TR: Knotts and SFMM - 4/22/08 - 4/23/08

EDIT:Re-Added POV pg.3 - My First Coaster Trip and Report!
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Postby TheRapidsNerd » Sun Apr 27, 2008 12:03 pm

Seems PoVs are as dicey an issue as ever. Even Alabama Adventure (Visionland) went thumbs down on it, particularly on Wild River Gorge.

It's almost easier just to stick to off-ride filming, period. Don't bother asking for on-ride. Almost certainly no and just too many side problems that spin up.

As for YouTube, if Universal can quickly yank the leaked Simpson's ride footage, they may also go after other ride PoVs. Same for Six Flags and Cedar Fair. Just a question of time.

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Postby GuruGuys » Sun Apr 27, 2008 12:48 pm

robbalvey wrote:^ The only time I've seen both sides running is during Fright Fest in the past few years.


What about the Deja Vu lines? Do they always make it where you can't choose which seat you want to be in? Is this common among this type of ride and why do they do it this way?


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Postby ebl » Sun Apr 27, 2008 1:18 pm

I've only waited in Deja Vu's "regular" line once, and we were assigned to a particular seat. Ever since, I use the single-rider line---and get assigned to a seat anyway. :P

But at least I don't wait as long.

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Re: TR: Knotts and SFMM - 4/22/08 - 4/23/08

Postby Revolucion » Sun Apr 27, 2008 7:33 pm

GuruGuys wrote:The park had just opened and it was pretty much a ghost town

You win a prize for most brilliant metaphor.

It's too bad that Superman is not able to run as it was designed without breaking down. Hopefully Superman is included in the five-year plan to be able to go 100MPH again. If it can't be fixed the park would probably be better off using the tower for something else.

The Gold Rusher gum pile has been around since the late 70's at least. It is revolting now, but I was sad that it was cleaned up on one of my visits in the early 80's. This seems like an easy fix to keep clean by having it scraped off each night and then pressure washed.

I didn't know that SFMM added soaker guns to the log flume. I hope they have some sort of policy that turns them off at night and on cold days. My family's first trip to Islands of Adventure was almost ruined because they were running on Ripsaw Falls with an outside temperature of 50 degrees. But they can be very fun on a hot day.

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Knott's Berry Farm POV Re-Added plus some pics

Postby GuruGuys » Sat May 03, 2008 5:29 pm

I am reposting my POV from my visit at Knott's Berry Farm a few weeks ago. After the replys in this thread alerted me to a possible violation of park rules I took the POV down then contacted the park for clarification. I received this response:

The main reason for the no picture or video taking on the rides is
because of cell phones, cameras, or video cameras being used and the
high probability that they become separated from the rider. Of course,
safety is our number one priority and we would not want someone on the
vehicle or on the ground to be struck by a falling object. In your
case, it would not have been a problem, because the video camera you are using is secured around your wrist, just like any other wrist watch.

If you were to use a cell phone, camera, or video camera to obtain your
footage, then it would be a violation of Knott's Berry Farm policies.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Joey Toyoshiba
Park Operations
Knott's Berry Farm

So as I read it, as long as you don't sneak a device on a ride and the ride operators allow the device Knott's Berry Farm is OK with using it. Hopefully some of the other parks will provide similair clarification.

POV of Silver Bullet (camera stapped on ankle), Jaguar, Supereme Scream (camera strapped around ankle), Xcellerator, Boomerang.

KnottsPOV.wmv [ 24.26 MiB | Viewed 1355 times ]

First up was Silver Bullet. The queues were empty but they still had 5 ride ops loading the few riders very quickly.
Silver Bullet was the first inverted coaster my friend had ridden.
Loop apex.
The Jaguar queue was just as empty.
My camera told me it was love at first sight.
Xcellerator from the Queue. Pictures like this are becoming harder to get at parks that require you to lock up your items before entering the queue.
The ride operators at Knott's were always happy, smiling and having a great time with the patrons and each other.
It's nice to be able to see everyones reaction when the ride is finished. Too many coasters leave the riders out on the brake run out of sight and by the time they return everyone looks bored.
Another rider return shot, this one with a bit of train #2 sitting on the transfer track. The paint and decor on these trains are the best I've seen.
Close up of train paintjob.
Boomerang peacefully awaits unsuspecting victims.

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Postby DallasAlvey » Sat May 03, 2008 5:44 pm

Boomerang's pretty evil, I can't go on that ride without Tylenol. By the way the POV's were great.

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Postby robbalvey » Sat May 03, 2008 5:52 pm

Thanks Brian for posting that letter! I agree 100% with Joey Toyoshiba's statement. If you can prove that you have a camera that is SECURELY strapped to your body and there is no way for it to fly off, then it should be just as safe to bring on a ride as a wrist watch, sunglasses with a strap, or any other object that is tied down.

I would hope that this policy ends up going chain wide at Cedar Fair.



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