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Update:1998 Fiesta Texas 10 year master plan that never was.
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Postby dj snow » Sat Dec 08, 2007 6:15 pm

I like how one of the brochures begins with "there's no such thing as too much fun" and then, when you open it up, the first thing you see is "too much fun!"

Wait a minute, I thought they just told me that such a thing did not exist! Now I'm confused!

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Postby dandaman » Sat Dec 08, 2007 8:20 pm

^You must take the Delorean back to 1985 to correct that conflicting reality, then. :lol:

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Postby montezooma » Sun Dec 09, 2007 12:23 am


1/7/08 - This post has been updated with two catalogs from Intamin -Ride Trade featuring Drop Rides, Water Rides, Simulators and Dark Rides

Here is an old Intamin ride catalog. Before the days of the internet this is how the ride manufacturers got information to the parks. I picked this up at one of the IAAPA conventions. You can see the variety of rides Intamin offered at the time.

On the cover is their disastrous Flight Trainer, that ride came and went in about a span of two years. I highlighted some of their cooler attractions. Intamin has always made good stuff, even back in the early days!

Some interesting points from the front page:

Giovanola, an Intamin owned production plant with large facilites for manufacturing and testing builds most of the Intamin rides.

Intamin is now the owner of the complete Schwarzkopf product line, including all patents, production rights, calculations and drawings...
Intamin Ride catalog 1.jpg
Intamin Leisure and Transportaion World-Wide. Product catalog
Intamin Ride catalog 2.jpg
Back in the day, towers were their specialty.
Intamin Ride catalog 5.jpg
I wish those double or triple wheels where still around.
Intamin Ride catalog 6.jpg
Monorails, trains, coasters and flumes. Hell, they even made submarine passages.
Intamin Ride catalog 4.jpg
But coasters were and always will be their specialty.
Intamin Ride catalog 3.jpg
Back in the 80's parks had a strange fascination with these rocking pirate ships.
highlight double wheel.jpg
highlight flight trainer.jpg
highlight double coaster.jpg
highlight space diver.jpg
highlight Spiral Coaster.jpg
Nothing ever came of this model.
highlight swiss bob.jpg
highlight Wood coaster.jpg
Notice it says Marriott's <OMEGA> I think i remember hearing that "Omega" was the original name for the American Eagle.
highlight triple wheel.jpg
highlight Parachute.jpg
highlight Parachute gyro.jpg
God I miss the old Knott's!
water ride 1.jpg
Intamin's Water Ride Catalog
water ride 2.jpg
water ride 3.jpg
water ride 4.jpg
water ride 5.jpg
water ride 6.jpg
water ride 7.jpg
water ride 8.jpg
water ride 9.jpg
water ride 10.jpg
water ride 11.jpg
water ride 12.jpg
Ride Trade 1.jpg
Intamin - Ride Trade Drop Towers and Simulator Rides
Ride Trade 2.jpg
Ride Trade 3.jpg
Ride Trade 4.jpg
Ride Trade 5.jpg
Ride Trade 6.jpg
Ride Trade 7.jpg
Ride Trade 8.jpg
Ride Trade 9.jpg
Ride Trade 10.jpg
Ride Trade 11.jpg

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Postby RIP Psyclone » Sun Dec 09, 2007 12:43 am

Ah yes, Flight Trainer. I do admit I miss XK-1 a little. That pinball ride would have been crazy!

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Postby Homer » Sun Dec 09, 2007 5:09 am

Thanks for sharing all of this awesome old stuff.

One thing I wish took off a little bit in the Intamin catalog would have to be the Mega Ball ride. It would be interesting to see a rapids boat ricocheting around a pinball table and gives a unique ride every time.
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Postby mr_teisco_delrey » Sun Dec 09, 2007 7:25 am

Wow! The Intamin catalog alone could fuel a 70 page long thread! What a great trove you have. Thank you for sharing this. I remember riding the triple wheel every summer at Marriott's GA as a kid. Parks had such a mystique back then. Oh well. Thanks again. Looking forward to seeing more. Any Marriott's GA by chance?

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Postby Gutterflower » Sun Dec 09, 2007 7:44 am

I love the "Double Coaster" advert. im assuming the reference of Interama SA is refering to Vertigorama at what is now Parque de la Ciudad in Argentina.

Not a great reference as the ride never opened and has sat rusting ever since it was built

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Postby raptorcrew2002 » Sun Dec 09, 2007 10:12 am

Thanks for posting those pictures of Boardwalk. That was my first real park, and roller coasters.

:( I remember going like once a month during the summers while I was living in Daytona. I still even have the miniature Board Walk & Base logo bats you could win.

You know I always wondered, not that I'm a huge ferris wheel rider, but I have never seen another one or realized with the spinning cars like BWB had. Anyone know of any in the US? It really was kind of cool, like the tee cups @ disney but you couldn't spin them fast :(

Thanks again for the memories.

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Postby astroworldfan1 » Sun Dec 09, 2007 11:47 am

Shane, you wouldn't have anything on Astroworld in your attic?

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Postby montezooma » Sun Dec 09, 2007 12:50 pm

astroworldfan1 wrote:Shane, you wouldn't have anything on Astroworld in your attic?

OMG do I have stuff on AstroWorld??? TONS! but it is going to take me awhile to scan it all in (actually I have to give credit where it is do, my assistant Trey is doing all the scanning for me, shout out to him)

It will be coming soon in an update to this thread along with more ride catalogs, Stuff on MM Colossus (1978) Orient Express (1980), Steel Phantom and so much other cool stuff.

Here is something to wet your appetite for AstroWorld, The most flamboyant park character ever created...Marvel Mc Fey
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