TR: Halloween Horror Fest @ Movie Park Germany

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TR: Halloween Horror Fest @ Movie Park Germany

Postby Westfale95 » Sat Oct 19, 2013 10:26 am


Hello dear TPR-Community,

Yesterday I was at Movie Park Germany to celebrate the annual Halloween Event “Halloween Horror Fest”. In this anniversary year (15 Years of Halloween) Movie Park Germany has 5 Mazes. One of the 5 Mazes is completely new (The Walking Dead), the others are only changed compared to last Year. (the biggest Horror House “Deathpital” has changed a lot. Baboo Twister Club, The Forgotten and Circus of Freaks are like last Year)
The “Halloween Horror Fest” is the oldest and probably the biggest Halloween Event in Germany. The special feature of the Event is, that you only have to pay the entry (34 Euro) or less, if you have discount Vouchers. Every Maze of this Event is included and you don’t have to pay extra. (for example like in Walibi Holland, where you have to pay 5 Euro per Maze.)
The first two mazes open at 2pm (The Forgotten and Deathpital), the third Maze at 5pm (The Walking Dead) and the last two mazes at 6pm, when the Street Monsters start to walk through the Park.

My “Top 5” of the Horror Houses:

1. The Walking Dead: Even if it is short, it was the best Maze last night. The decoration of the Maze, the “Beißer” (it is the german name for the “walker” :D ) and the atmosphere are really good and makes this maze to the best Horror Attraction at Halloween Horror Fest.

2. Deathpital: I would say : “Old but gold” . It is one of the older Mazes, but this year it has changed a lot. On the Beginning we have now a Preshow and they’re using a lot of this “Horror fragrances”. I liked it, but last Year the Scare Actors were a bit better than this year. But nevertheless it is a good and very long Maze. (in the perspective of an European :D )

3. The Forgotten: The Maze with the most ambitious Scare Actors. Maybe they are sometimes a bit too ambitious ( I don’t like too much touching and catching at Mazes :D ). The decoration is okay, but not the best at the Event. All in All: The hardest Maze of the HHF.

4. Baboo Twister Club: It is the only maze at Movie Park Germany, which is allowed for Children and Teens under 16 and over 12 years. But it is not less hard than the other Mazes, because it contains a lot of scare moments, which are quiet heavy for a 12-year old boy or girl. I wouldn’t recommend it for them. In my opinion, Baboo Twister Club is a really good maze, which you don´t have to miss if you are there. But compared to the other Horror-attractions, it is unfortunately only the 4th Place.

5. Circus of Freaks: “Last but not Least” suits a lot to the Circus, because the Scare Actor in this Maze are very good and ambitious, but the decoration is unfortunately the worst of the 5 Mazes. You don’t have to miss this maze, but if you don’t have enough time for all 5 Mazes, I would leave out this maze.

Enough writing, here are some pictures from yesterday. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

P.S. Please don't be so hard with my English. I know it is not that good, but I'm still learning :)
k-Movie Park 094.jpg
Welcome to Movie Park Germany!
k-Movie Park 101.jpg
The Mainstreet
k-Movie Park 107.jpg
Quiet busy today
k-Movie Park 118.jpg
According to Movie Park the "biggest Maze of Europe"
k-Movie Park 124.jpg
Scare Mister "Cool" at the Entrance of the Maze
k-Movie Park 132.jpg
Part of the Pre Show
k-Movie Park 138.jpg
Dentist! Where is the Dentist?
k-Movie Park 153.jpg
It is not allowed to take photos with a flash in the Mazes. So i waited for the strobe effects! :D
k-Movie Park 162.jpg
Yeah, you are beautiful!
k-Movie Park 164.jpg
You of course too!
k-Movie Park 174.jpg
I love Autumn at Theme Parks!
k-Movie Park 181.jpg
Oh yes, The Walking Dead!
k-Movie Park 184.jpg
The Queue of the Walking Dead.
k-Movie Park 186.jpg
Don't forget "The Forgotten"!
k-Movie Park 190.jpg
The Fog is everywhere...
k-Movie Park 196.jpg
Waiting for 6pm. Waiting for the Scare Actors
k-Movie Park 198.jpg
Chainsaws are allways good at Halloween Events!
k-Movie Park 199.jpg
I like this costume!
k-Movie Park 200.jpg
More and more Scare Actors
k-Movie Park 204.jpg
It doesnt stop
k-Movie Park 210.jpg
Entrance of "Circus of Freaks"
k-Movie Park 212.jpg
Entrance of Baboo Twister Club
k-Movie Park 213.jpg
The doorman of the Club
k-Movie Park 298.jpg
The Devil itself. BANDIT!
k-Movie Park 300.jpg
Posing for the Camera. I love it!
k-Movie Park 308.jpg
The Santa Monica Pier by night
k-Movie Park 315.jpg
Some photo points are there as well
k-Movie Park 317.jpg
Pretty Witch
k-Movie Park 320.jpg
Please, let me go. I don't wanna die!
k-Movie Park 321.jpg
k-Movie Park 322.jpg
k-Movie Park 325.jpg
k-Movie Park 326.jpg
k-Movie Park 327.jpg
Van Helsings Factory by night = Absoulutely awesome!
k-Movie Park 334.jpg
He said: "Oh sorry, at the moment I am at Phantas.. ah shit...Movie Park!"
k-Movie Park 336.jpg
Some location of the park by night
k-Movie Park 339.jpg
Nice mummy.
k-Movie Park 344.jpg
Look at the Camera. Pleeeeaaaassee.
k-Movie Park 348.jpg
Fog + Light = Awesome
k-Movie Park 351.jpg
Another Monster...
k-Movie Park 215.jpg
Too much fog for this building.
k-Movie Park 224.jpg
Nice decoration everywhere
k-Movie Park 225.jpg
Yes, we are at Movie Park Germany
k-Movie Park 230.jpg
The Mainstreet with Fog.
k-Movie Park 231.jpg
No one wants to look in the camera. It's such a shame...
k-Movie Park 239.jpg
No one...
k-Movie Park 243.jpg
Decoration of the Circus
k-Movie Park 246.jpg
Oh yes, he looks in the Camera!!!
k-Movie Park 252.jpg
k-Movie Park 277.jpg
NYC Transformers by night
k-Movie Park 280.jpg
There is something in the fog...
k-Movie Park 290.jpg
I like his eyes-
k-Movie Park 293.jpg
Ferris Wheel by Night.
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Re: TR: Halloween Horror Fest @ Movie Park Germany

Postby cfc » Sat Oct 19, 2013 1:37 pm

The Devil itself. BANDIT!

Just thinking about riding this thing sends chills up and down my spine; fortunately, after riding it, I can no longer feel my spine. ;)

Great pictures of the scareactors--their makeup is excellent.

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Re: TR: Halloween Horror Fest @ Movie Park Germany

Postby PKI Jizzman » Sat Oct 19, 2013 4:50 pm

Da-yum they have a good make up department then! Kudos.
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Re: TR: Halloween Horror Fest @ Movie Park Germany

Postby parktraveler008 » Fri Oct 03, 2014 4:12 am

Some impressions from yesterdays premiere - from the "monsters":










Here is a Video from the Scare Zones and the Mazes.

More impressions you'll find here.

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Re: TR: Halloween Horror Fest @ Movie Park Germany

Postby cfc » Fri Oct 03, 2014 5:55 am

I like the zombie gangster.


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Re: TR: Halloween Horror Fest @ Movie Park Germany

Postby rcjp » Fri Oct 03, 2014 8:20 am

^ :lol: Me too.
The Mr Freeze coasters should have speakers playing the sentence: "Let's kick some ice!" right before each launch

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Re: TR: Halloween Horror Fest @ Movie Park Germany

Postby KBrylczyk » Fri Oct 10, 2014 10:30 am

Good stuff! Looks like Movie Park is very heavily influenced by Universal's Halloween Horror Nights and that's not a bad thing! On of these days when I finally get myself to Oktoberfest I'll have to make a side trip to check out this event! Of course I'll also be required to visit Schlossbeck while I'm there. I'm not dumb.

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Re: TR: Halloween Horror Fest @ Movie Park Germany

Postby Shockwave » Fri Oct 10, 2014 8:56 pm

Great photos! I'm gonna be there in a week's time and I'm looking forward to seeing how well they do Halloween. Looks good from this!

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Re: TR: Halloween Horror Fest @ Movie Park Germany

Postby Max0815 » Fri Oct 17, 2014 12:03 am

Sorry, but the Halloween Horror Fest has become so boring...

Bad costume at Movie Park Germany:
Clown Movie Park Germany

Perfect costume with Quality at Walibi Fright Nights, Eddie the Clown:
Eddie the Clown

...which stands for the low quality of the event at Movie Park Germany and for the high demands at Walibi Holland!

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