Photo TR: A Quick Trip to Brazil!

Pg. 7 - Xuxa Park Log Ride POV!
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Photo TR: A Quick Trip to Brazil!

Postby jray21 » Tue Nov 06, 2012 5:42 pm

This past October I visited my parents in Brazil for a week and a half. I went to the city of Sao Paulo and was able to visit Hopi Hari Park, Xuxa Park, and a small park in a mall. It was a fun trip, and I had a lot of fun.

Part 1 - Hopi Hari park, and a new country credit!
Part 2 - The World of Xuxa, and Neo Geo! Plus some Brazilian randomness!
Page 7: POV of the Log Ride at The World Of Xuxa!

The first part is my arrival and Hopi Hari Park. I've been told it is the nicest park in Brazil, and even all of South America. This was the only full sized park I've been to in South America so i can't honestly say if it is. The park itself was like a smaller average Six Flags park. The really odd part about this park is that it has it's own 'language.' The theme of the park is that Hopi Hari is its own country, so they even made up their own language. My dad speaks a little portuguese, but he was so confused at the park. I did visit during the absolute worst time of year, school days! Imagine a theme park full of children only Brazilian tour groups! Luckily, they didn't have any whistles, and didn't chant nearly as much as they do at Disney parks. Also, they have an upcharge fast pass, so we didn't have to wait in the 2 hour plus lines. It's good to know that not only America has terrible teenagers. :devil:

Park Operations - The ride ops were so incredibly slow! The employees seemed to move so slow. They were all nice, but slow. Like Italy or Indiana Beach slow. Also, I was told that due to the accident, safety was pretty intense now. It definitely was. Not a terrible thing, but it slowed down operations way too much. The lap bars are checked two or even three times. Small rides would have double restraints, and while that sounds great, they were incredibly unnecessary. Because there were 2+ people checking each side, they seemed to rely more on the other person doing it correctly, so they would barely check the restraints assuming the other person did it. Also, when you add in how slow they would walk and check the lap bars, cycle times were so incredibly terrible. However, the river raft ride doesn't have restraints and people were standing up a ton. They had some people watching the rafts for people standing up, but it would happen constantly. I know in Europe they don't have restraints, so it must be just a sue happy American reason to have them.

I was honestly expecting a dirty, un-themed, and crappy park, but was pleasantly surprised. To be honest, the only countries I've visited south of the US were Jamaica, Haiti, Bahamas, Grand Cayman, and Mexico. So I was definitely, and unfairly, attaching those experiences to my expectations of Brazil. Overall, Brazil, and Hopi Hari, were much better than I expected. The food was good, the people were nice, and the park was relatively clean. The theming in the Looney Tunes area was really good, and most of the theming throughout the park, while a little run down, was pretty nice. The DC area looks pretty great as well, like SFMM's newly redone DC area.

Only two of their credits were open, as they were working on their new DC Comics area. That area looks really good, and will be a huge improvement for the park. If they ever get their new coaster built, it will also make the park much better. The park definitely looks to be going in the right direction. If they can just keep it going, they could have a really great park.

As I said before, it's relatively small, and really felt like a six flags park. The rides overall were themed well, but some looked and felt very very old.

Montezum, the wooden coaster, was really rough, and really old, but a decent ride. Wasn't as bad as others I've been on, but nothing amazing.

Vurang, the only other credit that was open, looked like it would be a great ride, but it was so incredibly slow. It used to be in the dark, but now there is light that shines in so it's like being on a slow coaster in a warehouse. It's an odd spinning coaster, but only the very back really spins. If you sit anywhere else it's pretty boring. If they were to make it pitch black and have lights and stuff it could be a lot more fun. It's a very unique ride, but almost as slow as a wacky worm.

They did have some dark rides, which were nice, and their rip off It's a Small World reminded me a lot of the ones in Europe. The haunted house dark ride was pretty cheesy, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Definitely better than the traveling carnival ones.

Overall, I had a really fun time, and it was a fun park. Sorry for the long annoying words, on to the pictures!
I have arrived in Brazil! New continent and country credit! The first thing I'm greeted with is this river that smells like a sewer! It smelled sooooo bad, and I'm told it's one of the dirtiest rivers in the world.
Traffic is so terrible that people walk through traffic selling things. It's actually not a bad idea! Much better than just standing there doing nothing asking for money!
Yes, they have McDonald's! At least I know if I end up not liking Brazilian food I'll have this place!
At another burger place they offer the Sex Burger. It must be an amazing burger!
I'm sure it's safe, but there is something that feels so wrong about milk not stored in a fridge!
Bacon Popcorn! It was pretty good!
The shopping malls I visited were really really nice! The food courts were pretty amazing, and my favorite place to eat were kind of like high quality buffets where you paid by weight!
This is a sweet corn ice cream bar. Very odd, but really good!
This is a cashew fruit! The top green stem is a single cashew nut. The actual nut that we eat is inside the green shell. The bottom part is fruit that is really good. The texture is kind of like a persimmon, but the flavor is very good.
This is a picture of a nicer road. The roads and sidewalks were so messed up. It was so hard to run around the city.
I really thought I was going to see a live death.
I expected gas prices to be a lot lower, but when adjusted to gallons, it ended up being around $4 a gallon.
This was a weird looking drive in. I don't know if it was just a drive through bar, or if they had food as well. Behind this building there was an area that looked like individual garages that the cars would park in and be served. Their version of Sonic.
The city itself was very very dirty, but they had these garbage cans everywhere! There were so many, but no one seemed to use them.
The yellow phone is about 3 feet off the ground. I guess it's for kids?
Nothing like a kid riding his horse through downtown Sao Paulo!
To get to the park we took a bus to the city of Campinas. We told the but driver were needed to get off at Hopi Hari. He pulled over on the side of the freeway where the white truck is and said, "Here's your stop!" (the busses were really really nice!)
This was the only picture I could find of the Wet and Wild. Sorry.
Across the street there is a Quality Inn, a McDonald's, and a Shell station. I could definitely see TPR staying here if they ever visit Brazil!
We had to walk about a mile to get to the park. This was my first glimpse of the park.
It looks like a pretty decent sized coaster, but really needs a paint job!
It looked incredible rusty, but the ride was bigger than I was expecting.
They do have a tunnel! The track goes under the road bridge.
It cost about $30-40 US dollars to get in, annual pass around $100 (if I remember correctly).
If they ever do build their new ride, it will go here. They are calling it the world's most looping coaster, but it will only tie the record and share it with two others.
They do have some shows, but I'm not a show person so I skipped them.
Seven attractions were closed today, which was unfortunate. Some were for the DC area, and one was because of the accident. Too bad.
Inside the park I met up with TPR member HeitorAntunes! This is what is so amazing and awesome about TPR. I can go virtually anywhere in the world and have friends to help me out and go to parks! A HUGE thanks to Heitor for taking me around and figuring everything out for me.
This is the entrance plaza area.
This is their main street. The ferris wheel was down so I couldn't get good overhead shots.
I love drop towers, and was sad that this was closed due to the death of the girl a little bit ago. Worst part is that it the news released that it was operator error, and easily avoidable.
It's really open, and right near the entrance so I'm sure a lot of people witnessed the terrible accident. You can see some people working on the control boxes, so at least some work seems to be going on to get it back open.
The buildings looked really nice. This one reminded me of the Sangerfest Halle at SFFT.
This is a map of the park. The top right area was closed and is where the new DC area will be. The very bottom right is where the new coaster will go.
This is on the other side of the ferris wheel. The main part of the park is on this lower area.
The new Loony Toons area is really nice!
Uh Oh, another Looney Toons fountain to break!
Fun pirate ship.
Katakumb is a walkthrough haunted house. It wasn't too bad. I had no clue what the story was (they had an intro that I couldn't understand). The theming was really good, but a little sparse. Better than SF or Knott's, but not as immersive as Universal.
The cool part was the exit. The monster would chase you out so everyone could see you screaming and running. I just pity the person who happens to be walking by when they run out and get's nailed.
Their new Top Spin was testing, but didn't open.
Finally, my first credit in South America!
The ride sign is pretty similar to everywhere else.
Almost there!
The line was about 2 hours long, but they still took a while to load.
The trains looked kind of like a big sheet of plywood with some benches put on it. It also felt like a big sheet of plywood with some benches put on it.
They also had some media shoot going on for a show, so they were down to one train operations for a while.
Nice building for the motion simulator.
This was the 'quick que' entrance for Vurang. I'm so glad they had it!
The building was so much more impressive than the ride!
It has dinosaur theming!!!
Baby dinosaur.
The front of the train had a massive eyeball in a bird claw.
The trains were really unique. Each seat would unlock and would spin freely during the ride. Unfortunately, they didn't really spin and the ride was slow.
The ride goes outside right after the lift hill. They really could re-do this ride and make it amazing.
Here you go Adam! ;)
The new DC area.
I see two credits, including a Schwarzkopf!
Back to the Looney Tunes area. It was nicely done.
Two nice frog hoppers! KidTums would like this!
Not as nice as the ones in the SF parks, but still the same play area.
The tea cup/tin can ride was standard.
I don't know what these were for, but they would make a great picture spot.
This may be the best thing out of any park with Looney Tunes! Two of my favorite characters on a FOOD location!
I was pretty impressed with all the theming. If they put in the same effort in the DC area it will be an awesome area.
I thought this was a good idea. They store the balls in the air and can easily clean the area. No more diapers or bloody band aids hiding in the dark anymore.
Time for some food and to try the famous Hopi Dog!
It's a standard hot dog with really thin potato sticks on top.
Oh wow, there are two hot dogs in each bun! Now I have to eat four hot dogs! They were pretty good. They were even better with my second favorite soda in the world, Guarana!!!
They were having their halloween event, but I couldn't stay that late. The outside looked good though.
Another 'house.' The one thing I really liked about their haunted house rule signs is that there is no question wether or not photos or video are allowed. The most frustrating thing is when parks aren't clear on their rules about photos and flash. (USH was the worst) Half the time it's ok with no flash, half the time it isn't allowed at all.)
Another view of the new area, and the incredibly looking Schwarzkopf!
Evolution was a very odd ride.
It is sooooo slow! You spin super slow, and go upside super slow.
You sit upright to start.
It then tilts you back when it begins. It really could be a fun ride if it went a lot faster.
The wagon was closed. No one has tried to marry it that I've heard of yet.
Next up is the Rio Bravo raft ride.
Unlike the American versions, they don't have restraints!
A view from the malaria river ride. ;)
The on-ride photo was just a DSLR in this box with a remote trigger.
This was the 'Small World' type ride. Instead of countries or lands, each area represented a state of Brazil.
This reminded me of the Mexico Boat ride in Epcot.
I hope you're not scared of clowns!
Creepy animatronics with annoying songs. Just like all of the others! ;)
One last one for you Adam!
Superman is flying!
Is this considered offense in South America, or is this just normal?! This probably wouldn't be allowed in the US.
The wild west area wasn't too bad. They also had a haunted house, but I couldn't take any pictures because I didn't bring my nice camera.
The best part of the park were the churros! They were amazing!
They offer them with toppings (Sprinkles, coconut, chocolate sprinkles, and nuts), and you can have them filled with things like dulce de leche!
Mine had dulce de leche inside, and coconut on top. It was absolutely amazing!
I had a really good day! Thanks again to Heitorat for being my guide!
These were the busses that brought all the terrible teenagers.
They were actually really nice double decker busses! It's too bad there isn't much storage space or they would be perfect for TPR two bus trips!
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Re: Photo TR: A Quick Trip to Brazil!

Postby 3Mutts » Tue Nov 06, 2012 6:39 pm

Nice report, just wondering, are you and your friend about the same weight? Me and my dad are close and Comet Express (same model) didn't spin much, but when my dad was alone, it spun like crazy!
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I'm posting from a IPad so I can't enable pics/video

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Re: Photo TR: A Quick Trip to Brazil!

Postby jray21 » Tue Nov 06, 2012 6:41 pm

I probably had 50-60 pounds on him. We spun quite a bit in the very last seat, but didn't really at all in the middle.

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Re: Photo TR: A Quick Trip to Brazil!

Postby BigDipper 80 » Tue Nov 06, 2012 7:07 pm

What a nice looking park! And those churros really do look amazing. But more importantly, any country that has Sex Burgers at their McDonald's is OK in my book!

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Re: Photo TR: A Quick Trip to Brazil!

Postby simon8899 » Tue Nov 06, 2012 10:38 pm

Will there be some more pics of the Shuttle Loop? Looking great in red!

The spinning coaster looks like a stationary version of germany's portable indoor coaster Höllenblitz. The Evolution was formerly on the german carnival circuit and I loved the ride, glad it found a new home. Overall they seem to have a good collection of carnival rides there. And for what in the world needs a rafting ride restraints???

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Re: Photo TR: A Quick Trip to Brazil!

Postby tanthonyam » Tue Nov 06, 2012 11:09 pm

Actually the Evolution that traveled German fairs was a much larger version. Like the one located at SFSTL (Xcalibur).

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Re: Photo TR: A Quick Trip to Brazil!

Postby Mrenata » Wed Nov 07, 2012 2:38 am

When Joey asked me if I was goint to meet him at Hopi Hari, my first words were "Hell no!".

Even though Hopi Hari is indeed the best park in Brazil, it still annoys the hell out of me. Even for me, a native portuguese speaker, it's hard to find all the info you need on their website. Hopi Hari's native language, "Hopês" is something so, so stupid that makes me laugh every time I see a underpayed attendant try to smile and say something like "thank you" in that fake language. It's just pathetic.

Hopi Hari is not very clean, and it does not have awesome rides, but for the average Brazilian that has never traveled abroad, it's great. What makes me not wanting to come back to Hopi Hari is the people. If this park was in Europe or USA, it would be a very nice park with polite people, but in Brazil it is chaotic! Screaming teenagers everywhere jumping inside the fountains and throwing stuff at each other. It's not hard to find on the internet stuff like this happening at Hopi Hari:

Evolution is a VERY, VERY popular ride in South America, don't ask me why! You can find it in almost every traveling park in Brazil.

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Re: Photo TR: A Quick Trip to Brazil!

Postby Mrenata » Wed Nov 07, 2012 2:57 am

That's why I hate brazilians, even though I am brazilian as well!

There are like 20390249 posts on the Brazilian Coaster Club forum about this trip report, saying the most RIDICULOUS stuff!

Here's the highlights!

"Wow, the guy said only bad things about Sao Paulo. At least he said some nice things about Hopi Hari"

"He has family in brazil and is THAT ignorant about our culture? The only thing missing on that trip report is he saying he expected to see monkeys wandering around on the streets. he liked the park, though :-)"

"Did I get lost in translation, or that guy said that Montezum is not impressive?"

"He said Hopi Hari is better than other parks he visited in Latin America"

"Saying Montezum is not impressive is absurd!!!!!"

"the worst part was comparing Vurang to a Wacky Worm!"

"I agree that Vurang is slow, but I was expeting a more inteligent analysis of the ride, since the guy is from TPR. Vurang is a family coaster, if he wants something that spins a lot, he should have riden Giralata!"

"The guy is just a TPR member like me or a lot o of other Brazilians"

"I don't get why his opinion is so important, for me he's just another fan, like me or anyone else"

"I hope he comes back in 2013"

STUPID, STUPID BRAZILIANS!!!! :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:
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Re: Photo TR: A Quick Trip to Brazil!

Postby scherer » Wed Nov 07, 2012 3:40 am

The Hopi Hari is a nice park, but must learn to manage your own park! He is capable yes, but what they lack is organization toward the park. The security piece, every day of open parkland always something pathetic happens with teenagers in the park.

Jray21 when you have the opportunity to meet Beto Carrero World in Brazil, not far from Hopi Hari, come! But come on mid-end of 2013, the park is planning several innovations like The Big Chiller, old roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure, and the areas of DreamWorks!

Students from schools in Brazil are really stupid, go to the park just to fool around, but the Hopi Hari sin in having that security, they should bend the guards of the park to better utilization of both teenagers and tourists! :)

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Re: Photo TR: A Quick Trip to Brazil!

Postby RFV94 » Wed Nov 07, 2012 4:13 am

Hi Jray21,

I'm a HUGE fan of Hopi Hari and I was waiting so long your trip report! I loved it! Hopi Hari was planned by International Theme Park Service, the same company that planned a defunct park here in Rio, Terra Encantada, and I think it was because of this that you found the theme of Hopi Hari so cool (They did a really nice job on both parks). Mistieri (the land with egyptian and lost continent theme) is the favorite themed area of some brazilians.

What I loved in your trip: You highlighted all the points where Hopi Hari needs to improve, as the slow operations of rides and closed attractions. I was surprised by the compliments paid to the park, since it is in one of its worst crises since 1999, when it was open.

About Montezum, sincerely, I thought you would hate it! Many people here in Brazil do not support her trembling. And Vurang, in my opinion, is one of those rollercoasters that you can go after lunch, just to relax...

Some of the attractions closed, as the Ferris wheel and rainbow wagon-themed are waiting for mechanical parts some time ago (Here, things are really difficult to parks). The area of DC Comics should reopen later this month (hopefully!) and the new roller coaster must have its construction started at the beginning of next year.

Parks here in Brazil do not get many Americans, our international visitors are most latin, like Argentines and Chileans. I'm very happy with your visit, and if you can, come next year or in 2014 - that Schwarzkopf is our most valuable thing and by far, is the best thing we have here! Here it is, our charming Katapul: :b


Dankí (Thank you in Hopi Hari's language) for your attention!


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