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Arrival to Day 4: Hansa Park, Bakken & Tivoli Gardens
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Re: Jason's TBRonTPR - A look back at trips & events since '

Postby rollin_n_coastin » Sat Feb 15, 2014 6:38 am

^Thanks Bill! Now that enough time has passed, I'd really have a hard time deciding which trip I enjoyed more because both Scandi and Japan were so different but equally as memorable. The solution is simple, really. Fans of TPR trips will just have to do both.


Day 0 - Arrival
Culture - Kiyomizudera
Day 1 - Tobu Zoo and Nagoya
Day 2 - Universal Studios
Day 3 - Hirakata Park and Osaka Umeda Sky Building
Day 4 - Yokohama Cosmoworld and Sea Paradise
Day 5 - Nagashima Spaland
Day 6 - Hokkaido Greenland and Sapporo Beer Garden
Day 7 - Rusutsu Resort
Day 8 - Joypolis and Tokyo Teleport
Day 9 - Fuji-Q Highland
Culture - Fushimi Inari and Arashiyama
Day 10 - Tokyo Disney
Days -1 and 11 - Around Tokyo - Aqua Stadium, Harajuku, Shibuya & Shinjuku


Up now is a jump back to the official/ unofficial early arrival day in Tokyo at our hotel in Shinagawa, which is also home to the Aqua Stadium and the indoor Intamin Galaxy Express 999.

Before the rest of the early arrival group arrived, there was a chance to head out and explore one of the "must see" areas of Tokyo, Harajuku. This district is primarily the trendy fashion district but for tourists, it's like an amalgam of j-pop, fashion, rock and Japanese kitsch. The pedestrian areas of Harajuku street and Takeshita street are where you're likely to run into Harajuku girls, live anime-like people and cool t-shirts.

After meeting up with TPR later in the day, it was off to Aqua Stadium and then our first group dinner of yakatori in Shibuya, where some of us were much more adventurous than others. "Fresh chicken" anyone? It sounded great, until we found out that fresh meant raw in this case. It was night of trial and error ordering, which was actually a lot of fun when you think about it. I stuck with the less adventurous food and it was delicious. I'm a huge fan of yakitori.

Shibuya is the district with major shops and restaurants. The train station cross walk is the busiest in the world. Shibuya station is also home to the statue of Hachiko the Akita. It was made in memory of the the dog that for 10 years following its owners death, would travel to the station each night at the same time that his owner, Professor Ueno, used to arrive after work before walking home together. It's a fantastic story and worth looking up.

Picture time!
Saying good bye to our Kyoto breakfast and lunch place.
Is there any better way to travel?
Our first hotel at Shinagawa, home to the Galaxy Express 999!
With bags dropped off, it was off to Harajuku.
Why not?
The busiest part of the district. This street's name is very hard to forget.
Oh yah, we crashed a wedding.
Back to the hotel.
My room mate arrived and this is what having only one outlet in the room looks like in 2013.
The Aqua Stadium was conveniently attached to the hotel.
The pre show for this coaster is worth it alone? A great little Intamin indoor looper.
Arriving at Shibuya station. Wait for it...
Wait for it.....
There we go! World's busiest cross walk--after work hours.
Our first group trip at a Shibuya yakitori restaurant.
Sir, your fresh chicken.
The cooked chicken was really good.
Yakitori is like the Japanese version of chicken wings in terms of how and when you eat it. Oh, I kinda sorta ordered chicken cartilage...I didn't know it but that's what I ordered...
By now, you've guessed that Ben is the only adventurous one on that side of the table.
Heading back to the hotel we got to take part in one more "mass crossing"
The statue of Hachiko that stands outside of Shibuya station.
The Shinagawa prince has great taste in lighting. This was such a great day to kick off the official trip.
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Re: Jason's TBRonTPR - A look back at trips & events since '

Postby rollin_n_coastin » Sat Feb 15, 2014 7:26 am


....and we're back to the last two days of the trip. After Disney, a few of us spent the remainder of our last weekend in downtown Tokyo, giving Shibuya and Shinjuku another look through. Our hotel was in Akasaka, where TBS is located.

After leaving Disney, we spent the afternoon in Shibuya, spending a lot of time in Tokyo Hands department store, which seemed like it had an infinite number of floors full of every department imaginable.

At night, we headed to Shinjuku's Golden Gai neighbourhood. This area looks like the Japanese version of a European borgo and is the polar opposite of Shinjuku's Times Square-like area. It has a 1/2 dozen alley-like streets lined with house-size bars and restaurants. If you're over six feet tall, you'll probably have a few issues getting into these places but it's great for everyone else to watch you try. Our timing wasn't perfect as we went on the night that most places were closed, including our main reason for visiting: Cambiare, the antipasto bar themed to Dario Argento's Suspiria. Hey look, there's another reason to get back to Japan. We still found a great small bar with a bar tender that anyone could feel comfortable telling their life story to.

I'll end Japan 2013 by saying that this was one of the most amazing trips ever. It was the perfect balance of experiencing Japan and feeding the coaster nerd in us all.
Last Day-01.jpg
You can't not check out the Tokyo Sky Tree.
Last Day-02.jpg
Tickets were gone for most of the day so unfortunately didn't get to go up.
Last Day-03.jpg
If you're stuck with not being able to go up Sky Tree, Tokyo Tower usually isn't too busy and also has great views of the city.
Last Day-04.jpg
Picking up a few supplies for last night parties.
Last Day-05.jpg
Last Day-06.jpg
The best giant crispy cuttlefish snack ever?
Last Day-07.jpg
Had to do the obligatory walk by the Hilton's wedding chapel before heading out, one last time.
Last Day-08.jpg
Good byes suck.
Last Day-09.jpg
Japan's version of a downtown Disney.
Last Day-10.jpg
Last Day-11.jpg
As much as saying good bye is horrible, at least another day in Tokyo would help pacify the sadness.
Last Day-12.jpg
Arriving at our Akasaka hotel, next to TBS
Last Day-13.jpg
Last Day-14.jpg
Love Japanese Italian restaurants!
Last Day-15.jpg
Last Day-17.jpg
Lunch models
Last Day-18.jpg
Back at Shibuya station
Last Day-19.jpg
Last Day-20.jpg
Last Day-21.jpg
Last Day-22.jpg
Last Day-23.jpg
The best department store ever.
Last Day-24.jpg
Last Day-25.jpg
Lots of ways to make your iPhone personally yours.
Last Day-26.jpg
Last Day-27.jpg
Ninja star fridge magnets? Sure. Why not?
Last Day-28.jpg
Last Day-29.jpg
Making our way through the Shibuya cross walk one last time.
Last Day-30.jpg
At night, we were at the Shinjuku's Golden Gai district.
Last Day-31.jpg
Hearts sunk when we finally found Cambiare and it was closed.
Last Day-32.jpg
Last Day-33.jpg
Last Day-34.jpg
Last Day-35.jpg
We still had an great night at this bar.
Last Day-37.jpg
Last Day-38.jpg
A final walk through Shinjuku for the trip.
Last Day-39.jpg
My last day. Jenn, Travis and Nick had left so there was time for a last look around before heading to the airport.
Last Day-40.jpg
TBS square.
Last Day-41.jpg
This was also by far the hottest day of the trip. I was soaked walking 200 ft from the hotel to the subway. I was so glad that it wasn't even close to being as hot as this last day during the trip.
Last Day-42.jpg
Now knowing what a real transportation network is like, I feel bad for people visiting Toronto.
Last Day-43.jpg
Last Day-44.jpg
A few snacks for the flight home.
Last Day-45.jpg
Oh. I know.
Last Day-46.jpg
Last Day-47.jpg
So, that's it. Time really flies by.
Last Day-48.jpg
Just when you think it's completely over, Air Canada brings out the best snack ever.
Last Day-49.jpg
Made it home with a bit of Japan for family and friends.
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Re: Jason's TBRonTPR - A look back at trips & events since '

Postby TPRFan20ESH1 » Sat Feb 15, 2014 7:33 am

Japan is a nice place to visit.
Erin Stephanie Hodge

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Re: Jason's TBRonTPR - A Throwback Lookback at Trips & Event

Postby rollin_n_coastin » Tue May 20, 2014 4:46 am

Arrival and Day 2 - Copenhagen and Tivoli Gardens
Day 3 - Bakken
Day 4 - Hansa Park

So I promised myself that I'd finally do a Scandinavia TR before the next Scandinavia trip. I'm clearly running out of time.

TPR's Scandinavia 2009 trip was, I think, my favourite trip to date. It was amazing on so many levels and I'm extremely excited for everyone heading over in about a month's time.

With that, enjoy this blast from the recent past! Up first is arrival day in Copenhagen and Tivoli Gardens. My camera was acting up for Bon Bon Land. Not to worry, there are hundreds of Dog Fart Coaster pics out there, just use the "search" ;)

Scandi 2009 001.jpg
Hotel Number 1 - Intro to European hotels.
Scandi 2009 002.jpg
The main bus from the airport was arriving later so a few of us took the opportunity to check out Copenhagen.
Scandi 2009 003.jpg
Scandi 2009 004.jpg
Scandi 2009 005.jpg
Scandi 2009 009.jpg
Scandi 2009 010.jpg
Scandi 2009 011.jpg
A little creative art.
Scandi 2009 012.jpg
Scandi 2009 013.jpg
Scandi 2009 015.jpg
Scandi 2009 016.jpg
Scandi 2009 017.jpg
Scandi 2009 019.jpg
Scandi 2009 020.jpg
Scandi 2009 023.jpg
Scandi 2009 025.jpg
Scandi 2009 028.jpg
Scandi 2009 029.jpg
Scandi 2009 031.jpg
Scandi 2009 032.jpg
Scandi 2009 034.jpg
Scandi 2009 035.jpg
The post card view of the opera house.
Scandi 2009 041.jpg
Back at the hotel meant it was time for....
Scandi 2009 037.jpg
The first ever TPR International Snack Exchange!
Scandi 2009 039.jpg
Scandi 2009 040.jpg
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Re: Jason's TBRonTPR - A Throwback Lookback at Trips & Event

Postby rollin_n_coastin » Tue May 20, 2014 5:14 am


Day 2 of the trip took us to Tivoli gardens. A beautiful place with some crazy rides and Wagamama. All was good with the world. Seriously, the flat rides here are insane! At the time, a Star Flyer that tall was mesmerizing and terrifying. I still think it's the nicest one built to date with the new one at Grona Lund giving it a run for its money. There also happened to be some insane bumper cars here, even more so than Knoebels.

This was the first part of the trip where a ride operator seeing a TPR wrist band meant getting an extra long or multiple cycles. On a Huss Flic Flac, it can honestly work against you by the fourth non-stop cycle. Demonen, as a roller coaster, proves that you can cram a lot of awesome into small places. Oh, and Vertigo, will give actually give it to you. My favourite flat ride by far. Turbo Boost is a must.

The crown jewel, Rutchebanen, was every bit the classic experience that I'd personally been looking forward to.

Enjoy the pics!
Scandi 2009 042.jpg
Just a short walk from the hotel and we were finally at the world famous Tivoli Gardens
Scandi 2009 047.jpg
Scandi 2009 048.jpg
Scandi 2009 049.jpg
Scandi 2009 050.jpg
Scandi 2009 051.jpg
Pantomime shows still happen here.
Scandi 2009 052.jpg
Scandi 2009 053.jpg
Scandi 2009 054.jpg
Scandi 2009 056.jpg
Scandi 2009 057.jpg
This was a great part of the day, without a doubt.
Scandi 2009 059.jpg
The brake man lives on here.
Scandi 2009 062.jpg
Scandi 2009 065.jpg
Scandi 2009 067.jpg
Scandi 2009 068.jpg
Scandi 2009 070.jpg
Scandi 2009 077.jpg
Scandi 2009 079.jpg
Our behind the scenes tour. Yes, the ride is very, very old.
Scandi 2009 080.jpg
Only men were permitted to be ride operators here at one time. Not sure what could possibly give that away.
Scandi 2009 081.jpg
No brake man wants their name on this wall. If they are here, it means that the train that they were operating was traveling a touch too fast and jumped the track. It takes a day or two to get everything operating again.
Scandi 2009 084.jpg
Scandi 2009 086.jpg
Scandi 2009 087.jpg
Scandi 2009 089.jpg
Scandi 2009 092.jpg
Scandi 2009 093.jpg
Scandi 2009 094.jpg
Scandi 2009 096.jpg
Scandi 2009 098.jpg
Scandi 2009 101.jpg
Scandi 2009 104.jpg
Scandi 2009 105.jpg
Scandi 2009 108.jpg
Anyone else pee there pants a bit on these things still?
Scandi 2009 109.jpg
Scandi 2009 110.jpg
Scandi 2009 115.jpg
Scandi 2009 116.jpg
Scandi 2009 117.jpg
Scandi 2009 118.jpg
Scandi 2009 119.jpg
Scandi 2009 120.jpg
Scandi 2009 121.jpg
Scandi 2009 126.jpg
Scandi 2009 127.jpg
Oh, in Scandinavian theme parks, there are multiple ways to hurt yourself in every fun house. It's awesome.
Scandi 2009 128.jpg
Scandi 2009 129.jpg
Huh? What? Where?
Scandi 2009 131.jpg
Scandi 2009 133.jpg
Scandi 2009 134.jpg
Scandi 2009 136.jpg
A trip to Denmark wouldn't be complete without...
Scandi 2009 137.jpg
A Hans Christian Andersen dark ride
Scandi 2009 138.jpg
This was actually really well done.
Scandi 2009 139.jpg
Scandi 2009 141.jpg
One of many drop rides that I avoided.
Scandi 2009 142.jpg
Scandi 2009 143.jpg
Scandi 2009 144.jpg
On site brewery, of course.
Scandi 2009 147.jpg
A bit more around the gardens.
Scandi 2009 150.jpg
Scandi 2009 154.jpg
Scandi 2009 157.jpg
Scandi 2009 158.jpg
Scandi 2009 159.jpg
Scandi 2009 160.jpg
Scandi 2009 161.jpg
Scandi 2009 162.jpg
Scandi 2009 163.jpg
Scandi 2009 165.jpg
Scandi 2009 166.jpg
Scandi 2009 167.jpg
Scandi 2009 169.jpg
The bumper cars that just wouldn't be allowed in America.
Scandi 2009 170.jpg
My first Wagamama.
Scandi 2009 173.jpg
Scandi 2009 176.jpg
Scandi 2009 177.jpg
Signing in for Vertigo, our last chances to ride for the day.
Scandi 2009 179.jpg
Scandi 2009 180.jpg
Scandi 2009 183.jpg
Scandi 2009 189.jpg
We had an odd number of people. Jon made new friends.
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Re: Jason's TBRonTPR - A Throwback Lookback at Trips & Event

Postby mattguyver » Tue May 20, 2014 6:59 am

Awesome pics! 11 more working days till I get to see these first hand! :)

Japan 2013 || Scandinavia 2014

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Re: Photo TR Throwback - TPR Scandinavia 2009 Up Now

Postby Fran1962 » Tue May 20, 2014 11:23 am

Great pics Jason
Thanks for bringing back such wonderful memories
That trip meant so much to me
It set a very high bar
That was my second TPR extravaganza and I was much more at ease.
The one bus gave us all a great chance to get to know each other really well

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Re: Photo TR Throwback - TPR Scandinavia 2009 Up Now

Postby SuperShawn » Tue May 20, 2014 11:28 am

Soo excited ! Keep the updates coming :br :b :br

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Re: Photo TR Throwback - TPR Scandinavia 2009 Up Now

Postby _koppen » Tue May 20, 2014 11:38 am

Some awesome photos from my home park!

Vertigo truly is one of the most bad-a$$ rides in the world, there really is no comparison! (The only other one in the world, that originally opened in Milano, is now for sale on Technical Park's homepage, they are "only" asking € 400,000. I wonder who might pick it up, Drayton Manor wanted one, but I hope for you in the US to get it).

But if you are going on the Scandi trip you can NOT miss Vertigo, it is one of the MUST rides, even if it has a 1h line. I absolutely recommend doing it as early as you can, as the line only get longer the later it becomes. No whossing out!

If you can't stand spin and puke machines, it's an experience just to stand beneath it and watch it go into turbo mode.
No. 1 Water Park guy!
The Megalite is *the* roller coaster of the world! (after finally riding Expedition Geforce I'll admit it was pretty awesome as well!)

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Re: Photo TR Throwback - TPR Scandinavia 2009 Up Now

Postby rollin_n_coastin » Wed May 21, 2014 7:24 pm

Thanks for the comments!

^^Fran: A pleasure. I knew that I would enjoy re-visiting this trip a lot and so far, that's definitely the case. That was my second TPR trip as well.

^Jakob: I'll gladly take that ride and put it in my back yard, if there was room. Agreed in that you definitely need to get on it early. I think I rode it four or five times at least that day. Watching it is great but as an "expert pilot", it drove me bonkers watching people sort of waste their ride by not doing anything with the plane lol
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