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Postby snuggles » Fri Apr 06, 2007 5:27 pm

What if colossus was fully retracked, got new PTC 6 seater trains, magnetic brakes, midcourse brake removed, actually raced.. paint... Now that would be about 5000000000X better than it is now. :lolr:

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Postby coasterjunkie91350 » Fri Apr 06, 2007 5:30 pm

snuggles wrote:What if colossus was fully retracked, got new PTC 6 seater trains, magnetic brakes, midcourse brake removed, actually raced.. paint... Now that would be about 5000000000X better than it is now. :lolr:
i like that idea but it really does not look like it will happen mostly a face lift is all its gonna get from what i was told by a old sup of mine.or take it down and redo the whole layout with gci

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Postby coastercrazed49 » Fri Apr 06, 2007 5:57 pm

What would it be like to redo it but have Intamin build it. Don't think that, that will ever happen, but that would be awesome.

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Postby arrowfanman » Sun Apr 08, 2007 12:54 am

You are surfing TPR. You are most likely bored. You are curious about the happenings at SFMM. You are about to read another SFMM-Update. You are getting more action than me. You are here.

4/8/07 SFMM Update!
By me!

Hey everyone! Welcome to yet another SFMM Update! I hope you all enjoyed, are enjoying, or are looking forward to enjoying your spring break, if you have one! If you don’t, you have my most sincere condolences! Anyway, the off-season crowds are finally beginning to swell as the park is bracing itself for another summer-season. Despite falling painfully short of its 2006, 3 million guest-attendance goal, the park supposedly had a great year in terms of guest-spending. As it charges into the heat of the summer, it will be very interesting to see which direction the park takes. While I cant pretend to know that ultimate direction, I can tell you about what’s going on right now! So if I haven’t already bored you to death, you’re welcome to join me for another SFMM Update!

Déjàvu All Over Again!

This view wasn’t necessarily available at the beginning of the year. ::D

Well, unless you have been living under a rock these past few months (no offense to those who actually do live under rocks), you most likely know that Psyclone, Magic Mountain’s sad-story of a wooden roller, was demolished earlier this year. Ever since, Déjàvu has remained closed, supposedly undergoing a refurbishment while crews knocked down, cleared, and built a wall in front of where Psyclone once stood. Well earlier this week, the ride finally reopened and with a new queue entrance! The area around the ride looks really nice, with some fresh landscaping, a brand new wall, and no Psyclone!


As you can see, the new queue cuts back beneath the boomerang, rather than across the wash.

Why they moved the entrance, I just don’t know. Perhaps with Psyclone gone, they wanted to treat that area as more of a “plaza” for Dejavu, rather than merely a GIANT exit-path. Either way, I like it!

A “waiting in the new queue POV” shot!
Here, you can better see how the new-entrance cuts back into the pre-existing queue.

Landscaping looks really nice back here. May I suggest more benches and perhaps an ODV cart, for the guests who aren’t riding?

…I sure hope Magic reads this….when they’re home….and they’re bored.

Are those freakin FLOWERS?! I’m amazed! (Ignore the bottle)

The “new” Déjàvu exit, with more really nice plants.

Sorry! I just cant get over that sight!

WTF?! I find this sign really weird. What exactly is it saying?

So there you have it! Some pictures from the new “Déjàvu Plaza” area. Like I said, it would be nicer with some amenities back there, but that’s just me. As for what’s going on with Psyclone’s parking spot? Honestly, I havn’t heard anything other than enthusiast speculation. It came down as quickly as it did, most likely, to check it off before summer, but I don’t know of anything actually planned for its spot yet. But now that you can get up close with it gone, let me tell you—that is a LARGE plot of land. So I doubt we’ll see a “Wiggle’s World” pop up over night. But I am interested to see what will.

Year of a Million Refurbishments (Part Two)

Well, as has been covered all year long, 2007 would appear to be the year that the park is finally investing to clean some things up! Paint has gone up everywhere, including Ninja! Truth be told, the refurbishments are finally beginning to slow down as the park prepares for summer. As one supervisor explained to me, it’s sort of being handled in two phases—spring and fall, allowing the park to supposedly focus most clearly on operations for the summer. But after summer, the park is expected to swing back into this act of refurbishing just as many things, including a paint job for Superman. I’m actually impressed.

Why did Jahan take a picture of the ground? Other than that he has no shame anymore. ::?

Of all the projects the park has going on this spring, the most interesting to me, believe it or not, has been the midway refurbishment. This is probably because it’s a big change in attitude, for the better—that will most likely go unnoticed.

Have you guys ever been to Magic Mountain on a hot, hot day in summer, and noticed that the ground was soft or “squishy” beneath your feet? It also isn’t uncommon to notice “bubbles” forming in the midway. Seriously. This is because for the past several years, SFMM has been using a rubber-based compound to seal up the midways. And sure enough what happens?—the summer comes, the rubber expands, and cools quickly in the evening. Repeat over an entire summer and the midway ends up getting several cracks! Water gets in the cracks, damages the asphalt beneath the sealant, and Magic ends up having to refurbish the midway AGAIN, each year! But they kept on putting up with this particular rubber-based compound for their own reasons (most likely because it’s cheaper).

Well finally this year, they changed that. This year when the annual midway refurbishment came, they switched to an epoxy-based sealing compound, rather than the rubber-based. This new midway is supposed to have less temperature/cracking problems and is therefore supposed to mean less midway refurbishments as well as a less-squishy ground. It is also more expensive. It would appear that Magic has finally made more of an effort into investing for the future, rather than saving a quick buck in the present—at least as far as midways are concerned ::lol:: …but one can only hope that it’s as a result of a change in attitude in how they do things.

Anyway, onto some actual pictures of actual things you might actually be more interested in!

Sticking with the ground for just a bit longer, the parking lot is “finished”.

They even more clearly designated and better organized the handicapped parking section of the parkinglot.

Log Jammer has finally reopened, and we can all thank God that it isn’t pink! (I guess what we were seeing was just a primer or something.) The whole station-area looks really nice.

Continuing with the water-rides, Jet Stream now has a new station tarp. Not a different one, but a new one.

This photo was SO unnecessary!

Sorry I don’t have a better picture (as you can tell, it was sort of a last minute realization ::lol:: ) but as reported, it would appear that Colossus’s handrails are getting a repaint. Thank GOD!

Hmmm….something’s not quite right here!

No, no. I’m not here to show you pictures of Flashback’s removal. But in an ironic twist, it would appear that they repainted all of the buildings over by Flashback!


A picture from earlier this year, so you can really tell!

Why they would do this, I don’t know! I cant complain—it looks nice! But I figured they would take down these buildings when they took down Flashback! *sigh* Maybe it’s going to be the permanent Season Pass Processing Center?

A close-up, because redundancy is my specialty. ::D

So like I said, I find this all real baffling!

As for Flashback’s removal—I’m hearing to not count on that until that “Fall phase”. Unlike Psyclone, which was PULLED over ( :lmao: ), Flashback takes more time. But it still is on the cutting block. Should be removed after summer—but early enough for them to possibly focus some attention on that new Hurricane Harbor slide that has been thrown around for a while now. :wink: ::D

I look forward to it.

Park N00bs

Despite no announced new “attractions” yet for either 2007 or 2008, Magic Mountain has some new, welcomed additions to the park! For one, 1/4th the way into 2007, the park has finally ditched the ’06 park maps!



I can’t believe I actually took this photo! ::lol::

I like the way these new maps are organized, definitely! But what did I enjoy seeing most?!


That’s right! A SFMM map without Psyclone! :lmao:

And in case you’re wondering…

No Flashback either! ::D

But before I get ahead of myself, if you guys noticed, there are some other new things in those pictures! For one, in that first picture you may have noticed the “Wii Experience” advertised by Déjàvu. Well, we were a little confused when we ran into a “Wii Experience” near Dive Devil instead, but whatever. ::?

Ooooh. This looks interesting!

The Wii Experience is basically an in-park promotion with Nintendo for the Wii console. They have dedicated a portion of one of their stores to just giving guests a chance to sample the Wii and play it for themselves. And it was sort of cool. Sort of.

They set up some really nice TVs and about 7 Wiis, each with different games.

It was actually very popular with the guests…

It was also popular with me, who was able to kick some more ass at Wario Ware! ::lol::

I guess the only reason I said “sort of” cool, was I was expecting a bit more from it. It was a small, hut-shaped room, built within some entirely random store. I was honestly expecting it to be at least its own building, if it was going to be advertised on the map like that. The TVs were set up so closely, you couldn’t really play the Wii as effectively as you would want from fear of hitting someone! The room was absolutely cramped and didn’t really even seem to have a dedicated attendant, helping the guests. And I would have figured there would have been some of the Nintendo merchandise you find at the front of the park—hell, maybe even some of the games they were demoing. But I guess not.

Moving right along, there may have been one other thing you noticed in that first map picture. (HINT: It’s by Dive Devil :wink: )


Now THAT was exciting! This has officially become my favorite “attraction” at Magic! :D

It’s actually not necessarily right by Dive Devil either, as the map depicts. But a few hundred feet down the midway, where the old Buongusto building was.

A really great location for it, too!

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to that! Cold Stone is expensive already, so in a theme park—I don’t even wanna know! But you can find me there anyway!

Moving right along—this isn’t necessarily news to people…


That’s right! As most of you know, Carousel Grill will be changing into a Johnny Rockets. Now what they will be doing? Will they knock down the building and actually create a Johnny Rockets restaurant, or will they just throw a neon “Johnny Rockets” sign above it, I don’t know!

Don’t really think it looks like a Johnny Rockets, so I hope they start from scratch on this one!

BTW….this is TOTALLY irrelevant, but did you know there used to be a “teacups” ride behind carousel grill?! Me neither!!

WTF?! I thought I knew this park! I. Know. Nothing!

Lol…anyway. Moving right along…

The Stuff That Didn’t Fit In the Other Parts of the Update, So Are Going To Go Here at the End

Wow…that was really one of those titles that just says it all! ::lol:: Onwards to the random happenings around the park! Lets start with the new entrance decorations.

You are confused by this promotion. You are understanding its basis. You are wondering how it promotes the parks. You are now suffering from a headache. You are not amused.

Flash Passes are now $25!!! Robb knows IM cheaper than that!

After nearly a year of not working, they finally swapped out the electric fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo at Tatsu with the old fashioned key fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo.

There are some “vine” like plants at the Great Wall of Tatsu. In my experience, these plants should actually grow up and cover the wall. Smart thinking!

Do you think she knows it’s there?! And if so, what statement is she exactly trying to convey about Nivana?! Argh I’m not good at this symbolic speech thing!

Work is very slowly progressing on that new development across from the park. My guess is they were changing plans, not knowing what would become of the park.

The only work steadily progressing, is that on pushing the Old Road a few yards further up Magic Mountain parkway. They are already re-pouring the wash. For those who know what the hell I’m talking about.


I got a…a… “sticky, dicky”?!

Power 106 was there this Friday and with it was a crowd that, well…wasn’t exactly in line with the parks intended “family friendly” crowd. It’s a real catch-22! On one hand, they’re still catering to the unintended crowd. On the other hand, they’re making a crap-load of money with a promotion like this—money that can be used to better aim towards families.

It’s a hard call…

But ultimately, being more “family friendly” starts here! *sigh*

Finally, I’ll leave you with some new fixtures that have sprung up throughout the park. One near Log Jammer, another in Gotham City, and another near Dive Devil. Does anybody know what they’re for? More ODV carts, maybe?

Very, very curious. *strokes chin*

Well folks, that should do it for today’s update! Sorry I got rushed at the end…Mike made me hurry up!

Thank you so much for reading! Hope you enjoyed it!


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Postby Homer » Sun Apr 08, 2007 6:57 am

Nice update Jahan, did you play Super Paper Mario at the Wii Experience or not?

//really wants Super Paper Mario and a Wii now.
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Postby Eric_Smith » Sun Apr 08, 2007 8:14 am

Awesome update as usual. What was with the bottles in the drinking fountian?

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Postby ECZenith » Sun Apr 08, 2007 8:27 am

^ I would guess it has SOMETHING to do with SFMM's infamously ignorant customers. I can't even blame the staff here, as that much poopoo can accumulate in a matter of minutes.

Wish I had known about that Wii spot last week, could got my fix! Hehe, thanks for another great update.
-Sean C.

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Postby Airtime&Gravity » Sun Apr 08, 2007 8:33 am

Nice update Jahan, and if SF can keep this up, they should have no problem with bringing families into the park.(except for their high prices and trash in water fountains) The area by Deja vu looks really strange without Psyclone, and hopefully Flashback will soon follow, but I wonder how many visitors will be confused with Flashback being in the park but not on the map.

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Postby alexinla » Sun Apr 08, 2007 2:28 pm

Thanks for the update! I love your little detail pictures! Great Job!

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Postby themeparkfreak » Sun Apr 08, 2007 3:39 pm

Great update arrowfanman! I agree with you, Deja Vu looks much nicer now than it did awhile ago. No Psyclone is also a pleasing sight! So far, it looks like the new management is at least doing a bit better than the old guys. Hopefully, they keep it up and turn Six Flags back into a respectable chain.