Photo TR: Pittsburgh to NYC - 6 parks in 6 Days

Day 6 update - Trip to Coney Island
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Photo TR: Pittsburgh to NYC - 6 parks in 6 Days

Postby Jantzen73 » Fri Sep 04, 2015 7:30 pm

Day 1 - Knoebels
Day 2 - Quassy
Day 3 - Six Flags New England
Day 4 - Lake Compounce
Day 5 - Rye Playland
Day 6 - Luna Park

Finally getting around to sorting through a week's worth of photos... Main goals of the trip were to get to Knoebels for Impulse (and the food - and especially for Phoenix), Boulder Dash, Bizarro, our first RMC and a ride on the legendary Cyclone! We also capped things off with a few nights in NYC for some sightseeing, shopping and of course Scott's Pizza Tour!

All in all the trip was a success - kids only missed 2 credits and we had no rain - but the heat was pretty bad in mid-August (as to be expected).

These pics won't cover every square inch of the parks - just the stuff that caught my eye when I decided to stop riding and pull the camera out - enjoy!

Day 1, Park 1 - Knoebels Amusement Park - Elysburg, PA
We were here to check out Impulse, ride The Phoenix and eat great food. Impulse was good, not great we all thought. We had done pretty much everything else at the park last visit so we took a mid-day break at the hotel for a quick dip to cool off. You can buy discounted books of tickets at Weis Markets in the area if you are going on a non ride-all-day day. As expected, had a great time at Knoebels - it's such a great park. Hoping to stop back in the fall - it has to be beautiful with all the foliage. Plus I'm sure a night train ride is even creepier then!
IMG_1446 Edited.jpg
There's that twisted mess of metal they call Impulse!
IMG_1450 Edited.jpg
Unfortunately for me this was the best part of the ride - the 90 degree lift hill.
IMG_1460 Edited.jpg
Restraints were comfy - no complaints there. Even had a booster seat insert for little ones!
IMG_1465 Edited.jpg
Leaving the station.
IMG_1469 Edited.jpg
I loved the color changing LED's in the station - nice touch.
It's a lot of coaster crammed into a small area.
IMG_1474 Edited.jpg
Through the corkscrew.
IMG_1480 Edited.jpg
Straight down!
IMG_1490 Edited.jpg
Hands up!
IMG_1501 Edited.jpg
Going down.
Neck-snapping fun!
Fun first drop - great ride the whole family can enjoy - not extremely thrilling though.
IMG_1510 Edited.jpg
Oh yes - we are back at one of the greatest amusement parks around!
IMG_1512 Edited.jpg
So many little touches throughout the park - this park really preserves the past.
IMG_1513 Edited.jpg
So simple - yet so perfect for the park.
IMG_1515 Edited.jpg
Random swan swimming in the creek.
IMG_1517 Edited.jpg
One of many, many signs through the park.
Love that homemade feeling to everything around the park.
IMG_1520 Edited.jpg
Lots of interesting characters with yes - more signs!
One sign I don't mind seeing - just one of the best woodies around - hands down - or better yet, hands up!
IMG_1527 Edited.jpg
I wish all wooden coasters were as awesome as The Phoenix
IMG_1532 Edited.jpg
Filter time.
IMG_1536 Edited.jpg
Leave your mark on the bridge if you like.
IMG_1538 Edited.jpg
A picnic grove with candy cane supports - only at Knoebels.
IMG_1556 Edited.jpg
Our view from inside the Oasis where we had the best chicken meal - amazing food throughout the park.. And that white birch beer! Yum!
IMG_1560 Edited.jpg
One fantastic carousel.
IMG_1568 Edited.jpg
Didn't get a brass ring though.
IMG_1571 Edited.jpg
It still works! Amazing to see the love and care Knoebels has taken.
IMG_1575 Edited.jpg
Yes you will see dogs on leashes around the park and on the train, but not in the creek.
IMG_1576 Edited.jpg
I think there is a sign every 3 feet.
IMG_1577 Edited.jpg
There's another.
IMG_1578 Edited.jpg
Love the detail - because they couldn't just say 50 feet.
IMG_1579 Edited.jpg
That little creek has caused some big problems over the years. Not today though.
IMG_1580 Edited.jpg
A view from the covered bridge.
IMG_1582 Edited.jpg
Another view from the covered bridge.
IMG_1584 Edited.jpg
Ahhh - We stopped in here a lot.
Fying Turns - what an accomplishment for the park.
IMG_1589 Edited.jpg
These one of a kind trains are a work of rolling art.
IMG_1592 Edited.jpg
Is there a better setting for a classic wooden coaster like Phoenix?
IMG_1593 Edited.jpg
Lots to look at as you peruse the park.
IMG_1598 Edited.jpg
Even a pretty butterfly arrives on cue.
IMG_1613 Edited.jpg
Oh that's pretty much how it feels too. Not for those with weak stomachs.
IMG_1619 Edited.jpg
The Flyers! Sails will be whipped today!
IMG_1620 Edited.jpg
What else does a ride op need? 1 chair, 2 fans and an internal combustion engine!
Best flying scooters around.
IMG_1640 Edited.jpg
We're back for more Fascination! I didn't win the2 ball cover-all.
IMG_1648 Edited.jpg
More neat stuff - everywhere you look.
IMG_1650 Edited.jpg
Decorative signs...
Warning signs...
IMG_1656 Edited.jpg
Food signs... (My favorite kind)
IMG_1659 Edited.jpg
Flood signs... (boooo!)
IMG_1666 Edited.jpg
Balloon-headed girl!
IMG_1672 Edited.jpg
Downdraft going up.
IMG_1676 Edited.jpg
I felt really awkward stopping to snap this pic - but I had too - it's just so Knoebels!
IMG_1677 Edited.jpg
Time for a ride on the Giant Wheel.
Ferris wheel tire - just because.
IMG_1684 Edited.jpg
Great to see the rolling tree-covered hills all around and in the park.
IMG_1686 Edited.jpg
Great view of Impulse from here.
That's a RollerCoaster Tycoon lift hill for sure.
IMG_1696 Edited.jpg
Sun dropping below the tree line.
IMG_1697 Edited.jpg
Around we go.
IMG_1704 Edited.jpg
Nice view of Downdraft.
IMG_1731 Edited.jpg
Time for an even more scenic ride.
Crossing the road.
IMG_1733 Edited.jpg
Lots's of interesting things tucked up the hillside.
IMG_1735 Edited.jpg
Looks like it would be fun to walk down - but not up.
IMG_1738 Edited.jpg
Random silver skull impaled on footer bolt.
IMG_1740 Edited.jpg
Beautiful evening.
IMG_1749 Edited.jpg
It was a hot and hazy August evening.
IMG_1754 Edited.jpg
See there really is an amusement park down in those woods!
IMG_1756 Edited.jpg
Can you spot Phoenix?
IMG_1758 Edited.jpg
Lift hill wheels, lifting.
IMG_1767 Edited.jpg
Small but terrifying!
The track work of Flying Turns is unbelievable.
Like a work of art.
Here they come!
Why am I about to go into this human hamster wheel?!?
A pair of girls counted spinning 82 times as they went around and around... 82 times!
Knoebels has a totally different feel at night.
Balloon race all lit up.
Rides really do run faster at night!
The new LED package on the Giant Wheel looked great!
Downdraft cutting through the night.
Swings, swinging.
Satellite at night.
IMG_1811 Edited.jpg
That's all from Knoebels - time to get our night train ride and final ride on Phoenix!
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Day 2 - Quassy

Postby Jantzen73 » Sat Sep 05, 2015 7:17 am

Day 2, Park 2 - Quassy Amusement Park - Middlebury CT

Bought the after 4PM 2 for $22 passes online which was a good deal. Wasn't expecting much from this park and really just wanted to get a ride on Wooden Warrior. Park seemed really crowded when we arrived though we only waited about 15 mins for Wooden Warrior each time - which isn't bad for having only 1 train. It was better than expected and a fun little ride. Rest of the park was carnival-like quality rides. Didn't head to the water park - but it was busy on this hot day. We were good after a few hours there. Oh - plan on zero cell service and no WiFi - I know - the horror! Definitely our least favorite park of the trip. Highlight of this stop was finding Maggie McFly's restaurants in the area - great stuff!

LOL- Restaurant is Called M a g g i e McFly's - it is auto-changed to Magnum - Love TPR!!! :br
IMG_1881 Edited.jpg
We almost parked in the park - this place was cozy to say the least.
Ok - so far so good looks decent enough from here.
For some reason we never made it to the bumper cars - kinda forgot about them.
Coming soon to a Quassy near you.
IMG_1892 Edited.jpg
Then things got a little creepy as you moved back into the small park.
IMG_1893 Edited.jpg
So apparently the name was decided on by local school students - cool!
Amusing signs in the queue.
Our first glimpse of that Timberliner!
More entertaining signage.
IMG_1911 Edited.jpg
Sexy train shot.
IMG_1913 Edited.jpg
Sexy brake run shot.
Little pops of air near the end.
Coming in - this thing took a solid minute to load in from the brake run - starting and stopping a lot.
Front car.
Lots of rivets and screw heads.
A hands up ride for sure!
Coming through.
Headed out.
Yeah - could have used Knoebels dress code here...
Some hair-time and chest-hair-time - yuck!
Please fly to Wal-Mart and buy a shirt.
IMG_1940 Edited.jpg
Even small drops can be scary.
IMG_1941 Edited.jpg
Nice little tunnel - all in all a fun little ride - better than we expected.
IMG_1952 Edited.jpg
Portable pirate ride...
IMG_1958 Edited.jpg
Beach area - looks nice here - but was not in person.
IMG_1960 Edited.jpg
A giant Quassy cock?
IMG_1961 Edited.jpg
They had one of these.
IMG_1968 Edited.jpg
You could rent a paddle boat if you wanted to bake out in the sun.
IMG_1971 Edited.jpg
Glamour shot.
IMG_1977 Edited.jpg
Now that's how you ride the Little Dipper at Quassy.
Old and nostalgic train.
IMG_1991 Edited.jpg
Some nice horses on the carousel.
IMG_1997 Edited.jpg
Sea Serpent! Bonus points!
IMG_2000 Edited.jpg
Nice details and craftmanship.
IMG_2003 Edited.jpg
And a creepy Humpty Dumpty!
IMG_2007 Edited.jpg
This was new - no thanks.
Was going to ride - but the ride cycle was very long and I was still recovering from the Looper at Knoebels.
IMG_2012 Edited.jpg
Scenic lake setting - that and Wooden Warrior were the best things.
Now this ride freaked us out - those swings lean waaaaaaay back. Scary fun.
IMG_2024 Edited.jpg
Now that we were leaving we found the map - that you really don't need.
Here's as close as we got to the water park.
IMG_2045 Edited.jpg
No drop tower credit today :(
One last look at Wooden Warrior before we head out.
IMG_2050 Edited.jpg
Goodbye Quassy - see you again if you get another coaster.
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Re: Photo TR: Pittsburgh to NYC - 6 parks in 6 Days

Postby Jantzen73 » Sat Sep 05, 2015 6:51 pm

Day3, Park 3 - Six Flags New England - Agawam, MA

As far as Six Flags goes I was pleasantly surprised by SFNE. Clean park, nice layout, good assortment of coasters... Ride ops were great on the popular rides - still ran into a few slow moving ops. Only complaint - and obviously worse due to the hot weather - is that there is black asphalt EVERYWHERE (well except right near the front gate). Even at night the heat was radiating on the walk ways. Goliath was down which was a bit of a let down - that thing is massive! I'm no boomerang fan but that thing looked incredible.

We went right to Wicked Cyclone. Waited a few trains and WOW! RMC lives up to the hype - such great pacing - the ride is fun right up to the final brake run. Comfortable ride with some fun elements. First thing I thought was - I can't wait until they get their hands on Mean Streak. With such a large coaster there is so much potential. We got quite a few rides on it thanks to Platinum Flash Pass - pricey but we were able to walk on Wicked Cyclone all day.

Got to see what all the hoop-la was about Bizarro / Superman: RoS soon again... Verdict - boys loved it, girls thought - "meh". The lap bars were a little irritating but besides that I thought it was a great ride - especially for one that been around over 15 years. It's definitely a top tier coaster. Loved the view of the river and that you can walk around so close to the track.

We realized when we left the park for dinner that some residents open their yards for parking - it was only like $3... Little old lady was in her beach chair taking money. Better than the $25 that the park charges for sure... I was also surprised that the park was in a rural area - seemed to pass a lot of tractors pulling tobacco leaves which was cool.
IMG_2054 Edited.jpg
Still had this up from the day before - shame on them lol.
IMG_2055 Edited.jpg
Is this a court house or an amusement park?
IMG_2062 Edited.jpg
View from the parking lot bridge.
IMG_2063 Edited.jpg
Nice landscaping outside the front gate.
IMG_2064 Edited.jpg
We are in - pretty nice view down the main midway.
IMG_2065 Edited.jpg
I gave up waiting for Wicked Cyclone to enter the picture...
IMG_2068 Edited.jpg
Close enough - I need to go ride this thing!
IMG_2070 Edited.jpg
But wait - a shark!
IMG_2075 Edited.jpg
After losing our RMC cherry it was off to see this guy.
Intamin sighting through the trees.
IMG_2114 Edited.jpg
Some cool elements (I'm not used to working theming - ahem, Cedar Point)
IMG_2115 Edited.jpg
Hey, I'm not the only one who was snapping photos that day!
Nice location with the trees and the river nearby.
Spinning mouse - seemed like a good idea at the time.
IMG_2126 Edited.jpg
Looks great from the ground - rode the shorter versions at other Six Flags - hell no to this monster.
IMG_2129 Edited.jpg
Some RMC goodness.
IMG_2135 Edited.jpg
First drop!
IMG_2136 Edited.jpg
Away they go!
IMG_2146 Edited.jpg
I know exactly where I was at 12:51 PM EST 8/17/15.
IMG_2147 Edited.jpg
What a massive structure - was down still...
IMG_2155 Edited.jpg
Some dark clouds creeping up behind Wicked Cyclone.
IMG_2159 Edited.jpg
Thunderbolt - painfully slow ops - not a horrible ride.
IMG_2161 Edited.jpg
Looks like someone might pop out a secret elevator.
IMG_2164 Edited.jpg
Nice carousel at the front of the park - with nice pavers instead black asphalt. Charming actually.
IMG_2172 Edited.jpg
A shot and drop tower all in one! Fun ride.
IMG_2173 Edited.jpg
So we stumbled across the train - up behind season pass processing - I think we woke the poor girl operating the train.
IMG_2177 Edited.jpg
Back down into the park.
IMG_2181 Edited.jpg
Headache coming in 3, 2, 1.
IMG_2188 Edited.jpg
What's that back there?
IMG_2189 Edited.jpg
Bizzaro heading back.
IMG_2194 Edited.jpg
Oh - what's this a B&M floorless. Was ok.
IMG_2196 Edited.jpg
I think the park GM is color blind - awful colors.
IMG_2200 Edited.jpg
Couldn't help but peaking back to see that fun little Intamin while sipping on a cold beer.
IMG_2206 Edited.jpg
One more.
IMG_2208 Edited.jpg
The turn around.
IMG_2212 Edited.jpg
And when you are ready for that perfect shot - and they send a test train. Fail.
IMG_2213 Edited.jpg
Hey it's a mini Millennium Force!
IMG_2216 Edited.jpg
Another S&S tower credit.
IMG_2217 Edited.jpg
Ride the Thunderbolt it said. So we did.
IMG_2219 Edited.jpg
Spooky - but spooky with air conditioning.
IMG_2221 Edited.jpg
I liked how all the rides had their "licenses" on display.
IMG_2225 Edited.jpg
Watch out for that cowboy!
IMG_2229 Edited.jpg
Tomahawk - the inside out Max-air / pirate ship ride thing. It was ok.
IMG_2233 Edited.jpg
Needed to get back over to the star of the park.
IMG_2236 Edited.jpg
Yep - Six Flags - well 7 if you count the US flag.
IMG_2239 Edited.jpg
These folks rolled up the hill..
IMG_2240 Edited.jpg
and turned right around...
IMG_2242 Edited.jpg
My wife informed me of the snickering by the folks walking by as I took a pic of a sewer grate.
IMG_2245 Edited.jpg
This little nook of the park was nicely themed - and actually no blacktop!
IMG_2248 Edited.jpg
Oh - so that's what they do... So, what do they do?
IMG_2249 Edited.jpg
It lived up to its name.
IMG_2250 Edited.jpg
It looks like it could just walk away and destroy a city.
IMG_2253 Edited.jpg
It was not to be this day though.
Returning from dinner and figured a few folks would appreciate.
Entering the tunnel in 3...
IMG_2262 Edited.jpg
Wild mouse with a much too long name.
Bizzaro overload coming up... make up your own comments...
IMG_2268 Edited.jpg
IMG_2298 Edited.jpg
IMG_2335 Edited.jpg
IMG_2344 Edited.jpg
IMG_2355 Edited.jpg
IMG_2356 Edited.jpg
IMG_2297 Edited.jpg
And then there is the creepiest joker you've ever seen.
IMG_2310 Edited.jpg
That's a better view.
IMG_2341 Edited.jpg
They were VERY detailed with this Catwoman figure.
Those poor souls.
IMG_2383 Edited.jpg
Tomahawk - all by it self up a dead end path.
IMG_2392 Edited.jpg
Time for some night rides on Wicked Cyclone to end the day...
IMG_2393 Edited.jpg
How tall do they need to make these things anyway?
IMG_2399 Edited.jpg
Quick night shot.
IMG_2408 Edited.jpg
Carousel looking nice all lit up.
IMG_2411 Edited.jpg
And that's all folks... Great time at SFNE!
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Re: Photo TR: Pittsburgh to NYC - 6 parks in 6 Days

Postby DaMarkSta » Sun Sep 06, 2015 12:41 pm

Great pictures as always, can't wait to see more!

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Re: Photo TR: Pittsburgh to NYC - 6 parks in 6 Days

Postby Jantzen73 » Tue Sep 08, 2015 4:31 pm

Day 4, Park 4 - Lake Compounce - Bristol, CT

Another hot and humid day - that's OK because we weren't planning a full day here and the park is on the smaller size. Overall impressions of the park - it's OK. Phobia next year will help the park out for sure. It seemed like the lake should have boats on it or something else. I guess they do a light show over it on certain days...

As for Boulder Dash - had mixed feelings - Front row ride was one of the best wooden coaster rides I've had - but in seats further back there were some painful moments that distracted from the ride. We didn't get a night ride - the park closed at 8 and we were out by 6 so either way sun would have been up... It seems that is something to experience. 1 train operations also made short lines seem to take a long time which again is supposedly the norm.

One thing that stood out was the park's re-ride policy for disabled guests. The ride op puts a green cone in line a person or two behind the current folks waiting in line to hold their spot. They then could ride twice in a row. One caveat is that if the person that is disabled does not ride then the other members of their group can not. We heard this when one woman had enough after 1 Boulder Dash ride - she ended up sticking it out for a second ride so her group could ride. Just never seen it done this way before.

We rode most flat rides and the log flume - nothing was too spectacular. Zoomerang I skipped - kids got their credit. Wildcat was horrible - thought I broke my back on that thing. Nice to look at but that's about it. Operations were good throughout the park and fresh cut fries were tasty. Again we skipped the waterpark so can't give any insight there.

On to the pics...
IMG_2412 Edited.jpg
Really no need for a map in this small park.
IMG_2413 Edited.jpg
Tunnel entrance - love them!
IMG_2414 Edited.jpg
Ok we are tall enough.
IMG_2415 Edited.jpg
Getting closer.
IMG_2417 Edited.jpg
Nice front entrance.
IMG_2418 Edited.jpg
Located at the base of a mountain.
IMG_2420 Edited.jpg
Creepy figures in the windows.
IMG_2421 Edited.jpg
Nice landscaping.
IMG_2422 Edited.jpg
That coaster back there looks good but it is very bad.
IMG_2423 Edited.jpg
One more beauty shot.
IMG_2424 Edited.jpg
That concludes our tour of the front gate.
I spy a flappy bird up the hill! Yeah!
IMG_2434 Edited.jpg
We made it!
IMG_2435 Edited.jpg
So I've ridden the "number 1" steel - time for the "best" woodie
IMG_2438 Edited.jpg
Only blue train running today.
IMG_2447 Edited.jpg
Nice lift hill ride up the mountain.
IMG_2451 Edited.jpg
Here it comes! Hard to photograph this thing!
IMG_2453 Edited.jpg
Coming back - lots of airtime hills.
IMG_2466 Edited.jpg
Oh - there it goes!
IMG_2476 Edited.jpg
There's more tree than coaster.
IMG_2473 Edited.jpg
Drop tower credit - even though we don't keep count!
IMG_2481 Edited.jpg
Best part of the ride - should have stopped here.
IMG_2488 Edited.jpg
You poor, poor souls.
IMG_2494 Edited.jpg
It's all downhill from there.
IMG_2496 Edited.jpg
IMG_2500 Edited.jpg
Our turn to feel the pain.
IMG_2502 Edited.jpg
Their beautiful carousel.
IMG_2504 Edited.jpg
They had a billy goat! Ha!
IMG_2505 Edited.jpg
Didn't know that. Cool.
IMG_2510 Edited.jpg
Part of the kiddie area.
IMG_2511 Edited.jpg
Zoomerang - or no thanks.
IMG_2513 Edited.jpg
Nice waterfall in front of the pirate ship.
IMG_2514 Edited.jpg
Some Phobia signage throughout the park.
IMG_2517 Edited.jpg
Nice sparkly sign.
IMG_2519 Edited.jpg
I guess yellow jackets like mountain coasters - these were everywhere in the park.
IMG_2525 Edited.jpg
Back drop of the flyer ride.
IMG_2526 Edited.jpg
Nice paint job - did not ride - nothing beats Knoebels Flyers...
IMG_2527 Edited.jpg
We did ride this - nice but too short.
IMG_2532 Edited.jpg
IMG_2533 Edited.jpg
Flume ride queue sign.
IMG_2534 Edited.jpg
Down for protein spill - rode it later. Good but no Skyhawk.
IMG_2536 Edited.jpg
Ferris wheel.
IMG_2540 Edited.jpg
There really are boulders here.
IMG_2543 Edited.jpg
This is what the side of the ferris wheel looks like.
IMG_2544 Edited.jpg
Boulder Dash station.
IMG_2547 Edited.jpg
Bottom of the first drop.
IMG_2548 Edited.jpg
And they're off!
IMG_2551 Edited.jpg
Nice to have so many trees around.
IMG_2552 Edited.jpg
Enterprise was down and I think is coming out.
IMG_2555 Edited.jpg
Frisbee ride was ok - I can still feel the restraint hitting my back.
IMG_2557 Edited.jpg
Walked by this several times but always seemed to be a line so never went in...
IMG_2560 Edited.jpg
Gargoyle shot.
IMG_2561 Edited.jpg
The Phobia display was still out.
IMG_2562 Edited.jpg
Ride map.
IMG_2563 Edited.jpg
Photoshop'ed ride pic.
IMG_2566 Edited.jpg
That non-descript white building back ther freaked us out on our way in - looks like some secret government building or missile silo.
IMG_2567 Edited.jpg
Quick - it's Boulder Dash!
IMG_2568 Edited.jpg
Through the ferris wheel shot.
IMG_2571 Edited.jpg
Coming into the station.
IMG_2575 Edited.jpg
IMG_2576 Edited.jpg
Getting ready to leave the station.
IMG_2580 Edited.jpg
Over the lift hill.
IMG_2589 Edited.jpg
Boulder Dash from across the lake.
IMG_2591 Edited.jpg
More views from the train.
IMG_2593 Edited.jpg
The lighthouse water slide thing looked neat.
IMG_2608 Edited.jpg
From the other side of the lake.
IMG_2616 Edited.jpg
Headed back.
IMG_2650 Edited.jpg
Now that's some nifty engineering.
IMG_2651 Edited.jpg
Just throw some footers on the boulders and build a coaster.
IMG_2653 Edited.jpg
We took the trolley back to where the rapids ride is and ski lift.
IMG_2654 Edited.jpg
Was down due to weather - too hot. 30 min round trip and worried about heat stroke.
IMG_2655 Edited.jpg
Here comes Boulder Dash!
IMG_2657 Edited.jpg
And just like that, they are gone.
IMG_2660 Edited.jpg
More cool footer-boulders.
IMG_2661 Edited.jpg
Some of the structure.
IMG_2662 Edited.jpg
More wood.
IMG_2664 Edited.jpg
See that speck of blue back in the woods?
IMG_2668 Edited.jpg
Here they come - the home stretch.
IMG_2669 Edited.jpg
The front will put a smile on your face.
IMG_2670 Edited.jpg
That triple up - crazy element.
IMG_2671 Edited.jpg
half way there...
IMG_2672 Edited.jpg
IMG_2673 Edited.jpg
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Re: Photo TR: Pittsburgh to NYC - 6 parks in 6 Days

Postby gardyloo! » Fri Sep 11, 2015 9:01 am

Pictures keep getting better and better :b .
How were the crowds at SF NE, as you said the operations weren't that good, but hopefully the lines weren't that bad. Planning to go next summer hence the curiosity ;).

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Re: Photo TR: Pittsburgh to NYC - 6 parks in 6 Days

Postby Jantzen73 » Sun Sep 13, 2015 8:17 am

Day 5, Park 5 - Rye Playland - Rye, NY

Didn't have high expectations for this park as we made our way from CT to NYC but it turned out to be better than we expected. Even though most of the rides were just OK we found the park very welcoming and clean with good operations. Highlights were riding the infamous Dragon Coaster, the derby ride and the Zoltar machine! There are some unique flat rides, a fun old mill and a boardwalk / beach area too.

We got our first spin on a Zamperla flyer - and after the first lift hill it's all down hill from there - the inversions bring the pain for sure. The derby ride was fun - long cycle and higher speed than Cedar Downs at Cedar Point. The horses did not move back and force - but they didn't have to - there was enough speed to keep the ride exciting. You even have to put your left leg on the lowest peg and the right on the highest - plus the announcement over the loud speaker during the ride to "keep leaning to the left!" So that was pretty unique and cool.

The dark rides were about what you'd think they'd be - old hot smelly buildings with dated "animatronics". House of mirrors is something you don't see everyday anymore so that was neat. The wild mouse was typical and besides being historic the Dragon Coaster was a very forgettable ride.

The nice landscaping, tree-lined walkways and the old look / feel of the buildings kind of reminded me of Kennywood when I was growing up - this place definitely has one foot in the past. I was really expecting a lot worse but we had a nice time on the day we were there.
Our first sighting from the parking lot - a Zamperla flying coaster.
IMG_2675 Edited.jpg
Your typical ferris wheel with gondalas.
Ticket booth - we went for the all-day wristband.
IMG_2684 Edited.jpg
Our view when we entered the gates.
We spied Dragon Coaster running.
IMG_2686 Edited.jpg
The old ticket booth looks like some medieval torture chamber.
IMG_2687 Edited.jpg
Have ____ today!
IMG_2690 Edited.jpg
Yes the "Oh my God!" moment that everyone who grew up in the 80's has - our kids were like WTF?
IMG_2691 Edited.jpg
Just a pretty park.
IMG_2692 Edited.jpg
Getting closer to the ride that sounds cooler than it is.
IMG_2693 Edited.jpg
Now maybe riding in those cars would have made for some excitement.
Dragon Coaster and its 1 train - yes the wait was long even on this slow day.
IMG_2695 Edited.jpg
The derby building and gondola wheel.
IMG_2696 Edited.jpg
Bonus point for "smoke" coming out the dragon!
IMG_2697 Edited.jpg
A lot of parks wouldn't even have this - so it was nice to see the park pay attention to the small details.
IMG_2698 Edited.jpg
It's really hard to make this ride look exciting.
IMG_2700 Edited.jpg
There's the Dragging - I mean Dragon Coaster.
IMG_2705 Edited.jpg
Loved the old time architecture.
IMG_2708 Edited.jpg
Who doesn't love the design of the lift hill - and pretty much hate everything else about these?
IMG_2710 Edited.jpg
Those derby horses don't mess around - hold on tight or get flung from the ride.
IMG_2716 Edited.jpg
Gorgeous day.
IMG_2718 Edited.jpg
The park is a Historic Landmark.
IMG_2721 Edited.jpg
Outside the gates there was an ice rink.
IMG_2723 Edited.jpg
Cool mural on the fountain.
Pretty fountain.
Oh, there's the map!
Just a picturesque little park.
IMG_2729 Edited.jpg
More admiration for the landscaping.
IMG_2730 Edited.jpg
Another look.
IMG_2731 Edited.jpg
Look kids - a "pay phone". Long before cell phones....
One more shot of the pretty landscaping.
Mini-dragon coaster.
IMG_2738 Edited.jpg
Look out for that dragon head.
IMG_2747 Edited.jpg
Classic styling.
IMG_2749 Edited.jpg
Yes please.
Step into the way-back machine.
IMG_2752 Edited.jpg
A look across the way.
IMG_2754 Edited.jpg
Let's have some fun on the carousel!
IMG_2757 Edited.jpg
Do they even still make hand carved horses anymore?
IMG_2758 Edited.jpg
Nicely detailed.
IMG_2759 Edited.jpg
A look back at the swings.
IMG_2760 Edited.jpg
Very elegant.
IMG_2765 Edited.jpg
It was a moving work of art.
One last shot.
IMG_2776 Edited.jpg
There's some clever fire and water joke in there somewhere.
IMG_2777 Edited.jpg
Classic whip ride.
IMG_2779 Edited.jpg
House of mirrors.
IMG_2780 Edited.jpg
What's a castle without zombies?
IMG_2781 Edited.jpg
Air-brushed zombies.
IMG_2783 Edited.jpg
The crazy mouse - cracking necks since 2003.
IMG_2787 Edited.jpg
The view from here was kind of meh.
IMG_2791 Edited.jpg
What is the difference between a crazy mouse and a wild mouse?
IMG_2795 Edited.jpg
Part of the infamous dragon tunnel.
IMG_2800 Edited.jpg
Then there was this building.
IMG_2803 Edited.jpg
Something out of a nightmare.
IMG_2804 Edited.jpg
Meet the Dragon Coaster's dark side.
IMG_2806 Edited.jpg
Windmill with demons? I'm in.
IMG_2809 Edited.jpg
The ride was better from the outside than the inside.
IMG_2811 Edited.jpg
Another park another S&S tower.
The is about the best distance to stay from this ride.
IMG_2817 Edited.jpg
IMG_2820 Edited.jpg
Choo choo!
IMG_2821 Edited.jpg
Taking a stroll to the beach / boardwalk.
What's creepier than a giant tin man?
IMG_2823 Edited.jpg
The Village People - sorry we missed it... Y..M..C..A!
IMG_2824 Edited.jpg
A step back in time.
IMG_2826 Edited.jpg
Another fountain shot.
IMG_2830 Edited.jpg
Beach - looked nice but that water... I think I'll stay dry today.
IMG_2832 Edited.jpg
There was a restaurant and bar on the boardwalk.
Some folks were fishing out on the pier - you can maybe see the log flume from here.
IMG_2846 Edited.jpg
A look back at the beach.
IMG_2848 Edited.jpg
Welcome back!
Some interesting benches on the boardwalk.
IMG_2853 Edited.jpg
The classic Zoltar shot from Big (for the children of the 80's)
IMG_2855 Edited.jpg
Headed back to the parking lot.
IMG_2856 Edited.jpg
One last look back.
Goodbye Rye Playland - it was fun!
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Re: Photo TR: Pittsburgh to NYC - 6 parks in 6 Days

Postby Jantzen73 » Sun Sep 13, 2015 8:34 am

gardyloo! wrote:Pictures keep getting better and better :b .
How were the crowds at SF NE, as you said the operations weren't that good, but hopefully the lines weren't that bad. Planning to go next summer hence the curiosity ;).


The big rides at SFNE had good ops - Wicked Cyclone / Bizarro, etc. were fine - Thunderbolt was horribly slow and one of the ops at the drop tower was not a nice person. Those are the one's that stick out to me. It seemed the better the rides the better the ops - the worse the ride - the worse the ops.

So, unless it's a really slow day I'd bite the bullet and save up the almost $100 for Platinum Flash Pass. Assuming it will be the same way with Wicked Cyclone not being available on Gold next year. If it moves to Gold then Gold Flash Pass is enough. Being able to walk on all day to Wicked Cyclone and double rides on Bizarro made it worth it for us.

Since it was a hot day a lot of the crowd was in the water park then flooded in around 7 PM. Whenever we plan on going to a park that we will not be back to in a long time or ever - we just plan on getting whatever fast lane type system they have - we do wait until we get there to get it though - just in case the lines aren't bad. Even this day we waited until noon to get the Platinum Flash Pass - once we saw what the wait times were going to be. We also find on hot days like we had it makes the day go by so much better because we can break and not feel rushed to get it all done.

Probably best to pop into the SFNE thread a month or so before your trip and I'm sure the regulars there can help guide you on your upcoming visit.
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Re: Photo TR: Pittsburgh to NYC - 6 parks in 6 Days

Postby bert425 » Sun Sep 13, 2015 11:54 am

I only recognize two of those Village People!

what happened to Glenn and David Hodo???


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Re: Photo TR: Pittsburgh to NYC - 6 parks in 6 Days

Postby Jantzen73 » Wed Sep 16, 2015 4:58 pm

Day 6, Park 6 - Luna Park / Deno's Wonderland - Coney Island, NY

Took the hour long subway ride from the city out to Coney Island to check out Luna Park - and evidently Geno's Wonderland. I had no idea that the Giant Wheel and the surrounding area were a separate entity requiring separate tickets from Luna Park's 4 hour ride wristbands. Lesson learned - guess I did not do all my homework before going there. Of course we ponied up for a spin on the Giant Wheel and it's swinging cars. It wasn't as thrilling as the one we rode at Disneyland (that had barf bags on board!) but still offered a nice view of the surrounding area.

The big coasters - Cyclone and Thunderbolt both required their own tickets - $10 for Thunderbolt and $9 for Cyclone! Even the carousel was an upcharge - we skipped that. I mean this is New York City - so I guess it's par for the course... We rode Cyclone twice - and except for getting to say that we rode the Cyclone it was an alright ride. The seats and restraints were tight and small - nicely padded so comfortable but man was it tight. I remember reading about Thunderbolt and that it was quite rough - even after some track work. The lift hill and drop were great then it was anywhere from just ok to ouch! the rest of the way. Also rode another Zamperla flyer - again ok until you are inverted. The spinning mouse was like an outdoor Exterminator from Kennywood... The best ride was from Steeplechase - fun launch and smooth ride. Only thing I regret is not getting a hot dog from Nathan's - just because it was Nathan's at Coney Island.

We only spent about 3 hours at the park - mainly to get the coasters in - we didn't ride any of the flats. Another hot day and late into our trip so we were all ready to get out of the heat and back onto the air-conditioned subway. We then topped off the night (pun intended) with a trip to the top of 30 Rock - this was great and offered some great views!

That's all for this road trip!
IMG_2858 Edited.jpg
After an hour ride from Times Square this was our view from the subway platform.
IMG_2860 Edited.jpg
Some cool coaster art coming out of the station.
IMG_2861 Edited.jpg
Love the artwork all through the city.
Nathan's! We never did get a dog here.
Our first sighting of Thunderbolt.
Creepy face logo everywhere was creepy.
IMG_2868 Edited.jpg
Boardwalk area was nice - I'm sure a lot was rebuilt since Sandy.
IMG_2872 Edited.jpg
Park map!
IMG_2875 Edited.jpg
The Tickler didn't tickle but was a decent little ride.
IMG_2876 Edited.jpg
Had to head straight to the park icon though.
IMG_2878 Edited.jpg
We are at a historic place!
IMG_2883 Edited.jpg
Still going after all these years.
Lift hill shot.
It looks like it's been there for almost 90 years!
Random bench shot.
IMG_2894 Edited.jpg
The Tickler.
IMG_2895 Edited.jpg
Pure Americana - the Cyclone at Coney Island.
This looked fun...
No kiddie credit today.
IMG_2902 Edited.jpg
Deno's Wonder Wheel
Time for a ride - swinging of course.
IMG_2906 Edited.jpg
Could make out the NYC skyline through the haze.
IMG_2908 Edited.jpg
Thunderbolt looks nice - wish it rode nice.
IMG_2909 Edited.jpg
The rest of Thuderbolt.
IMG_2912 Edited.jpg
Those swinging, caged enclosures sure look inviting...
IMG_2913 Edited.jpg
Deno even has a park map.
IMG_2914 Edited.jpg
Back to Luna Park - Goodbye Deno.
Time for a coaster-horse credit.
IMG_2921 Edited.jpg
Neck snapping launch.
IMG_2923 Edited.jpg
Because all horse races begin with a traffic light.
IMG_2925 Edited.jpg
Nice looking trains.
IMG_2926 Edited.jpg
This one was parked - so 1 train ops made for a long wait - but it was a fun ride!
IMG_2928 Edited.jpg
Time to throw down $10 a pop to ride this.
There is only 1 Thunderbolt to me and that's in West Mifflin, PA
IMG_2937 Edited.jpg
Not sure what the tower was / is - nothing seemed to be happening on it.
IMG_2939 Edited.jpg
Someone tied a kite to the railing which made for some fun shots.
IMG_2940 Edited.jpg
Bonus seagull!
IMG_2942 Edited.jpg
Top of the lift.
IMG_2944 Edited.jpg
Through the loop.
IMG_2948 Edited.jpg
Mandatory carousel shot.
IMG_2952 Edited.jpg
So next door is a landscaping company.
IMG_2953 Edited.jpg
I love NY too.
Bye Thunderbolt - we won't miss you but will miss our $10.
Last chance to get a dog... maybe next time.
IMG_2996 Edited.jpg
It was so relaxing and surreal at the top of 30 Rock!
IMG_2999 Edited.jpg
One more shot.
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