Photo TR: Credit WHoring LA County

Scandia, Castle Park, Adventure City, Knott's, Pacific Park
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Photo TR: Credit WHoring LA County

Postby JimmyBo » Sun Sep 10, 2006 11:43 am

So my buddy just moved to the LA county and I'd figure I'd show him the sites and sounds that is wonderful smuggy Los Angeles County.

First off, we started at Scandia Amusement Park in Ontario. When we arrived, no one was there except maintenance guys that were putting the Halloween maze together. We walked around the park, tempted to operate our own rides. Then, these nice ride ops showed up and followed us around lettin gus any ride we wanted. In order to ride the Screamer we had to have 4 people to ride it so we convinced 2 ride ops to ride it with us so we could get our credit.

Next was Castle Park, even though the website said two days earlier that it would be open, it was closed. After having a chat with the people that own Castle Park, no joke, and trying to pay them off to turn on a ride for us...they kicked us out. No credits from this park today.

Then there was Adventure City, where we convinced the ticket lady we were ACE members (even though I was wearing a TPR shirt) to let us in the park. Adventure City is geared toward kids so you had to have a kid to enter...but since we were members of ACE we got a discount and got to go in.

Final Park of the day was Knott's...Knott's is Knott's so I'll let the pictures explain themselves for that park. Oh, and Xcelerator was broken and we walked on every ride and got to marathon Sivler Bullet for 8 straight rides.

The next morning I hit up Pacific Park cuz I was close to it.

Ok, enough blah blah blah so here's the pics and enjoy...
What's that out in the middle of no where? A coaster?
Whore #1 and Whore #2 ready to get their credits on
Scandia, where our ride ops ride the rides WITH you
Ok, so where is everyone?
I think the wait is too long, I'm gunna skip this ride
YAY! Credit Number 1 of the day...and we nearly broke it. It started going backwards on the lift hill.....ooops
Scrambler!! And I'm the only one on it!!! Party!!!
Doug decided to ride a dragon...while I pointed and laughed
It's like Dumbo and Disneyland...but not
Yay, waiting in the station of the Screamer for other ride ops to get in and ride it with us
Lift hill enthusiasts...get the lotion
So we decided to ride again and then we noticed this big, gaping hole in the track...oh god
Please nuts and bolts stay together!!
First drop!!! This was a very impressive coaster for where it is...
And look at the can't get that on any other coaster in Ontario
Yay, I'm on the tallest coaster in Ontario next to the I-15 freeway! Beat that!
After the Screamer it was Pirate Ship time...Doug smelled so I sat as far away from him as possible
Merry-Go-Round time, and we even got a ride op to ride it with us
That's Desirea spraying the slide with silicon and Nicole telling Doug that he's gunna lose...Let's just say that we FLEW down the slides and hit the bricks at the end. AWESOME!
Thanks to Desirea, Nicole (not pictured), and Vicky for having to put up with us for the short but great time we were there.
Next, was Castle Park in Riverside. From here it looks like it's open
Again, upon walking in no one is in the park and all we see are guys fixing rides...those are called maintanence people
So after talking with the owners and trying to pay them off to turn on a ride they kick us out, 2 missed credits and here's one, Merlin's Revenge
Castle Park, where we disappoint all the credit whores when we're closed
Bye Castle Park, update your website so that your open where your website says you are
So we had some time to kill and Doug's never been to In-N-Out
So I introduce him to a heart attack in a little brown cardboard box
To quote Ricky Bobby, "If you don't like Big Red, then f**k you"

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Postby JimmyBo » Sun Sep 10, 2006 12:10 pm

Not done yet thanks!!

Caution, more whoring ahead
Next was Adventure City, where we were members of ACE
Hey look at the two idiots pointing at something...what are they pointing at?
Tree Top Racers...imported from Australia. Aussie @$$holes, you got this credit?
Lift hill enthusiasts...still got the lotion?
It was a very impressive ride for being in a kids park, it's like a wild mouse but minus the pain
Helix of death around a bush
They even had midget goats there to groom and stroke...Sorry, no stroking a midget goat today from me
Yeah, another credit!
Freeway Coaster, goes up and down and side to side and over trees and over rocks = fun
Sweet, I'm sad and pathetic and sitting in the back...I Rule!
Oh my god, the coaster ate all the kids on the ride! Oh the humanity
You like my double barrel shotguns?
FBI's most wanted
So after Adventure City, we took a pit stop at TGI Fridays for some food and drinks
Jim loves the giant ______ (insert word here)
Now it's time for Knott''s Berry Farm...America's First Theme Park
After a couple drinks at TGI Fridays we enter Knott's and this is our vision
Here's what Knott's as to offer for an inverted coaster...Silver Bullet
Yummy Silver Bullet
It's marathon time, thanks to the wonderful ride op Sarah for taking the pic and kicking other people out of our line so we can get our ride on
First drop goodness...WEEEEEEEE
This is Silver Bullet's loop...oh yeah, and Doug's in the picture too
Some people say Silver Bullet is forceless...go through this helix 8 times in a row and then come and talk to me about forceless
All I wants bang bang bang
True credit whoring fashion...Timberline Twister
Keep hand down or they will get chopped off, or covered in sap, your choice

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Postby JimmyBo » Sun Sep 10, 2006 12:31 pm

Still not done yet but thanks for waiting!

Caution: whoring taking place
This is Montezooma's Revenge, another term we So Cal peeps use for the runs after you drink TJ water
Coaster geeks, here we's the shuttle pusher thingy
Here's the train leaving the station real fast
Here's the train going through the loop real fast
Here's the train going through the station real fast
Here's the train going up the back spike...still really fast
This is a drop tower...people poop themselves on it so they only had one side open today but it was still a walk-on
I don't think we are high enough...Supreme Scream is still a good rush but not as good as those first generation Intamin Freefalls
Yes, the infamous ghetto "Sit Down!" log flume ride at Knott's...the best ever
Boomerang, We make your ears bleed
Lift hill's another
Yeah, we love pain and vertical loops and the sun
Screamin Swing, where the haunted shack once was. And because I'm cool I got to ride it for free
I was thirsty so it was time for a little drink from a little fountain
So here it is, Xcelerator broken and sick...they are ordering parts from Germany to fix it...YeeHa
Sagging cable, broken fins and the whole launch dohickee thing was a mess
So this is where Xcelerator chills on the beach with an umberalla and puts back a few
I think Xcelerator is has a droopy cable...poor guy, get him some chicken noodle soup
So sad, another missed credit for the day and probably the second best coaster of the credit whoring trip (the best is yet to come)
I think the boat ride is closed...just a huntch
Yeah, I think the cut trees on the track is a big hint that the ride is closed, plus no water in the lake
For all those fangirls out know you want some
I think Doug has had enough whoring for one killed him

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Postby JimmyBo » Sun Sep 10, 2006 12:38 pm

So here are the fine ladies we met at Knott's and got some "other" credits
Doug goes for his special move
While I prove to everyone that I'm not shallow
The typical lay between the ladies shot
Since Xcelerator was closed I'll get my other credit thank you very much
This time its the lay between the ladies with the leg on one shot
I'll just get me some pearls off the necklace...I was hungry
Got a little Captain in you?

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Postby JimmyBo » Sun Sep 10, 2006 12:52 pm

Thanks for waiting to reply are awesome!

After the ladies, it's on to more whoring
Ghostrider, used to be my number 1 wooden coaster. Still a good ride and still in my top 10
This is Ghostrider at night...can't you tell?
YAY, i love Ghostrider at night cuz it's so crazy
Ooooo, freaky colors and squeaky coaster
And I leave you with this final picture from Knott's...Silver Bullet
So what's the best way to end a day of credit whoring? Grub and Grog
We whored all day so we had to celebrate
I may have taken it a little too far
So the next morning I realized I was close to Santa Monica Pier, and why not get that credit while I'm here
Booo! I'm a seagull and if you feed me, I poop on your car
After lots of water and Sprite, I finally stumble to Pacific Park
For those of you in the MidWest...this is a beach...i live 2 miles from one! Don't be hatin
So here's the Santa Monica West Coaster, the best coaster on the credit whoring trip...why you ask?
Cuz it has a helix of death it takes at 10mph
The pier also had a freefall drop ride thingy...I wasn't going to be going on that today
It also had a pirate ship...but I was here for the coaster, not the other rides
My friend Jackie was in the neighborhood so she decided to meet up with me and ride the coaster one last time

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Postby JimmyBo » Sun Sep 10, 2006 12:53 pm

The final picture that is for all those desktops that are naked and bare...please cover them.
You can post replys now...thanks....

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Postby Masked_Maverick » Sun Sep 10, 2006 1:12 pm

Woo-Hoo for credit whoring. Great pics of you credit prostitutes and the rides that loved ya.
"I'm not questioning your powers of observation I'm merely remarking upon the paradox of asking a masked man who he is."-V

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Postby vjgx » Sun Sep 10, 2006 1:49 pm

Just a question...

Is it just me or does Ghostrider beat the living HECK out of you?!! I really didn't like it too much last time I rode it... :cry:

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Postby JimmyBo » Sun Sep 10, 2006 2:07 pm

Ghostrider wasn't too bad this time around. I have been on rides where I could only ride it once cuz it felt like I broke a rib. This time we sat in the very front and the middle and the middle is the best place to be. The back, even though the drops are crazy back there, just beats you around like a little rag doll...Here's a hint, dont put your hands in the air...just hold on for shear shakiness

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Postby Gnome » Sun Sep 10, 2006 3:17 pm

The first drop is the only part of it thats just a little wee too much. With the retracking, you actually feel air time on the hills, although the job they did was still some of the crappiest I've ever seen.


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