3 Week Japan Trip with 19 Parks and 70 Coaster (LAST UPDATE)

Part 4: another 75 photos of Himeji Parks and DisneyTokyo
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Archived Photo Trip Reports of Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, and Donkeys!
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3 Week Japan Trip with 19 Parks and 70 Coaster (LAST UPDATE)

Postby captain » Wed May 17, 2006 4:12 pm

Hello TPR-Forum,

now it`s time for our massive tripreport from Japan.

We toured this great country the first three weeks in april, needed some weeks to calm down and now I`ve a bit of time to write an exclusive coverage of our whole trip (we did a a daily coverage in our forum www.coasterfriends.de/forum, but that was only in german).
I`ll split the whole trip in 4 parts (over the next days), because we did over 70 coaster in 19 parks and a lot of cultural sightseeing (okay this one will be left out in this forum), I shot over 1.200 photos, and I`ll try to upload about 200 of them.
Before I start with Part One I`ll like to thanks Elissa, Robb, Rollermonkey, Mr. Morgan and all the other forum members who helped a lot in planning this trip.

Please feel free to leave your comments in this thread or visit our new build english forum thread at www.coasterfriends.de/forum.

Part 1:
Tokyo (Aqua Stadium)
Nasu Highland
(Sega Joypolis)
Yokohama Sea Paradise
Yokohama Cosmo World

Part 2:
La Qua
Tobu Zoo

Part 3:
Nagashima Spa Land
Universal Studios Japan
Nara Dreamland

Part 4:
Central Park Himeji
Tegarayama Park Himeji
Tokyo Disney Sea
Tokyo Disneyland
Disney´s Miracosta Hotel

Okay, now straight into the buzz. We departed in Munich-Germany, through London-Heathrow right into Narita Airport. We arrvived after a 20 hour journey, taking the comfortable limousine bus to our hotel the Park Hotel Tokyo.
We decided to end this long first day with a short trip to Aqua Stadium, a small indoor amusement area at one of these big hotels in Shinagawa. The main reason was the launched Intamin coaster “Galaxy999”, which was quiet short but smooth. Nothing special at all.
Next day started with some sightseeing around Tokyo. It was cherry tree blossom time and this is such a big event in Japan you can`t miss it. It really stands the big hype and it`s so beautiful to see the whole nature changing colours and to see all the drunken japanese people celebrating it. But hey, this a coaster forum and so I`ll left this part out.

First topic in our packed Japan schedule was the park on the bottom of Mount Fuji– the Fuji-Q-Highland Park. A lot of people are saying this park is really bad, and we thought hey give them a chance – but this park really sucks. It has no theming, the unfriendliest stuff in whole japan and looong queues. You think the park has some great rides, so this all doesn`t matter?
You`re maybe right if you`ll ever have the chance to hit a good day at Fuji-Q, because they`re looking for every little wind, rain, dust or whatever to close the damm attractions. So we started on such a beautiful day in Tokyo, blue sky, no wind, no clouds, nothing at all. But we arrived at Fuji-Q with a little wind, the kind of wind you`ll maybe experience 200 days a year. And guess what? All coasters were closed (only the lame indoor Zola7 coaster was open). So we strolled around the park, tried the biggest Japanese Walk-Through Horror House (hey another 7 $ extra but not bad at all) and waited, and waited and waited.... for our next bus back to Tokyo (just a two hour drive). What a great day at the park.

Nasu Highland Park
Another day waiting for us, with temple sightseeing in the morning and Nasu Highland themepark in the afternoon. This park is really, really far outside of any mayor city and a little bit harder to reach. We took the great Shinkansen train for 2 ½ hours from Tokyo and than a 30 minute taxi ride. This park is one of the nicer parks in Japan. There are 9 coasters, 4 of them are inside each other tracks what makes a nice picture. Some theming and some nice kiddie rides, one of the nicest ghost houses (most of them are really crap in Japan) and friendly stuff. Well worth a visit.

Sega Joypolis
This big arcade is a kind of Disney Quest stlye arcade, but with much more interaktive rides and it makes real fun to visit this “park”. They also has a small indoor coaster called “speed boarder”, the special arranged seats makes this ride a little uncomfortable. If you`re hitting this arcade please try all the special interactive things on the last floor, I can`t say what to expect but it`s really funny, even for non japanese people.

Yokohama Sea Paradise
This small seaside park, is famous for its Sea World like shows, but we weren`t interested in that and so we went straight to the two main attractions – the Blue Fall – the extreme 107 meter (about 320 feet?) tall freefall tower, which has a tilt modus to get it even more funnier.
The only remaining coaster in this park is the “surf coaster”, a Togo coaster which is really smooth for a Togo. It also has a nice setting with a little bit of the track going over the sea.

Yokohama Cosmoworld
This is a small kind of amusement park, like the old seaside parks, but it`s not really on a dock, its more near the sea in the middle of downtown Yokohama with a great skyscraper scenery. We didn`t like it that much, because it was a little bit to expensive for what you get.. The bigger of the two coasters was a Senyo coaster called “Diving Coaster:Vanish” because one drop goes directly into a tunnel, built in a small lake, what makes an nice effect. The other coaster was a Reverchon Spinning Coaster, but nothing special at all. The typical two dark rides (ghost house and a shooting dark ride), the big ferries wheel and some arcade games, that`s it.

Now straight on to the photos, because this is the thing you`re waiting for....

I`ll try to set up Part II tomorrow...[/b]
First Night - First Coaster - Intamin`s Launched Galaxy 999 - indoor and nothing special
some cherry tree blossom impressions before we start with coaster-touring...
this is the perfect time for Japan
the people like to picknick under the trees, and getting drunk in the evening
Yes - we Like it too....(the cherry tree blossom not the drunken people...)
a wonderful day to get to Fuji-Q...we thought
here we go...
oh we`re so happy to be here in the park and we`ll pay a lot of money....
...the new one is still not open.. no problem we knew that...
Dodonpa is closed...all the other coasters are closed....WTF....
okay lame Zola7 is open....
okay so we`ve time to take some photo shots (you`ll see the bad weather, this is the reason for closing down the coasters!?!?)
Hey the vending machines are working....
Next try, another park - Nasu Highland
this park is not so easy to reach, but well worth the extra energy
4 coaster - one labyrinth
Corkscrew, but smooth
Rock`n roll theming
Batflyer with vertical lift
a nice overview, with the mountains in the background
the Camel Coaster
they also have a Lego exhibition
some nice caroussel
Vekoma`s Inverted F2 Fright Flight (not as smooth as it should be)
nice kiddie theming at Nasu
you also can fish at Nasu
fresh prepared catch
it`s fun to ride on some toy
the kind of coaster who fits in your garden...
they don`t eat Sushi all the time, there are more Crepe shops than sushi restaurants....
Yokohama Sea Paradise is greeting with Blue Fall...
here it is - 107m (about 320 feet) tall and with the tilt modus on the top of the tower...
Togos Surf Coaster...
not too bad for Togo!
Yokohama Cosmoworld
nice setting....
the Diving Coaster with its effect
the Reverchon Spinning Coaster
another Yokohama shot is ending Part One....
:P Munich loves coasters - www.coasterfriends.com :P

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Postby Jeezus Juice » Wed May 17, 2006 4:23 pm

Awesome man! Can't wait for the next part! (part 3 especially!!)


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Postby rollermonkey » Wed May 17, 2006 10:21 pm

I'm not 100% sure, but you may have been at Fuji-Q the same day I did my April construction update. (You and your travel companion look familiar.)

I'm looking forward to another opinion of all the Japanese parks and in part 4 you went to a park I haven't been to.

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Postby SharkTums » Wed May 17, 2006 11:39 pm

HA! I'm glad someone else finally shares our opinion in FujiQ!!!! Again, the SFMM of Japan, poor operations, bad capacity, etc.

I feel for you, but at the same time, you didn't miss much! (except for the Hamster Coaster!)

Keep the reports coming!

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Postby dubaidave » Wed May 17, 2006 11:47 pm

wow, great pics. I had it the other way round in that Fuji Q was open but bth Yokohama parks were closed.

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Postby rollermonkey » Wed May 17, 2006 11:58 pm

I am ambivalent about FUji-Q. Since I had to return to the park three times, just to get all the credits, I'm not too impressed. They do shut down the two main coasters (Dodonpa and Fujiyama) at the slightest hint of wind or rain, but a lot of the parks in Japan do that. (But not all! I rode Through the Woods Jet Coaster and Mad Mouse @ Hitachi Kaihin Koen in a downpour!)

The theming, what little there is is decrepit. The throuput is terrible on several of the rides. (Hamster coaster and Dodonpa are the worst!)

However, I have had a couple good days where everything was open and ruunning. The dark walkthrough attractions are actually pretty good. The food is good. etc.

I generally enjoy my visits to the park.

I'm not looking forward to the Eejanaika line, though! It lookslike a single load / unload station, and if they run two trains, there's going to be a LOT of stacking!

(Jeezus Juice liked Fuji-Q! He said so!)

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Postby captain » Thu May 18, 2006 3:58 am

@ chris
What a pitty we didn`t see you at Fuji-q. We had so much freetime at Fuji-Q that we had loved to talk to you. Can you remember where you saw us? I just saw one "caucasian guy" in the food court.
By the way I think someone can have a good day at Fuji-Q, but you`ve to catch the best weather and less crowds - I think that`s really hard at Fuji-Q. Fuji-Q was our first big park in Japan and so we were frightened the whole trip if wind or rain will cancel some more coasters on our trip - but nothing at all happened. We even rode ASKA in Nara Dreamland during heavy rains. So I´ll think the owners of Fuji-Q are looking for this "bad weather conditions" and saying "Hey, let`s save some money".

The hamster coaster was about to open on that day and we waited one hour to ride it. But after one hour they decided to close it again. So we said "okay, Elissas ride has to be left alone".
:P Munich loves coasters - www.coasterfriends.com :P

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Postby N'at Man » Thu May 18, 2006 5:12 am

Strangely we had a pretty good day at Fuji Q back in August (but I've also had good luck with my few visits to SFMM so go figure). The strange thing is that it rained for a while and I was sure Dodonpa would shut down but it didn't. It ran consistently all day. But we did got stuck in the hamster coaster line during rain which was a painful wait.

They really should do something about continually adding lower capacity rides as it is a serious problem but we found the employees to be good and as efficient as the low capacity rides would allow. But I must say that this park seems inconsistent. To go in April and have virtually nothing running on a clear day certainly would have frustrated me. I guess you just have to prepare for the worst and hope you are lucky when going to Fuji Q.

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Postby rollermonkey » Thu May 18, 2006 6:36 am

Hey, Tim! 'Tsup?

^^ I was there jsut for a construction update, so I didn't stray to far from Eejanaika. I think I saw you between the Shoot the Chutes and the Hamtaro Swinging Ship. Was it just the two of you?

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Postby BC » Thu May 18, 2006 9:07 am

Great 1st part. Looking forward to the rest...
Really good to see and hear your opinoins of many of the parks that I went to when I lived there 5 years ago.

I went to Fuji-Q twice in my time there. First time was in the autumn. No problem. Everything open and running although the Hamster Coaster (formerly The Birdmen, before the accident) was a veeeeery long wait. And this was before Dodonpa.

Second time was just after New Year. Only came to re-ride Fujiyama... and it was closed because of winds. After hours of hopeful waiting in the park, we gave up and walked towards the bus. Once outside the park, Fujiyama started testing. We decided to miss our bus and ran back into the park where we ended up waiting for over an hour in a not very long line in the freezing cold (-5 degrees celsius). I was happy as I achieved what I came for, but my boyfriend was not happy, as he had lost all feeling in his hands and feet. It was a cold and pitch black experience never to forget.


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