Photo TR: Baojia Amusement Park Beijing

A classic amusement park in Beijing
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Photo TR: Baojia Amusement Park Beijing

Postby chipcoaster » Fri Oct 30, 2015 8:07 pm

While I stayed in Beijing this Summer, I decided to hit up "Baojia Amusement Park", which is also known as Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park. It's quite convenient, because it's located directly on the subway line! I had heard that this park used to be the "place to be" in the 90's, until Happy Valley opened in 2006.

I like these kinds of parks where you can see visible "wear and tear". In fact, there were some places that actually seemed abandoned, and where you could roam freely. Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of this aspect was that many of the rides that I wanted to check out were closed, and seemed as they had been closed for a long time.

My posting is almost two months old - I went back in August, but I'm sure things are not that much different. Sorry for the delay!
This is what is looks like after approaching the park from the main street. The subway is off to the left and up the street, not too far away. Looking from this perspective, it seems quite empty and worn down!
After the last picture, and turning around, this is the view of the main entrance. Now the park looks more active, with many vendors!
View of the entrance from above
Look at that old shuttle loop coaster in the background! (I believe that's what it is). It seemed as if had been closed for many years. The landscape of the park in this scene is very nice and welcoming.
The water rapids ride looked pretty awesome, because of its scenery. A lot of it was surrounded by and intertwined with rocky landscapes. I didn't feel like getting wet that day!
A closer look at the shuttle loop coaster.
This was the entrance to a go-kart track that looks as if it has been abandoned for many years! It was not closed off, so it was easy to investigate further
Along the old go-kart track...
This design looks very similar to Spaceship Earth at Epcot Center! (maybe they copied it?) Supposedly inside was a "Soarin' Over California" style attraction, which was unfortunately closed. I don't remember which place they were actually "Soarin" over
Have you ever seen a flat ride like this one? It was closed, so I had no idea what it actually did. But all the chairs were sitting in place, so it didn't seem like it did very much: maybe it just rotates around in circles? How fun could that be?
Landscape overview of the park!
The themeing is actually quite good throughout the park. Maybe this is a ticket booth?
The approach to the "Sleeping Beauty Castle". Surprisingly enough, I don't think this was the entrance and "opening promenade" at the park. Most all of the shops were eerily shut down, and seemed as if the park was almost abandoned! It was truly a ghost town!
The Chinese like to copy was interesting seeing the castle in this "low tier" kind of park. When you walk to the other side of the castle, you find that it's some kind of 4D attraction inside.
When rides are closed down, do they always usually keep them upside-down like this?
Some of the themeing in the park. I think many years ago, the park got in trouble for being too much like Disneyland, so they had to change some things. Are these characters made up, or based on some storybook or children's cartoon?
The facades of some of the restaurants looked pretty awesome! Unfortunately, upon closer look, and actually going inside, the food really, really sucked! So I didn't buy anything. It's unfortunate that at most amusement parks in China (if not all), the food is exceptionally sub-par. I could have used a good burger at that moment.
The detail is so intricate on the outside...yet the food is so plain and below standard on the inside. Of course the park has seen better days...maybe back in the park's "good old days" the food was much better?
Aaaaargh! This walk-through ghost-house looked pretty cool. Unfortunately, I don't do ghost houses, because I'm a wimp!
Happy tree! Or...woodchuck? This might be a ticket booth...I can't quite remember!
I didn't ride the coaster, because I believe it's one of those standard Vekoma Flyer's (or a copy)...and I believe it might have been closed anyway. A train pokes through the landscape, which is quite fascinating (so you can get a closer look). The overgrown landscape gives the coaster an "abandoned" feel, doesn't it? I don't know...maybe it hasn't operated in a long time!
another heavily themed and entertaining ticket booth!
I have never seen this before! There was some kind of flat ride here before...maybe bumper cars or something. But they have taken out the ride, and kept the covering!
The sign is worn down, but still gives the park a "happy" touch
The themeing in this section of the park reminded me a lot of Islands of Adventure!
Some of the colorful details that can be seen in this section. Yes, the paint is worn and has seen better days...but that's a big part of what makes this park fascinating!
View of this area from the back...I was able to capture the ferris wheel and coaster together
The entrance to one of the children's attractions.
One of the water rides. In my opinion, the "overgrown" and "unmaintained" aspect gives the park a sense of character.
This must be a "shoot-em-up" darkride. It looks like this one might have actually been open!
This appears to be a hanging "bat-style" coaster. It was closed :(
...And it appears to have been closed for a very long time. I was able to walk up into the queue and check it out for myself! Look at all the dust on those chairs! Maybe this thing hasn't been used in years!!!
Upon further investigation, this appears to have once been an indoor "drop ride". I think this would have been a very cool concept. Unfortunately, once again, it seems as if it has been closed for a long time.
This looked like a cool water flume ride with many drops and tunnels! Even though the park has seen much better days, I can say that they did a great job on the themeing!
Is that Evil Shrek? Wow, what a cool theme for a top-spin ride! Unfortunately, it was closed too :(

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Re: Photo TR: Baojia Amusement Park Beijing

Postby Johnlloyd » Fri Oct 30, 2015 8:48 pm

Thanks Chipcoaster for these eerie photos of the nearly abandoned Baojia Amusement Park. It's quite creepy to see that some parks actually operate like this! :lmao:

I have never seen this before! There was some kind of flat ride here before...maybe bumper cars or something. But they have taken out the ride, and kept the covering!

As for the flat ride covering, I'd have to say it was some kind of Musik Express ride at one point or possibly a bumper car ride as you had suggested. :)
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Re: Photo TR: Baojia Amusement Park Beijing

Postby robbalvey » Fri Oct 30, 2015 8:55 pm

We have been to this park a number of times, most recently 2012. What's scary is that all those "closed" rides were mostly open in 2012 and the ones that were closed then were open in 2008. So this park has gone downhill FAST!

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Re: Photo TR: Baojia Amusement Park Beijing

Postby KBrylczyk » Sat Oct 31, 2015 12:16 am

robbalvey wrote:this park has gone downhill FAST!

Ah, the wonder of China. Maybe I should rethink my plan about Shanghai Disney. Originally I was gonna wait a few years for the kinks to work themselves out.

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Re: Photo TR: Baojia Amusement Park Beijing

Postby SharkTums » Sat Oct 31, 2015 6:44 am

I keep thinking every time I see a Photo TR of this park that it can't possible get any worse or still operate, and then another one comes along! Crazy.

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Re: Photo TR: Baojia Amusement Park Beijing

Postby cfc » Sat Oct 31, 2015 7:17 am

That shuttle loop was terrifying back in 2012. I think that closed, upside-down flat ride was in the same condition then, too.


Yep--this is from a report I posted back in 2012.

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Re: Photo TR: Baojia Amusement Park Beijing

Postby TheCoasterKid211 » Sat Oct 31, 2015 10:48 am

^ Oh...oh god. :omg:
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Re: Photo TR: Baojia Amusement Park Beijing

Postby larrygator » Sat Oct 31, 2015 11:47 am

The empty building looks like the park's old Love Express ride
We encountered these at many Chinese parks. The seats are on a pole and raise up and down. I believe the knobs and levers allowed the rider to control the ride. Popular with families having small kids, but not a thrill ride.
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Re: Photo TR: Baojia Amusement Park Beijing

Postby PixelRush » Sun Nov 01, 2015 7:50 am

So did you even do anything?!? All I could see were abandoned rides xD
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Re: Photo TR: Baojia Amusement Park Beijing

Postby TyRush » Sun Nov 01, 2015 1:45 pm

So creepy! The indoor drop tower looks like it could be a cool if it were open :p
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