TR- bert has a Spooktacular time with TPR in Japan!

last handful of Souveniers (that I took pics of)
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Re: TR- bert has a Spooktacular time with TPR in Japan!

Postby bert425 » Sat Dec 28, 2019 6:48 pm

SharkTums wrote:Great report! A couple of notes...

- This day we transferred WITH our luggage as we wanted to make sure we had it all same day to check in to the hotel early enough.

- Minion themed rooms would give me nightmares and I will never book them!

^ ah. . you're right! We put the luggage over there in the corner of the lobby once we got there and were told rooms weren't ready yet.

that's why it was there. . I'll go edit to correct that!

and agreed 100% on the Minions room. . I have flashbacks just from the inside of the elevators. .

(and yes, that *totally* makes sense on the Shinkansen. . I really thought the other trains went a little bit faster, but if on lines that don't stop as often, that absolutely makes sense why they are faster)

Why do I still have a donkey title???
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Re: TR- bert has a Spooktacular time with TPR in Japan!

Postby bert425 » Wed Jan 01, 2020 3:48 pm

So at 4pm, we headed down to meet up in the lobby.

the group I was going to be headed to USJ with this late afternoon was: Allison, Zach, Alex, Jon, myself, David, and Tabitha - who's a big Harry Potter fan.

We weren't sure if the Counter in the hotel sold the evening Tickets, but upon checking (and with a bit of English->Japanese pantomime), the lady behind the counter told us they did.

once I had gotten the 1st one, it was pretty easy for everyone else just to come to the counter and say "same please"

I don't recall if any discount was offered beyond the cheaper "twilight" ticket, but it was worth it to take care of this purchase here in the quiet of our hotel lobby, instead of at the front gate ticket booths.
would it be a Universal Ticket Counter in an official USJ Hotel without Minions on the counter?

not sure if these were in "Halloween" costumes, or just standard Minion whackyness. . but this was caveman.
and this guy was Canadian I guess? :P

cute Beaver hat.
tickets in hand, we exited the Hotel and walked just down the street to the main entrance.

Here's Hollywood Dream making the turnaround after the 1st drop, as we headed down the street.

you can kinda see the Tinkling white lights all over the Silver train.
as we got down the hill, just under the turnaround, the next car came, and it was Backdrop - the reverse version of Hollywood Dream (where the trains are backwards).

the Backdrop train is red, and has twinkling red lights on it.

i believe they were running two Hollywood Dream trains, and 1 Backdrop train while we were there.
Just inside the front gates, Lucy was hanging around in her Halloween Costume.

very Egyptian.
so of course, got a pic with her.
I really had no idea who this guy was - but upon asking around, it's apparently Snowball from the Secret Life of Pets movies.

I hadn't seen them, so not sure if this is a popular character or not - tho I didn't see him anywhere else in the park other than near the entrance. (and there was no Secret Life of Pets merch or rides that I saw). . .

while he wasn't mobbed, there were folks around him tho.

but since a USJ costumed character? I stopped to snap a quick pic as walking by.
my first view up the Main Street of any Universal park.

I was kind of surprised that you can clearly see the bridge outside the park, when looking directly down mainstreet - but I guess the USJ park in specific dont' care too much about maintaining sightlines, as zero attempt was being made to "hide" the outside the park bridge. (tho to be fair, it's a pretty cool architectural bridge).

the Canopy over main street was pretty cool, and I loved not only the look it created, but also how it would serve as a shelter if the weather turned nasty. Closer to directly above me in this pic, Hollywood Dream's track also goes across the top of the Canopy, which is a pretty neat part of the ride.

It was pretty busy, tho not super crowded - although the crowds would certainly arrive as it got later and Halloween Horror Nights things started to happen.

my favorite thing about this pic? that 4D theater on the left, showing Sesame Street?

at 6pm, when HHN start in earnest, it becomes an attraction called "Blood Legend" - a Horror Level 3 attraction which recommends "Event may be too intense for young children and is not recommended for children under the age of 13 - Event contains content of an extreme nature! Preschool-age children cannot participate"

in the freaking Sesame Street 4D theater!


(advance Spoiler, we didn't do any HHN stuff on this 1st night, since we had Express Passes for them all the next night. . so instead we just focused on rides. But when I post full day at USJ, I'll note the HHN haunts, and what I thought of them, even if I don't have a lot of pics from them).
Hello Kitty Balloons!

HK is rather big in Japan, and was pretty popular here at USJ. I have a Goth, Male, friend who's a huge Hello Kitty fan, so I tried to take a pic for him whenever I saw HK stuff while on the trip.

USJ was a bit of a treasure trove.
as noted, Tabitha is a huge Harry Potter fan, and since I'd never been to a Universal Park (and I think a few others had never been to the Harry Potter attractions), we took a right from the main walkway and headed towards the Wizarding World of Harry Potter section as our 1st stop.

Taking a right off of the main walkway, brought us out from under the Canopy and right past the Hollywood Dream/Backdrop entrance. And happened to catch the train, which was returning from the turnaround near the front of the park.
a whole Hello Kitty store?

yep, one of several in the park!
heading further up Hollywood Boulevard, we would cut under Hollywood Dream's track when we take the right towards Wizarding World. In this pic, you can see the back half of Hollywood Dreams track, including the double stack helix it does before returning to the station.

I hate (tho it's funny) capturing this woman's yawn in my pic - and posting it. . .but when I try to crop her out, I lose the Helix on the coaster, which i why I snapped the pic in the first place! And blotting her head out just looked . . "rude"

sorry lady. . but it's not like she'll ever see this picture.
The signs were starting to come out in preparation for the HHN "scare zones". . . or "zombie street zones" as they are called on the park map. They warn that "zombies roam the park from 6pm to close every night" (exceptions being the two Safety areas (Minion Park, Universal Wonderland (Kiddie area), & Wizarding World of Harry Potter).

i found the signs to be really adorably designed, and snapped pics of a few of them during our visit.

this is "Monster Zone". . which later had a batcreature, and a wolfcreature running around in the street.
Passing by the entrance to Universal Wonderland (Kiddie area) as we continued towards Wizarding World, this really cute Hello Kitty pumpkin statue was on display.
the Park encourages guests to dress up for Halloween (although there is a fairly large list of "rules" - such as no high-heels or wedge heels, please refrain from extreme reactions such as running away or other dangerous actions, and please refrain from startling other guests, crew members or zombies). . . LOL

there were quite a few folks out in costume (many of which I had no idea what they were dressed as). . but for the most part, everyone in costume that I asked to take a picture of were happy to stop and pose for me, and show off their outfits.

this was on the winding trail headed into Wizarding World.
so was this
and after what seemed like a really long walk back to the Wizarding World section, we were finally here, at the entrance gates.
of course, I had seen pictures. . here on TPR and other places. . . but damn, I was BLOWN AWAY at the detail and how incredible this area looked!

The overcast sky, really added to the feeling of "cold"
tho Allison didn't seem too cold as we walked into the area. . LOL - I tease her because she's awesome
Hogwart's Express.

I didn't get any decent pictures of the Conductors, but I loved that there's a full size train here, and you *could* pose with the Conductor (all Caucasian guys. . so I guess keeping the "English" idea of the Harry Potter IP.

I didn't get a pic with the Conductor, as there was quite a line, and this was just inside the entrance to the land. .so I wanted to see the rest, and get a ride (finally) on Forbidden Journey, something I had heard was a ride that revolutionized the industry.
Yes, it was more crowded in this section than it had been walking over to this section.

but the crowds didn't take me out of the immersive experience
SO well done.
these two ladies had made their costumes out of newspapers.

incredible job.

(and no, I have no idea how I managed to find a relatively empty area to get a decent pic of them!).
the windows at Honeydukes. . . with lots of things moving, and twirling, and doing stuff.

hard to tell in a static picture tho.
a pouring tea fountain in another window at Honeydukes.
ah. . but THIS? THIS is the first stop, from the street cart - the famous Butterbeer.

i followed the advice of others with me, and got the frozen version (slightly more expensive), but it was very good.
Stepping around the corner, my first view of the Castle.

once again, really, really impressive in person.
while standing here sipping our Butterbeers, snapped some pics of Flight of the Hippogriff.

this was not on our agenda tonight, as 1) It had a huge line & 2) we knew we had an earlyish Express Pass for it the next day.

so we weren't too concerned with riding it as we knew we'd likely get on it tomorrow.

It looked like just basically a Rollerskater.. but one with a well themed train.
Alex and I doing the "required" :

"Castle behind us" selfie.
tho I absolutely adore this picture more.

Something about Alex's devious eyes here. .they just say: "SHENANIGANS are coming!!!"

finishing off our Butterbeer before getting in line for Forbidden Journey, there are lots of photo opportunities around the front of the ride.
the gargoyles at the top of the entrance gates to the attraction.

For how many people were in this area, the star attraction line was continually moving. This ride is a people eater, and tho the line seemed rather long (even with long sections of queue not being utlizied), I think we only waited ~25 minutes for our ride).
and the time flew, as the queue offers tons of photo opportunites
from the main queue, a picture down one of the long hallways - that is apparently part of the "Castle Walk" option -- if you just wanted to view the parts of the themed queue without actually riding the attraction.
the main queue funnels thru the basement catacombs, past many doors (some of which make noises, but weren't' very interactive beyond that that I noted).

around the corner from this, is where I believe the free cubbies are, to lock up your stuff (since I see folks with backpacks).
last pic, before I locked up my camera/phone in the free cubby.

Tho we DID see folks taking pictures along the rest of the line (with no castmember asking them not to), so I made a note that when I ride it again to keep my phone in my pocket so I could take pictures in the rest of the castle queue.

the ride was astounding. .. I've never been on anything like it, and I loved it - even tho I'm not a big Harry Potter fan (I haven't seen all of the films even).

we spent the next 10 minutes or so raving about how the heck the ride DOES those things? Loved it, tho we didn't get back in line, as it was already starting to get dark, and there was lots more in the park we wanted to get done tonight.
the area was starting to get really crowded for the Castle Projection show.

we decided that most of us didn't want to stay for that, and instead would rather go do something else if this show was drawing so many people to this area. I believe David and Tabitha stayed in Wizarding World to watch the show tho.

But damn if the castle doesn't look amazing at night, especially with all the natural clouds behind it tonight.

not sure if due to incoming typhoon or not, but wow did it look great.
headed back thru Hogsmeade to go back to the USJ park proper
but not before someone noticed that from the patio dining at Three Broomsticks, one can get an amazing view of Hogwarts.

so we popped in for a moment to snap pics before continuing on.

love the way Hogwarts reflects off the lake here in this pic.

here's where the rest of us headed!

no longer in existence in the USA parks, but still in operation in Japan.

some of us going our best "Jaws" face
the queue wasn't full, but it was pretty crowded - tho again, moving fairly quickly.

there was a portion of the highly themed queue, where an air-vent was blowing out of control (didn't they know the Typhoon wasn't due until the NEXT day??). . but of course, some of us being children, we had to stop to "get blown by Jaws"
Not our boat skipper, but a cast member who was lining us up to get into the next boat.

every employee at USJ was SO nice, and so much fun. And his English was pretty good too - he was excited to try out in conversation with us.

here's Zach and I posing with him.
and here's our skipper, who would go on to pilot us thru Amity and save us from JAWS, with the use of his trusty (solid wood block) shotgun, and some awesome over-acting.

even with some parts of the animatronics not working correctly (the shark never showed up in the shed, for example), it was still a wonderful ride, and we had such a great time on JAWS.
After JAWS, we made out way around the lagoon for the area that had been the 2nd most (or 1st most for some) attraction (after Harry Potter). .the B&M flyer coaster that USJ has here in the Jurassic Park area - Flying Dinosaur.

that's the track for it over the entrance to this area.
Also in this area is the Jurassic Park raft ride (that I also was looking forward to).

in this pic, you can again see what I mean about USJ seeming to not care much about Sight Lines.

we're in the Jurassic Park area - in a photo op spot! - and clear view of the bridge, and a ferris wheel that's across the bay, and outside of park boundaries.

it does take you outside the experience a bit once you notice it. . but other than that, this area is really well themed.
the exit of the drop from the Jurassic Park ride.
um.. that's a big splash.

tho nobody seemed to be getting soaked, so we were game to ride it.
but first, what we had come to this section for.

yes, the train for Flying Dinosaur is really on the track for these pictures.

Despite how many pics I took of it? it was simply moving too fast for me to get the coaster train clearly. . so it's a blur in every picture!

I'd get some clearer pics tomorrow.. but since some of these came out so neat anyways, gonna post a handful of em).
this corkscrew dive right here, was probably my favorite part of the coaster. . but the whole thing is just amazing.

easily jumped into my top 5 coaster list!
some more of Flying Dinosaur's twisting track, overhead in the Jurassic Park area.

love how the moon peeking out behind the clouds makes this looks so eerie.

I know we rode this, tho I don't have any pics tonight - I don't recall them being super strict about no pictures. . but I must have had my phone zipped up in preparation for the ride and never pulled it out in the queue.

It's a lightly themed queue. . lots of cages and dangers signs, but I like that the "Grouper" is at the bottom of the stairs, where they give you the safety spiel in small groups and have you pat your pockets to prove they are empty (as well as give rubber bands to anyone with loose shoes, to ensure they are rubber banded to your feet). It made for a much quicker flow once you get up to the main station.

I honestly cannot recall if we did single rider line, or if waited in the queue (I'm thinking we did single rider line here and all got in trains relatively quickly). .but I just can't recall.

I do recall that we loved it, and as a result it's what we made a bee-line for the next morning as soon as the park opened to get some rides on it before queues built.
by the time we got off Flying Dinosaur, the zombies had all come out in the park.

in the Jurassic Park section? these were "Mummy Zombies"
and they were super well done. . tho they moved - a lot- so it was hard to get a clear picture, since they were doing a lot of "lunging" and "charging" at guests.

who were all shrieking gleefully, and running away
when they weren't standing around waiting for the zombie to lunge at them. :)
these ladies I kind of recognized. . the nurses from Resident Evil, right?

and I loved the pose they gave me when I asked to take the pic. .
after making our way thru the Mummy zombies, it was time for this:
this queue wasn't too busy, think we only waited maybe 10 minutes before we were loading in a boat?

but there were Minions in the line with us. This is a wonderfully simple costume idea, that is so effective. I was surprised I only saw a few folks dressed like this.

what did I think of the ride?

It reminded me of the old Universe of Energy Dinosaurs, so I enjoyed it. . and tho I was aware that the final drop happens after the T-Rex charges at you? I was NOT expecting the drop to be almost vertical - since it is hidden in the building and you can only observe the end result from outside.
see?? I'm holding on for dear life! LOL

the other TPR folks? yeah, they are hands up excited. I'm terrified.

at least Allison is holding on too.
Looking across the lagoon from Jurassic Park area.

good view of Hollywood Dream coaster, the canopy over the Main street, and some of the hotels at Universal Citywalk.

the spotlights are at the main entrance to the park.
another pic across the lagoon, this time with a better shot of our hotel in the picture - on the right.
before leaving the Jurassic Park area, attempting again to get some pics of Flying Dinosaur. .this time looking straight up into that dive that's my favorite part of the ride.
blurry. .but wheeeeeeeeee
what's this. . . "Cutie" Zombies?

ok..I'm curious
awwww . . . adorable!!!
these ladies weren't roaming tho. . . they were posing for pictures behind a table, and guarded by a policeman zombie.
I had this PERFECT pic of her, and then she started to lunge at me.

but I *love* the effect it made on her face, so sharing this pic.

I think it's a great one.
it's getting later, but the crowds aren't really thinning out all that much.

The clouds are really starting to roll in tho.

I believe that little crowd of folks up ahead on the right, are lined up for the Biohazard: the extREme haunt (a Resident Evil haunt). . or maybe it was Area 51 haunt.
this guy tho. . . .

I mean. . it's ear of corn man. with bloody eyeballs on the corn.

Is he a park employee advertising corn on the cob for sale somewhere? A park guest who dressed up as ear of corn man for HHN?

i may never know. . but he creeped me the hell out.
people patiently sitting, and waiting for the Zombie de Dance party.

I caught the show the next night, and it was a lot of fun.
Circus Zone. .. . . clown zombies?

yep, obese clown zombies. . I got pics of them the next night, but tonight just got the sign.
we were headed towards the our one other wish list ride for the night (since it was getting late enough that we didn't think we had time to do more than 1 ride before park closed):

Space Fantasy - which they were running in "black hole" mode, for Halloween Horror Nights.

That meant that the spinning coaster would be running in the complete dark.

so unfortunately, we didn't get to experience the heavy theming that Space Fantasy is famous for. . but lemme tell you, in *complete* darkness, you really cannot tell where you are facing, or if you are spinning or not.

it's incredibly disorienting - especially when you suddenly go into the strobe light room towards the end of the ride, and you're suddenly blinded.

I loved it, but was glad I hadn't eaten anything since lunch. . . .
the main queue still had a lot of the theming - tho the pre-show film seemed to have nothing at all to do with the ride (something about a scientist that hates monsters, so he tries to kill them).

there were also a few weird "areas" the queue went thru that made no sense - and it turned out these are photo-ops where the cast members take pics of you with greenscreen behind to sell the pics (we saw this the next day when we rode. .so have to assume it was late enough in the night that the photo booth had shut down, so the line just funnels thru these areas with no cast members once it gets close to park close).

I think we waited maybe 25 minutes in total for this ride.
Moving platform loading station, and tho it was running in complete darkness, they were loading all 4 seats in each car (I understand that for some of the overlays they do, they only use the forward facing seats and the cars don't spin. . which really impacts capacity).

but for Black Hole, they use all 4 seats.
by the time we exited Space Fantasy, the park was starting to get ready for closing (so I guess it was ~9:45).

So we headed towards the gates.

all in all, we had gotten a lap of the park, to get our bearings for tomorrow, and we had ridden both of the Must Ride things I had wanted to get on (Flying Dinosaur, Forbidden Journey) as well as a few others (JAWS, Jurassic Park, Space Fantasy), so I was really glad that I had gone tonight. . . because anything I ride tomorrow would just be gravy.

if the park closed early due to the Typhoon, I had managed to hit everything other than Backdrop / Hollywood Dream, so I'd be sure to get those tomorrow.

i had had a great day of travel, food, and some time at USJ.

and tho it's slightly blurry, even managed to get a pic of the Universal Globe.
a little closer.. still not a perfect pic, but got all of "Universal" in it this time.
wow. .the CityWalk looks fantastic at night.
Pretty much everyone leaving the park, funnels thru Citywalk - as it's directly across the bridge from the USJ gates, and it's connected to the train station. So everyone taking the train, goes thru it.

we had munchies, and everyone was pretty much awake, so we headed into Citywalk to check out food options (I was thinking the Takoyaki food court, but someone suggested Gyoza - and Elissa and Robb had sung the praises of 551 Horai, an inexpensive take out place in Citywalk.

so we went there, and tho there was a decent line - as noted, everyone in the park funnels thru Citywalk, and therefore right past this place, that's next to the McDonalds on the main level - we got in the line planning to each buy something then to go back to our hotel and have a shared feast.

We ended up getting Gyoza, Shumai, and Pork Buns, and bringing them back to Zach/Alex's room, where they popped open some Sake (and a beer or two from the vending machine in the hall) and we feasted.

it was so much food, we ended up only eating about 1/2 of it. . with me storing the leftovers in my room's fridge for Typhoon day.
Here's a pic of what we got at 551 Horai (between the 5 of us, we got a LOT of food to share)

from left to right: Gyoza, steamed Pork buns, & Shrimp Shumai.

I think the star was the Shumai that were simply fantastic.

but the steamed pork buns were outstanding! The meat was juicy and tasty with a wonderful zing, and you can taste the strong garlic flavor in every bite.

that the other two were so good, made the gyoza just seem "ok". .tho they were much better than most of the food I've had at restaurants in the USA - what's in this box is what was left from 3 orders. . so yeah, we ate a lot of the Gyoza too.

it ended a wonderful day, with some fantastic company. . . This is why I love going on an adventure with TPR. . the other folks along are so enjoyable to hang out with!

after we pigged out for a while, it was getting close to midnight, and as the park opened the next day at 8:30 am, it was time to turn in, as we had to get up before that if we wanted to eat breakfast and be at the gates at open.

the Hotel put up signs at this point saying the park WOULD be closed on Saturday 10/12 due to the approaching Typhoon (we saw them when we came in with our food from Citywalk).

Elissa had messaged everyone a little earlier that the park was still planning to open on Friday as usual (tho no guarantee the would be staying open the whole day). . so we were planning on being at the gates for entry when they opened in the morning.
I made my way back to the room, and put the leftovers in the fridge, and hopped in the shower, brushed my teeth, and was ready to climb into bed.

when I remembered that I hadn't taken pics of the room yet (which was a larger than the rooms we had been in at the 1st hotel in Shinagawa).

here are the two beds.
here is looking at the windows at the front of the room (that coffee table usually sits in front, but we pushed it to the side of the room to avoid any tripping over it during the night).

that orange sofa? that's another full size bed, that slides out, so this room really could sleep a lot of people if it had to. I like that it's a "hidden" bed that functions as a sofa during the daytime.
from the main room, looking past the humidifier to the room's main door.
the separate toilet area.
and the shower/sink area
the "shower" was one of the wonderful Japanese style "shower rooms". . where there is a tub, but the whole room functions as a shower, so you stand in the middle and use the shower head - unless you wanted to take a bath.

this was an amazing room, that was nicely laid out.

my last thought before crashing tonight? if the Typhoon keeps us trapped inside on Saturday? I could think of worse surroundings to be stuck in, and with worse people!

and with that? was out like a light, and ready for a full day visit (with Express Passes) at Universal Studios Japan. . .

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Re: TR- bert has a Spooktacular time with TPR in Japan!

Postby SharkTums » Wed Jan 01, 2020 9:31 pm

Great report. I am so sad and craving those 551 buns and gyoza now!!!!!

I still think Flying Dinosaur was some sort of mistake by Universal and B&M! There has not been a B&M that intense in quite a while and to show up randomly at a Japanese park with a culture known for more tame rides!?!?!

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Re: TR- bert has a Spooktacular time with TPR in Japan!

Postby Canobie Coaster » Wed Jan 01, 2020 11:27 pm

Great report! Forbidden Journey really is one of the best dark rides in the world. I had to learn all about how that ride system worked after I rode it the first time.
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Re: TR- bert has a Spooktacular time with TPR in Japan!

Postby jedimaster1227 » Thu Jan 02, 2020 7:51 am

SharkTums wrote:I still think Flying Dinosaur was some sort of mistake by Universal and B&M! There has not been a B&M that intense in quite a while and to show up randomly at a Japanese park with a culture known for more tame rides!?!?!

It was such an unexpected, amazing experience! I really wish parks had the appetite for coasters this intense...
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Re: TR- bert has a Spooktacular time with TPR in Japan!

Postby PKI Jizzman » Thu Jan 02, 2020 10:58 am

I love these last two updates! It's hard to pick favorite days on the trip but I really loved USJ and the Citywalk area. The buns, gyoza, shrimp were all fantastic. It was so much fun to get those and have a little room party before or after the park visits. I definitely miss it!

Robb and Elissa and some help from Joey really set us up for success in a constantly changing severe weather situation. That can never be stated enough!

Really enjoying reading and going through all of the fun memories!
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Re: TR- bert has a Spooktacular time with TPR in Japan!

Postby bert425 » Thu Jan 02, 2020 12:08 pm

^ ditto ditto what you say about Robb, Elissa, Joey, and I think Andy had some imput too, right? it was so incredible how they stayed on top of everything, and were able to adapt and keep us informed as to what was going on.

^^, ^^^, ^^^^
thanks folks!

I really love typing these up (even tho they take me so dang long. .LOL. even when I TRY to be brief).

I get to relive the trip and enjoy the memories again, when talking about em - so I'm really glad that y'all are enjoying.

and yeah, I'm craving the steamed buns from 551 now again too, Elissa!
Luckily, there is a comparable bun place in South Austin, so next time I drive into work, will go there for lunch!

I found Flying Dinosaur to be fantastic towards the back (tho I never got a back row ride - we went where they told us). . but honestly, the front row ride we got was FANTASTIC. . .so good, we bought the pic from it :)

the full day at USJ will be up hopefully in the next several days. I don't seem to have *any* pics of the haunts, which is weird, but I do kinda have an idea what order we did them in, so I'll "review" them between the pictures.

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Re: TR- bert has a Spooktacular time with TPR in Japan!

Postby Condor » Thu Jan 02, 2020 3:02 pm

Looks like you guys had a great day. You ate at some of the Citywalk restaurants I wanted to try but didn't get around to. Food looks good anyway! And isn't Flying Dinosaur incredible? You rank it even higher than I do!

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Re: TR- bert has a Spooktacular time with TPR in Japan!

Postby bert425 » Fri Jan 03, 2020 12:15 pm

Condor wrote:Looks like you guys had a great day. You ate at some of the Citywalk restaurants I wanted to try but didn't get around to. Food looks good anyway! And isn't Flying Dinosaur incredible? You rank it even higher than I do!

keep in mind, my ranking includes the multiple rides I got on the full "official" day - including a fantastic front row ride.

How long were you in Osaka? We were there, for 3 nights (Thurs, Fri, Sat). Breakfast was in the Hotel most days, but because we were there for a few days, and the Citywalk restaurants stay open until just after park close? yeah, that's why got to try a few places.

heck, we even ended up at Hard Rock Cafe on the afternoon of Typhoon day. . . there wasn't much open, but between Hard Rock, McDonalds, and TGI Friday? we ended up in Hard Rock. . which was kinda busy (due to USJ guests that were "stuck" in the hotels in the Citywalk complex, I'd guess).

but we did have a great visit on Thurs night, and an even better one on Friday, as the park stayed open full hours since the Typhoon had slowed down enough that it wouldn't make landfall until Saturday late morning. (spoiler, I guess, for the next update: full day at USJ) :)
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Re: TR- bert has a Spooktacular time with TPR in Japan!

Postby PKI Jizzman » Fri Jan 03, 2020 12:49 pm

I'll admit that Flying Dino was almost too intense for me to love, and there really hasn't been any other coaster experience that has made me say that :lol: We did ride it 2x within 15-20 minutes first thing in the morning... in the morning! It's already that nuts, but I'm not sure I noticed a difference in morning vs night rides. The positive G's are really extreme at a few points in the ride, but the more I rode it the more I enjoyed it. It was so awesome to try a flying coaster that hauled ass through the entire course since I think that's the best way to experience inversions on flying coasters. The slow rolls tossing your body from side to side just don't do anything for me.

For me one of the best parts about Flying Dino is that you feel like a celebrity on it. Everyone is waving to you from the paths below as you're climbing the lift and flying around. :lol:
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