Photo TR: The Coasters Of Hainan (8/10-13/2019)

A visit to Universal 100 Movie Theme Park & two other parks
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Photo TR: The Coasters Of Hainan (8/10-13/2019)

Postby The Angry Darren Mullins » Tue Aug 13, 2019 6:02 am

I visited three parks over the last five days. I would have visited four of them, but one park had been closed and the rides removed. Here is a rundown of the parks.

Universal 100 Movie Theme Park: This is not owned by Universal, but it is a large park and very nice. It is nicely themed and has a lot of theater based attractions and shows. Rides are scattered throughout the park, including Mine Truck, which is a knockoff of a Vekoma Mine Train. It is an okay ride, but I think the park should have a more thrilling coaster and at least two large coasters. There is a flying theater ride and the film is all in English. It is about a problem with the water supply. I will not give too much away here.

White Sand Gate Park: This park is on the opposite side of Haikou and tourist bus 4 begins at one park and terminates at the other. I was here last year, but the big coaster has been replaced with a new family coaster called Family Roller Coaster and a new mouse coaster called Happy Roller Coaster has opened as well. I rode both coasters, took some photos and left. One odd ride I saw here was a Mini Top Spin.

Cunjin Park: This place is a city park on the Chinese mainland in Zhanjiang. It has a small corner with rides, including a Fruit Worm Coaster. It replaced a jungle mouse. I rode the coaster, too a few photos and left.

This trip was fun, but my first point of interest was in the town of Leizhou at a small place called Children's Playground. The reason for this was I discovered a coaster here (on Google), it was my 500th coaster found before ACE or RCDB. Sadly, the park did not pass inspection and everything there is gone. At least Fruit Worm Coaster at Cunjin brought my total to 501 coasters discovered before ACE or RCDB. I have now ridden 1208 coasters and I have visited 613 different parks.
Universal 100 Entrance.jpg
I will check out Changying Wonderland today or Universal 100 Movie Theme Park as RCDB calls it.
Universal 100 Towers.jpg
Here are the tower rides people have been talking about on the internet.
Universal 100 Building 1.jpg
A lot of the buildings are like this.
Universal 100 Ship.jpg
That is a large ship.
Universal 100 Caterpilla.jpg
Caterpilla serves as the resident kiddie coaster.
Universal 100 Caterpilla 2.jpg
No. Adults are not permitted to ride.
Universal Mine Truck 7.jpg
Mine Truck is the big coaster here.
Universal  100 Mine Truck 1.jpg
It is a knockoff of a Vekoma Mine Train.
Universal Mine Truck 6.jpg
I like the cars on this one.
Universal Mine Truck 2.jpg
It is a bit choppy.
Universal Mine Truck 4.jpg
It is an okay ride, but I think a park of this size could use at least one more large coaster.
White Sand Entrance.jpg
A couple of days later, I went to White Sand Gate Park on the other side of Haikou.
White Sand Mini Top Spin.jpg
There is a mini Top Spin here.
White Sand Family Coaster 3.jpg
A couple of new coasters have been added since I last visited.
White Sand Family Coaster 2.jpg
This one is quite fun.
White Sand Family Coaster 1.jpg
It is called Family Roller Coaster.
White Sand Powered Coaster.jpg
The old powered coaster is still here.
White Sand Happy Roller Coaster 5.jpg
Happy Roller Coaster has replaced the old mouse coaster.
White Sand Happy Roller Coaster 3.jpg
I like how they are using parts of old rides for decorations on new rides.
White Sand Happy Roller Coaster 4.jpg
Here is another view of Happy Roller Coaster.
Cunjin Entrance.jpg
Back on the mainland of China, I went to Cunjin Park in Zhanjiang.
Cunjin Carousel.jpg
Here is the carousel shot for this TR.
Cunjin Ferris Wheel.jpg
The Ferris wheel is one of many new rides here. It has not opened yet.
Cunjin Rocket Ships.jpg
Here are the rocket ships.
Cunjin Pirate Ship.jpg
The pirate ship is new.
Cunjin Train.jpg
The parks has a little train.
Cunjin Coaster 1.jpg
This has replaced the park's jungle mouse.
Cunjin Coaster 5.jpg
Here is an onride shot of Fruit Worm Coaster to close out the TR.

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