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Archived Photo Trip Reports of Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, and Donkeys!
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Hirakata Park and some Japanese Culture!

Postby kidcoaster 2 » Sun Dec 15, 2013 8:09 pm

The next day we got up early grabbed breakfast and headed out to the train for our next stop Hirakata Park!

This is also the last park of the "Add-on". Originally this park wasn't on the itinerary as this was the day we were supposed to be at Nagashima Spa Land. However Nagashima several months before the trip Nagashima put that it was shutting down for a few days to perform maintenance. Quickly our guides (Robb and Elissa) came up with a solution to move Nagashima to the main trip and do this park instead which I'm glad happened because this turned into a great day! Anyway onto the report...

We got to the park and were met by the park hosts who were even nice enough to hit the crossing signal as we approached. We were than escorts to the parks 'major" coaster so Robb could film.

Elf This giant looking woodie rests in the center of the park. From far away it looks impressive but the ride is nothing more than a family ride. It has a traditional figure-8 layout and nothing really stood out with the ride. However it was still a fun ride and I think the group enjoyed it. After we continued around picking up our credits.

Red Falcon Is the parks other "major" coaster. It is a Japanese jet coaster. It spread out over a nice chunk of the park but isn't really exciting either.

Log Flume This Log Flume had a screaming game so we had to try it out! Never did find out where you had to scream though.

Crazy Mouse A spinning mouse by Reverchon. Nothing special.

Peekaboo Town Nothing wrong with a bunch of grown adults riding a coaster called Peekaboo Town? Right?

Dark Ride They had a traditional Japanese dark ride where you wore headphones through the ride. It was kind of creepy.

Animal Safari You ride in jeeps and shoot at the friendly animals of the wild. Fun right?

Fantastic Coaster Rowdy Was the last coaster of the park. It had a really weird layout but was a pretty fun ride.

Next we did some of the walk troughs all of which gave prizes! There was a mirror maze game, and a shooting 3d ride. On the 3d ride if you reached a certain amount of points you won a prize. We all tried several times to get it while some came close.

We grabbed lunch at the McDonald's in the park and walked around also did the Giant Wheel before meeting up at the front of the park to head out.

At this point we were free to do what ever we wanted. Some went back to Osaka and some went to a baseball game. Some went back to Nagoya but we went to Kyoto.

Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine Some of us wanted to dive as far as we could into Japanese culture so we made our way to the Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine which was a one train stop from our station and it was still on our JR system! (The rail pass we were using for our tour). We checked out the tourist stuff and the Orange gates at the bottom before starting our way up the mountain.

Originally I don't think anyone planned to go the entire way but it was one of those things that we made it to one point and decided to go a bit further and before we knew it we were at the top! Unfortunately there wasn't much of a view but we light our own candles before heading back down. Some parts of the train were really beautiful and it was a nice visit with some great exercise but it was time to head back. We caught the bullet train and got back to Nagoya where I grabbed some McDonalds from the train station and we hung out in the hotel lobby for a bit before heading to bed.

Yokohama Cosmoworld and Sea Paradise up next!
Oh Poo... it's another report!
I'm very curious what this is?
Welcome to Hirakata Park!
Looks nice!
First stop!
It was a cute little/big woodie.
Next up Red Falcon! (The old sign looked much better!)
A look at one of the midways.
The Log Flume
Next credit!
All we need is some ice and beer for those coolers!
Looking down on Falcon's platform.
Where are we going??
Peekaboo Town...
They are so thrilled!
Next up the dark ride!
You wear your headset as you hear some random things through the ride.
Yes... we did this.
You can ride a subway train!
Random band on a building.
First time seeing this... so weird.
Last credit of the park!
Hey guys
Lift hill...
Hi Cary
They also have a train.
This guy really loves this dolphin
And so does Dan!
Also this...
Why didn't Hirakata just hire him for the photo shoot?
Another random ride.
Safari shoot-em-up.
You can ride another train!
Palm Walk was this nice section in the middle of the park.
Eat Circus?
The 3D shooter.. we tried several times to win the prize.
This was another game but it was a walk through where you get wands and collect some magic lights?
At the end you put your wand in here and enter the final battle where you win your prize.
This was my guy!
Sounds like a good place for lunch!
Next we did this upcharge walkthrough
Dragon in the center of the mountain!
The Giant Wheel was next!
Red Falcon!
More Elf!
Going down
Another overview.
Fantastic Coaster Rowdy!
Hi Julie!
Top of Red Falcons lift!
Going down
Red Falcon is still a cool ride to look at.
More Elf
Peekaboo Town overview!
Hi Steve!
Hey guys!
"Wooden Roller Coaster Episode of Little Fairies" Mhm....
Slow day today.
In the middle of Elf was this nice and very green pathway.
Random tree house
They also had some animals
A quick visit to Hug Hug Town (petting zoo) and we are out of here!
Welcome to Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine!
A map of the shrine
One of the first buildings you come across.
Need an orange gate?
This trip report will have a severe lack of orange gates...
Near the bottom.
Heading up!
Nope not one orange gate.
This is the only view we would get.
Mid way point.
There were vending machines at random spots on the trail. But the further you go up the more expensive it got.
Still not enough gates.
We reached the top and all of us lit a candle. Here is mine.
You can even but some orange gates!
Back at the bottom.
Another gate.
This was the pose to make so here is my impression of it... next up Yokohama Cosmoworld and Sea Paradise!

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Re: Ken's Random Adventures of 2013 Trip Reports Thread

Postby cfc » Mon Dec 16, 2013 9:06 am

I enjoyed Hirikata and the long walk some of us took up the mountain to the Inari Temple (beautiful place).

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Re: Ken's Random Adventures of 2013 Trip Reports Thread

Postby Hoppy » Mon Dec 16, 2013 3:23 pm

^ Yes, I forgot about that long walk after a nice time at Hirikata - made up for all the beer we tasted.
Roller Coasters, Fireworks, and Kobe Beef, oh my!

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Re: Ken's Random Adventures of 2013 Trip Reports Thread

Postby eddie200330 » Mon Dec 16, 2013 3:30 pm

Why is Red Falcon not red.....I love the quirkiness of Japanese parks.
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Re: Ken's Random Adventures of 2013 Trip Reports Thread

Postby jray21 » Mon Dec 16, 2013 3:31 pm

Another great update! Hirakata park is still one of the park I need to visit in Japan. The temples looked really nice as well.

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Re: Ken's Random Adventures of 2013 Trip Reports Thread

Postby rollin_n_coastin » Tue Dec 17, 2013 8:13 am

Ken, awesome pics as always. Hirakata was such a fun spot. Japan pulls all of us in different directions so it's such a blast seeing what everyone else was up to.

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Yokohama Cosmoworld

Postby kidcoaster 2 » Sun Dec 22, 2013 7:24 pm

The next morning we once again left early to head up to Yokohama to meet the rest of the group for the start of the official TPR Japan 2013 trip!

After meeting we were than taken to the gates of Yokohama Cosmoworld where a very welcoming Mr. Kitagawa would greet us before walking us around his park giving us ERT on several of the most popular ones.

Diving Coaster: Vanish First up was the park's signature coaster and the one I'm sure you seen a million times of those facebook chains "Would you ride This". The coaster looks great from a distance and the "dive" part is pretty cool but there is some head banging.

(Not so) Spinning Coaster A spinning coaster that doesn't spin, nothing more fun than that!

Log Flume This was the best ride at the park, the flume was laid out all over the wheel side of the park and had two drops. The second drop offered some decent airtime! The screaming contest they have set up on it is really fun too!

Family Banana Coaster Next Mr. Kitagawa took us to the other side of the park, see Cosmoworld is actually 3 (or two depending how you look at it) separated by the river. The major rides are on the side of the giant wheel while the more kids stuff and smaller attractions are on the other.

Mr. Kitagawa opened up the kiddie coaster for us to get our credit which was really nice of him!

Ice House Next Mr. Kitagawa as well as our guide Robb and Elissa took us to the park's Ice House for what we thought would be a quick walk through. Little did we know Mr. Kitagawa came up with the idea of locking us in!

After that Mr. Kitagawa also opened the Disko for us but some of us were getting hungry so we decided to wait out the opening of the "pancake bear" stand. I think the girl working it was quite surprised to see a line of grown men before opening!

Dr. Edgar Next we did the several walk-troughs that were on our side of the park one was like a fun house and one was another game like at Hirakata Park where you win a card. The Haunted House was the one I was most interested in. They gave you a candle to hold as you went through where they challenge you not to get scared and shake it. The house wasn't bad and I seen at least one actor.

Next we returned to the wheel side and did the other dark rides.

Mirror Adventure This was a really neat game which revolves around your astrology signs. It had a mirror maze of course and at the end you an win a prize. Matt won a lego toy.

Ghost Train We next did the Ghost Train where you ride in a cage. It was pretty much like the other Japanese dark rides.

Judge The last thing we did was the main walk through. Judge is set up with 3 levels and provides the opportunity to back out between each level. They also offer a flashlight but we ended up turning it off. It was a rather lengthy walk through and was pretty good. I can't remember if there were actors or not.

At the end you can win another prize and all 3 of us got skull wrist bands.

At this point our point card for the park was depleted so we left the park to check out Yokohama before we had to meet up for the train station.

We first grabbed lunch at the mall across the street. We went to a restaurant called "American House Bar & Grill". Yes an American themed restaurant in Japan. It was as stereotypical American as you can get, it had country music blasting, americana memorabilia and waitresses wearing daisy dukes! And you can't forget the 100% authentic texas food that includes rice. It was a rather interesting experience. But it is like our Japanese restaurants.

Next we walked around for a bit checking out the water front as well as some of the local sites (And a Krispy Cream) before heading back to the station for our next stop.... Sea Paradise which will be in part 2 I will post in the next few days.
Welcome to Yokohama!
Getting closer to Cosmoworld!
I'm sure you seen this already but Yokohama Cosmoworld was excited to welcome us.
First up.... Vanish!
Going up
Going down
Spinning Mouse
Heading to the other side of the park.
Next up Banana Coaster!
See Bananas!
Station and the group.
Next up Ice House!
Well since we are locked in here can I get a drink please?
Main street?
First walk through... Dr. Edgar
Don't get scared and shake the candle
Random game/walkthrough
The park is in a very nice setting.
The giant wheel.
Vanish going up.
Vanish again!
This gives you an idea of how the park is split up.
Heading back to the Amuse zone!
Here it is... the famous meat key chain!
Out side of the 3D shooter.
Set up just outside the cage ride.
Haunted House
First they lock you in the cage.
Please decline to use flash bulbs...
Another angle of the wheel.
Vanish again!
Here is the water front.
Which way do we go?
Matt pointing the way...
Umm... what???
The middle section.
Sick of seeing this wheel yet?
What about Vanish?
Another angle of this section.
Thanks for a great visit Yokohama Cosmoworld! And Mr. Kitagawa
Next we checked this out.
What do you think it is?
This was once a dry dock....
Looks like it has some stores.
A neat old ship
Heading to our next stop!
More coming soon...!
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Re: Ken's Random Adventures of 2013 Trip Reports Thread

Postby Woodie Warrior » Sun Dec 22, 2013 7:34 pm

I become even more amazed by Japan every time I see a photo of it. Can't wait for my inevitable future trip there!

Nice photos, too!
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Re: Ken's Random Adventures of 2013 Trip Reports Thread

Postby attack7 » Sun Dec 22, 2013 8:57 pm

Such a nice batch of pictures to see when the weather is so ugly outside right now.

Thanks Ken!

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Re: Ken's Random Adventures of 2013 Trip Reports Thread

Postby Meteornotes » Sun Dec 22, 2013 9:19 pm


So happy to see the glory of Meat Cow can still be experienced!

Always trying to keep YOU entertained! Now with more Ice Bat!
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