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Re: Carowinds Discussion Thread

Postby prozach626 » Sun Jan 26, 2020 1:23 pm

2 1/2 days at Carowinds seems about 1 1/2 days too many, even if walking with a cane. Your rides will be nearly, and sometimes literally, walk-on with Fastlane Plus. Hilton Head, SC is a pretty short drive from Carowinds. I'd choose (I did) to spend the extra 1 1/2 days there.

As far as Manhattan goes; we walked more in our two days in NYC than we did our whole ten day trip last summer. If you're concerned about mobility issues you should probably have your uber/lift app on lock. But, it's going to take a while to travel that way considering NYC traffic.

We made it a personal point to book out cabin far away from Pigeon Forge when we were in that area. It didn't seem like anything other than a massive ugly tourist trap to us. We went to downtown Gaitlinburg a couple times for dinner. It's 'less' of a tourist trap.

We didn't enjoy Dollywood much, since we couldn't relax with a couple beers in the evenings. As a result, when we went back to close the park out for the last few hours we pregamed with too much moonshine. I still remember the quote from a super nice cheerful middle aged woman checking our Wild Eagle restraints. "Ya'll been havin fun. I can smell it." Fun indeed.

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Re: Carowinds Discussion Thread

Postby tndank » Thu Jan 30, 2020 3:52 pm

Looks like they eliminated FL+ here for the 2020 season. Just one FL option now.

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Re: Carowinds Discussion Thread

Postby coasterbill » Fri Jan 31, 2020 7:12 am

That makes sense. I'm sure nobody actually bought regular Fastlane anyway.

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Re: Carowinds Discussion Thread

Postby hoppedup » Fri Jan 31, 2020 9:38 am

I hope Coaster Campout comes back this year. I'm pretty sure they announced it in January with all the other events last year. It was a lot of fun.
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Re: Carowinds Discussion Thread

Postby bert425 » Sun Feb 23, 2020 2:47 pm

ok. . . booked!

we are going to be at Carowinds mid June.

we're going to be staying onsite, as with the Marriott Bonvoy perks I get, + the discount for booking with a pass? the room was only ~$135 / night, so not bad at all. And it has the added benefit of being literally across the parking lot from the park, so the Spouse can either go back to the room - or hang on the patio which faces the park, if he gets worn out and needs to rest. We also get the benefit of free onsite parking, so won't have to worry about parking in the lot, as we'll be walking to the park from the hotel.

I'm waiting for feedback from the park on a question I sent them before purchasing actual admission, but as it stands now, likely I'll be purchasing a Silver Season Pass (good thru Labor Day), and we'll get Nick a 2day admission thru Club TPR benefits :)

That way when we arrive on Weekend, we can check into hotel and I can go to park for a few hours to process my pass (while he rests from the full travel day). The next day we'll head to NASCAR Museum and then out to the racetrack. . . hitting anything else interesting while were out and about in Charlotte area. . and then when we get back in the evening he'll likely nap and I'll head to the park for a few evening rides via my pass, since it's open till 10pm.

then we have a full day in the park with both of us - as it's a weekday, hoping won't need Fastlane, but willing to buy it if it looks even slightly crowded, so he wont' have to wait for me much.

final day, we'll head back to the park from 10am until ~2pm. . and then it's time to head to the airport to return the rental car for our flight back home.

so just a fairly quick trip, but we're cramming a lot in.

the reason I'm looking at getting him 2 day admission is because he WON'T want to go all 4 days (which I'll want to do), and this way he can choose what day he wants to go with me besides the full day. But again, might just make more sense to buy him a pass too.

but yay. . I get to go back to Carowinds, and fingers crossed, get some good rides on Copperhead Strike, and many rides on Fury 325.

if anyone is gonna be around and wants to meet up in Early/Mid June. . reach out. Could always use a riding buddy, since Nick will ride *very* few of the coasters with me. (likely he's only game for Caroline Goldrusher, Hurler, the Wild Mouse, and Woodstock).

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Re: Carowinds Discussion Thread

Postby pproteinc » Fri Mar 13, 2020 9:39 am

Park opening postponed to April 3rd.

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Re: Carowinds Discussion Thread

Postby SharkTums » Thu Mar 19, 2020 9:45 am

Tomorrow was supposed to be Carowinds Season Pass Member Preview Day. Obviously that's been cancelled, but you can still virtually ride Fury 325 (and all of their other coasters!) on our YouTube channel! I'll be sharing videos for the next few weeks based on what should have been park opening days, season pass days, etc.

Who was planning to go?

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Re: Carowinds Discussion Thread

Postby HellboyBegins7492 » Mon Apr 06, 2020 2:01 pm

I wonder if carowinds will add a dry water ride like this? I know that many of you think that dry water rides are really not needed in theme parks anymore but I have to disagree. I still think their are many people out their that still would love to go on dry water rides. Like why are we seeing Mystic River Falls being built at Silver Dollar City even though it won’t be opening anytime soon due to the virus. But many people still like these rides especially in southern states where it gets extremely hot. I personally think the coaster/water ride hybrid is a good idea and they should start cloning in other parks in the USA. We are seeing dry water rides excel in other international parks overseas not so much in the USA.

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Re: Carowinds Discussion Thread

Postby DBru » Mon Apr 06, 2020 2:56 pm

Dear God, please no.

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Re: Carowinds Discussion Thread

Postby WolfBobs » Mon Apr 06, 2020 6:10 pm

Welcome to insanity, welcome to the longest off-season ever.

I'll typically say lets enjoy this season before speculating about the future additions to the park. But I think that carries more weight than ever now. Lets worry about 2020 happening before we start speculating on rides that probably won't happen ever. Or if they do, probably not till 2023 at the earliest as companies try to recover from a possible lost season.


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