Photo TR: Villains Unleashed at Disney's Hollywood Studios

I went hunting for the World's Most Wanted Frog...
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Photo TR: Villains Unleashed at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Postby jedimaster1227 » Mon Aug 25, 2014 10:49 pm

This weekend I had the distinct pleasure of experience the one time only (reportedly) extra ticket Villains Unleashed event at Disney's Hollywood Studios. For just one night (supposedly), the park was taken over by fifty Disney villains (Star Wars included), with lots of meet and greets, special entertainment and an overall villainous atmosphere that certainly made it a memorable event...

I'm here!
These credentials taste delicious!

And they're more of a keepsake than the typical extra ticket event wristbands...
Hmm... Where could this frog be?
The main event stage was dressed up for Villains Unleashed.

There was no shortage of fire during the event's kickoff show.

Something else that's hot...
The kickoff show actually counted down the attendance of all fifty villains at the night's event.
The Evil Queen arrived, before transforming with a neat effect...
This ridiculously awesome effect to be exact.
Bowler Hat Guy!
Dr. Hamsterviel and Gantu made their debut in the United States for Villains Unleashed. These characters had only previously been found at Hong Kong Disneyland.
No villain's as great as Gaston.
The hyena trio from The Lion King.
The Queen of Hearts made an awesome entrance with falling heart confetti.
Shan Yu from Mulan appeared on stage, bringing falling snow with him.
Oogie Boogie is here!!!
Time for some synergistic efforts.
And more fire!
Maleficent had a special message to share with guests that she would be hosting the Villainy in the Sky fireworks later that evening.

Speaking of Maleficent...
She's transformed into a cupcake!
And in other news, I devoured that cupcake.
Throughout the night, villains roamed the park. He's Claude Frollo en route to his next appointment of evil.

So I spent much of my evening waiting to meet Constantine.
For those of you that don't know, Constantine is the World's Most Wanted Frog, featured most recently in The Muppets Most Wanted.
I was really excited for this meet and greet for a few reasons... 1.) This is the first to-scale Muppet meet and greet done in the parks, as far as I know. 2.) Mike Vogel, the voice and puppeteer of Constantine from the film was actually puppeteering and voicing behind the scenes of this meet and greet. In other words, I was meeting THE REAL Constantine!
Time to check out the Gulag!
Seriously worth every minute I waited... All 180 of them.

Over in the Theater of the Stars (normally home to Beauty and the Beast), was Oogie Boogie's Freaky Funhouse Show, a collection of variety acts with a spooky twist...
There was this wacky guy...
He liked to scratch his insides with metal implements.
Oogie seemed amused by my beating around the bush on that explanation of what went on above.
Any crossbow fans reading this?
Pierce your heart and hope to die?
There's fire. You've got my attention.
Fire dancers!
Also fire eaters.
Dance routines too!

Interestingly enough, there was the Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Tape Dance Party...

Which was really a chance to let Disney flex their Marvel muscles with the first ever live-character appearances of Star-Lord and Gamora from the film Guardians of the Galaxy. That's right folks! Marvel characters in a Disney park... In Florida!

It's just awesome!

Before the fireworks began, Hades took to the stage to rock his face off!
But enough about that... It's time for more fire!
Or fireworks...
Lots of red in the sky, considering this is a villains-inspired show.
This was neat to see as well!
Hades said "peace" and the night was over...
But not before we were given lots of goodies, including autograph cards for all of the villains, Ghirardelli chocolates, Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent buttons and a free download of Disney-Pixar's The Incredibles!

I really had a fantastic time at Villains Unleashed! I waited for the things I wanted to and felt thst everything I waited for was more than worth it! I saw some fantastic entertainment, met THE Constantine (in every sense), had great snacks and drinks and enjoyed another memorable event in the park. Needless to say, I feel like I got my value out of my admission! Here's hoping the event comes back next year in an even bigger, better form!
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Re: Photo TR: Villains Unleashed at Disney's Hollywood Studi

Postby Barge84 » Tue Aug 26, 2014 7:12 am

Looks like a great event. This is two straight years that this event has packed the crowds in, hopefully Disney realizes that they've got something here.

I loved the Constantine meet and greet. One of the few things that I'd ever wait 180 minutes for. Thanks for posting!

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Re: Photo TR: Villains Unleashed at Disney's Hollywood Studi

Postby robbalvey » Tue Aug 26, 2014 7:54 am

Wow, seems like you really go to do quite a lot! I heard a lot of complaining about this event, but I have to be honest, a lot of it seemed to be based on poor choices people made and because of that they missed out on doing stuff they wanted to do. Seems like you made a beeline for things you wanted to do and got everything done!

Looks like a really fun event!


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Re: Photo TR: Villains Unleashed at Disney's Hollywood Studi

Postby crazydaveh » Tue Aug 26, 2014 11:47 am

GREAT UPDATE. I really dig the interactive Constantine, especially with the real puppeteer himself. It's great to see people posting reports that had fun at the event. Seems like all people did was post negative things all night long instead of trying to enjoy it. I wish they would do a Muppet Meet and Greet!
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Re: Photo TR: Villains Unleashed at Disney's Hollywood Studi

Postby cfc » Wed Aug 27, 2014 6:02 am

Being as they had the actual actor performing Constantine, I can understand why the wait was so long for the photo-and-video op.

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Re: Photo TR: Villains Unleashed at Disney's Hollywood Studi

Postby robbalvey » Thu Oct 30, 2014 8:57 pm

I do wonder when we'll hear if this event happens again in 2015. I think I'd make a point to go to it next time.

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