New & Improved Bumbly Beach RCT2!

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New & Improved Bumbly Beach RCT2!

Postby historyfreak92 » Fri Sep 22, 2017 2:41 pm

Good Afternoon TPR! I have something new, & old to show you which is Bumbly Beach that I built 4 years ago that you all might remember! What I did was built more coasters, & water rides!

It is so different from 4 years ago! What I did was built more coasters, & mostly water rides!

It seems to be a mixture of Knott's Berry Farm, & a little of Cedar Point in someway! Looks much more funner but crammy as i made it!

Oh even if i lived in one of these houses next to bumbly beach i would so go work there, have fun there, & eat there every day!

Starting at this entrance and you all may remember the rides you have already seen or may not ill just tell the new rides info! This here is an one of a kind hyper baby!

I call this a Brand New Intamin AG Strata Coaster named Accelerator from 2019 with many extreme airtime which I would definitely ride!

Over the whole plaza entrance! A Rainbowish B&M Floorless named Starfish from 2001 surrounds you with many colors, inversions, & even starfishs but no such thing in rct2 anyway! I really built this for fun, & it's the only floorless coaster with 10 inversions, & this floorless it extremly intense! I would love to ride!

Some water rides I built! And here comes the accelerator stay out of the way!

A Master Blaster like water coaster! Just a thought out of my mind!

Also the tallest coaster in Bumbly Beach has been achieved! A B&M Dueling Giga named Mammoth vs Walrus as i had in mind if the name don't suit good for this ride sorry but I jut built this in my own imagination! I wish I was inside this game!

At the very end of bumbly beach there are four different brands of coasters that mix up with each other you may know the ones that are already built here but here's the new ones! The Tealish is an Intamin AG Standup of what I also had in mind by Shockwave of Drayton! Named Neptune's Fork as one of the smoothest stand ups in 1999! I guess I would ride this but be aware of his powers in the seas!

A Schwarzkopf Flywheel Shuttle named Ring of Fire is hidden between these great coaster round in! Was the first coaster in the park with an inversion since 1981! I would not skip this I would ride it until I die!

At the edge of this glorious seaside park! A B&M Sitdown is built above the hilly part! Named Silver Jet in 2000 or I didn't choose a good name for it! Just don't know! This makes the park have a very good collection of rides! I may ride this!

Hidden in the palm trees a shy B&M Flyer name Peacock's Flight from 2009 gives out a great experience of any coaster in the world as inspired by Manta SW Orlando!

Out from the underground an S&S Compressed Air Coaster come right out as the Super Sonic in 2004 as the tallest coaster at the time but the fastest in the park! Also I built dueling water slides named Maximum Velocity in 2014 as I watched a water park show but can't remember which park i saw from!

Don't worry airstrike is still flying like an eagle! But surely Mammoth'Walrus, & Airstrike don't ever get along with each other so watch out for these two hypers!

Bumbly Beach.SV6
Here is the new bumbly beach if you want to explore the new features!
(1.89 MiB) Not downloaded yet

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Re: New & Improved Bumbly Beach RCT2!

Postby Jason Maier » Fri Sep 22, 2017 6:25 pm

Interesting . . . . houses right next to the park (shades of Indiana Beach) . . . . .

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Re: New & Improved Bumbly Beach RCT2!

Postby Dombot » Sat Sep 23, 2017 6:27 pm

I think I just had an epileptic seizure just by looking at these screenshots.
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Re: New & Improved Bumbly Beach RCT2!

Postby historyfreak92 » Mon Jul 08, 2019 10:32 am

Hello TPR! How have you all been? Me well im just going through life right now! But i am only here just to show you something little! Even though i have ran out of parks and scenarios to build but i have did some little work on my Bumbly Beach!

I remodified the Harry Traver Coaster i built Hurricane a bit! Caused I looked at one of the Crystal Beach Cyclone photos and made it look like it! I wasnt ashamed of how i first built it! Though i like this modified one better!

Bumbly Beach.SV6
Here's the new file with the new version of Hurricane!
(1.86 MiB) Not downloaded yet

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