Photo TR: Garbels does a day in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park!
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Photo TR: Garbels does a day in Hong Kong

Postby Jakizle » Wed Mar 30, 2016 3:40 pm

Hello everyone, with the past holiday weekend I wanted to take advantage of the day off work and do something fun. Even though you lose a day flying to Hong Kong, I decided to go since I had that day to spare! This would allow me to finally visit Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park which have always been on my bucket list. With the forecast for weather looking great, I grabbed my carry-on bag and off I went! Hope you enjoy, and all pictures were taken with my phone so excuse the quality!

I was brought to Hong Kong via the territory's primary carrier, Cathay Pacific. Today's bird was a 777-300ER. Touchdown in Hong Kong at 8:35am!
This was the longest flight I had ever been on at 14hrs 58mins but Cathay Pacific is an amazing airline with great service and super comfortable economy seats.
I made it! Immigration was a breeze here, only took about 15 seconds literally.
I used the rest room, picked up a pocket wifi device for like $8 a day US, and took a cab to Hong Kong Disneyland! You can take trains but it takes 2 switches from the airport despite being super close.
The turnstiles opened at about 9:45am. To the left of the park entrance they have luggage storage for about $12 US and I picked up the ticket I bought online at Guest Services right next door.
Made it to the hub for the rope drop!
Getting to a park early always pays off. Third person heading into Adventureland!
First stop of the day was of course Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars!
They were finishing testing the last train for the day.
First passenger of the day in the backseat!
Grizzly was a great ride! I loved the backwards portion and especially the launch and sequence following (seen on the right). Top notch themeing also.
Next area of the park to explore was Mystic Point
The only attraction is Mystic Manor but boy is it a good one!!
I was the only one riding, it was kind of creepy. But I loved the story line and all of the effects and themes for each room!
I LOVED the look of Toy Story Land!
Slinky themed rides are just the greatest ever. I can't wait for the Orlando coaster.
RC Racer was a TIGHT fit for this big guy but really fun ride! The vehicle is super cool.
Making my way around through Fantasyland. While no big marquee attractions, it was a beautiful area. IMO they could really use a Seven Dwarves type ride here.
Small World just seemed so far away!
Finally it was time for Chinese Space Mountain! Single rider line here helped me avoid the only big ride queue in the park.
I thought it was very dark and a great version! The Chinese girl next to me kept bumping into me!
I thought Tomorrowland was very cool looking with the trees like this.
I also gave Buzz a spin - love the different versions of these!
Leaving Tomorrowland back out to the hub.
Selfie in front of the castle, barely hanging on after a full work day, traveling to Cali, and then flying 15 hours straight here! not bad for that right?
I did all of that in one hour so I went back for another lap on Grizzly!
I hope we see another version of this open up somewhere :)
Best part of the ride right here!
Another ride on Mystic Manor? yes please
I grabbed water and a snack! Mexican Pizza stick from Toy Story Land. It was interesting
I wanted to freshen up and check in so I decided to head to the hotel. This is the Disneyland train station
Loved the Mickeys!
Checked into my hotel in Kowloon. Not the best location (too far from avenue of the stars) but at least halfway between HK and Disney. However the room was super nice for $87.
This was the view from my room! I was lucky to be on the top floor.
Did I mention the weather was absolutely perfect?!?
These were the train tickets, really nice RFID cards. You press your location on the map, it calculates the fee, and spits this out. You just put it in the turnstile at your desination.
The train map was very very easy to navigate.
This would never work in America! Lanes to enter and depart the train.
To get to Ocean Park, my next stop, take the trains to the Admiralty station and follow the signs for exit B
Exit B takes you right to Bus 629 that goes to Ocean Park. You can buy your bus tickets and park ticket right here to save time!
The bus is a double decker, not an every day occurrence for me!
The bus to the park is fairly quick and gives some good views of Hong Kong island.
This area was called Happy Valley. Where is the other theme park? ;)
Not too long and we had made it to Ocean Park!
The entry area includes some kids rides, animal exhibits (like the Grand Aquarium and Pandas) and the cable car/shopping/dining area
I liked the "old school" Hong Kong theme...
...that directly lead to a more upscale themed street!
STOP RIGHT HERE. If the park is at all busy BUY THE FAST PASS. It was like 20 bucks US. I got it at Ricky's Shack right before the cable car. It is good for a bunch of rides and you just pick 7 uses for it. The cable car had a 60 minute wait, so I skipped it twice, leaving 5 rides but it was well worth it to do everything I wanted quickly and not wait.
Skipped the 60 minute cable car wait for these amazing views! It's crazy how far the other side of the park is.
The cable car was truly terrifying to me.
But it did give amazing views like this!
Hair Raiser looks absolutely amazing!
Of course it was my first ride. Skipped the full queue and they even let you pick your own row. This was a great B&M layout with airtime! And once you add the location...winning.
Next up was the powered coaster!
Hey look, I skipped the full queue again!
I thought this would do more and go inside, but it was still a unique layout. Rick Mathew's credit!
After getting complete lost, I finally made it down the mountain to the Mine Train!
This coaster was a tight fit! Thanks to the two Chinese guys for forcing down the third click it takes to ride. But the views were insane and the ride was pretty good too!
Luckily you take escalators up and down for the Mine Train! And they were super long escalators!
The last area of the park to explore was home to this infamous coaster, Dragon. Once again amazing views
I stopped for some steamed pork buns. Yum! What a view for an afternoon snack.
I went up for another ride on Hair Raiser. You have to walk around the Rainforest themed rapids ride to get to it. It looked neat but didn't want to get wet today.
Reminds me of Luna Park! But great ride once again.
I did check out a few animal exhibits quickly. The seals and walrus were cool.
Who doesn't love Penguins?
On my way down to Dragon, I passed the cable car line. Folks this went on forever. BUY THE FASTPASS!
Finally rode Dragon. Front row didn't kill me too much but still what a WTF ride.
TPR approved exhibit!
It was time to head back down on the cable car. Remember the line? This is till more of it on the other side of the park....
Heading back was terrifying because we stopped like 5 times and bounced on the cable as it relaxed! But here is the view back down into the park.
Had to stop by the Pandas before leaving, duh!
They just look so cuddly.
To get back to the train get back on bus 629! It was an hour until closing so they had a ton of buses picking up. They are building a train station so that will be open soon!
This is the Sunny Bay station where you transfer to the Disneyland line. Why? Because I am going back to HKDL for night rides!
Made it back for 90 more minutes of fun!
Loved the fountain with Mickey surfing up and down the water spout
I entered just in time for the 7:30 Paint the Night Parade. Never seen it so I watched. Who doesn't love Monsters INC?
I dont care for Cars, but this float was very impressive.
Belle <3 I will be your beast
Toy Story always wins.
After the parade back to the best areas of the park for fun!
Front row night ride on Grizzly no wait!
Mystic Manor just gets better each time! Noticing new details
Some of the themed rooms you encounter coming to life.
I got another solo ride. Love this trackless technology.
The Chinese Salon room looked basic at first, but had an awesome effect later on!
Grizzy IMO kicked so much more ass at night and in the front seat.
I was told to do Jungle Cruise here...and at night. HOLY CRAP! I was not disappointed. Lots of surprises and scares and the finale was epic and LIT!
What a better way to end the night than fireworks?
Sadly the park was closed now. Time to head into Hong Kong for some more views. But my torn opinion of HKDL (small, but great rides) was no longer torn, the park came alive at night!
While I missed the Symphony of lights by going back to Disney, I still had to see the amazing Hong Kong skyline views from Avenue of the Stars!
Here is the same view the next morning.
Pano for you.
And here I am! Already ready to go back to the airport to make it back for work.
Lift off out of HKG! Loved the nose wheel cam on the plane that you could watch from your seat
Great views before it got too smoggy! Lol
Thank god the flight back is a lot shorter!!!
And after like 10 hours of sleep, we made it back to LAX (gross).
Thanks to Cathay for great service and economy seating! Definitely fly these guys to Hong Kong! I loved everything about this trip and can't wait to go back for more time. Thanks for reading!

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Re: Photo TR: Garbels does a day in Hong Kong

Postby rosscoe » Wed Mar 30, 2016 4:25 pm

Great photos as always, Ocean Park crowds are insane, plus pushy, slightly rude but its also a great park with a killer location.
Hong Kong Disney is a great park as well, Grizzly and Mystic are two perfect rides.

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Re: Photo TR: Garbels does a day in Hong Kong

Postby Nrthwnd » Wed Mar 30, 2016 4:26 pm

Great quick TR, Jake.

But wow - exhausting! And after work, too?

Definitely how to spend a weekend, heh. :)
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Re: Photo TR: Garbels does a day in Hong Kong

Postby azza29 » Wed Mar 30, 2016 4:44 pm

Great photos, now I miss Hong Kong all of a sudden! Glad to hear Hair Raiser was running well, back in 2014... well let's just say I've been on smoother SLCs. Hong Kong Disneyland might be small but it has some excellent rides in Grizzly and Mystic Manor.

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Re: Photo TR: Garbels does a day in Hong Kong

Postby KBrylczyk » Wed Mar 30, 2016 5:12 pm

Kinda jealous. OK, a lot jealous.

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Re: Photo TR: Garbels does a day in Hong Kong

Postby boldikus » Wed Mar 30, 2016 5:32 pm

As always, and as expected, incredible report. Thanks for sharing.


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Re: Photo TR: Garbels does a day in Hong Kong

Postby DoinItForTheFame » Wed Mar 30, 2016 7:08 pm

Awesome photos!! Both of these parks have been added to my bucket list!! Grizzly looks amazing, and the location of Ocean Park is stunning. I can't get over how beautiful the backdrops are for all the coasters! :lover:

Thanks for the photos!! Loved the report! :)
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Re: Photo TR: Garbels does a day in Hong Kong

Postby The Great Zo » Wed Mar 30, 2016 7:17 pm

That's a heck of a day trip.

Maybe no park with a better setting than Ocean Park. Fantastic pictures, really captured how awesome it looks!
-- Andy
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Re: Photo TR: Garbels does a day in Hong Kong

Postby cfc » Thu Mar 31, 2016 4:50 am

I liked Grizzly Mountain and Hair Raiser a lot back on 2012. And you can't beat the views at Ocean Park.

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Re: Photo TR: Garbels does a day in Hong Kong

Postby HeartlineCoaster » Thu Mar 31, 2016 5:00 am

Glad you enjoyed the trip.

Night rides on Grizzly was the best chioce by far, Symphony of Lights was spectacularly underwhelming in my experience.


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