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Archived Photo Trip Reports of Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, and Donkeys!
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Postby gisco » Mon Nov 12, 2007 9:20 pm

Nagashima Spaland

This is where the Alvey's rock on the trips. We got in the park before the public and got to take a few rides on White Cyclone and Steel Dragon.

I really liked Steel Dragon. Nice air on those little hills coming back into the station. It was nice to see it finally open again.

The park is Ok but the next time I would like to go to their water park. It looked like it would be more fun then the amusement park rides.

Nagoya Zoo

This was mostly a credit run. The kiddie coaster was powered so no credit. But it did have plenty of leg room.
The Jet coaster was ... just a jet coaster with far less leg room then the kiddie coaster. Credit!
The Slope Shooter was very interesting. I'm not sure that this one counts as a credit.

The funny thing about the whole day is I took very few pictures.
JapanII 499 Large Web view.jpg
Once again we start out on a train but had to take a taxi to the park.
JapanII 500 Large Web view.jpg
I think the guy likes Barry
JapanII 501 Large Web view.jpg
See the people waiting to get in the park, Ha, we are already in!
JapanII 502 Large Web view.jpg
Welcome to Nagashima Spaland
JapanII 510 Large Web view.jpg
Nice to not see a fence in the way
JapanII 511 Large Web view.jpg
We are so close and first in line
JapanII 505 Large Web view.jpg
JapanII 527 Large Web view.jpg
Yes, it is running today!
JapanII 530 Large Web view.jpg
Nice pops of air time here
JapanII 515 Large Web view.jpg
Why is Jeff so excited? He missed the left side of the mouse the last time he was here.
JapanII 532 Large Web view.jpg
Bobkarts! Like you couldn't tell from the sign.
JapanII 534 Large Web view.jpg
They are a lot of fun
JapanII 535 Large Web view.jpg
As long as the person in front of you doesn't go to slow
JapanII 521 Large Web view.jpg
This kiddie coaster wasn't to crowded or nobody wanted to ride with Ryan.
JapanII 519 Large Web view.jpg
We thought about taking this to get to Nagoya Zoo but opted for the taxi and trains
JapanII 538 Large Web view.jpg
Nagoya Zoo and Slope Shooter, they push you over to the lift hill
JapanII 542 Large Web view.jpg
JapanII 539 Large Web view.jpg
Coaster or not?
JapanII 541 Large Web view.jpg
Smile Chuck. They grab onto you car when you come into the station to brake you
JapanII 536 Large Web view.jpg
They were even letting babies on this thing.
JapanII 543 Large Web view.jpg

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Postby gisco » Fri Nov 23, 2007 8:12 pm

After 23 straight days of work it is back to the updates.

Today was another 2 park day as we head back towards Tokyo. Lagunasia and Hamanako Pal Pal. Both parks were small, not very crowded and a lot of fun. I would definitly go back to both.

Lagunasia had a waterpark built in the middle of it. Which was empty this time of year. The log flume was a water ride. I got pretty wet. Not Dan approved. They had a shooting dark ride that at the end the car would rotate one way or the other depending on how good your score was. The first time I was bad and saw the scarey scene and the second time did better and saw the happy scene.

At Hamanako Pal Pal it looked like it was going to rain but it held off and we got all our credits. The place had the best flat ride on the trip. We spent a lot of time riding trying to get an inversion out of it. Most of us were successful.
JapanII 557 Large Web view.jpg
Once again the day starts in a crowded train station
JapanII 558 Large Web view.jpg
JapanII 562 Medium Web view.jpg
With the water park in the center
JapanII 584 Large Web view.jpg
also home of Magical Powder and
Granite Park 004 Medium Web view.jpg
Meat Cow meet meet Sushi Fish
JapanII 564 Large Web view.jpg
Aqua Wind
JapanII 568 Large Web view.jpg
JapanII 570 Large Web view.jpg
Part indoor and out door coaster
JapanII 588 Large Web view.jpg
Jeff the loner
JapanII 574 Large Web view.jpg
Steller Coaster
JapanII 575 Large Web view.jpg
JapanII 577 Large Web view.jpg
JapanII 625 Medium Web view.jpg
On to Hamanako Pal Pal and Mega Coaster
JapanII 627 Medium Web view.jpg
JapanII 628 Medium Web view.jpg
JapanII 614 Medium Web view.jpg
Good view of Mega Coaster and the Batflyer
JapanII 623 Medium Web view.jpg
The bat flyer had no bats
JapanII 592 Medium Web view.jpg
Stick'em up!
JapanII 594 Medium Web view.jpg
Ok Rich, you can put your hands down now
JapanII 595 Medium Web view.jpg
Jeff either liked the ride or was glad he lived through it
JapanII 596 Medium Web view.jpg
Best flat ride on the trip!
JapanII 631 Medium Web view.jpg
JapanII 633 Medium Web view.jpg
Guys, that is not a credit
JapanII 621 Medium Web view.jpg
Why are these two all alone?
JapanII 645 Medium Web view.jpg
The day ended and we were back in Tokyo

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Postby gisco » Sun Nov 25, 2007 3:29 pm

Today we rearranged our itinerary. We were supposed to go to Fuji-Q but bad weather was forecast for the next couple of days. Knowing that rain would shut the rides down at Fuji-Q we opted to go to Disney Through the bad weather. The gamble paid off. It did rain for the first couple of days at Disney but most of the rides are indoors and it doesn't shut the park down. The weather was good at Fuji-Q four days later and the coasters were all open.
JapanII 648 Medium Web view.jpg
Another train to start the day, ok. monorail with funny windows
JapanII 651 Medium Web view.jpg
and funny looking ringy dingy ding-a-ling dings to hold onto
JapanII 753 Medium Web view.jpg
If you thought it might be Disneyland today, Nope it's DisneySea today
JapanII 657 Medium Web view.jpg
Todays crowd to whore the kiddie coaster
JapanII 652 Medium Web view.jpg
This is the line for Tower of Terror ... for the FastPass tickets
JapanII 654 Medium Web view.jpg
This is looking back along the line. You can see the Tower way back there.
JapanII 661 Medium Web view.jpg
It was only a 30 minute wait. I'm sure the fastpass line was at least that long.
JapanII 680 Medium Web view.jpg
Some cute kid we ran into that day
JapanII 678 Medium Web view.jpg
Indoor kids area, very cool. Try the Seasalt Icecream here
JapanII 682 Medium Web view.jpg
I should have taken a picture of my watch. It was 17:20. Your Fastpass would be good in 40 minutes or you could wait the Stanby line which was 40 minutes. You decide.
JapanII 756 Medium Web view.jpg
JapanII 812 Medium Web view.jpg
JapanII 685 Medium Web view.jpg
JapanII 687 Medium Web view.jpg
JapanII 806 Medium Web view.jpg
Next up Tokyo Disneyland

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Postby Louise » Sat Dec 01, 2007 11:52 am


The Hoffman Guy is such a tease!! :lover: :lol:

If you want to be a proper respected TPR member (::lol::) then you need to finish the report, Bob!

Miss you! :)

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Postby cfc » Sat Dec 01, 2007 12:31 pm

^And where's you report, Louise--hmm? ;) We all miss you, too.

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Postby John Peck » Sat Dec 01, 2007 9:57 pm

The photo halfway down on page 5 thats captioned "best flat ride on this trip"

What exactly did it do? Id there a generic name for it? Im a flat ride fan.

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Postby gisco » Sun Dec 02, 2007 11:13 am

John Peck wrote:The photo halfway down on page 5 thats captioned "best flat ride on this trip"

What exactly did it do? Id there a generic name for it? Im a flat ride fan.

Don't remember who made the ride. Others on the trip knew, I just don't remember. The ride is like an Enterprise. The seating is side by side. When the wheel rotates the cars swing out and will lock in place. The wheel will tilt and then the cars will unlock causing them to swing. If your one of the lucky ones the car will do a complete 360. I could only get mine to do it once but others couldn't get it to do it at all and still others got three 360's out of it.

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Postby gisco » Sun Dec 02, 2007 11:34 am

Tokyo Disneyland Is an awesome park. Even the first couple of days in the rain didn’t stop anyone from having a good time. They do a super job operating the park with crowds or rain or both. We happened to catch the opening of the park for Halloween. The park was all decorated nicely and they let adults dress up too. They would come as their favorite Disney Character. Sometimes it was hard to tell which a was a cast member and which was a guest.
The Japanese love their parades. It seems like one was going on every couple of hours. People would start lining up for them that early too. It was nuts because they would occur 3 or 4 times that day. People could join in on the parades but they have so many people wanting to be in them they pick by lottery
JapanII 759 Medium Web view.jpg
Tokyo Disneyland
JapanII 762 Medium Web view.jpg
Full size castle. The park is huge. See the pimpkin.
JapanII 776 Medium Web view.jpg
Here is looking back from the steps of the castle
JapanII 737 Medium Web view.jpg
All decked out for Halloween
JapanII 721 Medium Web view.jpg
Even Toontown
JapanII 725 Medium Web view.jpg
And there working trolly
JapanII 696 Medium Web view.jpg
Line to get a fastPass for Space Mountain
JapanII 790 Medium Web view.jpg
Starting coaster pics ... 1
JapanII 701 Medium Web view.jpg
JapanII 723 Medium Web view.jpg
3 Done!
JapanII 697 Medium Web view.jpg
You can actually see part of DisneySea from Disneyland
JapanII 743 Medium Web view.jpg
Autopia wa pretty lame. They had signs that you were not to bump the car in front of you. Only problem was the cars had sensors and when you got to close you would stop. Not as good as the park where Lou rear ended me. :)
JapanII 779 Medium Web view.jpg
Speaking of Lou ...
JapanII 749 Medium Web view.jpg
The night parade with Mickey
JapanII 750 Medium Web view.jpg
and Chip and Dale
JapanII 760 Medium Web view.jpg
Hotel they are building right outside the enterance
JapanII 726 Medium Web view.jpg
JapanII 782 Medium Web view.jpg
Never enough castle pics
JapanII 787 Medium Web view.jpg
JapanII 739 Medium Web view.jpg
So ends another day
JapanII 770 Medium Web view.jpg
Lou doing her best Japanese impression on the way back to the hotel

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Postby gisco » Wed Dec 05, 2007 9:15 pm

Fuji Q or Fuji Queue.

Read Robb’s review of this park. I agree with about 95% of it. This was my second visit to this park and the lines were terrible again.. It was about an hour wait for Fujiyama another hour for Dodonpa and over 3 hours for Eejanaika. Lots of concrete and no themeing. Not A park I would want to go back to. The one part I disagree with Robb on is Eejanaika. I actually liked it and would have liked to ride it again. But not with a 3 hour wait. That made the ride not worth it. I did find it better the X at Magic Mountain. I did not find Dodonpa’s launch to be to extreme. It was just a waste to get so much speed and not do anything with it. It just kind of meanders around and over the top hat and that’s it.

Sea Paradise

Blue Fall, best drop tower I have ever been on. I don’t care much for the false drop side. I prefer the straight drop. You get a great view from the top. I think I like drop towers because it is one of the few things that still scare me to ride. Surf Coaster is a fun ride with it’s 900 degree helix of death. The Japanese seem to love helixes, they are on a lot of rides.


This is a cool park at night with all the lights. The coasters are just so so but it is a fun place. It has really expanded a lot since the last time I was there. They have put a little money to improving the part that was on the other side of the canal. A nice place to spend an evening.
JapanII 837 Medium Web view.jpg
Fuji Queue
JapanII 819 Medium Web view.jpg
Fujiyama, the only picture I have of the coaster
JapanII 829 Medium Web view.jpg
Eejanaika, not much of a crowd ...
JapanII 823 Medium Web view.jpg
Oh %&$#@. Well Dave is easy to spot so is Gus but can you find Barry?
JapanII 820 Medium Web view.jpg
JapanII 821 Medium Web view.jpg
I like this better then X
JapanII 815 Medium Web view.jpg
What is an update with out a really cute kid
JapanII 817 Medium Web view.jpg
Chuck is more excited about the chips then the coasters
JapanII 825 Medium Web view.jpg
Zola 7 cars. Only Geo Panic is worse
JapanII 826 Medium Web view.jpg
Low caoacity mouse
JapanII 828 Medium Web view.jpg
The line looked like it should have been no more then 15 minutes and it was 45!
JapanII 832 Medium Web view.jpg
If it is a kiddie coaster then where is Jeff?
JapanII 833 Medium Web view.jpg
I see him now
JapanII 831 Medium Web view.jpg
I wonder if the Japanese really know what these signs say
JapanII 830 Medium Web view.jpg
onr for the mechanical geeks
JapanII 836 Medium Web view.jpg
Mt Fuji. Picture could have been better if I would have waited for a Coaster
JapanII 858 Medium Web view.jpg
BlueFall at Sea Paradise
JapanII 856 Medium Web view.jpg
I took this picture of the band practicing and didn't notice Bill and Mike in the picture until I started posting this update.
JapanII 861 Medium Web view.jpg
Surf Coaster
JapanII 860 Medium Web view.jpg
A crowd at the sealife show
JapanII 863 Medium Web view.jpg
BlueFall is really high
JapanII 883 Medium Web view.jpg
Cosmoworld, like you couldn't read the sign
JapanII 872 Medium Web view.jpg
That says Bannana Coaster
JapanII 869 Medium Web view.jpg
It is made for kids
JapanII 877 Medium Web view.jpg
Yet another ice house
JapanII 868 Medium Web view.jpg
Anyone know what this coaster is?
JapanII 884 Medium Web view.jpg
So ends another day with the Three Wise men or the Three Stooges, you make the call

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Postby RIP Psyclone » Wed Dec 05, 2007 9:31 pm

Thank you Bob for posting (I believe for the first time in TPR history) a picture of the "Warning no shampoo" sign.


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