Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

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Re: Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

Postby Password121 » Wed May 20, 2015 6:56 am

Not really how it works. It's like running seven trains on a B&M hyper.
The number of trains has little to do with capacity in many cases--it's all about how quickly trains are dispatched; having four sitting in the load platform does nobody any good.
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Re: Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

Postby Comeagain? » Wed May 20, 2015 7:06 am

Well if the station is empty and waiting for a train to return then more trains help capacity.

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Re: Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

Postby MikeC65 » Wed May 20, 2015 7:10 am

HWFan wrote:
MikeC65 wrote:
undercoverunicorn13 wrote:
Superbatboy wrote:So what were the costs of the Justice League rides? It would be interesting to know since people are comparing it to Disney/Universal rides

I think I read somewhere that it was 9 mill. Compared to Universal's Spidey which cost 100 mill.

Considering that the JLBFM cars cost half a million dollars each, and SFOT has ten of them, that's $5 million just for the cars alone. I very much doubt that the entire rest of the ride, including creative development, the animation, the animatronics, the ride system, the control systems, and the physical construction, cost only an additional $4 million.

Not sure where you got the half a million for each car number from, but it is just plainly untrue. While the amount of investment into the ride isn't something to be disclosed by employees online, I can hopefully help explain this a bit.

1. With 22 vehicles and the maintenance stuff, let's just make it easy and say $20 million on vehicles. That leaves $80 million left.
2. Approximately $10 million spent on four massive elevators for the vehicles. Down to $70.
3. Building massive buildings and intricately-themed queues are at least $30 million. $40 left.
4. Incredible 3D film sections that are the highest quality 3D film clips ever created at the time for $20 million, which includes creating the necessary technology and paying the voice/screen actors. That's $20 left.
5. Everything else like screens, lighting, sets, etc with the $20.

It is important to remember that Transformers & Spiderman are really on a massive scale compared to JLBM. Also, one thing that made JLBM for affordable when talking about the ride's cost is that SFSL & SFOT were able to just split the cost of the 3D film development. When you get down to it, it really makes a lot of sense.

P.S. Chadster, did you happen to meet Donna Gentry (the VP of Project Management for Sally)? She's an amazing lady, who is the one responsible for really making the rides possible. I am just happy that the ride at SFOT is open, as that means she'll be heading back to SFSL! Speaking of which, I get to be a test-dummy for the e-stop/evac testing tomorrow. I highly suggest some of you take a look over at the SFSL forum for some more information including pics of our superior facade & ride (being 200ft longer) I'm just messin' with ya ;)

HWFan, here is where I got the half a million per car figure:

In the middle of that page is the following quote:
(11/24/14)2014_1119_JokerFigure According to information released to those who attended the Daredevil Daze event at SFSL, the new Justice League dark ride cars, which were on display at IAAPA, will cost half a million each.

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Re: Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

Postby p-sychiatrist » Wed May 20, 2015 8:36 am

Wow! If this doesn't make it's way to other parks in the chain that would be a huge missed opportunity! Apart from the 3D animation, which is still way better than the initial clips previewed, and some of the sets/transitions, this is the highest quality theming Six Flags has ever attained! The animatronics and practical effects look awesome, and it makes me so happy to finally see a proper use of the DC characters at a park instead of just slapping Batman or Superman's name on every new coaster. While Joker looks and sounds great, I'm most excited about Cyborg. For a lesser known character (to the general public that is) to have such a detailed and impressive animatronic built shows the company cares about this IP. It's about time Six Flags got a great dark ride! :b
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Re: Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

Postby DaMarkSta » Wed May 20, 2015 8:51 am

Wow this looks great and more like a true dark ride with shooting elements. Definitely a step up from what dark rides Cedar Fair has been making lately. I feel like I could ride this and enjoy it without shooting anything. Don't get that feeling with the Cedar Fair rides.

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Re: Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

Postby Sportsdude360 » Wed May 20, 2015 9:34 am

I figured if any SF park got a dark ride like this it would be MM not SFOT or SFSTL.
I'm thrilled to have SFOT right down the road from me. What an awesome new attraction
for the park.

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Re: Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

Postby HWFan » Wed May 20, 2015 9:45 am

Sportsdude360 wrote:
Sneetch2 wrote:^the St. Louis version is 200ft longer but only has 7 cars instead of 10? That makes no sense. I'm not saying you are wrong I'm just saying that thought process is backwards.

Your load/unload area will be longer than ours allowing for quicker load/unload procedures. We have three extra cars to help offset this.
Our rider capacity will (hopefully) be as good as yours.

A big factor in deciding how many cars each ride would have was the individual park's average daily attendance as well as the fact that SFOT is open for a bigger part of the calendar year than SFSL. Theoretically, cars could be added to the ride at SFSL. Another thing helping SFSL (which I don't think is the same at SFOT) is the fact that the ride vehicles will continuously move through the station slowly. The platform in Texas doesn't seem to be long enough to allow that.

MikeC65 wrote:HWFan, here is where I got the half a million per car figure:

In the middle of that page is the following quote:
(11/24/14)2014_1119_JokerFigure According to information released to those who attended the Daredevil Daze event at SFSL, the new Justice League dark ride cars, which were on display at IAAPA, will cost half a million each.

Hmmm, interesting but fortunately wrong.

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Re: Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

Postby chadster » Wed May 20, 2015 11:59 am

Hello Superheros (and Villians)! Yesterday Six Flags Over Texas unveiled their newest attraction to the media, Justice League: Battle for Metropolis, a state of art 4D interactive dark ride experience! Impressive in every sense of the word, the combined efforts of Sally, Alterface, Oceaneering, and Pure Imagination will have your brain on overload.

You Journey will begin as you enter Centennial Park and make your way to the Hall of Justice. Once inside you will not only find cooler temperatures, you will find an even cooler queue line. From the time you enter the building until the time you hop on to the ride, if the queue is full, you can expect a 10-15 minute wait. But don't worry about being bored, they've got you covered. The queue line features multiple TV monitors, Cyborg, and large video screens that display a storyline that lasts about 15 minutes, and I would highly recommend you try to watch whilst taking in all the awesomeness that you will find inside.

Moments before taking your spot on the loading platform Cyborg comes alive and issues instructions to those brave enough to battle. You'll enter the ride vehicles as they are moving so the lines should flow steadily. Once locked in, put on your 3D glasses then grab your gun and note what color you have before the doors to Metropolis are opened and you rush off to fight off the Joker and Lex Luther. Passing through the doors you'll get a whiff of laughing gas and twist around where the Joker has arrived. Aim and fire away at the screen as you try to thwart evil away. As you blast the various targets your guns color will be shown on screen indicating where you are shooting. Don't just shoot at the Joker though, take care of his orange jumpsuited friends and watch them fly off screen.

After the first scene you ride off to see the now famous animated Joker who blasts laughing gas at you and sends you off to try and save the Batmobile from untimely destruction. You may not even realize that as you are battling on screen that the ride vehicles are moving ever so slightly forward. Why? Because of all of the technology built in. The projection moves with the ride vehicles! How awesome is that?!

Speaking of technology, JL:B4M was built with a ton of custom designed never before used technology that includes the amazing ride vehicles by Oceaneering and the interactive elements brought to you by AlterFace. Some of which you might not even realize are possible. After you help save the Batmobile and pay a visit to Lex Luther you motor through a fog wall that you can shoot at!! This is something that has NEVER been done before and would not have been possible if it weren't for the vision of Sally's Senior Designer, Rich Hill and the help of Alterface.

It's at this point in the ride that the battles intensifies and if you've not already on sensory overload, you are now, as everything that Pure Imagination has put on screen comes together in two epic battles scenes that sends the Joker and his cronies packing.

At the end of the ride you'll compare your scores to others in your group on a video wall which will also feature your mug shot. And once the St. Louis version comes online, Six Flags Over Texas Communications Manager Sharon Parker tells me the plan is to display the high scores between the two parks in real time to further increase the interactivity of the ride. And check your score closely as ride designers have included some hidden targets that unlock some awesome stuff. If you have a '6' at the end of your score you will know that you've found one of them. But which one? Not sure? Well you'll just have to ride again, and again, and hey why not ride it one more time and try to figure out which one of the over 600 targets is the easter egg.

I was fortunate to be able to spend time talking with those from Sally and AlterFace who were grinning from ear to ear hearing the reactions of those previewing the ride, as they should be. Donna Gentry is the project manager for both Justice League attractions and played a key role in bringing all of contractors and innovators together for this amazing attraction. To keep the attraction amazing, Alterface has also integrated their proprietary monitoring software that will report any irregularities in the system so that they can either be taken care of remotely or with the assistance of ride maintenance. In fact the system is so smart that it can detect a potentially malfunctioning gun so that park personnel can immediately troubleshoot and repair. After-all, no one likes being on an interactive ride whose interaction is broken!

Lauren Weaver, Marketing Director for Sally, tells me the future possibilities with this attraction are endless with the ability to switch things up or add a seasonal overlay with a simple programming change. Something Sharon Parker says the park is already considering.

Six Flags Over Texas has invested serious capital over the last 5 years by introducing us to RMC and the Texas Giant, the 400ft tall Texas Sky Screamer, and additional kids rides in a renovated area renamed Bugs Boomtown. Justice League: Battle For Metropolis is yet another world class attraction and one of the best the park has installed in as many years. In fact I would go as far as to put it neck and neck with Texas Giant, it's just that good. Park patrons have asked, and the park has delivered, exceeding all expectations.

So what are you waiting for, get out and Battle for Metropolis starting this Thursday for Gold Season Pass Holders, Friday for all Season Pass Holders, and Saturday for all!
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 091.jpg
The Bat Signal has summoned us
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 012.jpg
to Battle for Metropolis on Media Day!
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 154.JPG
The stage has been set
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 172.JPG
The key players are all present
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 189.JPG
The band is playing
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 214.JPG
All for a Superheros welcome
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 220.JPG
As Park President Steve Martindale introduces the gathering of VIP's and Media to the opening of Justice League: Battle for Metropolis!
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 233.JPG
After recognizing the hard work of many, Mr. Martindale grabs his laser gun and aims for the ribbon
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 235.JPG
And poof, just like that the laser slices the ribbon
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 239.JPG
And JL:B4M is open!!
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 250.JPG
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 266.JPG
Oh hey, popcorn.
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 033.jpg
Yummy popcorn.
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 034.jpg
You know that building that mysteriously went up? Well it was serving superhero drinks today
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 096.jpg
But will be a great new food outlet serving some yummy nachos and cold drinks.
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 145.JPG
Right next door is the entrance to Centennial Park which is also the beginning of the queue line.
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 087.jpg
Important stuff to read.
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 066.jpg
The overflow queue.
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 067.jpg
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 068.jpg
And the general ride queue
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 023.jpg
from both angles!
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 036.jpg
Here are just some of the faces of Sally and Alterface that helped bring this ride together for all of our enjoyment! Awesome job guys!
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 038.jpg
Are you ready?
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 039.jpg
Strike your superhero pose and enter the Hall of Justice
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 045.jpg
From the time you enter to the time you ride if the queue is this full, it will be about 10-15 minutes. And this is where the 15 minute queue experience comes in handy to keep you entertained.
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 047.jpg
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 048.jpg
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 109.jpg
Cyborg explains what's about to happen
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 119.JPG
And these giant screens further expand on your assignment to help battle the villians
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 125.JPG
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 128.JPG
Our chariot await awaits us. The cars are continuously loading and unloading, no stoppage here!
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 129.JPG
So mount up
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 134.JPG
and wave good bye to your friends.
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 161.JPG
Because it's time to battle!
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 108.jpg
Oh hey there
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 112.jpg
The Joker just blasted us with Laughing gas!
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 016.jpg
Think you can beat my score? If you do, post back here!
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 055.jpg
You'll exit through the gift shop where you will find all sorts of cool items.
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 058.jpg
Like these Superman boxer-briefs complete with rear cape. Now these could be quite useful, say, for detecting if someone has their own laughing gas. In case cape is flapping in the wind, please move away! (It's also removable)
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 063.jpg
Hi Wonder Woman!
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 089.jpg
Many Thanks to Lauren Weaver at Sally for this awesome Ride Vehicle USB Stick!!
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 093.jpg
The high striker has been moved from next to the building to in front of it.
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 098.jpg
And a new coke stand has been built inside the main gate to the right!
JLB4M Media Day 5.2105 095.jpg
So the only question is, will you Battle for Metropolis this weekend? You should. This is hands down one of if not the best interactive dark rides I have been on. But don't take my word for it (although you should) head to Six Flags Over Texas and ride for yourself. I guarantee you'll be hooked!
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Re: Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

Postby Mrlittle » Wed May 20, 2015 12:12 pm

^ Awesome update. I can't wait to drive up to SFOT and ride this.

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Re: Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

Postby cfc » Wed May 20, 2015 1:55 pm

Holy Game-Changing Potential for Six Flags, Batman! This attraction looks like a hit.


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