Warner Bros. Movie World (WBMW) Discussion Thread

P. 48 - DC Rivals POV footage! Forward & Backward!
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Re: Warner Bros. Movie World (WBMW) Discussion Thread

Postby thunder001 » Sat Sep 09, 2017 7:36 pm

After continued testing the speed of the coaster had seemed to increase somewhat and now there are new trim brakes installed at the entry to the stengel dive section of the ride.

If the new rumors are correct, we may see this coaster open before the end of the month in time for the local school holidays (15th September through to 3rd October).

Cant wait...
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Re: Warner Bros. Movie World (WBMW) Discussion Thread

Postby DC Rivals » Sat Sep 16, 2017 12:40 am

DC Rivals Soft opened a few hours ago! :b

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Re: Warner Bros. Movie World (WBMW) Discussion Thread

Postby jcgoldcoast » Sat Sep 16, 2017 12:43 am

DC Rivals soft opened today at about 2:30PM. I was on the fourth or fifth public train and I have to say it is a fantastic ride - I can't wait to ride again!

I believe soft openings will be happening until Thursday evening, when the official opening event is scheduled to take place.

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Re: Warner Bros. Movie World (WBMW) Discussion Thread

Postby Hurricane » Sat Sep 16, 2017 4:14 am

Hey guys! As many of you might now be aware DC Rivals Hypercoaster entered technical rehearsals today! I got to ride it 3 times this afternoon. First ride was facing backwards, second time I went in the front row and the third time I went in row 10 (best seat for Airtime).

As far as the ride goes, a few little things to note. Riding backwards is an extra $10 per person and is reserved in half hour slots (so your wristband might say return between 10:30am and 11:00am for example). Fast track is also currently unavailable at this stage and from what I have heard is likely not to be implemented until December at this stage. Operations were pretty good considering they were only running 1 train from 2:30pm until around 4:15pm. They then added the second train at that time to help get the lines down.

Lines were around 45 minutes to a hour with 1 train going, but they were still stacking even with 2 trains. But considering it was the first day of operation and they are still not officially open they were not doing too badly. They had 4 loaders checking harnesses and a sorter as well so they went pretty quickly. I think the longest part of the loading was actually waiting for passengers to get on and off the train. Harness checking was very quick once that was done.

I have attached a few photos that I took, they aren't the best but they are better than nothing I guess.

As far as seating goes I'd say riding backwards is by far the best (despite the upcharge) then front row and row 10. Best roller coast I have been on myself, and Village Roadshow and Mack Rides should be very impressed with the investment they made.
Waiting for "Technical Rehearsals" to begin
A bit of a look inside the station
A train of happy riders heading up the lift hill
Approx. 10 seconds until a minute of riding bliss
A train load of passengers returns happy

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Re: Warner Bros. Movie World (WBMW) Discussion Thread

Postby RyanTPM » Sat Sep 16, 2017 8:50 am

^Great to see it open, really looking forward to a POV!

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Re: Warner Bros. Movie World (WBMW) Discussion Thread

Postby DoinItForTheFame » Sat Sep 16, 2017 10:01 am

I love the colors of this coaster so much!! :lover:

I love that you can ride it backwards. I hope this trend starts catching in at more and more parks. I'd be nice to see a half forward facing train, and a half backwards facing train on rides. :br
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Re: Warner Bros. Movie World (WBMW) Discussion Thread

Postby Hurricane » Sat Sep 16, 2017 10:42 am

RyanTPM wrote:^Great to see it open, really looking forward to a POV!
Good luck with that. Village Roadshow are very strict on loose items sadly, so unless they release an official video themselves I wouldn't count on it sadly :(

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Re: Warner Bros. Movie World (WBMW) Discussion Thread

Postby Dombot » Sat Sep 16, 2017 1:12 pm

Holy donkey, this ride looks great. Would love to see one of these Mack megacoasters come to the US someday, they all look amazing. :lover:
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Re: Warner Bros. Movie World (WBMW) Discussion Thread

Postby Santa07 » Sat Sep 16, 2017 5:10 pm

Hurricane wrote:
RyanTPM wrote:^Great to see it open, really looking forward to a POV!
Good luck with that. Village Roadshow are very strict on loose items sadly, so unless they release an official video themselves I wouldn't count on it sadly :(

There's a POV that has been filmed for the TVC, so I'm sure it's a matter of time until the park releases the full thing.

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Re: Warner Bros. Movie World (WBMW) Discussion Thread

Postby Gav » Sun Sep 17, 2017 6:53 am

DC Rivals HyperCoaster opened Saturday.

In a word, stunning.

I know you are expecting some local bias, but the ride is objectively good, and my favourite "hyper/giga".

Certainly beats anything B&M have done, and is more comfortable than the Intamins. For context in terms of what I am judging against, I have ridden all US hypers (Except Wild Thing and Mako), plus the Pepsi Max Big One.

I think Skyrush is the closest contender, but DC Rivals feels more fleshed out and longer, and is of course more comfortable (Though I didn't find Skyrush that uncomfortable)

In terms of comparing with Superman at SFNE (Often hailed as the worlds best), DC Rivals has a significantly better first drop, and better turns and variation, (though I think DC Rivals could have had one extra "normal" hill...possibly in lieu of the stengel) I felt DC Rivals had a bit more "flair" in the design.

What I liked about Rivals it that it seemed like a "Greatest Hits" of some of the worlds best. The crazy first drop felt very "RMC", the first hill feels like something from SROS (And presumably EGF)....The non inverting loop is the first one I've felt with ejector. The middle section of the ride channels bits of Fury 325 and i305. The high speed bunny hops at the end felt crazy like the Lightning rod quad down / the mega lites.

So overall, the ride has excellent pacing (Only moment it lets up is on the top of the stengel dive overbank thingy), very strong airtime at several points, quick transitions .

The queue is clean. A bit SF in terms of cut outs and comic book panels, except the scale is enormous.



There are four queue lanes...General, Backwards, Fastrack (not in use) and Singles.

The trains seat 22, 6 cars, but that Mack chassis design means the back car only has 2 seats that face backwards. It's a $10 upcharge to ride backwards, in timed blocks. I'll give my thoughts later on. Though its incredibly entertaining because the whole queue gets to watch the backwards riders going up the lift crapping themselves.

The lift hill is quite speedy for a chain...not actually that much slower than some cable lifts.
First drop is nuts. On the right hand seat the rail actually goes slightly beyond vertical due to the heartlining. As mentioned, The drop feels like something RMC would do, so you are really chucked out of your seat, and dont get caught until you reach the bottom.


The airtime hill, well you know what to expect, a good couple of seconds of sustained ejector and as you dive down a bit the track twists. Awesome.


You get a cool effect of flying under a tangle of track as you enter the non inverting loop. Like most big loops, its not that forceful at the bottom, then the positive g's build up, but then as you reach the top it suddenly changes tack and tries to chuck you out the train. A combination of ejector and intamin style "twistyness". It is like being on the outside of an inline twist, so it is that fast rotation that creates the negative gs.


You drop out and into the stengel, which gets a bit of sideways floater. I suppose every hyper needs to have a tall overbank type thingy, but I would have rathered some form of hill here instead.


Next up is the incline dive loop, feels like a zero g roll on entry, but again, the personality changes halfway through and you hurl around the top and out the bottom of the half loop with some pretty strong positive force.
There is a low to the ground fast turn next, which is sweeping, but then transition into the next turn is very snappy, this leads around into one of those twisting S hills, so a quick pop of ejector at the top, a bit like the first hill on Rita.


Following from that is the helix, which undulates up and down a bit and varies radius, so it doesn't feel like a true helix of death like the one on Titan SFOT/Goliath SFMM, but its forceful enough.


The final part of the ride is a masterpiece.

You bank snappily to the right, do a hard u turn, then bank snappily to the left, and then line up for the bunny hops. It positively belts through these, very agressive ejector airtime twice in a row, then a left turn and a third ejector hill over a creek, and it is sort of on a wierd bank like those ones you see on RMCs.
One last quick pop as you enter the brake run, carrying a lot of speed.

The ride runs pretty well (some of that rattle some Macks have, but nothing terrible by any means) The seats are very comfortable.

In keeping with Australian safety regulations the ride has backup seatbelts.
The whole clip assembly is about the size of a smartphone, and comes from under the crotch like a B&M invert, and there is a metal guide channel in the top of the lap pad, so net result, it is not fiddly to do up and cannot be inserted upside down.
What is even better is the seatbelt unclips and falls out automatically at the end of the ride, so no delays.
A really nifty set up that works better than the seat belts that go under lap bars.

As for the backwards seat, its cool because you can flop forwards going up the lift hill. It has all the crazy ejector you expect, and the first drop obviously is more unexpected. It really does trigger that primal "im falling and going to die / waking up at night feeling like you are falling" type sensation, which is pretty cool. The backwards seats do feel a tad nauseauting, nothing unbearable, and not the vile feeling you get on something like an air race, but I wouldn't call it as re-ridable as any other row.

I've done about 8 laps. I like the back fowards row for the airtime and the crazy first drop, but the front row is good for views, and the non inverting loop feels better there.

So yeah, come to Australia and ride it. We have Superman Escape too :)


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