Photo TR: Eurotrip with TPR

Paris! Screw Disney we found a Wacky Worm at the Lourve!
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Re: Photo TR Eurotriping with TPR

Postby Meteornotes » Tue Nov 20, 2012 8:18 am


This is seriously one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen. Universal should hire whoever made this to do the HHN theme next year.

Always trying to keep YOU entertained! Now with more Ice Bat!
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Re: Photo TR Eurotriping with TPR

Postby kidcoaster 2 » Tue Nov 20, 2012 11:45 am

^ That was infact scarier than anything at HHN!

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Rainbow Magicland

Postby kidcoaster 2 » Sun Nov 25, 2012 1:35 am

Alright here comes day 3... RAINBOW MAGICLAND!

Located just outside Rome this park opened just last year and it was a pleasant surprise. It had a feel of Islands of Adventure meets Hard Rock Park but the theming was half-a$$ed in places and the park lacked shade however it was still a nice park with some ... well... interesting theme songs.

We got there a little bit early and waited to be let into the park for our ERT and were guided through the very Islands of Adventure entryway to Shock... but shockingly (Get it? Ehh) it was down so the lead us to Cagliostro for our ERT and even gave us some lights on rides. It was a Maurer Söhne spinner which wasn't bad but it wasn't no Winjas. I ended up with about 12 rides throughout the day.

After our session we were lead back to Shock for what we expected was a ride or two since the park was about to open but the park gave us our full session (Almost an hour) exclusively to us even though the park was open at this point. Before the session though we still had to wait a few minutes as they were still working on it so we seeked refuge from the heat in the gelato shop and got to watch their opening show which was interesting.

Shock was ready for us at this point so we headed back and I grabbed a back seat for my first ride. To go through the awkward pre-launch section you hit the launch immediately and shot over the hill for a nice pop of air than into the non inverting loop followed but the intense tiny over bank turn followed by breaks than a few more twists than the inline twist which had some good laterals than the breaks. Its a great ride and would love to see more of these built (And no not HRRR).

Now I just share my thoughts on the rest of the park rides.

Bombo Run Wait was Typical Vekoma roller skater.

Americo (Bruco now) It is just an ordinary Wacky Worm with zero theming. It felt out of place.

Continuing around the park we grabbed lunch which was a pretty beefy meal of lasauna salad bread and included wine and other things.

Olandese Volante which was a family mine train like Eagles in the fastland at HRP.

Huntik 3-D opened at 12. It has a very impressive exterior, however the ride is not that great. It uses cars that reminded me of Spiderman (Not sure if its the same company) but some really crappy visuals it is a shooting dark ride but I was able to lag several of the screens and I couldn't figure out the story.

Mystika This drop tower had a great view but I hate hate hate drop rides and the fact it held us up there for a while didn't help at all.

Believix (Winx Club ride) We actually missed this the first time around as I didn't know it existed. It had a similar ride system as Peter Pan but was much more scarier just due to the fact of what this one was themed to. The ride emptied into a play ground thingy which I thought was weird.

Drakkar After another ride on Huntik we decided to cool down on the rapids. I was surprised to see people standing on the ride in sight of ops but would learn that this is a common occurence in Europe. The ride had some nice scenery and got you very wet which was good and very needed that day.

We hit up shock again before meeting to group which all agreed on another two hours at the park.

Maison Houdini Next up was the Mad House. This one was interesting in that it was actually built under the park. Most people didn't even realize that till I pointed out the vents and skylights between the buildings.

L'Isola Volante The flying island would be our last ride today.

My final thoughts are that the park was very nice and upkeep seemed well. More shade and trees are defiantly needed along with more locations to buy drinks. Can't wait to see what the park does next.
101_2434 (2560x1920).jpg
We'll start off with this neat structure we passed on the way to the park.
101_2435 (2560x1920).jpg
There she is!
101_2437 (2560x1920).jpg
I do love the parking structures.
101_2438 (2560x1920).jpg
Where we are.
101_2439 (2560x1920).jpg
Port of entry... errr... I mean main street.
101_2441 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2442 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2443 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2444 (2560x1920).jpg
Their version of the IOA lighthouse.
101_2445 (2560x1920).jpg
Coming up on shock.
101_2446 (2560x1920).jpg
Shock's enterance
101_2447 (2560x1920).jpg
It would have to wait though...
101_2452 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2453 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2454 (2560x1920).jpg
Our first ride of the day!
101_2456 (2560x1920).jpg
After our ride session we waited for shock to open so we watched this weird show.
101_2489 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2458 (2560x1920).jpg
Moving on Bombo Run was next.
101_2459 (2560x1920).jpg
Shock dominated this side of the park.
101_2461 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2462 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2463 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2465 (2560x1920).jpg
Never in america (Besides Knoebels)
101_2467 (2560x1920).jpg
Olandese Volante was next
101_2469 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2470 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2471 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2472 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2473 (2560x1920).jpg
A show was going on.
101_2474 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2477 (2560x1920).jpg
Don't open till 2:30
101_2479 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2481 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2483 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2484 (2560x1920).jpg
Some Shock pics
101_2485 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2486 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2487 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2490 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2494 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2493 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2496 (2560x1920).jpg
Unmaned position at Flying Island
101_2497 (2560x1920).jpg
Alot of people on the trip didn't like this system but I prefered it. Aslong as you pay attention it works fine.
101_2498 (2560x1920).jpg
Going up you can see our bus. Take a guess as to which one.
101_2499 (2560x1920).jpg
Shock storage track.
101_2512 (2560x1920).jpg
Awkward pre-launch section.
101_2513 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2509 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2500 (2560x1920).jpg
Main Street
101_2522 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2519 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2518 (2560x1920).jpg
Whats this???
101_2506 (2560x1920).jpg
It's Universal Studios ;)
101_2505 (2560x1920).jpg
Bombo Run
101_2514 (2560x1920).jpg
More Shock
101_2515 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2516 (1280x960).jpg
101_2501 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2511 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2503 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2510 (2560x1920).jpg
And thats all for Rainbow Magicland
101_2523 (2560x1920).jpg
Here are a few photos from the drive to Rimini!
101_2524 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2526 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2529 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2530 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2531 (2560x1920).jpg
Random Castle
101_2533 (2560x1920).jpg
Arriving in Rimini (Which will be covered next time) Some of us ventured up to the giant ferris wheel set up on the far end of the beach.
101_2532 (2560x1920).jpg
Thats all for now.
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Postby SharkTums » Sun Nov 25, 2012 8:50 am

kidcoaster 2 wrote:
Americo (Bruco now) It is just an ordinary Wacky Worm with zero theming. It felt out of place.

Huntik 3-D opened at 12. It has a very impressive exterior, however the ride is not that great. It uses cars that reminded me of Spiderman (Not sure if its the same company) but some really crappy visuals it is a shooting dark ride but I was able to lag several of the screens and I couldn't figure out the story.

Believix (Winx Club ride) We actually missed this the first time around as I didn't know it existed. It had a similar ride system as Peter Pan but was much more scarier just due to the fact of what this one was themed to. The ride emptied into a play ground thingy which I thought was weird.

Agreed about the Wacky Worm. The kiddie area wasn't great, but it was at least themed and permanent...other than the Wacky Worm!

Huntik was odd, it should have been good but like you said between the blurriness and the guns not working right it was just ok. Maybe if it was 9D instead of 5D it would have been better.

Nothing weird about the Winx Ride emptying out into that awesome kids playground! KT spent most of the day over there. It's one of those new Japanese style play grounds and we only have one in all of the USA, hoping to see more soon!

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Postby kidcoaster 2 » Thu Nov 29, 2012 11:16 pm

Oh I forgot to mention the game of Frogger we had to do to cross the street to the hotel with the crazy italian drivers about when we arrived the.

Here is day 4 Fiabilandia!

After a pretty fun night at the local bar and some exploring we woke up in Rimini and met up to leave for our next park Fiabilandia. Originally we planned to be at this park till 4 but since it was a pretty small park we all pretty much agreed to cut that back which turned out the be a good thing... we'll get to that later.

We boarded the bus and departed to the park. We arrived and got our tickets and went into the park.

il Castello de Merlino Our group decided to hit the dark ride first since it was the first thing you seen when you entered the park. After a short wait we all boarded separately. This wasn't a "good" ride but I thought it was charming in a way. But I did like one of the final tricks (Which unfortunately was ruined by a open exit door on our second ride) I won't spoil it but I do applaud anything that can manage to scare me.

Space Mouse Next we hit our first credit the spinner... something I noticed was that this park limits your rides on the "Big" rides. Not sure if it was only once but that is what we were assuming since they stamped our park tickets. Anyway one was fine but the coaster was fun though.

We found out the powered coaster was gone and a log flume was being built in its place.

Valle degli Gnomi What is Valle degli Gnomi you ask??? Well its the worlds longest wacky worm! It goes over a spread out landscape with a few little "dark ride sections" pretty neat but only worth one ride for us.

Nolan wanted to do the Adams family show but that didn't go on till after we would leave.

Continuing around the giant lake this park is built around we come to our next credit.

Miniera d'Oro This would be the last credit of this park. It seemed like a BTMRR knock off in some ways and had some cheap theming. Their was one drop that scared the poo out of us but the rest of the ride was meh. Kids loved it though.

Jurassic Cars We found this drive your-self ride so we had to do it.

il Lago del Sogno Running into some more of the group we all took over the last darkride. This is a weird boat ride goes through a little outside area before being swallowed by a giant worm? And some how ending up in his stomach that is growing these huge magical plants??? I don't know at this point our boat was struck by the rock work around the ride.

After another lap on il Castello de Merlino the group met up and decided it was time to leave. Rimini is up next!
101_2591 (2560x1920).jpg
Welcome to Fiabilandia! Notice the solar panels on the parking structures thats a great idea and I love it!
101_2588 (2560x1920).jpg
First up il Castello de Merlino!
101_2544 (2560x1920).jpg
Hi Nolan
101_2543 (2560x1920).jpg
Going in
101_2545 (2560x1920).jpg
Merlin is a little creepy...
101_2546 (2560x1920).jpg
Nolan is like "WTF was that?"
101_2547 (2560x1920).jpg
Howard was also like "WTF"
101_2548 (2560x1920).jpg
Splash Battle
101_2549 (2560x1920).jpg
Large lake in the middle of the park
101_2559 (2560x1920).jpg
Space Mouse
101_2550 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2552 (2560x1920).jpg
Low clearence going in...
101_2551 (2560x1920).jpg
Worlds longest wacky worm.
101_2553 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2554 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2555 (2560x1920).jpg
Dark ride section
101_2556 (2560x1920).jpg
The group
101_2557 (2560x1920).jpg
It's the Alveys
101_2560 (2560x1920).jpg
I have a feeling "Horror show" is the appropiate term.
101_2561 (2560x1920).jpg
Ghettofabolous Brokenness misters...
101_2562 (2560x1920).jpg
Hamster wheel
101_2564 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2565 (2560x1920).jpg
Mine train
101_2566 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2568 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2569 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2571 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2573 (2560x1920).jpg
Only picture of the Jurassic cars
101_2574 (2560x1920).jpg
No staff for the slide and everyone is obeying the rules? Never in America...
101_2575 (2560x1920).jpg
Girl got stuck half way down and had to be rescued by her dad.
101_2577 (2560x1920).jpg
Pirate ship
101_2578 (2560x1920).jpg
The lake from the other side.
101_2579 (2560x1920).jpg
il Lago del Sogno
101_2580 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2581 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2583 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2584 (2560x1920).jpg
About to deep throat the worm
101_2585 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2586 (2560x1920).jpg
Magic plants in the worms stomach
101_2587 (2560x1920).jpg
At this point all you hear is CRASH THUD "OH $&!T"
101_2542 (2560x1920).jpg
Another lap on the dark ride.
101_2589 (2560x1920).jpg
Need some rocks?
101_2590 (2560x1920).jpg
Annnd thats all... Rimini is next!

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Re: Photo TR Eurotrip with TPR

Postby cfc » Fri Nov 30, 2012 8:52 am

I find Shock's cartoonish entrance amusing for some reason.


Rather "Jules Verneish"--I guess they were going for some sort of "steampunk" thing?

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Exploring Rimini

Postby kidcoaster 2 » Mon Dec 03, 2012 11:24 pm

After leaving Fiabilandia a little early we had some free time around Rimini before a surprise credit run that night and dinner after that.

Several of us went out to get some food and ended up at this buffalo restaurant (Can't remember the exact name). Than walked around town and checked out the beach well anyway here are the photos of one of my favorite places we visited on the two trips.
101_2592 (2560x1920).jpg
Our first stop after getting back was food... this was delicious
101_2593 (2560x1920).jpg
Our meal was quickly interupted by this evil bird who kept trying to steal our food
101_2594 (2560x1920).jpg
Nolan goes on the attack
101_2595 (2560x1920).jpg
Yeah... No
101_2596 (2560x1920).jpg
Walking down the main drag
101_2598 (2560x1920).jpg
I was disapointed this playground didn't have any death slides or evil contraptions
101_2597 (2560x1920).jpg
Lets head out to the beach
101_2599 (2560x1920).jpg
Look at that view
101_2601 (2560x1920).jpg
Taking a dip in the adriatic sea... the water was so clear that you could see the fish swimming around your feet
101_2603 (2560x1920).jpg
Hi Kevin
101_2604 (2560x1920).jpg
Our hotel was over there somewhere... Hi Hanno
101_2605 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2606 (2560x1920).jpg
Heading back in to get ready for our next stop...
101_2632 (2560x1920).jpg
Santa Fe!
101_2608 (2560x1920).jpg
When we got there the coaster was still under tarps
101_2613 (2560x1920).jpg
But that didn't last long but they still had to run the tests so I took a stroll around
101_2610 (2560x1920).jpg
Random games
101_2618 (2560x1920).jpg
A couple unique ones that I didn't understand the concept of
101_2628 (2560x1920).jpg
More games
101_2627 (2560x1920).jpg
Some bowling
101_2621 (2560x1920).jpg
Finally the ride opened
101_2623 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2624 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2630 (2560x1920).jpg
Time to head back to the hotel
101_2642 (2560x1920).jpg
Walking around we see this...
101_2643 (2560x1920).jpg
Yeah some horrible placement... only in Italy
101_2637 (2560x1920).jpg
Taken from the hotel resturant
101_2636 (2560x1920).jpg
Thanks for reading arrivederci!
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Postby kidcoaster 2 » Sun Dec 09, 2012 3:04 am

Continuing on we come to day 5 which was Mirabilandia!

We arrived early as we had ERT on Katun and Ispeed and when we arrived we found out the park was not selling Qbots that day however they gave us VIP wristbands for direct boarding to most of the rides!

After getting our tickets and stuff we headed back to Katun. My first ride was in the front and wow I was surprised with this one. I had heard it was a good ride but it was a really good ride! Its too bad B&M don't make inverts like that anymore. During Katun ERT we could see the park warming up Ispeed so after about 7 rides we headed to the other side of the park.

We arrived at Ispeed and after a short wait I got my first ride in the front. The first ride I thought was going to rollback but unfortunately it didn't but the rest of the ride was alot of fun. It kinda reminded me on Maverick. After about 5 rides the GP caught up and our session was over. After splitting up a group of us made haste for Phobia but grabbed the kiddie coaster first as did everyone else it seemed.

After finding out Phobia didn't open till later we grabbed the shot towers followed by the mouse and the powered coaster which were both fun.

Next we did the Shoot-the-shoots and Rapids.

Passing Katun we grabbed another ride and tried to get Master Thai but it was down and they in the middle of an E-vac. Next we hit the Himalaya which had a caterpillar type canvas which I thought was neat. We continued back and tried to get Master Thai again but no luck so we headed back to phobia which was about to open.

We arrived at Phobia to see a large crowd already gathered at the entrance well at this point we were confused whether it was free or an upcharge. Finally after finding the hidden ticket booth I picked up the 5 Euro tickets for the group and we returned to wait with the crowd. Well luckily where we were standing was where the staff decided to open the queue vs the normal spot so we ended up the at the front of the line behind two other girls. Their paired our group up with the girls where we were brought into a small room where they explained the rules in Italian to the girls and english to us (Kudos on the great acting here). We were set up in Conga line style (Which I am not a fan of) and we headed in. I won't give away too much but it was pretty good and the girls were very entertaining... I even managed to scare them a few times (On accident of course ;) )

At this point we headed back to DiVertical which we were supposed to have ERT on that morning but it was down so we set a time later to meet up at the ride. It was actually alot of fun! I don't understand why everyone complains about it over there. We only grabbed one ride before heading to the shooting dark ride.

Reset: Anno Zero is the shooting dark ride themed to an apocalyptic New York City... unfortunately it was really dark and alot of times you were shooting at nothing.

Grabbed another ride on Ispeed and the logflume before heading to the stunt show where we had VIP seating. At this point I learned that Master Thai was back up and opted to skip the show which I would later regret. Hurrying back over to the other side of the park we did find a working Master Thai! Patiently waiting we managed to score the credit it wasn't anything great but was a credit (Or two? since you ride on both sides in the same cycle)

We than hopped on Katun one last time before heading to the front of the park to leave. It was a great day and I loved the park... well besides all the random dead ends.
101_2646 (2560x1920).jpg
Look what I see!
101_2647 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2769 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2648 (2560x1920).jpg
Heading in we see this!
101_2649 (2560x1920).jpg
We'll get to this in a bit
101_2650 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2651 (2560x1920).jpg
Almost there!
101_2653 (2560x1920).jpg
Master Thai
101_2654 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2655 (2560x1920).jpg
The trains
101_2656 (2560x1920).jpg
The station
101_2657 (2560x1920).jpg
We'll be back
101_2659 (2560x1920).jpg
Walking up to Ispeed you could tell that the person who designed this area really liked Red
101_2660 (2560x1920).jpg
Station and Robb setting up the cameras
101_2661 (2560x1920).jpg
Launch track
101_2662 (2560x1920).jpg
kiddie coaster
101_2663 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2664 (2560x1920).jpg
Closed till later
101_2666 (2560x1920).jpg
Next up!
101_2667 (2560x1920).jpg
The wild mouse
101_2668 (2560x1920).jpg
Continuing on
101_2669 (2560x1920).jpg
Sorry guys you can't wear your thongs on this ride...
101_2670 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2671 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2673 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2674 (2560x1920).jpg
Another ride? Sure why not
101_2675 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2687 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2688 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2680 (2560x1920).jpg
Oh no :(
101_2681 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2682 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2686 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2679 (2560x1920).jpg
Continuing around we find this
101_2678 (2560x1920).jpg
Just like Idlewild!
101_2676 (2560x1920).jpg
Don't you even think about swinging those beats!
101_2685 (2560x1920).jpg
Still down!
101_2689 (2560x1920).jpg
Heading back to Phobia
101_2690 (2560x1920).jpg
The Facade
101_2691 (2560x1920).jpg
Yeah no
101_2693 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2694 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2692 (2560x1920).jpg
I was really hoping for some bad translations but sadly there were none
101_2695 (2560x1920).jpg
Zombie Skin > That stuff
101_2696 (2560x1920).jpg
Heading back over here
101_2701 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2737 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2739 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2741 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2742 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2702 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2703 (2560x1920).jpg
Simple but nice station
101_2704 (2560x1920).jpg
This area felt like it used to be a back stage road
101_2705 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2706 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2707 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2719 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2722 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2717 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2718 (2560x1920).jpg
Moving on
101_2721 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2724 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2723 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2726 (2560x1920).jpg
Its JUST LIKE the NJ Transit
101_2725 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2728 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2730 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2729 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2733 (2560x1920).jpg
Sadly the Monorail never opened
101_2734 (2560x1920).jpg
Walking by DiVertical again
101_2743 (2560x1920).jpg
Same with the kiddie coaster
101_2744 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2745 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2746 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2748 (2560x1920).jpg
Didn't stay long
101_2749 (2560x1920).jpg
Giant Wheel
101_2751 (2560x1920).jpg
Its open!
101_2752 (2560x1920).jpg
Credit success photo or squeezing a fart? I think squeezing a fart
101_2757 (2560x1920).jpg
Going for one last Katun ride
101_2756 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2755 (2560x1920).jpg
Terry showing off his Terrys
101_2758 (2560x1920).jpg
Heading out
101_2759 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2761 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2762 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2763 (2560x1920).jpg
Seriously a nice park
101_2764 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2766 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2765 (2560x1920).jpg
Get your kids all the guns they want here
101_2767 (2560x1920).jpg
Thank you Mirabilandia for a great day!
101_2770 (2560x1920).jpg
Heading to Garda we take a look at this and what do we see???
101_2772 (2560x1920).jpg
Closer look... Notice it???
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Movieland Studios and Caneva Aquapark

Postby kidcoaster 2 » Mon Dec 10, 2012 1:28 am

After Mirabilandia we headed north to Lake Garda to stay at the Gardaland Hotel. It was a really nice hotel besides the annoying midnight dance hour where they load kids up with caffeine and have them run around the hotel lobby/courtyard. I did feel bad for their parents those nights though haha.

The next morning we woke up and grab breakfast before heading to the bus for our next stop Movieland Studios!

Passing Gardaland on the way we arrived to find a very USO feel to the park with the Hard Rock Cafe knock off along with the midevil show. We got to the front gate where we were than taken on a waterpark tour by our host Alberto. He walked us all around the waterpark giving us a good idea of the layout even showing us the death slides which we will get to later.

Next we headed into the main park for the first ride of the day on Magma 2... This ride was all kinds of sketchy from the tattooed up ops smoking next to the cars before speeding us off into the backlot. Flying past ride supports and just a whole lot of never in the US stuff. It was alot of fun though.

Hollywood Tower was next. It is your typical Intamin 1st gen freefall that tried to be a clear knock-off of disney's tower of terrors but minus the ghosts and dark ride.

The group than headed down to Bronto Jet the park's newish Schwarzkopf it was ofcourse fun. Next was Broto 'O' Ring the parks powered kiddie coaster where some people couldn't fit and got to ride with their lapbar up... another never in the US.

U-571 was next. I didn't know what to expect with this ride besides that it was a water ride. We were directed into the show room where it starts with a little skip before we become under attack and were quickly ushered into the sub. We arrive in the main compartment and are told to sit on these very loose "Missiles" on either side of the room. The back door shuts and the actor starts screaming at us in italian before the ride starts and we begin rocking for a little bit before it we rock faster. At this point the we start to get water boarded and the compartments open rushing water at us I had a cold waterfall going right down my back the entire 5 minutes of the ride. It was alot of fun especially with a group I don't think anyone had a single dry spot on them after.

Next we headed to Terminator which I was expecting to be like Universal's but it wasn't instead you are the one the ones fighting back with the guns and a score keeper.

At this point was Lunch where the fun really began. Our meal consisted of an open tap so knowing Robb planned to film us on the death slide in a bit we loaded up. Also I noticed a mechanical bull in the corner of the seating area so they opened it for us so a bunch of us tried to see who could stay on the longest some only lasted quite a bit some didn't make it two seconds... Kidtums ended up lasting longer than anyone else.

After this we heading to the water park where we quickly changed and got in line for the death slides. Robb put me with Nolan for our first ride which was bad since we found the weight restrictions after we rode. It was Nolan in front and me in the back. The operator started the belt and we shot off over the edge we didn't touch the slide for a while down but when we did the tube punctured and sent us up on the side of the chute. Nolan stopped at the top of the bunny hill where I rolled back over the cheese grater type drain grates. After tearing up my back I shot back up the first drop before sliding back down where at this point Nolan was doing the same and we ended up crashing in the middle. After collecting what was left of the tube we exited the flume where the lifeguard meant up with us and had a shocked look when I handed her the tube I don't think they see that often. I was fine but I wasn't doing it again. Nolan did and that is the famous slide wipeout video.

Heading to the other side of the park we did the Water jump slides which were very fun but sadly we won't see them in the US anytime soon... or ever.

At this point we had a little time to kill so we did the action river before heading back to the studios for the Rambo stunt show.

Earlier in the day me, Kyle, and Nolan were asked if we wanted to be in the Rambo stunt show so ofcourse we said yes. We meant with Alberto who lead us into a back door to seat us in special seats. The show started off with some general speaking to the audience still not sure what he said but than his soilders started filling the seating area some repealing in. We were than instructed to stand and put our hands behind our head and were lead down front. At this point we realised that the actors didn't realize we didn't speak Italian so it was pretty amusing to the crowd as we struggled to understand their directions but once we did we had to do squats for a while before being taken away to change into our prison outfits. After some stunts we were lead back out to more squats before being loaded in the back of a truck where Rambo tried to save us but failed. I just hear hold on so I did before the drive slammed the breaks and almost sent Nolan and Kyle flying. We were than taken behind the stage where we got to see some of the workings of the show which was cool than we were taken to the cell to sit out most of the show which consisted of alot of fighting, water craft, and ofcouse pyro. We were than lead to a tiny raft where after a short delay we were than "Rescued" after Rambo kills the general we than get rushed about before the staff and us where introduced to the audience. Still we had no idea what they were saying but they gave us some cold drinks and another set of bows before running around the stage and into the costume room to change out of our outfits. It was alot of fun and kind of funny trying to figure out everything and everyone else got a kick out of it.

After this we did Magma 2 again than did the Police Academy simulator. Once again no clue but we did the chicken dance...

We than did the Back to the backlot tour which was a very slow monorail with some stops. No idea what they said but I don't think we got to 88 MPH let alone 8 MPH...

Some did U-571 again while I watched our stuff than headed to the front of the park and did Tomb Raider which was the most intense Top Spin I have been on, I ended up with 11 spins. At this point we headed back to the bus to return to the hotel before doing Gardaland later that night which I will get too later.

Overall this was the best and most random day of the trip for me and I loved it! I really hope to get back to this park someday.
101_2775 (2560x1920).jpg
Waking up that morning at the Gardaland Hotel
101_2776 (2560x1920).jpg
That would be our destination
101_2779 (2560x1920).jpg
Hard Rock Cafe knock off
101_2781 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2778 (2560x1920).jpg
The two parks are very close together
101_2780 (2560x1920).jpg
The studios that way
101_2782 (2560x1920).jpg
But we are going here first
101_2785 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2786 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2787 (2560x1920).jpg
New slide under construction that will feature a 360 degree loop with no water and will drop you into a pirhanna pond.
101_2789 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2790 (2560x1920).jpg
And here we are
101_2791 (2560x1920).jpg
"I cannot guarantee you all will survive this today, but hey No Problemo"
101_2792 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2794 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2798 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2795 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2797 (2560x1920).jpg
Seriously a nice water park
101_2799 (2560x1920).jpg
Heading to the studios
101_2801 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2806 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2809 (2560x1920).jpg
First stop
101_2808 (2560x1920).jpg
Lets go!
101_2811 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2812 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2813 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2815 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2816 (2560x1920).jpg
I spy Schwarzkopf
101_2817 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2820 (2560x1920).jpg
The car that tried to kill us
101_2819 (2560x1920).jpg
Next up
101_2821 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2822 (2560x1920).jpg
Heading down to get the credits
101_2823 (2560x1920).jpg
Well be back
101_2825 (2560x1920).jpg
First up Bronto Jet
101_2828 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2824 (2560x1920).jpg
Next up Bronto 'O' Ring
101_2831 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2832 (2560x1920).jpg
"No lapbar no problemo"
101_2838 (2560x1920).jpg
Checking out the gift shop
101_2841 (2560x1920).jpg
Chucky had a bloody nose
101_2844 (2560x1920).jpg
Creepy spiderman
101_2848 (2560x1920).jpg
Weird robot
101_2839 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2843 (2560x1920).jpg
Still kicking myself for not getting this shirt
101_2845 (2560x1920).jpg
Harry Potter land coming soon! ;)
101_2849 (2560x1920).jpg
Heading into lunch we see this...
101_2852 (2560x1920).jpg
Mechanical bull ERT
101_2804 (2560x1920).jpg
The haunted house
101_2854 (2560x1920).jpg
Heading back to the water park
101_2855 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2856 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2857 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2858 (2560x1920).jpg
Back to the studios
101_2864 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2866 (2560x1920).jpg
Next up Back to the future the ride! Oh wait
101_2867 (2560x1920).jpg
License plate
101_2868 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2869 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2870 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2872 (2560x1920).jpg
Oh hi
101_2871 (2560x1920).jpg
Whats that?
101_2873 (2560x1920).jpg
U-571 sub
101_2874 (2560x1920).jpg
Rambo arena
101_2875 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2877 (2560x1920).jpg
Magma 2 lot
101_2876 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2879 (2560x1920).jpg
Bronto Jet
101_2882 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2884 (2560x1920).jpg
Random Miami Dolphins crate
101_2885 (2560x1920).jpg
The flintstones area
101_2886 (2560x1920).jpg
101_2887 (2560x1920).jpg
Rest of the group coming in
101_2889 (2560x1920).jpg
They took another run on U-571
101_2891 (2560x1920).jpg
Obviously the park was very busy
101_2892 (2560x1920).jpg
Thanks for reading. Gardaland is up next!
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Re: Photo TR Eurotrip with TPR

Postby Gilly » Mon Dec 10, 2012 9:14 am

Cool, haven't been to Movieland for like 6 years and even more to Aqualand (8 years I believe). Aqualand seems almost the same as it was back then (only the highest slide appears to be modified), but Movieland has really changed. For example there was no themeing in the (now) flinstones area, all the ride's names started with X (X-splash, X-speed...), there was a powered Pinfari in the place of Go-gator, and also the Tower of Terror was still being constructed (or was it already constructed, but technical problems kept it away from opening to public)



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