Photo TR: Nrthwnd's "104+ Shots" TPR Japan'07 Tour

The trip comes to an eventual end. :smile:
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Archived Photo Trip Reports of Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, and Donkeys!
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Postby cfc » Thu Oct 04, 2007 10:08 am

Hmm--whoever is taking the picture is probably Bosley. You wouldn't even see Charlie, so you all have to be Angels. Sorry about that.

He's kind of sad and pathetic
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Postby BarryH » Thu Oct 04, 2007 11:17 am

I wonder if the "TPR Angels" carried around a small speaker where Robb gave the assignment.

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Postby Nrthwnd » Thu Oct 04, 2007 1:21 pm


Not bloody likely, mate! :lolr:

And on we go here......

Set E - Winding it up, Just before...

Parks visited:

Hamanako Pal Pal

~ ~ ~

BUT FIRST - a word about our Hotels.

They were all great but out of the three, our third hotel, the Sofitel Cypress in Nagoya deserves special mention. The room was spacious, it had a separated sitting area, the vanity was separated from the tub and toilet room. And complimentary bottles of mineral water, and (loaned) kimonos to wear while we were guests there, AND English daily intermational newspapers shoved under our doors!

Add to that, a nice lovely and workable breakfast buffet we unfortunately didn't get to use every morning we were there. But a couple of times, it was really, really a nice thing to come down to the lobby and enjoy, lol.

This was also the hotel, where my collection of souvenirs started picking up speed, in growth and collective --- ness, heh heh. The first photo shows the Ultimate Start up of.... it. :wink:

~ ~ ~

Lagunasia was a neat and more flat version of Parque Espana, with a lot less attractions, but interesting and certainly out-of-the-ordinary for most of them, lol. The water park was in the middle and everything else of the park surrounded it.

A coaster was now in place of the Indy-Knockoff some of us have read and seen earlier pix of from past TPR reports. They replaced it with the coaster weaving through some of the old scenes of the original ride. odd but it worked, somehow. Also a flume ride that gets you SOAKED inside of it, rather than at the flume drop's end, shudder... The Aqua Wind coaster was great and ghad a coupkle of intense corners and good pops of air in spots. The other coaster was blue - and somewhat blah compared to the others, lol.

Also another shooting ride, something I still am not good at, nor will I ever be, even with Buzz Lightyear's version, lol. And a bizarre little kids indoor ride, all about this Magical Powder. Believe me I would and could never make up something as strange and bizarrely heavily souvenired on, no matter what I smoked, LOL! And most of us experienced this strange, strange little ride. It was a trip - literally!

Hamanko Pal Pal had us arriving there just a couple of hours before the park closed! And, it looked like rain was possibly goign to fall. Haveing already experience one of "those days", we all got out tix and rushed into HPP getting our credit business done (where was that @&%#&# BatFlyer again?) and THEN we also enjoyed some other of the park's flats and indoor rides...

Including a very rather tame flume, although A$$ise Rich would beg to differ I've "heard"; a dark ride that seemed to cross Pinnochio with a Lobster and got - sparkly lights lady/faerie/person! A nice space wheel (alo, Lousie) ride; another shooting ride (ick); and these odd foot massager things you couldn't pay me to put my feet into, LOL.

And a LOT of arcade prize games things ELISSA nearly sold the baby, playing! :kiss:

But The Best Thing EVER There had to be the PARATROOPER ride! It's been video-ed, we've already gone ape over describing it. Every park should have one of these, incuding my crappy old park! Awesome flat. And the ride op too, was awesome, who made sure we got some good "spin" on our seats, heh heh he. :wink:

A nice couple of parks to take in, before we get to....... :smile:

(to be continued...)
On the vanity - at the Sofitel Cypress Hotel, Nagoya - the collection "begins"..... bwa - ha - haaah.
This is what replaced that "Indiana Jones Knock-Off Ride" in Lagunasia - not too bad. I liked it. I also liked the frozen crepe I'm holding there. Yum!
Looking back towards the building holding Pirate Blasters (Indy Knock-Off replacement), and the flume of wetness - and the waterpark in the middle somewhere there... Blue coaster left of bldg. - Aqua Wind right of it.
Hamanako Pal Pal - and the lame flume drop - not really a scary wet ride, although some would disagree? (grin) But it was right beside....
The - Best - Flat Ride - EVER. GRIN... I said two times on Barry's video? I know I rode it at least four times!!!! Yes! Red Dawn Awesome Ride. GRIN.
From the Space Wheel at HPP - looking over at two coasters and arcade building in front of them.
A much nicer view on the Space Wheel. But wha- HEY YOU TWO down there. Stop That. Right now! Sigh. Ah Louise, it was a nice ride... together. Smile.
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Postby Nrthwnd » Sat Oct 06, 2007 12:52 pm

And, drum roll please....

Set F - TOKYO DISNEY SEA ... finally!

I will let you read all the reasons I loved this theme park, as my #3 Choice in my Top Ten List of the TPR Japan'07 Tour shows, LOL... ... 2&start=30

Pretty much covers everything, except of course, there was that lovely bunch of young women me, Peter/Loefet, and Mike/miniviews first encountered at Indy/Crystal Skull... Well I am sure you've heard all about it by now? And if not - well, the photo's here once again, at the end of this set, lol.

And onto the photos!

(To be continued)
It's not a castle! It's an f-ing VOLCANOE!!! Mt. Prometheus in the distance, beyond the entry "port" of Mediterranean harbor, TDS.
No Mickey - it's THIS way! In the lovely little section of Cape Cod, part of the American Waterfront, TDS.
My "angry and not happy that it's closed" look at Raging Spirits. Oh well, there's always another visit to ride it (yay).
Lunch at Yucatan Base Camp Grill. Mike is all "spicy shrimp oooooo" and Peter is "take the *&^%# pic already so I can eat this." Nice, guys.
Dive Suit Pic #1 - Nautilus Gift Shop, Mysterious Island. I loved the 1954 Disney film, so getting up close to one of the dive suits was cool for me to be able to do. Probably a copy divesuit, but I didn't care, LOL!
Mystrerious Island. After exiting 20,000 Leagues ride, you see this. Ain't this purty? Unfortunately, you can't tour this Nautilus, like at DisneyParis. But it still looks great, yes? Gift shop on the right, there.
Dinner in the Casbah Food Court, Arabian Coast. Peter is all "MEEEAATBAAAALL CURRYYY" while I am ecstatic at getting ANOTHER collectible cup with my meal! Ka-ching!
Me and The Big Guy at the entrance to Mermaid Lagoon. Before we (once again) ran into....
My (well, Our) FAN GIRLS!!! This was taken at our first encounter, at Indy/Crystal Skull. Then two more run-intos and then eventually, we left the park, sniff sniff. A lovely group of young women, they were. (o:
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Postby Nrthwnd » Mon Oct 08, 2007 12:33 pm

And now - the other park in the Tokyo Disney Resort...

Set G - Tokyo Disneyland - And then my camera went ---

First of all, I want to make it clear that Tokyo Disneyland is an incredible park to visit, as much as Tokyo Disney Sea is.

The first day we visited, happened to be the start of their Hallowe'en Season, complete with guests being allowed to costume themself as either characters from Disney films, or the Disney park attractions. Which probably explained, sort of, the disco ball guy I saw (silvered from head to foot) at the entrance to the park. Maybe he was the chandelier from "Beauty & The Beast"? :wink:

And - we got to go on the newly overlayed Haunted Mansion, a la' Nightmare Before Christmas... SCARY TEDDY LIVES!!! I was so happy about that, heh heh.

And there was Winnie The Pooh's Hunny Hunt, like Aquatopia at TDS but dry, lol. And really unique as trackless hunny pots took off in threes and persued their quest for the ultimate sweet.

Me and my Amigos (Mike and Peter) started out with the rain storm still coming on strong, left over from the previous night. But we worked the ponchos, and managed to get'em off and then get'em on when needed, quite efficiently. It cleared up by afternoon, and between FastPasses a-plenty (three in two hours!) we did all the Disney classics: Country Bear Vacation Hoedown; Tiki Room - Feel The Fever!; Jungle Cruise (which had a great unique indoor temple at the end with jewels and tigers and snakes, oh my!)...

And an ineresting circuit on the Western Railroad, which by Japanese Gov't law cannot have more than one station, or then it's considered public transit and therefore subject to taxation. So they made it a circuit ride, with Primeval World thrown in at the end. It was great.

ALso, most of this stuff was with Japanese dialogue or ride ops speaking the local language (like the Jungle Cruise op). But it really didn't matter. Like Universal Osaka, you didn't need to understand everything said. It was all done up very visually so you could easily "get it," in any language.

Oh - and the last photo was actually taken the next day at TDL. But my camera battery was slowly wearing down by then, and the final kick to it, was a small container of frozen honey-lemon sherbet (with a collectible "hunny pot", heh heh) put on top of it in my bag. Which I think, speeded up the demise of the battery! So that third day at Disney was pretty much kerplunk for taking pix; I did have a fresh battery back at the hotel, and picked up film at the park (yes they still sold film there, and film-in-throw-away cameras, too!) cheaper than at the hotel!

Enough of this! On to the photos!

(To be continued...)
We wait to get in - while it starts raining - again. Add-on Pic #9, thanks Mike/miniviews. Hmm. Not sure what Peter/Loefet is reacting to here. Open for captions?
After the first deluge (and Mansion, Pooh, Gadget's Coaster, and Cartoon Spin)... WAFFLES! Mickey-style!
The all-important Castle Shot, with park touring buddies - and ponchos, too! (o:
Two of the (many)costumed guests we saw in the park. These two posed with me, after we all had ridden IASM.
At first, I thought we were getting NILE NELLIE to ride on the Jungle Cruise. Not to be, I sadly found out.
Mmmmmmm Triple FastPasses! All to use within a two-hour period! And we did it the day before at TDS, too. Man we were good at this, lol. And behind us, the Mansion with NBC overlay, incl. Jack Skellington's sleigh up there!
An early dinner - flank steak, yum - at the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall. Good eating, indeed. And great prices, too. Ka-ching!
For dessert? Ice cream for all, including my Gi-Normous Mickey Sundae (and another collector container!). And note, a couple of "Incredibles" strolling by there? (o:
Leaving TDL, after getting some 'Gling' beads in a sort-of New Orleans Square-type shop.
The next day. I tried a smoked chicken leg. Liked it better than prev.turkey leg at TDS. Bought the sherbet. And then ----- CAMERA LOCK DOWN! )o: For just the day, thankfully.
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Postby miniviews » Mon Oct 08, 2007 10:35 pm

Hi Bill, It was great touring with you and Peter at DisneySea and Disneyland. I was simply not prepared. Also, thanks to your sweet chatting with the Tower of Terror fastpass gal, I would have been bum to wait in the standby line after I lost my FP ticket 10 ft from the entrance (BTW, I found it when I got home! weird.). And I really love the photo of us with our ponchos!! Although, I am getting a "ringing" of me and the fangals from my girlfriend ...

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Postby Nrthwnd » Mon Oct 08, 2007 11:17 pm

^ It was great touring with you and Peter, Mike!

I hope you didn't think I was directing things around too much.

But with time between fastpasses and all, heh heh. ;) And I had looked at the layout and whereabouts of everything at the park's site. Not to mention being a Disney Park Geek since childhood, heh heh. So I knew a bit about where to get there from wherever, LOL.

And it was even better fun to do it with people who were enjoying it as much as myself/us!

I also think our various meal choices rocked, too. In both parks. No doubt about, I am a carnivore, LOLOL! And Popcorn-Loving Expert, hee hee.

I really enjoyed us going from Westernland, through Adventureland, then back to Fantasyland ... or did we head back to Tomorrowland? Hmmm...

I forget. :oops: But that was so cool about the layout pf the park. Everything was literally side-by-side each other! Which made covering most of TDL's attractions pretty snap! :wink:

I hope the three of us get to tour again, together through a park or three in the not-too-distant future. Maybe the Europe tour? <g>

It was a good time, and at my age - cool!

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Postby RIP Psyclone » Wed Oct 10, 2007 2:27 am

Hey Bill, so you visited Fuji-Q in '72? How about a retro TR? Got photos from that trip? heh

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Postby Nrthwnd » Wed Oct 10, 2007 4:10 pm

^ Yes, part of a two week exchange program, at that time.

Unfortunately, I took (literally) a few hundred pix of the trip, including several at Fuji-Q back then, got back home, then "sat" on the films for several years. Don't know why, thinking back now.

But taking into account the cost (for me, then) of developing and printing a probable count of 30+ film rolls... I think I just couldnt' afford it, at that time. I had bought a half-frame camera in Tokyo, so got twice the number of prints out of a usual roll? That, and the focus was severely hampered, needing better experience at doing it. So I know a good amount of the pix were un-focused, etc. So I held back on getting them printed...

Later, I found them, but time (and basement crud and mildew) had :cry: damaged most, if not all of the films. I immediately got the films turned into negatives and now.... oops, can't find them, darnit.

Same goes for a few park maps, including Fuji, I got and kept from the trip. But they're secluded in a basement trunk, I know.

One of these days, I will find everything, put it all together and "show & tell all" TR, heh heh.

Thanks for asking, and reminding me, LOL!
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Postby Nrthwnd » Wed Oct 10, 2007 5:02 pm

And now - touring Disney on my own.... most of time, lol.

Set H - Tokyo Disney is all about Shows and Souvenirs!

The last day of my four-day pass, I decided to strike out on my own from the hotel, and do all the transit myself, and get there first to Tokyo Disneyland, do some fave attractions (HM, Pooh, Big Thunder) get some wanted souvenirs (the silhouette, mouse ears?), then "casually" head over to Tokyo Disney Sea.

But by the time my silhouette was being done in the World Bazaar, I was more than ready to get over to TDS and continue touring. The guests with children and stollers, and children (and did I mention strollers?) was getting thicker and thicker. Couldn't find the ears either, which I later found out were there, darnit. But that's okay. Another visit, I'll get'em lol. But I had to get out and over to TDS...

And by the time I was in the New York Deli, having a great foot-long sandwich (with a collectible tray/box - who knew?!!) before catching the AWESOME harbor-side spectacular, BraviSEAmo! I thought a sec, and realized I hadn't wanted to go back to TDL at - all, that day. TDS was great, my pace and style of park.

And later I found that a lot of the others were feeling that way, too. Coming over to TDS from TDL was like having a Disney Oasis for (mostly) adults to enjoy. And - we did, heh heh!

And the shows were all a Big Part of that day I spent there. Starting with the wonderful drum-beating floats a-plenty Legends of Mythica, the afternoon daytime spectacular harbor show; then Big Band Beat a great 30 min. Broadway-type show, with full live band, singers, dancers, the works! Awesome show; Mermaid Lagoon Theater housing the Cirque-like "Under The Sea" which was way great, but way too, too short (like under 20 min?) although I reasoned if this was mainly for kids then I guess it was a good timing for them; and finally the nighttime (once again) harbor spectacular BraviSEAmo! which begged the musical question - can fire and water get along?

And they did - spectacularly! :mickey: I loved it. Bought the CD! (and Mythica's soundtrack too, heh heh)

I then skipped the fireworks, and did a lot of stuff a few more times (Aquatopia!), and still made it out the gate ahead of the closing time crowds!

Here's some of this day, with more to follow on Friday...

(To be continued.)
Hmmm. This doesn't look like a great start to going solo today. Nothing like a half glass of ____ doubling as an ashtray, lol.
Must be getting closer. This is briskly walking through Tokyo Station on the way to the right connecting train to...
Oh yes oh YES! I can see a Castle, almost covering a Tower, almost a Mt. Prometheus, definitely a Space Mtn!
Enclosed display on the Tokyo Disney Resort Monorail Line. It looked cool, just "all on display" there, lol.
Sweet young woman doing my silhouette in TDL's World Bazaar - AND SHE KNEW all about TPR!!! Then I hightailed it to.....
Ah yes, here we are - back where I really want to be. TDS Mediterranean Harbor beckons... Grin.
Did what I want, including a great lunch at Miguel's El Dorado Cantina (Lost River Delta), and peeps taking my pic KNEW about TPR!! And NO Collectible! (Quelle surprise.)
Best - Disney Boat Ride - Ever. And you can barely make out the 'ears" I finally settled for, heh heh. And a very nice strawberry Italian Ice - in Arabian Coast! Note the on-shirt stickers? Those, later on...
The entrance to Mermaid Lagoon, mid-afternoon. I like this shot, with the palm trees and all.
Me and Hightower Hotel in back. Oh - pardon... the Tower of T-t-Terror? GRIN. Going to redeem a FastPass...
Just one of the many representations of impending DISASTER, that Hightower collected - and is now displayed in ToT. It was great, the themeing everywhere.
Dive suit shot #2 - This was on display in the waiting area, before your group entered the parlor. I liked it. And Hightower - on the left- still looks like a rich a$$ to me, LOL!
Dive suits shot #3 - and my EXCLUSIVE TPR Shot! This was in a roped-off (and unused) queue area of 20K, I talked ride ops into opening and letting me shoot this display... Ka-ching!
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