel Palace (inside is also the Diorama)
Efteling 08 023.jpg
Liesbeth and Nelle having fun on the pirate ship.
They sat in the second row (pussies!) while Annemie and I were in the top row. It was my first time on a pirate ship and boy, this one goes very high! Wheeeee!
Efteling 08 029.jpg
Lady, I would appreciate it if you make them stop puking water all over the place!
Efteling 08 032.jpg
Let's ride around in the snail-monorail!
Efteling 08 033.jpg
The snails go through the trees and over the water.
Efteling 08 034.jpg
You get to see the houses from the People of Laaf at close quarters.
Efteling 08 038.jpg
You even go through the houses!
Efteling 08 040.jpg
Liesbeth enjoying the snail-monorail.
Efteling 08 041.jpg
Hey! Stop following us!!
Efteling 08 043.jpg
We also checked out the houses by foot.
It's really fun to discover what's inside (although this one was totally empty)
Efteling 08 045.jpg
The jump house!
Liesbeth is jumping but Annemie is all "Meh, whatever..."
Efteling 08 047.jpg
The camera made this pic on his own with the self-timer and we thought it turned out great!
Efteling 08 048.jpg
Hmmmmm... Laaf-made pastry...
Efteling 08 049.jpg
Laaf with evil smile thinks "Hee hee, I going to mix some old leftovers in this paste... Nobody will notice!"
Efteling 08 063.jpg
Taaa ta ta taaa ta ta tatadaaaah!
Carnaval Festival has the most contagious theme song ever!
Efteling 08 054.jpg
Everything in this ride makes me smile!
Efteling 08 057.jpg
Guusje is too cute!
Efteling 08 059.jpg
Poor Loekie! He's freezing his a$$ off!
Efteling 08 060.jpg
The drums of Africa! Black Mamba!
Oh, wait, that's another theme park ;)
Efteling 08 061.jpg
Donkey-quota fulfilled!
Efteling 08 062.jpg
Loekie and Guusje dance the hula!
Efteling 08 087.jpg
Here comes the Python!
It's a Vekoma with good loopings, the corkscrews are just OK.
Efteling 08 091.jpg
Going down...
Efteling 08 018.jpg
A train full of happy people!
Efteling 08 095.jpg
Corky (that's the name of this train, the other one is called Loopy) doing that loop-da-loop thing
Efteling 08 020.jpg
Corky coming OUT of the trees!
Efteling 08 097.jpg
And again going in... ;)
Efteling 08 098.jpg
Everything is themed at the Efteling!
Efteling 08 014.jpg
A lovely entrance sign for the Fairy Tale Forest
Efteling 08 015.jpg
The witch with the drop of mucus dangling from her nose welcomes us!
Efteling 08 100.jpg
The Troll King!
He talks nonsense but he's made by the creators of "Spitting Image" so he's cool!
Efteling 08 102.jpg
Annemie listening to the music that the gnomes make in their little houses.
Efteling 08 103.jpg
Ah, the Little Mermaid!
Another caption could be "BOOBS!"
Efteling 08 105.jpg
Yo mister! You might want to do something about the smell of your breath!
Efteling 08 111.jpg
Mother Goat strolling around in the forest.
Little does she know that there's an ugly costumer at her door!
Efteling 08 113.jpg
Rodent-quota fulfilled!
Efteling 08 114.jpg
There's that ugly costumer!
But it seems that he dressed up for the occasion!
Efteling 08 115.jpg
The beautiful house where the seven little goats live.
I love the carved face!
Efteling 08 116.jpg
"Nibble, nibble, little mouse, who is gnawing at my house?"
Efteling 08 118.jpg
I am!!!
Efteling 08 120.jpg
Here is Mother Hulda.
Nothing special at first sight...
Efteling 08 121.jpg
But she can make it snow if you call her! Wheeee!
Efteling 08 122.jpg
Liesbeth imitating the gnome Little Message.
That sure seems an uncomfortable pose to me!
Efteling 08 124.jpg
The beautiful Heralds Place.
And finally the sun came out!
Efteling 08 125.jpg
Some lovely buildings with fairy tales inside.
Efteling 08 126.jpg
A funky pink pigeon!
Efteling 08 129.jpg
The Gold-A$$!
Donkey-quota double fulfilled!
Efteling 08 131.jpg
This beautiful signs leads you to the fairy tale of the Indian Water-lilies.
Efteling 08 132.jpg
Looking back to Heralds Place
Efteling 08 136.jpg
The Fata Morgana building: nice and quiet on the outside, terrible creatures on the inside!
Efteling 08 139.jpg
Little baby ducks are cute!
Efteling 08 064.jpg
The themed entrance of Bird Rok
(too bad that's almost the only themeing the rollercoaster got)
Efteling 08 065.jpg
Giant fake bird and tiny real bird make a cute couple!
Efteling 08 069.jpg
And I leave you with this view of the Pagode!

the ghost seems to think there is a "Donkey Fairy"
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Postby Hand 0f Time » Sat May 17, 2008 7:00 pm

Great pictures. The place is very themed. That's what I like to see in parks. :)

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Postby Big Mike » Sat May 17, 2008 7:01 pm

You have some really great pictures there Beeja!

I am glad you had a lot of fun :)

I enjoyed the comments too!

I was waiting for this trip report, and you did not disappoint.

You do need more pictures of yourself though, your such a cutie :lover:

It is awesome having an Official Cute Riding Partner ;)

Peace, Big Mike




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Postby Hhappy » Sun May 18, 2008 2:54 am

Thanks for sharing these pictures. It's always nice to see how other people experience their park visits.
There are some pictures of details i've totally missed during previous visits..
Looking forward to next summers visit :)
I'm dutch.. not much i can do about that
My coasters/parks and other stuff photo's


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Postby Beeja » Sun May 18, 2008 11:30 pm

Thanks for the comments! It's always good to know that your pictures are appreciated...

hhappy wrote:There are some pictures of details i've totally missed during previous visits..

Look harder next visit! :)
I'm already looking forward to your pictures of the Efteling!

Big Mike wrote:You do need more pictures of yourself though, your such a cutie

Unlike you, I'm not good at self-promotion ;)

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Postby milst1 » Tue May 20, 2008 4:05 pm

Ik hou van je Trip Report! Wij moeten naar Efteling gaan!


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Postby coasterdude5 » Tue May 20, 2008 4:59 pm

Great trip report, this park seems like a cool place to go.

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