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Archived Photo Trip Reports of Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, and Donkeys!
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Universal Studios Singapore

Postby kidcoaster 2 » Thu Jul 18, 2013 1:21 am

^ There were some crowds at both parks but it was still very manageable.

Universal Studios Singapore

Alright next stop brings us to the little city/country of Singapore!

Even though I spent 5 hours later than planned at Hong Kong Airport I did arrive to the world's best airport! I mean any airport that has gardens, drivers to take you to other gates during tight connections, mints at immigration, ohhh and the tallest slide in Asia it has to be the best? Right???

Well I meant up with my friend Dan and we were able to get about an hour sleep before we got up early to head to Universal Studios Singapore!

A quick train later we were on the monorail onto Sensota Island and were quickly at the gates. We got there early to grab breakfast in the park. Right next to Transformers we were greeted with a very nice spread complete with real bacon! (I guess it's hard to find in the region).

Unfortunately at the time of my visit Singapore was struck with some severe haze as a result of the wild fires in Indonesia. This forced the closure of a lot of attractions around the city and Sensota Island. Fortunately though it did start to clear half way through the day.

Battlestar Gallactica Cylon & Human After filling up we got first ride on both sides of Battlestar. We started on Human (Sitdown) in the back seat and it offered a nice pop of air on the first drop. The rest of the ride was fun but nothing great. Cylon (Inverted) was next, we hopped in the front seat. This one was a lot better and had a nice layout.

Ohhhh the best part of these coasters??? They still duel!!!

Transformers Orlando had opened theirs a few days before my visit so I thought it was neat to be riding the original. The ride is a lot of fun! Very hard to tell whether I like this or Spiderman more but the scenes were really cool, also it was pointed out that the ending features a nod to Bumblebees orginal form. This is also the exact same ride as the one in Hollywood and Orlando.

Sesame Street's Spaghetti Space Chase This had a really cute name and I remember Sesame Street from my child hood so I was interested in seeing this one. The first ride the on board audio didn't work so I was left really confused. The second ride it worked so it made a lot more sense. The ride was an inverted dark ride an featured just about ever character from the show especially Elmo.

Lights! Camera! Action! It started out kinda like Disaster but was actually very different. The ending featured a hurricane destroying New York City (Mhmm). But had some really cool surprises.

Revenge of the Mummy This is an exact copy of the Orlando version but with some huge differences in the story line and some different effects. But has one huge plus over Orlando... the lack of Brendan Fraser. This story worked a lot better and was all about finding the book of Living.

Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure This Jurassic Park is different than the others in that it is a river rapids, the out side section is also a lot longer. Pretty much a flood is about to destroy the park and you have to get to safety which turns out isn't very safe. The ride ends with a vertical lift than a drop.

Canopy Flyer Unlike the Orlando version this one sits 4 per car and allows adults. The ending helix also pulls some nice G's.

Enchanted Airways The last credit of the park is this vekoma roller skater themed to Donkey his wife, and their cross species offspring.

Madagascar: A Crate Adventure Next up was the giant ship at the from of the park, it don't house a luxury restaurant like Disney Sea but it does house Madagascar. I slow boat ride through various scenes from the movies, and of course the penguins "trying" to save the day.

Monster Rock This is kind of like the show at Universal Orlando (Minus beetlejuice) meets bill and ted. It has a lot of action and a lot of fun. With some great music choices.

Next we grabbed lunch with another friend at Louie's which offers some very good pizza and pasta. Before we left the park and hopped back on the monorail just two stops down to the beach. Walking down it you could tell its normally a hot spot but with the haze it seemed really quiet today.

Mega Zip The ziplines are at a perfect setting right on the beach and starts on top of the hill with some great views up top.

Leap of Faith The first attraction we did at Mega Zip was the leap of faith. You pretty much just jump off the tower only held onto a winch with a cable about a half inch thick. The jump is about 40 feet up. I don't have any pictures because I had to take a few minutes afterward to catch my breath.

Ziplines We did these twice and boy are they a lot of fun. You skim right over the trees sometimes being able to hit one with your feet before flying down over the beach and water before ending on a tiny island.

Both these attractions are a lot of fun and with a super friendly staff that just add to the experience it is defiantly worth a visit if you ever go to Universal Singapore.

Our next stop on the beach was the Luge. It is really hard to explain what exactly it is but know this and New Zealand are the only places in the world you can do this. Also it is worth doing several times because you only have to take the chairlift to the top to do it again.

In between one of our rides we hopped on the sky tower at the top of the hill to get some great views of Sensota Island along with most of Singapore.

After our last ride on the Luge we returned to Universal and did Transformers again along with both Battlestars we than walked around exploring the rest of the park which reminds me of a mini version of Island of Adventures meets the studios park. It works really well and the theming at the park is excellent.

We ended the night with two more rides on The Mummy. We stuck around the park for a bit after that before we headed back into Singapore where we grabbed a beer and did some exploring before heading back to get some sleep.

Thanks Universal Studios for an amazing visit! Also a huge thanks to Mega-zip and the Luge! I highly recommend a visit!
LEGOLAND Malaysia is next!
To get to Universal Singapore you must first take the monorail onto Sensota Island.
Approaching the island you could instantly see the haze over taking everything.
Welcome to Universal Studios Singapore! Stylish mask, no?
Well luckily as the day went on the haze would clear back into "healthy" levels.
The first in the park for the day!
Right away it is already a really nice park.
First stop was Sci-Fi city.
This was the divider between New York and Sci-Fi
After breakfast our first ride was on Transformers! It's a great ride with a lot of action and some really cool scenes. Its still hard to tell if I like this or Spiderman more.
The Transformers photo spot.
Continuing on we head for this twisted mess of coaster track!
The coasters really dominates over the park. Both coasters are kind of rough but fun rides. I preferred Cylon though.
Moving on...
Welcome to Egypt home of riots and military coups!!!.... Oh I mean....
Awesome rides like Treasure Hunters!!!....
... and MUMMY!!!
Welcome to the best of the Universal Studios Jurrasic Parks!
The Discovery Center here is a food court.
Rawr and stuff
First up was River Adventures, defiantly prefer this over the other Jurassic Park boat rides.
Canopy Flyer sits 4 per car and allows adults. Also includes a nice ending helix. Make sure you ride backwards.
Jurassic Park also has a climbing wall in the back if you are into those things.
Next we went Far Far Away... or about 15 yards over to the next section of the park.
It's defiantly bigger than Disneyland's Castle ;)
And its only for a theater!
If you venture into the gift shop you will find this....
A Ferris wheel!
Also in Far Far Away there is a credit!
Just outside of Far Far Away is Shrek's house
That giant boat in the back is Madagascar. Not terrible but its a slow boat ride through various scenes from the movie.
One of the many random paths throughout the park.
Sesame Street is the new ride. It's actually a very nice dark ride and any ride themed to pasta is ok by me!
The entrance hosts at some of the ride entrances hold puppets and the Sesame street crew put masks on the Cookie Monster and Elmo puppets I thought this was awesome!
At this point we did pretty much everything so we left for a bit to do some stuff on the beach.
Getting to the beach was as simple as two stops on the monorail.
The first set getting ready to go.
Its a long but beautiful way down
I loved it!
Looking back up.
Another group coming down
Next we headed that way
Took the chairlift up...
...and got our Luge on!
Next we did the sky tower. Here is the water park which was closed due to the haze.
Down there is the entrance to USS
Transformers in that front right building and Mummy behind Battlestar
Battlestar doing its thing.
The city is starting to appear through the haze.
Time to go back down.
Didn't do IFly.
We than returned to the park for the rest of the night.
We than did Battlestar again. This was in the queue
I'm just going to post all my Battlestar photos.
More dueling!
Egypt. Now time for the rest of my photos.
Far Far Away
I did like the random Mummys
It was a kick ass day USS!
Next we headed into city in search of food.
That's it for today! Next up LEGOLAND Malaysia!
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Re: Ken's Random Adventures of 2013 Trip Reports Thread

Postby kailisun98 » Thu Jul 18, 2013 4:52 am

Is Battlestar Gallactica rougher than the other vekomas?
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Re: Ken's Random Adventures of 2013 Trip Reports Thread

Postby kidcoaster 2 » Thu Jul 18, 2013 8:31 am

^ No I have been on a lot worse. Battlestar is actually re-rideable.

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Re: Ken's Random Adventures of 2013 Trip Reports Thread

Postby SharkTums » Thu Jul 18, 2013 8:37 am

How many times did you ride the best ride in the park? I'm talking about Treasure Hunters of course! :b

Love the whole Sentosa complex, it's like a giant cruise ship private island of fun! Can't wait to go back!

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Re: Ken's Random Adventures of 2013 Trip Reports Thread

Postby kidcoaster 2 » Thu Jul 18, 2013 9:21 am

SharkTums wrote:How many times did you ride the best ride in the park? I'm talking about Treasure Hunters of course! :b

A whopping ZERO.... and that has completely ruined the trip for me. :|

I thought about skipping Disney Sea just so I can return for it ;)

But no, agreed Sensota is a really awesome place there is so much to do and see. You just can't do everything in a one day.

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Re: Ken's Random Adventures of 2013 Trip Reports Thread

Postby PKI Jizzman » Thu Jul 18, 2013 12:10 pm

Thanks for all the photos! Looks like a really nice park!
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Legoland Malaysia and random Singapore fun

Postby kidcoaster 2 » Fri Jul 26, 2013 12:36 am

Good morning all!

Next stop brings us just south of the Singapore border to the brand new park LEGOLAND Malaysia!

Getting to the park from Singapore is super easy using WTS travel service with the bus pick up at the Singapore Flyer. It was an hour and a half to the park followed by a short walk to the entrance. I didn't go in right away because I needed breakfast so I went to the mall built literally just outside the park gates. The mall was super nice even with garden bathrooms (Yes you got to pee outside while looking at plants and stuff). I grabbed my breakfast (and later lunch) at KFC.

Project X (No, no drinking or nudity or starting a riot unfortunately) First thing to do was get the credits out of the way. This is nothing more than a standard mack mouse just like the one that just opened at Knott's.

Dragon's Apprentice This is really the parks "kiddie" coaster. It was a nice little ride.

Dragon This is the main coaster at the park and honestly I really liked it. Not sure is there are other coasters with this layout but it was mildly intense. The dark ride section before the ride was cool as well.

4D Theater Feeling like 200 degrees with the humidity the way it was I ended up taking in several movies in this nice COLD theater. The occasional water in the face was also very welcome. OOoo one plus is that I finally know what the hell Chima is.

The Tower This is the observation tower. It ended up getting stuck earlier but it reopened so I grabbed a quick ride.

Lost Kingdom Adventure This is the Sally shooter. It was a fun little ride.

Train They have a train that circles Miniland and some other sections of the park. It was only running one train but still didn't have to wait long.

After this I repeated some rides and took in Miniland before returning to Singapore for dinner with Meat-on-a-stick in the middle of the street and pay a visit to some hookers along with some beer before flying to Tokyo a few hours later!

Next stop the land of the rising sun!
Good morning Singapore! Sadly I will be leaving for a few hours.... But I will be be back!
We had some decent views from the bus.
Marina Bay Sands hotel.
Singapore has a VERY large shipping port.
Crossing the border... check out that haze.
Welcome to LEGOLAND Malaysia!....
... But first FOOD.
Once inside the park Project X was first! No this did not include lots of drinking and nudity unfortunately :/
Moving on....
Onward to the Kingdom for my next credits!
Dragon's Apprentice is first!
Some of the queue theming.
Small but perfect for families.
One more.
This way to Dragon!
This looks like the right way.
Some queue theming
The station
The start of the dark ride section.
The Tower (Great name,eh?) was first.
Dragon's Apprentice
Dragon Again
Water park conrtuction
Dino Island
Imagination area
Moving on
Didn't do but looks like you don't get too wet.
The shooter
You guys should know what this is.
I think I only seen it go once.
Took the train next.
Miniland from the train
Construction of something
Entrance plaza
Moving on
Driving school
Guess someone wanted out...
Ride ops here to save it
Another look at the waterpark
Lets go check out Miniland!
The Tower looks like a model too doesn't it?
I know that place ;)
I know that place too ;)
They also had these but I didn't feel like getting drenched head to toe.
I went and grabbed one last ride on Project X before heading out.
The Hotel is looking good.
You can also visit the water park. Well at some point in the future.
Time to had out.
Finally back in Singapore lets have a quick look around here before moving on.
The Flyer has a full garden under the wheel.
From the other side.
Marina Bay Sands
Sky Garden
See this bridge here?
Don't even think about bringing your cattle over it!
Singapore Flyer
Marina Bay Sands
This is where we had dinner. Looks like a nice patio or something right?
Wrong, it is just some food vendors who set up tables in the middle of a real working street! Complete with still working street lights! Stingray was good though!
My last stop of Singapore was Beer Market.
This restaurant has a simple but great set up! If no one wants a beer the price goes down.
But if someone wants a beer...
... The price goes up! Its awesome! One the way back we swung by a Japanese Temple. It reminded me I leave for Tokyo a few hours later. So bitter sweet but I am just glad to have gotten the opportunity to visit Singapore and I look forward to returning. SHIOK!

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Aqua Stadium

Postby kidcoaster 2 » Mon Jul 29, 2013 10:49 pm

Since I am posting this at the start of the week maybe now it will get more interest. ;)

So this is a super short report for a super small "park" Aqua Stadium.

My day started early with my flight out of Singapore. It was an easy taxi ride to the airport and the check in was very quick with some super friendly staff. Breezed through immigration (Yay mints) and grabbed breakfast before going through security (AT THE GATE!) This flight consisted of a light nap and watching a few more new releases.

Once at the airport I had a short wait at immigration than went through customs. I had to process my Rail Pass so I went to the train station after converting the rest of my currency to Yen. Processing took about 20 minutes but once through I met up with Matt and waited for several more as we planned to all get to the hotel together. Once we had everyone we grabbed the airport express and went straight to the Shinagawa Prince Hotel which was a short walk from the train station.

After we all checked in and dropped our bags we met back up in the lobby to go visit the small park in the hotel and than to grab food.

Galaxy Express 999 Once in the park you just have to get tickets for the coaster or carousel or the pirate ship (Are there even any other rides here?). With the some help by one of the super friendly employees at this park we were able to figure out the ticket machine and he even saved us 4 YEN in the process!

Before the coaster though you have to go through a what felt like a 20 minute long preshow of explaining props for a show we didn't even know anything about or understand. Along with a video and some animatronics before you finally enter the station.

The trains are super long and the track is all indoors so you really don't know what's about to happen. We finally board the train and I grab the front. The ride is pretty much slow buildup of speed while leaving the station followed by a turn than staring at a loop before you finally take on speed. After the loop you hit some helixes before ending in the unload platform where the bring all your lose articles to which was nice.

As we were leaving we noticed our luck as they had shut off the queue while we were on the ride so I guess we were the last riders of the night.

Last thing we grabbed lunch in the hotel food court where I got some really good rice beef sandwiches. At this point we were all tired so I headed to bed to crash. We had an early morning for the first day of the Japan Trip!

Tobu Zoo is next!
Out of the plane this was one of the first things I went for. Actually really good!
My first Japan park!
The Carousel looked really nice.
But we are here for this!
You are going to stand here for 20 minutes while we talk about random stuff.
Oh man, I sure hope we can find a seat guys...
The ride entrance with the closed queue as we were leaving/
I will leave you with a night shot of Tokyo from my hotel room. Next up Tobu Zoo!

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Re: Ken's Random Adventures of 2013 Trip Reports Thread

Postby Nrthwnd » Tue Jul 30, 2013 6:16 pm

I wish'd we'd been able to do Galaxy 999, after we arrived at the hotel.
But we didn't give ourself enough time <sad>.

Yes, the pre-show is about three times as long as the ride itself (ha)
but it's a pretty good experience. Especially when some people
don't actually know there's a ____ in the ride. (no spoilers here)

And in Hong Kong Disneyland - did you find out what that "ribbon cutting
ceremony" was all about? Didn't look to be a big audience draw, heh heh,

Great start to your tours! Looking forward to seeing more. :smile:
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Re: Ken's Random Adventures of 2013 Trip Reports Thread

Postby kidcoaster 2 » Wed Jul 31, 2013 11:45 am

The ribbon cutting was the way they opened the park for the day. Some cast members picked a family and brought them forward where than the princesses came out of the castle and each of them said a few works before they put up a ribbon for the family to cut.

There was a very large crowd gathered but the ropes were right at the end of Main Street so you couldn't see it in my photos.


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