Photo TR: From Dollywood to Holiwood

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Re: Photo TR: From Dollywood to Holiwood

Postby bert425 » Wed Jun 14, 2017 9:47 pm

your pics are making me want to go even more.. must find some way to make Spouse interested in Dolly.

subliminal!. . .

gonna start playing "Baby I'm Burning" and "9 to 5" when he comes in. . .

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Re: Photo TR: From Dollywood to Holiwood

Postby thrillerman1 » Wed Jun 14, 2017 10:22 pm

I recently stayed at the DreamMore resort too. My fav part? The smores cookout, but all of it is absolutely amazing.

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Re: Photo TR: From Dollywood to Holiwood

Postby boldikus » Thu Jun 15, 2017 7:23 am

Dreammore looks awesome! I will definitely stay there when we finally do get down to DW.

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Re: Photo TR: From Dollywood to Holiwood

Postby prozach626 » Thu Jun 15, 2017 5:47 pm

The resort really turned out great, but I still don't know if I could pass up a mountain view cabin for it.

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Re: Photo TR: From Dollywood to Holiwood

Postby ytterbiumanalyst » Thu Jun 15, 2017 7:13 pm

Day 4: Unfinished Business

On Tuesday we went back to Dollywood to complete all the things we had missed a couple of days earlier, as well as to ride Mystery Mine some more! Lightning Rod was still down, and we knew that, so this whole visit we basically acted like it doesn’t exist. I would love to have gotten to ride this, as all 4 of the RMCs I’ve ridden are completely amazing, but we were going for all of Dollywood and not just for one ride.

We packed up the car and checked out, then headed back for one last trip on the DreamMore bus and one more day at Tennessee’s best theme park (and since 2005, Tennessee’s only theme park).

We began the day at the Country Fair, an area we had run out of time for previously. First ride of the day was the bumper cars. I do not believe I have ridden crappier bumper cars, ever. These things went about -30 miles per hour, they had a centre post to direct traffic, and no one really seemed to be able to hit anyone else.

Next was the Dizzy Disk. This one is smaller than Silver Dollar City’s version, and a bit gentler too. Then on to SkyRider. This ride is great! It’s fundamentally a taller version of a Flying Scooters, but each of the cars are heavier, so they don’t swing in quite the same way. There are two vertical wings, one on each side of the two seats, so you can see a lot better than on a Flying Scooters too.

The kids went on a few other little rides, and then we made our way back to Mountain Slidewinder. I absolutely love this ride, and it was a big hit with the older two kids as well. The girls played around in this area a bit, while my son and I hit up Blazing Fury, the last open coaster we had not ridden. This is Fire in the Hole 2.0 in every way. The trains have 3 cars rather than two, and overall the ride is bigger, and the turns are gentler for it. It felt less like a mouse in a box, like Fire in the Hole does, and more like a Disney ride. Fantastic!

After this, it was time for everybody’s favourite incest-themed restaurant, Aunt Granny’s Buffet! Everything was very good here, and even drinks are included! We don’t buy drinks very often, so kids are very used to getting water (honestly it’s better for you than anything else too). They enjoyed that for once we relaxed that rule and they all got lemonade!

Museum time! We started with Dolly’s replica home (next to Aunt Granny’s), then proceeded up to Chasing Rainbows. I was really impressed with the quality of this museum. It starts out with some photos on a cinder block wall, which is about what I was expecting in terms of quality. Then you go upstairs, and BAM! Hologram Dolly! Step through the door into the next room, and all of a sudden you have a very professional quality museum. We made our way through 60 years of Dolly’s life, then emerged back in the plaza to see her old tour bus. It was very swanky. Picture are better than words for this sort of thing.

We had just enough time to ride the Rockin’ Roadsters before “My People” began. It was different from most—electric motors rather than gas powered. Fun ride—all the kids enjoyed driving. “My People” itself was a great show, and well worth the hour running time.

So far, this has been just about the best day I’ve spent in a theme park, and we’ve ridden exactly one coaster. Well, we are about to remedy that! We have TimeSaver Passes, and we are about to abuse them! Eight people in line? We scoff at such pedestrian concerns! Here’s what we rode in 2 hours:
Thunderhead – 1x, walkon with no TimeSaver needed
Mystery Mine – 2x, TimeSaver sped us by 20 minute lines each time!
Wild Eagle – 1x, waited 2 trains, no TimeSaver needed, as the line was not past the merge point
Tennessee Tornado – 3x, first 2 with TimeSaver speeding us past 10 minute lines, third time was a walkon with no TimeSaver needed
FireChaser Express – 2x, TimeSaver saved us 20 minutes each time
Mystery Mine – 4x, with TimeSaver allowing us to skip 20 minute lines each time

If you’re keeping score, that’s all 10 skips allowed with the pass. With about 20 minutes left, it was time to race over for the last ride of the day, cinnamon bread! Really, I couldn’t tell a difference between this and Silver Dollar City’s version. Both are awesome, and both are a perfect way to finish your day.

Now it was time to board the bus back to DreamMore, get in the van, and actually visit Pigeon Forge for the first time on our vacation to Pigeon Forge! The Dollywood resort is just so fantastic, we wanted to spend all our time there, and that’s exactly what we did. Now it was time to head out into town, and so we went to ride two of the mountain coasters.

Smokey Mountain Alpine Coaster was fantastic. I loved the unusual layout; I never felt like I knew where it was about to go. Goats on a Roof was a bit faster, but also a more straightforward layout, and the trees were less dense too, so you could see more of where you were going. I think I prefer Smokey Mountain to Goats.

And with that, we headed off into the sunset for some good aquatic fun in Chattanooga!
Sunrise over the Smokies. Yeah, this was the view from our room every morning.
Packing up.
And back to the bus!
All right, County Fair, here we come!
Not too many takers for Lightning Rod front of the line passes today.
State of the art Astroturf! These amazing simulations end up looking better than the real thing.
Very cool theming in this area.
We rode the disk. We got dizzy.
Oh teacups rides. You look fun, but nine times out of ten, I know you're lying.
Bluegrass in the square
Ooh, where are we going?
Are we going to the Grist Mill?
No, but these people are!
Blown glass...
...and bluegrass!
This is the operations building. That's right. They themed the f*cking operations building. This place is awesome.
Here we are! Incest themed lunch!
It's Dolly's childhood home! She grew up right here in the middle of the theme park! Oh....
Jesus 'n' newspapers
OMG, you guys. Two. Rooms.
Then over the swinging bridge over the koi pond.
Rainbow time!
TIL that you can photograph a hologram!
Dolly's attic
Humble beginnings
The actual coat of many colours! Nope, another replica.
The first of many costume displays.
The girls enjoyed this schoolhouse display.
Cas Walker's radio station
Tributes to several of Dolly's partners and band members.
Gotta show off that belt buckle!
Several small screens running old shows she was on. This one is from the Ozarks Jubilee, produced in Springfield, Missouri!
On to this two-storey room with even more displays
You might have heard a few of these songs. If you haven't, go listen now. I'll wait.
Ok, fully versed on Dolly's verses now? Good, you may proceed.
Plenty of pink here
And plenty of gold, platinum, and double platinum here.
So many awards, given to so deserving a person.
A little history of the park.
And the park has its own award too.
Porter Wagoner. Maybe the best country musician ever to come out of Springfield, Missouri.
I am in love with this guitar.
And this custom beauty, too!
This the man who had the privilege to play them both.
Exit to the bus!
Dolly is claustrophobic, so her bus is full of mirrors to make the space seem bigger.
Butterflies. Butterflies everywhere.
Next was the "My People" show, starring Dolly herself! On video, that is.
After a whirlwind coaster tour, it was time to finally indulge!
Come to me, my precious.
One last glimpse of the fantastic entrance area
This trip was not a bust!
Here's our bus! Bye Dollywood!
We must be at Smokey Mountain Alpine Coaster. I think. Not sure.
This was a fantastic ride. Thought I had a picture of Goats on the Roof too, but apparently not. Well, it's just like this, but with goats on the roof of a weird A$$ junk shop. Bizarre, but it's got a great alpine coaster. On to Chattanooga!

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Re: Photo TR: From Dollywood to Holiwood

Postby Nrthwnd » Thu Jun 15, 2017 7:23 pm

That tour through the "Dolly Herself Museum" was amazing, thanks!
I do want to get to DollyWood sometime in the not-too-distant future.
(With Silver Dollar City not too far behind.)

Great TR. Thanks for it all! =) (And the bread.....<DROOL> )
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Re: Photo TR: From Dollywood to Holiwood

Postby bert425 » Thu Jun 15, 2017 9:32 pm

that is just a gorgeous park. . tho some areas seemed to have quite a few elderly folks sitting in your pics.

is that just the particular pics? or is the age range for Dollywood skewing older?
(I would think with the coasters, they would be getting more of a mixed to younger crowd. . so I'm curious).

LOVED that museum, thank you so much for the pics.. the big bOOb mannequins for displaying the costumes amused me greatly, but the one with Dolly's head (with the white rhinestones) was a bit creepy.. that would give me nightmares!

Edit: this one


but overall?. . yeah a park I really, really want to get to some day.

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Re: Photo TR: From Dollywood to Holiwood

Postby ytterbiumanalyst » Fri Jun 16, 2017 7:26 am

The museum is awesome. We spent about an hour to an hour and a half there, taking our time with it. Mannequins with heads are always creepy to me, and the number of horror movies about them would say that you and I are not alone in this.

We spent a lot more of that day in the front of the park, and that area does tend to skew older. It's a long, steep hill to the back of the park, and that area is pretty much all roller coasters, so that's where the younger people are. I didn't take pictures of that area on that day, since I had done so just two days earlier, and we were trying to re-ride as much as possible, especially Mystery Mine.

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Re: Photo TR: From Dollywood to Holiwood

Postby cparkes92 » Fri Jun 16, 2017 7:38 am

This TR makes me want to visit Dollywood, notwithstanding Lightning Rod being a POS mechanically. Also, from what I can tell, LR is at the front of the park, so it's very hard to hide, but you did a good job hiding it.
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Re: Photo TR: From Dollywood to Holiwood

Postby coasterbill » Fri Jun 16, 2017 7:53 am

Great report!!!! I (literally) laughed out loud at the Plinko thing.

boldikus wrote:Dreammore looks awesome! I will definitely stay there when we finally do get down to DW.

Dreammore is possibly the most reasonably priced theme park hotel I've ever seen. I was just looking at it for a random Saturday during Smoky Mountain Christmas and found a room rate for 192.00 for a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 kids) for passholders. The room comes with a $35 skip the line pass for everyone so that alone is worth $140 which means you're really only paying 52 bucks for the room if you were going to get that anyway. That rate also includes early entry, package pickup and (obviously) a really nice hotel room. It's a highly competitive rate if you throw in the perks.

For comparison, the Comfort Suites where we usually stay (which is also a pretty nice hotel and probably has similar quality rooms) is $100 but once you factor in the skip the line passes, early entry and other perks Dreammore might actually be a better deal even for 2 people. For a family of 4, Dreammore is crushing them if you want skip the line passes.

* If it were just Brit and I we would still opt for Comfort Suites though because of the rewards points. Choice Privileges is the sh*t.


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