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Re: Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

Postby williamj2543 » Sun Feb 26, 2017 7:30 pm

I don't understand why people don't rate Top Thrill Dragster higher than everything else. Sure its short but its the ONLY ride that scares me and that acceleration is absolutely ridiculous.
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Re: Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

Postby ytterbiumanalyst » Sun Feb 26, 2017 7:35 pm

Quite honestly, if TTD were in a lot of other parks I've been to, I would rate it highest. It's just overshadowed by a lot of other fantastic coasters. I place it 5th, behind Millennium Force, Magnum, Maverick, and Raptor--and 5th at CP is nothing to be ashamed of.

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Re: Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

Postby boldikus » Sun Feb 26, 2017 7:38 pm

williamj2543 wrote:I don't understand why people don't rate Top Thrill Dragster higher than everything else. Sure its short but its the ONLY ride that scares me and that acceleration is absolutely ridiculous.

Because no matter how tall/fast TTD is, some of us want an experience that offers more than a launch/top hat/drop/brake. Some of us want a ride that lasts longer than 17 seconds. Some of us want an experience that's more about fun that fear. It's not a bad ride, but it's not the best ride @ CP.

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Re: Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

Postby DILinator » Sun Feb 26, 2017 7:53 pm

boldikus wrote:
williamj2543 wrote:I don't understand why people don't rate Top Thrill Dragster higher than everything else. Sure its short but its the ONLY ride that scares me and that acceleration is absolutely ridiculous.

Because no matter how tall/fast TTD is, some of us want an experience that offers more than a launch/top hat/drop/brake. Some of us want a ride that lasts longer than 17 seconds. Some of us want an experience that's more about fun that fear. It's not a bad ride, but it's not the best ride @ CP.

:nina: :nina:

I probably have TTD ranked lower than most people, among CP coasters, due to the above. It's still a great coaster, however, and would be at or near the top in most parks.

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Re: Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

Postby CP Maverick » Sun Feb 26, 2017 8:29 pm

When there's very short lines, Dragster ranks much higher for me. But I don't like waiting very long to ride it.
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Re: Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

Postby jedimaster1227 » Sun Feb 26, 2017 8:34 pm

Cedar Point has sent us a press release regarding details that were announced during Winter Chill Out regarding the newest changes at Cedar Point in 2017!

Over 800 park fans spent the morning learning more about Cedar Point’s upcoming season and exploring the park during Winter Chill Out, an exclusive off-season tour. The event proceeds go directly to A Kid Again, an organization that fosters hope, happiness and healing for families dealing with life-threatening illnesses.

Winter Chill Out has been held at the park for several years and has given guests unique opportunities to see winter ride maintenance programs, new construction projects and learn about how the park prepares for each upcoming season.

Guests of Winter Chill Out also had the opportunity to see the construction progress on the new Cedar Point Shores Water Park. Located adjacent to Cedar Point and Hotel Breakers, the 18-acre Cedar Point Shores makes its debut on Saturday, May 27. Four all-new water attractions will open, including Point Plummet – a six-story aqua-drop slide where riders will experience near free fall as the floor drops beneath them!

Cedar Point Shores will also feature a completely new entrance gate, new food and merchandise locations, spectacular views of Lake Erie and more spaces for families to relax and enjoy the summer.

The highlight of the tour included a special presentation, where the park announced several exciting new changes coming to Cedar Point in 2017:

Iron Dragon: Virtual Reality – Back by popular demand, guests can combine the real-life thrills of a Cedar Point coaster favorite with the imaginary virtual world on Iron Dragon: Virtual Reality. Guests on Iron Dragon: VR will wear a special virtual reality headset while riding the Iron Dragon roller coaster, immersing them in a whole new world while the ride swings, dives and sways throughout the course. In the alternate world of the headsets, menacing ogres, angry villagers and flying creatures will attempt to disrupt a peaceful carriage ride.

The traditional, non-VR experience of Iron Dragon experience will be available each day. From June 9 through Sept. 4, Iron Dragon: VR will be available to all guests beginning at 6 p.m. when Cedar Point closes at 10 p.m. or later. Riders must be 48 inches tall to experience Iron Dragon and Iron Dragon: VR.

Professor Delbert’s Frontier Fling – On the Frontier Trail, a towering and terrifying favorite makes a fresh debut in 2017. Formerly Challenge Park’s RipCord, Frontier Fling is a historical nod to the Paddlewheel Excursions boat ride, where animated character Delbert Feinstein made several “attempts” to fly over the passing paddlewheel boats on his crudely-assembled flying machine. Frontier Fling is an additional charge attraction.

Season Pass Drink Plan – Thirsty? Cedar Point is debuting an all-new Season Pass Drink Plan for all Season Passholders. Guests with a 2017 Season or Platinum Pass will have the option of choosing a refillable drink bottle or a disposable cup for unlimited fountain drinks all summer. The Season Pass Drink Plan will go on sale March 1 and can be used at all in-park, walk-up fountain drink locations, including Cedar Point Shores Water Park. Guests without a 2017 Season or Platinum Pass can still purchase the refillable drink bottle.

The Battle for Cedar Point – Back for its second year, guests can join their favorite “coaster alliance” and compete with each other on their mobile devices. New this summer, players can answer all-new trivia questions, play special mini-games in select ride queues and scan more targets to gain additional points for their chosen alliance. The Battle for Cedar Point is a feature already loaded into the Cedar Point mobile app and the game can be played using the park’s free Wi-Fi.

Melt Bar & Grilled – An Ohio favorite, Melt Bar & Grilled is bringing its signature, over-the-top gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches to the midway. Located near Planet Snoopy in the former Joe Cool Café, Melt’s ninth location will also feature a full-service bar and a Cedar Point-exclusive sandwich.

Known as relaxing, eclectic and fun, Melt Bar & Grilled serves deliciously huge sandwiches that have been featured in USA Today, ESPN The Magazine, and on The Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” and The Travel Channel's "Man Vs. Food." Melt Bar & Grilled fans drive from all over Ohio and beyond just to experience the incredibly unique atmosphere and diverse, ever-changing menu.

“We’re thrilled to bring our comfort food creations to Cedar Point’s guests this summer,” said Matt Fish, owner and founder of Melt Bar & Grilled. “Travelers from all over the world visit the park each year, and we can’t wait to give them a special taste of Cleveland during their stay – especially the Firecracker Chicken Sandwich. This Cedar Point exclusive is the perfect summer grilled cheese!”

Melt Bar & Grilled at Cedar Point is scheduled to open on May 26.

“Lights, Camera, Action!” – Cedar Point’s award-winning live entertainment continues its legacy with the debut of “Lights, Camera, Action!” in the Jack Aldrich Theatre. This show will immerse guests in famous movie music from black-and-white features to today’s cinematic greats.

“Peanuts™ Perfect Day” – On the big stage in Celebration Plaza, everyone’s favorite Peanuts friends come together in this larger-than-life celebration. Perfect for families, guests can sing along to popular music and meet the characters after the show.

In addition to these new shows, “Luminosity,” the park’s explosive summer spectacular, returns in Celebration Plaza with fresh music, mesmerizing special effects and additional surprises throughout the show. Other favorites, like “All Wheels Extreme,” “Totally Live – This Country Rocks” and “Lusty Lil’s Wild West Review” will make their return in 2017. Show times vary throughout the summer.

For complete updates on all of these new offerings coming to the park in 2017, guests can follow Cedar Point on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, or visit cedarpoint.com.
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Re: Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

Postby MidwestThemeParks » Sun Feb 26, 2017 9:19 pm

^I like how they are still only doing Iron Dragon VR at night so that people can still ride it the normal way and the wait times during the day aren't longer because of it.
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Re: Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

Postby drummermattk » Sun Feb 26, 2017 9:23 pm

Whats up guys! Saturday I was fortunate enough to attend Chill Out for the first time and i plan on attending this again and many more events (Coastermania, Coasterstock..... and so forth).

So here's how my tour went (after my stupid Siri decided to route me to North Carolina's Cedar Point and took a ever so slight detour):

1. Maintenance Shop with glimpses of Maverick/Dragster car's disassembled and a slight Millennium Red train lead car waiting to join the others on the track.
2. Cedar Point Shore's: Great photo op's of Magnum, Breaker's new skytower, Point Plummet, New ticket window and overall, Cedar Point Shores!
3. Gemini Photo Op! a no picture clause was in effect after we left Gemini (you can probably guess why) until we reached Mine Ride
4. We learned about Professor Dilbert's Frontier Fling, as well as a Millennium/Dragon train photo op on the way to.................................
6.Merchandise tour and then we where done and heading home :cry:

So here are some interesting things I gathered from the Q/A's:
-Scrambler tear down occurs ever five years, and other rides are based upon what the manufacturer recommends
-A mixture of suits and standard rooms in the new Breaker's skytower
-A new walkway will connect the new Breaker's skytwoer to the current parking lot.
-Fast lane system for cedar point shores has not been determined yet.
-Boardwalk will stay the same.
-Discharge portion of Magnum's exit will be re route to accommodate the new Entrance to Cedar Point.
-The markers in the dirt on the Gemini side of Magnum's lift will be for the new entrance and preferred parking.
-The maximum height for the drop slides on Point Plummet are 42" supposedly
-Parking lot and exterior for cedar point shores will be completed before may 6th when the main park opens, while work walls will go up around Cedar Point Shores until the park is complete
-The old kids area will be reused for Lemmy's Lagoon
-In the petting zoo a new camel will be wit the one at the park already, along with Emu's and a couple new Yak's. Also At the blacksmith shop.A hand led pony ride will be new this year. An up charge attraction. Maximum height for this has not been determined yet.
-Animals from Kings Island, Cedar Point and some from Michigan's adventure go back down to the Honey Hill's Farm in Kentucky during the off season and some go to the Columbus location of Honey Hill's Farm.
-Cost will be similar for Ripcord when it was at challenge park. Season pass discounts will probably be available.
-When planning expansions for the park, full timer's usually look as far as 3,4,5 years.
-There where many possible locations for ripcord.
-Coastermania tickets will go on sale on March 9th.
-The park did tease about RMC mean streak and fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo hill is at the bottom of the supposedly first drop
-An All new cup program where you can choose between a disposable cup OR a souvenir cup.
-Iron dragon VR will be coming back for good. I believe if I remember correctly it'll will be June through august. VR ONLY AFTER 6 PM
-For all electric car owners. The park has contacted TESLA and discussed charging stations coming
-MELT will be coming to the point at Joe Cool's Cafe but WILL NOT AS OF RIGHT NOW BE ON THE DINING PLAN
-All merchandise goes through Cedar point ware houses and then is delivered to the designated park except for Canada's Wonderland, Knott's Berry Farm and California's great America

Anyways I'll shut up now and share some of my favorite of the pics that i took (i had to do a lot of editing from 245 pictures and 135 Videos)

I have arrived at the Sandusky Cedar Point (Not North Carolina one)
I like thi sparking but the associate one was better (pros of working for the company)
Well hello there beautiful.
Nice enough for the sun to come out and the clouds to go away for a bit.
Lets go!
Hello there Skyride cars.
"Kick the sky.................or a wild Valravn"
Something's different here.......
a wonderful group of BEAUTIFUL AND MARVELOUS track...........see what I did there? (no pun intended)
In Spirit of the Daytona 500..........................wait that's not the right racing I was thinking of.
Something is trying to hide from us.
*Sticks thumb out for a ride* no? not today?
Well there you are, you bashful thing you
Something seems different in this picture..............can you tell?
A look down the midway down towards Millie and Rougarou
Can i get a corcked roll please?..........
All torn down for the season.
COMPLETELY torn down for the season!
I wonder what these are.........
AH! Maverick nice to see you today!
I want to say these are Matterhorn cars but i dont know....
Dragster part's anyone?
Let's make our first stop at the rides Maintenance Shop for some nice lookins!
and whats on display?.................. Why none other than Millie's Lead car from the Red Train!
Any guesses on whose chassis's these belong to?
Maverick Car's are being assembled!
*Lift's wheel housing up.....walks away*
Scrambler's Center piece
I wonder what car this belongs to.
Onto Cedar Point Shores where existing slides are getting new steps!
I see you sneaky point plummet you!
What is this!?..........................(takin from an OK photo op location).
New ticket booth and entrance!
The steel structure continues its erection.........................
hello there again..............(still in the OK photo location)
Point Plummet ladies and gentleman!
This will be the area for preferred parking and the new Cedar Point Shores Entrance.
Antique Cars and magnum cars?
why do I feel like this guy is constantly wanting attention!? (Still in the ok photo zone)
Gemini time!
a rare view I will never see again!
after a brief stroll through a no picture zone (and you know why) we arrived at the best ride int he park!
Such style.
Still in the OK photo zone.)
The west was never this wild........until next year.
Millie at It's finest
Professor Dilbert;s Frontier Fling at it's new home!!
New location for Pony Rides!
Pony Rides!
Do you #DaretoDive
Something's on track.
for all you up close train shot nerds
Millennium Forest...
This guy's ready to ride!
A dragon that does not have his flame.............or VR.
Dive! Dive! Dive!
Skyride cars!
"Twist 'n' Shout!"
Um. Can i get a coke please?
These eagles aren't flying today :(
more snoopy ride cars!
and random Millie parts and the eagles
And this ladies and gentleman will be the new home of.........................MELT!
The Wendy's style window's will be gone, but in their place will be a nice new outdoor patio!
Someone's ready to fly!
So majestic
And that wraps it up! Thank you Cedar Point for an amazing event and Im sure you'll see me more than once this coming season!
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Re: Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

Postby RollerManic » Mon Feb 27, 2017 4:40 am

Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed the maintenance pictures. Big kudos to you for sharing the walk around the park. It seems no one has reported much yet other than the ride maintenance and Mean Streak updates.

And WOW! You pictures make that first turn look so tall! I can't believe how much taller it appears from the Power Tower midway. I remember being able to see it just glance over the trees when I visited, but now it dwarfs them.

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Re: Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

Postby ElectricUncleSam » Mon Feb 27, 2017 7:21 am

Care to elaborate on what you're referring to when you say the park teased RMC-Streak a little?
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