Photo TR: The Hoffman Girl's Dad goes to Japan with TPR

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Postby larrygator » Mon Oct 29, 2007 9:02 pm

Who cares why Jeff is eating alone?

Why is Dave Thomas eating with Barry? I guess Dave's eyes were not working that day. F-R-E-A-K-Y
As usual, my analysis is free of charge!
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Postby Meteornotes » Mon Oct 29, 2007 9:29 pm

^Dave's eye hasn't worked right in about nine months. Stupid surgery can't come soon enough...

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Postby OldJJman » Mon Oct 29, 2007 10:38 pm

larrygator wrote:Who cares why Jeff is eating alone?

Here's to hoping that someone might care. :cry:

(Fine. I'm a loser. At least I can admit it!)

Nice pics Bob! Keep 'em coming!

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Postby cfc » Tue Oct 30, 2007 6:23 am

SharkTums wrote:Red Button > Buffalo > Barry Poopy Pants

Ah, yes--Red Buttons. He was brilliant in The Poseidon Adventure. Definitely greater than Buffalo.

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Postby gisco » Thu Nov 01, 2007 10:17 pm

Day 5 Typhoon Day

This was another 3 park day, Central Park, Tegarayama Yuen and Kurashiki Tivoli Park.

This was one of our earliest starting days, 5:30 A.M. For the last few days we had been in Southern Japan. Today were were going to head North a few hundred miles to Osaka area and hit a few parks before continuing North a hundred miles or so to Nagoya that night. Also for the last few days we had been keeping an eye on a typhoon that was headed our way. For a while I thought the Typhoon was going to pass just South of Japan. I figured if we could get those parks out of the way then today when we head North would put us farther from the storm. Unfortunately the typhoon turned North the day before and was now expected to make land tonight somewhere North of Nagoya.

We headed out and hoped for the best. 2 out of 3 parks were fun. The other park operated under the Knotts rule that if it looks like rain close the coasters. All in all not a bad day. We got back to the train station early. It was a mad house. Trains heading North towards the typhoon were bing canceled. There were thoughts that we might have to sleep in the station. I actually thought that might be pretty cool. I think Robb & Elissa were contemplating paying for taxis for us to get us to our hotel or try taking the local trains. In the end we we got on a train headed in the right direction with standing room only. After a few long stops at stations we finally made it to our hotel around 11 that night. Our longest day of the trip.
JapanII 319 640x426.JPG
Our early start. Our baggage went on ahead by truck while we visited the parks.
JapanII 320 640x426.JPG
Empty train station this early in the morning .....
JapanII 321 640x426.JPG
... except for the homeless
JapanII 324 640x426.JPG
Central Park, not sure way it says East Side Park
JapanII 338 640x426.JPG
Diavlo, Not the best B & M but still fun
JapanII 333 640x426.JPG
Hurricane, I wonder if they know that it is the same thing as a typhoon
JapanII 356 640x426.JPG
JapanII 343 640x426.JPG
Chris loves the front
JapanII 346 640x426.JPG
It was not very crowded
JapanII 350 640x426.JPG
Why are 3 guys all behind Lou in the haunted house? Only the mailman is in front and what is that look on Chris's face?
JapanII 354 426x480.JPG
Chuck, don't touch!
JapanII 347 640x426.JPG
A lot of these parks were in beautiful areas
JapanII 365 426x480.JPG
Tegarayama Yuen - first coaster, CLOSED
JapanII 360 640x426.JPG
2nd coaster CLOSED. This one looks like it hadn't been open in a while.
JapanII 362 640x426.JPG
3rd coaster, CLOSED. One of the worst parts of the park is that R&E paid 100 yen admission each for us and they didn't bother to tell us all the rides were closed
JapanII 367 640x426.JPG
On to a better park, we took lots of trains on this trip. When I went to bed at night and closed my eyes it felt like I was on a train
JapanII 368 640x426.JPG
Tivoli Park where history was made ...
JapanII 381 640x426.JPG
.... on this coaster and I use the term coaster loosly
JapanII 386 640x426.JPG
Kidtums scores her first credit.
JapanII 390 640x426.JPG
Yeah, we know your number 1
JapanII 395 640x426.JPG
So ends another day at a beautiful park

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Postby gisco » Sat Nov 03, 2007 7:22 pm

Today was Universal. You would never have known that a typhoon had gone through the night before. This park was very nice ans a lot of fun. It was like Universal Orlando with some IOA thrown in.
I liked the new B&M, Hollywood Dream. Nice air on some parts. I would have liked to ride it more but the Japanese Parks liked to close their rides on time. So if there was an hour wait for the ride and the park closes at 8:00 then they close the line at 7:00. I missed a third ride by about 5 minutes.
JapanII 402 Large Web view.jpg
This morning the station was crowded unlike the day before
JapanII 405 Large Web view.jpg
If this is City Walk then .....
JapanII 409 Large Web view.jpg
.... we must be at Universal!
JapanII 411 Large Web view.jpg
Twins! Better then Thing 1 and Thing 2 .... Ok not really
JapanII 412 Large Web view.jpg
Some were praying for an empty park
JapanII 415 Large Web view.jpg
No Luck
JapanII 419 Large Web view.jpg
No caption needed, right Chuck?
JapanII 417 Large Web view.jpg
Awesome dark ride even in Japanese
JapanII 421 Large Web view.jpg
Ryan is excited!
JapanII 423 Large Web view.jpg
He is checking to see if the car is male or female
JapanII 424 Large Web view.jpg
Practicing his driving skills
JapanII 425 Large Web view.jpg
And behind these gates are ...
JapanII 427 Large Web view.jpg
... dinosaurs. Surprised? Probably not.
JapanII 429 Large Web view.jpg
This one actually spits at you
JapanII 431 Large Web view.jpg
This caption intentionately left blank
JapanII 439 Large Web view.jpg
Snoopy's Great Race Coaster is soooo fast! I understand that this is also the place to pick up chicks. Right Joey?
JapanII 441 Large Web view.jpg
Some how I think there is something missing between step 3 and 4
JapanII 452 Large Web view.jpg
My favorite B&M at this park.
JapanII 444 Large Web view.jpg
You can get pretty close to the coaster
JapanII 445 Large Web view.jpg
I really liked this coaster
JapanII 455 Large Web view.jpg
Before catching the train back to the hotel that night, Lou was kicking butt at the drum game.

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Postby cfc » Mon Nov 05, 2007 1:40 pm

No caption needed, right Chuck?

At least I got to hang out with Falafel Girl and not Ryan. ;)

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Postby COASTER FREAK 11 » Mon Nov 05, 2007 7:49 pm

I'm glad we were the first! Great Photo TR Bob! Im glad our Zorb pics came out so well!

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Postby gisco » Tue Nov 06, 2007 7:59 pm

On our 7th full day in Japan it was off to Parque Espana. Home to my favorite coaster on the trip, Pyreneses. The mine train, Gran Montserrat was really good too. Nice park, not a lot of shade around so it gets a little warm in the sun. Is this what Spain is really like?
JapanII 479 Large Web view.jpg
JapanII 480 Large Web view.jpg
JapanII 481 Large Web view.jpg
Gran Montserrat
DSCN0894 Large Web view.jpg
JapanII 457 Large Web view.jpg
Not very crowded today
JapanII 461 Large Web view.jpg
The log flume was cool. They wiped down the log before you get in so you don't sit in any water
JapanII 463 Large Web view.jpg
Peter Pan knock off
JapanII 464 Large Web view.jpg
POTC knock off. This ride had a pretty cool drop at the end.
JapanII 472 Large Web view.jpg
Silly people!
JapanII 466 Large Web view.jpg
The now famous Escalator Ride. I can hear that music now!
JapanII 469 Large Web view.jpg
I wonder it this will stop the escalator?
JapanII 476 Large Web view.jpg
Parade with funny looking floats
JapanII 474 Large Web view.jpg
I love this sign, WARNING then the rest is in Japanes. No clue what the warning was for.
JapanII 482 Large Web view.jpg
Great views
JapanII 485 Large Web view.jpg
On the way back to the hotel, Ryan and Dan get into a rubber band fight. WHo do you think won? Ryan and his single shot finger?
JapanII 487 Large Web view.jpg
or Dan and his 6 shooter?
JapanII 493 Large Web view.jpg
I wonder if the Japanese really know what half the stuff they ware really says
JapanII 488 Large Web view.jpg
Ok Chuck, you can push this button

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Postby gisco » Mon Nov 12, 2007 10:17 am

In Big Mike tradition this is a shameless plug for another thread.

Food of TPR japan 2007


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