Photo TR: Silver Dollar City, Celebration City, Magic Springs

and more Arkansas Jokes
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Photo TR: Silver Dollar City, Celebration City, Magic Springs

Postby coaster1 » Sun Jul 30, 2006 11:26 am

So yeah .. this is a TAD delayed.

Xander (xanderlee) and I went to Branson area over the July 15th weekend for SDC and Celebration City. So after leaving DFW around 3am, after much trouble getting out and stopping to check out the "new" casino in Oklahoma, we made it into Branson and SDC around 11am .. damn traffic!

The park was PACKED, we ended up parking in G Lot, which is almost prolly close to 1 mile from the park entrance and the parking is on grass. Once inside, the park wasn't that bad. We started off with lunch at Reunion Hall for the Pizza/Pasta Buffet ... which was sub-par .. strange for SDC. After filling up somewhat .. we hit Grandfather's Mansion .. which is a crazy tilt-house that I never knew existed until my third trip last year. After that .. we headed to PowderKeg to encounter a 15min line or so .. not bad for a park that was super packed. After PowderKegging, of course we hit Fire In The Hole .. still awesome. Wildfire had a 10min line .. and is STILL one of the best B&M's out there. The park was super crowded, at this time we hit ThuNderAtion and the Flooded Mine ... greatness.

We hit the new Grand Exposition area, which was alot like Dollywood's new section, except alot better themed. We hit the Mega Disk-O, which is greatness and perched on the edge of the ravine, which adds to the experience.

It was a bit humid and we hit the Saloon Show .. which is always awesome and better than alot of Disney shows I've seen. This now we were getting a bit tired, mainly from being up all day as I had been up since 6am on Friday morning .. it was now Saturday around 4pm. We headed out and hit Celebration City. This was Xander's first trip, so we did the Accelerator first (S&S Double Shot) and made our way around from there. Chaos is gone and the area looks a bit funny. Ozark Wildcat was running a bit slow and kinda rough, but still is an excellent ride no less. Other than that, we took it easy. We checked into our hotel, then headed out for dinner at Outback.

After dinner, we checked out the Titanic Museum, this thing has been under construction for like 4 years and was finally open. This is a pretty cool museum, I prolly won't do it again, just due to the cost ($20/person), but it is very neat. The block of ice at the entrance from an ice berge in the North Atlantic and the replica of the bridge and the grand staircase. This was very cool, but again .. a bit lacking for the price.

After a good night's sleep .. and sleeping a TAD late .. we headed back to SDC. Hit lunch again first thing, this time at Molly Mill's for the kick-ass food. Very very good stuff, I love that place. Today was more about all the rides we could ride including the water rides which we have never done. We hit PowderKeg first, no line .. awesome. After that we did another run on Fire In the Hole and the headed over to American Plunge the log flume. Great flume but not as good as the next ride. Lost River of the Ozarks was next, the rapids ride. Normally I get lucky, except not this time .. I was the unlucky victim ... damn.

Hit Grand Exposition again to score our credit on the new Kiddie Zamperla Coaster, ouch! You DO get 5 laps on this, but it seems something is wrong with it as it hurts and the track bends ALOT which was a tad strange. Got another lap on the Mega Disk-O .. I love these things. Did some shopping and left and headed for Celebration City. Had a longer night here, and I snapped the Larson Flyers, which scared me since I wasn't expecting it. Checked out the closing show, which was improved from last year with lots of fire and more fireworks (filmed it). Went back to sleep .. and we didn't .. mainly stayed up playing the Sims2 (Xander) or screwing around on the internet, etc.

This way to goodness
Well that's a good sign ... guess it's a cat or something else
Airtime .. yes
Fire In Ze Hole
Setting the story
So .. where's this so called "Family Coaster"!? ... oh yeah ... they removed it.
Electro Spin .. the Mega Disk-O
yeah .. it's frickin huge
Elephant March, a Zamperla Elephant March no less
Grand Exposition Coaster .. ouch
Happy Frogs .. Zamperla Turtle Parade
Lady Bugs, Zamperla Clown Around
Magnificent Wave Carousel, Zamperla Wave Swinger
Mighty Galleon, Zamperla Galleon
Racing Regatta, Zamperla Regatta
Royal Tea Party, Zamperla Tea Cups
Hmm .. thanking Zamperla much?
Wings of Wonder .. Zamperla something
Waterboggan .. awesome wetness
TNT .. XTREME ThuNderaTion ! *sigh*
Arkansians in Branson ...

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Postby coaster1 » Sun Jul 30, 2006 11:36 am

More photos:
Celebration City turnstyles
Main Street USA much?
Accelerator .. S&S Double Shot
The Carousel
Circus Tree Garden
Circus Tree Garden
Ahh .. Christain Veggies Attack !
Old Branson USA entrance
The Electric Star Ferris Wheel
Fireball goodness
Flyers !
Jack Rabbit .. the insane Miler, of course
Orbiter .. formally for Bonfante Gardens ... insane as well
Ozark Wildcat ... GCII goodness
Shoot 'd Chutes ... nice little flume
It's NOT a loop .. like some people say
Bye Bye ... *sad*

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Postby coaster1 » Sun Jul 30, 2006 11:55 am

Ok, so the next day .. Monday .. we drove through Hillbilly USA or Arkansas to Magic Springs, mainly for the new X-Car Coaster ... X Coaster.

We got to the park to a small crowd and after waiting like 25mins to buy a ticket, we were in and headed right for X Coaster. All in all .. nothing spectacular, it's a cool ride, not bad but not amazing.

I think that's about all I can say about the park. Arkansas Twister was running very good and the park needs more indoor A/C eateries and lemme tell ya .. alot better training. We witnessed SFMM like operations, with staff sitting down, goofing off while rides were in motion, improper dispatching, etc. Also the guy working the register where we ate, didn't know you had to slide the mag strip on a credit card down .. swipped both mine and Xander's upside down about 6 times before asking for help .. I mean seriously.

Well that's what you get with Arkansas people .. truth be told .. education lacks :)

After Magic Springs, we headed to the Observation Tower and Bathhouse Row. Cool tower, due to a wildfire, most photos turned out hazy .. dammit .. oh and angry Jesus says .. well .. you'll see.

the awesome Arkansas Twister
Big Bad John, with the broken car making the wierd sound and all
The semi-cool waterpark
Dr. Dean's Rocket Machine .. with something new behind it
the aweomse Wood Design .. Magic Swings
The new Shoot-the-Chutes .. check out that splash!
X Coaster .. yeah THAT'S original
Up this ...
Then twisty ....
Then more twisty ... and that's about it
X Coaster
What Xander thinks ...
ms-xcoasternerd001 (Custom).jpg
Ok, this is the operator .. he IS acknowledging the dispatch of the ride, while sitting on the railing, after telling people in line not to do it ... this is gonna be an AWESOME day of employees !
Sitting down while they run 2 cars on the track ...
Sitting down .. with the ride running .. yuuup
Food employees .. ACE in town !?
Again .. ride running .. sitting down not paying attention
doot doot doot ..
Filters all the way over to Arkansas Twister even
Arkansas Twister from the Hot Springs Tower
Gauntlet .. or SH*T: The Ride
From the tower thingie
looks like a heart ...
Our GAP table at SDC ...
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Postby knottslover77 » Sun Jul 30, 2006 12:08 pm

Great trip report, does the X-car coaster hurt?

I Love Brent <3, GhostRider is my #1 Coaster
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Postby coasterdave » Sun Jul 30, 2006 1:25 pm

Exciting pics of people just sitting down.

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Postby dandaman » Sun Jul 30, 2006 1:52 pm

Some of the clearest, most beautiful pics I've seen here in recent memory. :)

Had to laugh at the kids on the wild mouse at Magic Springs. "Ha-ha! We're all gonna die! Yay!" :lol:

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Postby coasterdude5 » Sun Jul 30, 2006 5:54 pm

Great TR! I only saw one sitting op at Magic Springs the other day, must've been a "good" day.

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Postby SharkTums » Sun Jul 30, 2006 7:41 pm

Awesome TR Jeremy!!!

I loved all the SFMM employees in disguise! At some point I really need to get all these credits.

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Postby thrillrideseeker » Sun Jul 30, 2006 7:58 pm

Great tr!

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Postby coaster1 » Mon Jul 31, 2006 7:13 am

Hopefully another TR after this week's little jaunt to Kentucky .. oOooOoOoo


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