Photo TR: Six Flags Over Georgia - 6/14-15/07

My new fav SF park + credit 100 after years of slacking off!
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Photo TR: Six Flags Over Georgia - 6/14-15/07

Postby total13 » Tue Jun 26, 2007 8:10 pm

My "Best Summer Ever" Tour of 2007 next took me to Six Flags Over Georgia. After my last SF experience (KK), surely SFoG would have to be better, right?!? Well, it is - by light years!! After visiting SFGAm, SFStL and SFKK prior, SFoG is by far my favorite - beautiful scenery (for Atlanta & SF), great coasters, decent flats, and friendly and efficient employees.

In fact, it was so good that I extended my stay and hit the park a second day - a first for me!

With absolutely nothing to complain about on to the photos. Which I just now noticed I have to post in two batches coz there are so many...

Again, thanks for reading!

Six Flags Over Georgia - Music Video link:
Acrophobia footage links:
I-24 S - 1.JPG
My five hour drive from Nashville consisted of scenes like this almost the entire time.
Six Flags Over Georgia - 2.JPG
Finally, after fighting through Atlanta traffic (the worst!), I have arrived.
Entrance - 1.JPG
Is this the gateway to nirvana?
Promenade - 1.JPG
The Promenade stage as you walk in that, I assume, they have small performances on.
Georgia Scorcher - 1.JPG
First up: many people's #1 stand-up. Not mine. Chang still owns Georgia Scorcher. It was like Iron Wolf at SFGAm but tighter and less painfull but still head-banging.
Georgia Area Walkway - 1.JPG
Care for a nice shaded stroll on a 90 degree day? They had a couple of these throughout the park. It was a nice touch to escape the sun every now and then.
Shake Rattle & Roll - 1.JPG
Simple curiosity urged me to ride Shake Rattle and Roll - an indoor dark Scrambler/Sizzler with oldies music.
Shake Rattle & Roll - 2.JPG
Too bad the blacklights didn't work on the flourescent ride drapes when the lights went out. Here's an idea though: an indoor Scrambler with blacklights, strobe lights and 3D glasses...
Gotham City - 1.JPG
Gotham City's next. It was probably the best looking version of the area that I've seen yet.
Gothan City Circus - 1.JPG
Hall Of Justice - 1.JPG
The Hall Of Justice area was for people to meet their favorite superheros every hour or so. Kinda cool, if you're in to the whole superhero thing...
Gotham City Crime Wave - 1.JPG
They even had the superhero version of the swings - Gotham City Crime Wave. Makes me wonder: wouldn't that be a better name for a water ride?
Gotham City Crime Wave - 2.JPG
I always wonder why hasn't SFGAm updated theirs yet? It is, after all, next to Batman: The Ride, right?!?
Batman - 1.JPG
Speaking of which...
Batman - 2.JPG
You can see SFoG's Batman from every angle.
Batman - 3.JPG
From under it...
Batman - 4.JPG
From the middle of the parking lot...
Batman - 5.JPG
From the exit ramp...
Batman - 8.JPG
From the back of the parking lot...
Batman - 9.JPG
From the track itself...
Batman - 10.JPG
Great Batman scenery but for a second I thought I was back at SFKK...
Mindbender - 1.JPG
Next up was Mindbender. Was there a superhero or villian named Mindbender? coz I don't remember one...
Mindbender - 2.JPG
Lovin' me some Schwarzkopf loopidy goodness!!
Mindbender - 3.JPG
Great Mindbender scenery that you only see during the walk from the parking lot to the entrance.
Mindbender - 4.JPG
I enjoyed Mindbender so much that I rode it twice in a row!
Mindbender - 5.JPG
Proof that a good old coaster can stand the test of time!
Mindbender - 6.JPG
Even sitting on the brakes is scenic at SFoG.
Rabun Gap Train - 2.JPG
Heading out of Gotham City, the train passes overhead and Goliath looms in the distance (actually, it looms in the distance from every area of the park). We'll get to that later...
French Area - 1.JPG
The GP encountered through the French Area - not too bad of a crowd for a Thursday/Friday.
Thunder River - 1.JPG
Thunder River was one of the more beautifully landcaped rapids rides I've seen despite the boring entrance.
Thunder River - 2.JPG
Thunder River - 3.JPG
Of course, they had water cannons that you could douse the riders with on the platform where this pic was taken.
Thunder River - 4.JPG
Ain't it purty?
Deja Vu - 1.JPG
Could I be so lucky as to get my second Deja Vu credit in as many tries?
Deja Vu - 2.JPG
Aww, hell yeah!!
Deja Vu - 4.JPG
Proof that people are actually allowed to ride Deja Vu's every now and then.
Deja Vu - 5.JPG
Symmetrical Deja Vu pic? Check.
Deja Vu - 14.JPG
While some are subjected to lawn ornament status...
Deja Vu - 13.JPG
...SFoG's actually ran the entire day as far as I could see.
Deja Vu - 9.JPG
And I could see from pretty far away...
Deja Vu - 10.JPG
And my hand-eye coordination is starting to come back to me...
Deja Vu - 15.JPG
Here's a lil game: replace "closer" with a word of your choice. Had I known this pic would come out so cool (and, no, I didn't actually plan this shot), I would've rolled down the darn window. D'oh!?!
Miner's Cookhouse - 1.JPG
On the way to the painful rides (Ninja and Scream Machine) you pass through the very nicely themed Lickskillet Area. Couldn't they have come up with a better name? Way to give us people in the South a lasting sterotype SF!! Hey! There's me doing my best David Blaine impersonation in the window reflection.
Lickskillet Stage - 1.JPG
They hold a Comedy Gun Fight Show here. Again, don't forget: you are in the South and everyone here has guns and they're funny.
Wheelie - 2.JPG
I will always love Enterprises! Must be coz I rode Witch's Wheel at CP when I was really young...
Wheelie - 3.JPG
Wheelie from across the pond where they hold picnics and catered outings that were in progress but I wasn't invited to...
Ninja - 1.JPG
Ninja is one bad mutha _____!
Ninja - 2.JPG
Ninja - 3.JPG
Ninja's (hopefully-used-to-be-not-as-painful) twisted goodness through the trees.
Ninja - 6.JPG
The slowest lift hill in history is a precursor to the most painful ride in history - much rougher than the one at SFStL (but that was five years ago...)
Great American Scream Machine - 1.JPG
Signature shot of an equally painful coaster?
Great American Scream Machine - 2.JPG
Although the lift hill was faster than Ninja's. I guess it has something going for it...
Great American Scream Machine - 3.JPG
I wish I could've ridden GASM when it was in its prime. It's actually a great coaster that hasn't aged well!
Great American Scream Machine - 4.JPG
This is right before you SLAM into the brakes. And I mean SLAM!!!!
Metropolis Park - 1.JPG
After being beat up two coasters in a row, Superman: Ultimate Flight never sounded so good. My guess is it's this way. See, I'm getting better with directions...
Superman - 1.JPG
SFoG's Superman was 10x better than SFGAm's - much better use of land to give a more visually-intense ride. Wow, this is the longest I've EVER gone without a smoke - must be a great park.
Metropolis Park Smoking Section - 1.JPG
And here's SFoG's smoking section from S:UF. Thanks for giving us like a 10 foot area. This'll hold, what, like eight people?!?
Superman - 2.JPG
S:UF from the smoking section. Admit it: NOW you feel like you were there...
Rabun Gap Train - 3.JPG
On the way back into the center of the park, the train passed again.
Riverside Carousel - 1.JPG
I couldn't believe that they had the old Riverview (Chicago) Carousel. How cool is that?!? If you don't know the history behind Riverview Park, you have homework - but wait til after the TR is done, please.
River - 1.JPG
On the stroll, this little river popped out of nowhere...
River - 2.JPG
...and ran underneath you.
Walkway - 1.JPG
This really is the most beautiful SF park I've been to!
Water Wheel - 1.JPG
They really knew what to spend their money on to give the guests a nice experience.
Splashwater Falls - 1.JPG
And what NOT to spend their money on...
Splashwater Falls - 2.JPG
This is the only eye-sore-of-sorts (say THAT fast).
Splashwater Falls - 3.JPG
And it doesn't even get the bridge-goers wet!
Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster - 1.JPG
But that's OK coz this not-so-little kiddie coaster was a blast (pardon the pun)!
Spanish Area - 1.JPG
After Canyon Blaster, there was adorable Spanish area with a bull behind that door trying to break out and maul us all!
Spanish Area - 2.JPG
There were some Kid-Tums-friendly rides in this section too.
Spanish Area - 3.JPG
And a cool fountain with a certain someone daring Robb to step up.
Dahlonega Mine Train - 1.JPG
Next up: Dahlonega Mine Train - which is not very photogenic. Are ANY Arrow mines photogenic for that matter?
Dahlonega Mine Train - 2.JPG
Although it had three (yes, three) lifts, the surprise ending was a big highlight. I'll give you a clue: it involves the barn and the track that disappears into the ground... I don't think I've ever screamed on a mine until now!
Acrophobia - 1.JPG
With all these great coasters under my belt, it was now time to test my acrophobia and nerves with... um... Acrophobia!
Acrophobia - 6.JPG
At about here, I was sweating profusely...
Acrophobia - 4.JPG
At about here, I was calling for my mommy...
Acrophobia - 3.JPG
At about here, I was repeating "there's no place like home"...
Acrophobia - 5.JPG
At about here, I was really wishing I was back on the ground...
Acrophobia - 7.JPG
And this guy was NOT making it any easier!! Seriously!! He's the BEST addition to a ride experience ever!! Check out my videos at the top of the TR to hear this guy in all of his taunting glory!!

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Postby Billy » Tue Jun 26, 2007 8:46 pm

great pics and comments!...makes me want to go check the park out soon. Every park needs a ride op like that dude, great stuff. Think its worth a trip from Long Island? Thanks!

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Postby total13 » Tue Jun 26, 2007 9:15 pm

Part two:
Acrophobia - 2.JPG
By the time I reached here, Mr. Deathly Afraid Of Heights (that's me) just had the most fun on a drop ride EVER and rode it AGAIN!!
Rabun Gap Train - 4.JPG
On the way to Georgia Cyclone, the train passed again. Where doesn't this train go?
Georgia Cyclone - 1.JPG
FYI: The Georgia Cyclone is modeled after the Coney Island Cyclone (happy birthday btw), with one slight modification to my knowledge.
Georgia Cyclone - 2.JPG
I was anxious to get my first Cyclone credit!
Georgia Cyclone - 3.JPG
It looked all twisty-turny and full of air!
Georgia Cyclone - 4.JPG
And even looked fun through the trees!
Georgia Cyclone - 6.JPG
Intense doesn't even begin to describe how great Georgia Cyclone was!
Georgia Cyclone - 9.JPG
This is the sleeper hit of the park! The drops, air and forces were so unexpected and viciously good. I felt like I was just in a UFC match and won when I got off. It was THAT good!
Georgia Cyclone - 10.JPG
As great as it was, this sign worried me a little. What kind of tests did they run to determine we have exactly three minutes to get the hell out of dodge and who's gonna man the extinguisher?!?
Georgia Cyclone - 5.JPG
After all, I think you may need a little more than two household fire extinguishers to contain the Georgia Cyclone - that's a lot of wood!
Goliath - 19.JPG
After, surprisingly, the best ride in the park, it was time to head to my 100th credit... As I said before, you can see it looming from every area of the park...
Goliath - 10.JPG
Like the parking lot...
Goliath - 14.JPG
Like Gotham City...
Goliath - 8.JPG
Like the Spanish Area... Hi Bugs!
Goliath - 7.JPG
Like the Sky Buckets...
Goliath - 16.JPG
Like Georgia Cyclone's exit ramp...
Goliath - 12.JPG
Like the Tram Station...
Goliath - 1.JPG
Hooray!! I'm finally here!!
Goliath - 2.JPG
100th credit here I come!!
Goliath - 3.JPG
Goliath's ever-so-comfy train starting up the lift.
Goliath - 4.JPG
Goliath's ever-so-smooth lift through a tree and orange pillar.
Goliath - 6.JPG
Are you proud of yourself? I can't turn around without seeing you!
Goliath - 15.JPG
Well, Goliath actually does have a lot to be proud of!
Goliath - 17.JPG
With air-filled hills like the first one.
Goliath - 20.JPG
And a diving transition like this.
Goliath - 26.JPG
And a pop of air heading into...
Goliath - 27.JPG
...the helix of death that is so much fun!
Goliath - 28.JPG
Then you catch even more air on this hill.
Goliath - 29.JPG
Who can complain with an over-banked turn as beautiful as this?
Goliath - 30.JPG
More air?!? Are you kidding me?!?
Goliath - 31.JPG
OK!! I get your point!! You are The Ultimate Air Machine!! And I am SO glad that I saved you for credit #100!!!
Goliath - 11.JPG
So glad, in fact, that another ride was inevitable - this time, in the back seat.
Goliath - 13.JPG
Front = extreme floater air. Back = extreme ejector air. Goliath = Perfect!!
Rabun Gap Train - 1.JPG
With that ever-looming 100th credit and a new Top 10 entry firmly under my belt, a celebratory train ride was in order. After all, I saw it go past enough times...
Rabun Gap Train - 5.JPG
This is for all the "I've always wanted to see a non-running train in a shed while the running train passes through it" people. Do you people even exist?!?
Promenade - 2.JPG
As you walk out, you can't help but see my 100th credit. Hopefully you will have as memorable a milestone credit as me!!
Goliath - 5.JPG
On the way back to the car I was able to get a double-lift hill shot. Could this day be any better?
Fountain - 1.JPG
Goodbye SFoG and Goliath and cute-yet-pointless fountain. You are easily my new favorite Six Flags park!! Thanks for making it all the way through this TR!!

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Postby bulldogmom » Tue Jun 26, 2007 9:25 pm

Great pics! Looks like you really had a fun day. I was at this park once, in 1993- it was the end of October and it was like 30 degrees (seriously). So I didn't get a real good experience to form an opinion about it. I liked what I saw- I LOVE the GA Cyclone. I actually liked Ninja, but not GASM. None of the other stuff was there then.
I like the Spanish theming. Even the chicken in the fountain is a nice touch!
Goliath looks awesome.
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Postby EagleFan344 » Tue Jun 26, 2007 10:45 pm

Sweet TR! SFOG is definitely a park I should visit soon.

How would you compare Goliath to Raging Bull? I think Goliath looks a hell of a lot better but im not that big of a Raging Bull fan...mediocre after the first drop. Also, how were operations at the park? Max capacity on most coasters? And why did they paint Scorcher like a Batman themed ride...

Last thing - that Deja Vu mirror pic is amazing!

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Postby MrMorgan » Wed Jun 27, 2007 1:48 am

Thanks for the great Photo TR. This is the second report for SFOG I've seen in the last few weeks and it's making me really curious to visit this park someday. I never realised how perty it is!

Also, I agree that people seem to ignore the Cyclone. It wasn't even mentioned in the other Photo TR I read, and, since it's the Cyclone clone that's most similar to the original, (now that the one in Texas is gone), you would think it must be awesome. According to your report, I guess it is!

Ya, and if Ninja is anything like it's relative Gouderix at Parc Asterix, I can imagine how terrible it is. It's too bad, because they're both really nice to look at, but I've never gotten so badly headbanged as on Gouderix.

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Postby MrMorgan » Wed Jun 27, 2007 1:49 am

Oh, and I accept your invitation to the "fill in the blank" game. Here:
Objects in the mirror are less reliable than they appear.

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Postby kraxleRIDAH » Wed Jun 27, 2007 2:36 am

I have never been that excited while a trip report.

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Postby easytoremember » Wed Jun 27, 2007 9:08 am

MrMorgan wrote:Objects in the mirror are less reliable than they appear.

LOL!!! :lmao:

Great TR total13. I am glad you like my home park so much. By the way, did you ever get on Monster Plantation?

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Postby HHIslandGirl » Wed Jun 27, 2007 9:44 am

What a great trip report! I am so glad you posted this! My friends and I are planning a trip there for later this summer (August/September) and none of us has ever been. It sure looks nice! I grew up at Cedar Point, so all parks have a LOT to live up to for me.
Did you have a pass, or did you purchase tickets there? Just curious-I heard about a VIP card you can get at Georgia Welcome Centers that gets you in for $30 instead of the $45-$50 it normally is, but I haven't heard of anyone actually getting and using one.
Most excellent report!


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