Photo TR: Mid-Winter Aussie Trip with the Kiwis

With two "new for 2012" credits! Wet'n'Wild pg. 3
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Re: Photo TR: Mid-Winter Aussie Trip with the Kiwis

Postby BeemerBoy » Tue Aug 14, 2012 8:45 am

And here's the Sydney monorail. Get on it ASAP - apparently no one rides it and it won't last much longer!


Very nice report!
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Re: Photo TR: Mid-Winter Aussie Trip with the Kiwis

Postby gisco » Tue Aug 14, 2012 2:29 pm

Can't wait to see the rest. I was on the tPR trip down under and had a great time. Nice to see them adding coasters, maybe in a few years it will be worth another trip.

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Re: Photo TR: Mid-Winter Aussie Trip with the Kiwis

Postby australianalex » Tue Aug 14, 2012 3:02 pm

mattnz wrote:^ Thanks - you too! I'd love to try the Wild Mouse at Blackpool. Looks awesome. I wish there were more than (four?) of these things in the world.

After riding Blackpool's Wild Mouse I have to say it makes the ones at Aussie World and Luna Park seem like nothing. It's absolutely insane.

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Warner Bros. Movie World

Postby mattnz » Wed Aug 15, 2012 7:15 pm

Thanks all for your comments.

The next park on our itinerary was Warner Bros. Movie World. We got a great deal with the VIP Pass, which for $99.99 gives you a year's access to Movie World, Sea World and Wet'n'Wild - not bad at all. You are definitely stung in the parks with food prices, which are astronomical, but we were fully expecting that. At least none of the Aussie parks charge for parking.

Movie World was similarly empty to Dreamworld, but more corporate and even a little unfriendly. The ride ops were VERY STRICT with loose items. I understand that it's park policy to secure loose items, especially on rides like Superman, which races in part over the midway, but we were a little taken aback with the aggression on display (ride ops shouting things like, "I don't want to find anything in your pockets except AIR!"). There were grumbling Aussies all around us.

Loose items aside, we had a good time and the ride selection at Movie World was high calibre. To the left of the entrance is the park's newest coaster, Green Lantern, an S&S El Loco. We've ridden the one at Indiana Beach, but at Movie World the trains seat four across and utilise lapbar restraints. It also looks like they have on-board sound, but that wasn't used during our visit. The ride was fun if a little forceless - it's more about the twisty layout. The public seemed to love it and it's certainly a unique addition for the park.

Superman Escape was amazing! Front car was our favourite, and you get some great airtime, including the crest of the top hat (at the back you seem to crawl over - it's a bit odd!). Queuing for the front was another story, as they allocate seats, but fortunately we got lucky twice and actually had two front row rides.

The newly named Arkham Asylum - Shock Therapy (the SLC with a bonus helix) had new trains, and they were quite comfortable. They're different to the Vekoma ones we rode on the SLC at Morey's Piers, and we thought they were even better, making for a re-rideable SLC (go figure!). The new themeing was OK, but the park could really do with a few signs to point out where on earth the entrance is. It took us quite a while to find it, as there were no clues on the map.

Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster was great fun, as others have reported, and had some nice surprises along the way. Other attractions we did were the Batwing Spaceshot, the Road Runner Rollercoaster, the Hollywood Stunt Driver show, and Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs - The 4D Experience, the '4D' involving seats that moved ever so slightly, air jets on your neck and the occasional spray of water in your face... The '3D' was great though.

Wild West Falls was down for maintenance, and we knew this going in, but without that particular attraction we felt the park was a little lacking in 'E ticket' attractions. Justice League: Alien Invasion 3D, an interactive dark ride opening in September, should help that situation, and is exactly what the park needs. Should be a great addition.
IMG_8989 (Copy).JPG
Another beautiful mid-winter day awaits us on the Gold Coast!
IMG_4029 (Copy).JPG
Today's park is Movie World, a short drive northwest from the coast.
IMG_4031 (Copy).JPG
Today we had some friends join us at the park.
IMG_8950 (Copy).JPG
After getting our VIP passes processed (which literally took less than a minute), it was time to head in!
IMG_8946 (Copy).JPG
DC characters away!
IMG_4101 (Copy).JPG
We went over to Green Lantern first. I guess 'Batman Adventure' will become 'Justice League: Alien Invasion 3D' at some point.
IMG_4033 (Copy).JPG
Here's the ride entrance. The queue was well themed but we couldn't take ANYTHING with us...
IMG_4103 (Copy).JPG
So our cameras ended up here for $2 - but I'm not complaining!
IMG_8947 (Copy).JPG
Green Lantern is one of those funky El Loco coasters.
IMG_8948 (Copy).JPG
Actually a really fun ride.
IMG_8881 (Copy).JPG
I liked how the four-across seating had the outside riders well off the track.
IMG_8953 (Copy).JPG
Some of the ride feels 'wrong' - in a good way. (Photo from outside the park.)
IMG_8968 (Copy).JPG
Beyond vertical drops are awesome!
IMG_8977 (Copy).JPG
Zero-G goodness.
IMG_8982 (Copy).JPG
I thought they said no loose items!
IMG_8890 (Copy).JPG
All in all, a fun ride, perhaps a little slower than Steel Hawg, but I don't think intensity is the point of an El Loco coaster. It's twisty fun and the public seemed to love it.
IMG_4106 (Copy).JPG
Next up, the star of the park - Superman!
IMG_4083 (Copy).JPG
The infamous Intamin cable...
IMG_8777 (Copy).JPG
...gets you to some great heights!
IMG_4085 (Copy).JPG
Fabulous airtime all over this ride.
IMG_8787 (Copy).JPG
It really packs quite a punch
IMG_8815 (Copy).JPG
Loved the part where you blast through the building.
IMG_8860 (Copy).JPG
Had to laugh at Superman 'pushing' the train along.
IMG_8921 (Copy).JPG
Are these people asleep?!
IMG_8878 (Copy).JPG
Another train descends from the top hat.
IMG_4110 (Copy).JPG
The airtime was definitely stronger in the front. Alas - allocated seating...
IMG_8823 (Copy).JPG
We were very fortunate to get two front row rides. Verdict - best coaster in Australia!
IMG_4035 (Copy).JPG
Time to check out the rest of the park. I'm sure these covered midways are a great idea in summer.
IMG_4038 (Copy).JPG
Happy Potter store. Move over Islands of Adventure!
IMG_4039 (Copy).JPG
I am a very good gay...I know exactly what MGM musical this is: The Harvey Girls, 1946, starring Judy Garland. Snap!
IMG_4072 (Copy).JPG
The covered square was a nice place to hang out.
IMG_4123 (Copy).JPG
We checked out the Hollywood Stunt Driver show.
IMG_8742 (Copy).JPG
It was actually pretty cool.
IMG_4046 (Copy).JPG
They had some cheesy/funny stunts.
IMG_4048 (Copy).JPG
Almost everyone in the park showed up to see this.
IMG_4049 (Copy).JPG
IMG_8748 (Copy).JPG
Didn't quite manage to snap a photo of the finale, but it was well done. Take a bow!
IMG_4066 (Copy).JPG
We had a look at some merchandising, which was plentiful in the park.
IMG_4068 (Copy).JPG
I thought this was pretty cool - 35mm frames from every James Bond film.
IMG_4113 (Copy).JPG
See that TINY cup? That's a Ben & Jerry's ice cream for $5.95. Ouch!
IMG_4052 (Copy).JPG
We went to the Dirty Harry-themed bar for some food instead. I liked the sound of the 'Make My Day' nachos!
IMG_4122 (Copy).JPG
I actually enjoy all the Dirty Harry movies.
IMG_4071 (Copy).JPG
The food (and beer) was very nice.
IMG_4062 (Copy).JPG
Moving on... Some of the park had quite well-themed buildings, but with nothing inside. Old/disused attractions?
IMG_4050 (Copy).JPG
Time for another credit.
IMG_4051 (Copy).JPG
Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster - the best 'mouse in the box' you're ever likely to ride.
IMG_4116 (Copy).JPG
The queue was well-themed, as was the ride.
IMG_8933 (Copy).JPG
Long dark ride section, vertical lift in the dark, backwards section...
IMG_4117 (Copy).JPG
A great ride! Well done Movie World!
IMG_8765 (Copy).JPG
They had some Scooby characters out and about.
IMG_4080 (Copy).JPG
Along with some others.
IMG_4061 (Copy).JPG
Wandering to the back corner of the park.
IMG_4059 (Copy).JPG
Sadly, we knew Wild West Falls was down for the count.
IMG_4060 (Copy).JPG
We had a little peek - looks like a great ride.
IMG_4073 (Copy).JPG
Over to the kids area.
IMG_4074 (Copy).JPG
Some nicely themed attractions here.
IMG_4075 (Copy).JPG
Small carousel.
IMG_4076 (Copy).JPG
The Road Runner Rollercoaster is a well-themed Vekoma Roller Skater.
IMG_4077 (Copy).JPG
This is definitely not as embarrassing to ride as some kid's coasters - it's quite tall!
IMG_8760 (Copy).JPG
IMG_8943 (Copy).JPG
More attractions await...
IMG_8769 (Copy).JPG
We saw the '4D' Ice Age show, which was packed out. It had great 3D and was a bit of a laugh, but I think I'm tiring of this kind of animation. It's gets a bit 'samey' after a while.
IMG_4100 (Copy).JPG
We rode the S&S Space Shot, which I prefer over the S&S Turbo Drops (but never over an Intamin drop tower!).
IMG_8866 (Copy).JPG
Always a fun ride.
IMG_8918 (Copy).JPG
Public service announcement: Tights are not a substitute for pants!
IMG_4088 (Copy).JPG
We finally found the entrance to Arkham Asylum - Shock Therapy!
IMG_4092 (Copy).JPG
It had new trains, with straps instead of OTSRs, and this made for a much more comfortable ride.
IMG_8830 (Copy).JPG
No headbanging now, and not too bad in the shuffling department either. A re-rideable SLC - who would've thought?!
IMG_8841 (Copy).JPG
This is the part where it goes into the BONUS HELIX!
IMG_4090 (Copy).JPG
The exit to the ride was a bit confusing - I'm guessing this all used to be part of another attraction?
IMG_4096 (Copy).JPG
Some of the new themeing. But I think 'Lethal Weapon' is an awesome name for a coaster!
IMG_4121 (Copy).JPG
We were almost done by this point, and caught the parade.
IMG_4119 (Copy).JPG
Not my thing at all, but not bad...
IMG_4124 (Copy).JPG
We had a fun day at Movie World. It's a well-run, world-class park, and definitely worth a visit.

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Re: Photo TR: Mid-Winter Aussie Trip with the Kiwis

Postby Jakizle » Wed Aug 15, 2012 7:23 pm

Great photos! Parks look great (especially Movie World) and I can't wait to check them out much sooner than I ever thought :b

Keep it coming!

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Re: Photo TR: Mid-Winter Aussie Trip with the Kiwis

Postby mattnz » Wed Aug 15, 2012 7:26 pm

^ Thanks Jake. I hope your Aussie sheila's treating you well! (No offence to Amber!)

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Re: Photo TR: Mid-Winter Aussie Trip with the Kiwis

Postby Stitch_101 » Wed Aug 15, 2012 8:26 pm

Movie World does look like fun, but it has always looked like it was a little light on attractions. Still on my list of parks I wants visit before I die though. Great pics, thanks!!! :)

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Sea World

Postby mattnz » Sun Aug 19, 2012 12:49 am

We weren't expecting too much from Australia's Sea World, perhaps because they are a little light on traditional theme park attractions, but ended up spending quite a full day there. I got really great 'vibes' from the park. It was friendly and they seemed to have a strong focus on conservation (e.g. they actually rescue sick and injured marine life).

We found Sea World's mixture of shows and zoological exhibits a nice contrast. We saw three shows: Jet Stunt Extreme, Fish Detectives Sea Lion Show, and the Imagine Dolphin Show. All were well done and unique to us, having never been to a Sea World park before. We also enjoyed the excellent Penguin Encounter, Ray Reef, where you can touch rays in a shallow pool, and Shark Bay, apparently the world's largest man-made lagoon system for sharks, which was also very beautiful.

Ridewise we enjoyed Jet Rescue, an Intamin friction wheel-launched coaster similar in some ways to Mick Doohan's Motocoaster at Dreamworld, but with two launches and much more comfortable restraints. I loved the quick directional changes and low to the ground layout, barely missing rocks at certain points.

The other coaster at the park (Sea Viper) is an Arrow loop/screw, the same as New Zealand's own version at Rainbow's End, but with new trains made by Kumbak, which were roomier and undoubtedly more comfortable than the old Arrow trains. The second corkscrew passes just under the Sea World Monorail, giving you a nice headchopper effect.

We also rode the monorail, skyway and Viking's Revenge log flume, which wound around parts of the old Bermuda Triangle ride. We had a look around Dinosaur Island, an interactive dinosaur exhibit new for 2012 (but free unlike Cedar Fair's dinosaur incarnations!). Gave SpongeBob SquarePants 3-D a miss, but nice to see the park has a Nickelodeon tie-in that might appeal to a younger audience (they also had Dora the Explorer and a great kid's area, Beach Break Bay, a replacement for Sesame Street Beach).

It looks like Sea World may be getting a new Mack water coaster, and I think that would be a great fit for the park as well as a big help in rounding out their ride collection. I really do wish them well in future!
IMG_4130 (Copy).JPG
Sea World was a very short drive north from where we were staying on the Gold Coast.
IMG_4136 (Copy).JPG
We got great vibes from the park right away. These are seabirds in rehab.
IMG_4137 (Copy).JPG
We wandered through the new Dinosaur Island area...
IMG_4138 (Copy).JPG
These were pretty good animatronics!
IMG_4140 (Copy).JPG
No $5 charge for this experience either...
IMG_4341 (Copy).JPG
What's your excuse Cedar Fair? ;-)
IMG_4286 (Copy).JPG
We had a look around the newly themed Beach Break Bay (which is a bit of a mouthful to say!).
IMG_4149 (Copy).JPG
The park had a few confusing corners... This was the way to the two coasters.
IMG_4167 (Copy).JPG
Over the bridge. Looks like the railway here is long defunct.
IMG_4157 (Copy).JPG
Similarly to Movie World, there were no cubbies here either, but these were only $1.
IMG_4155 (Copy).JPG
Jet Rescue station. Like every other coaster station in Australia you weren't able to queue for your row...but at least the queue was short.
IMG_9046 (Copy).JPG
Jet Rescue was great fun! Here's the train coming out of the tunnel with the second launch.
IMG_9048 (Copy).JPG
A bit hard to photograph...
IMG_9052 (Copy).JPG
IMG_9070 (Copy).JPG
Lots of low to the ground turns and near misses. Awesome ride!
IMG_4161 (Copy).JPG
Onwards to the park's other credit.
IMG_4159 (Copy).JPG
Interesting new trains...
IMG_9033 (Copy).JPG
The first drops on these little Arrow coasters do have a bit of kick in the back of the train.
IMG_4163 (Copy).JPG
But it's a pretty straightfoward ride: Vertical loop...
IMG_9014 (Copy).JPG
Double corkscrew.
IMG_9000 (Copy).JPG
A nice headchopper under the monorail...
IMG_4164 (Copy).JPG
And hey presto - new credit conquered!
IMG_9061 (Copy).JPG
Not sure what the old ship was used for, but it's a nice ornament.
IMG_4178 (Copy).JPG
Next up, we rode the Viking's Revenge log flume.
IMG_4179 (Copy).JPG
It's a short ride that weaves around the old Bermuda Triangle attraction.
IMG_9078 (Copy).JPG
Like Dreamworld's flume, Viking's Revenge had to me the perfect amount of wetness (nice splash but no wet shoes!).
IMG_4181 (Copy).JPG
We had a little peek at the disused Bermuda Triangle station. This was by all accounts an awesome attraction. I'll be intrigued to see what replaces it.
IMG_4187 (Copy).JPG
Ray Reef allows you to get up close and personal with rays swimming around in shallow waters.
IMG_9242 (Copy).JPG
IMG_4195 (Copy).JPG
Not today SpongeBob...
IMG_4197 (Copy).JPG
We wanted to get to the front of the park for the Jet Stunt Extreme show.
IMG_4201 (Copy).JPG
Some nice views from the skyway.
IMG_9094 (Copy).JPG
Sea Viper from afar.
IMG_4207 (Copy).JPG
Kid's area.
IMG_4209 (Copy).JPG
I think this was the dolphin nursery/feeding area.
IMG_9102 (Copy).JPG
We'll see these guys a little later.
IMG_4289 (Copy).JPG
At about this point the ride stops for loading/unloading.
IMG_9106 (Copy).JPG
Sea World is located very centrally on the Gold Coast.
IMG_9111 (Copy).JPG
Looks like the jet ski guys are getting ready...
IMG_9114 (Copy).JPG
The lake seating area started filling up.
IMG_9122 (Copy).JPG
And they were off!
IMG_9124 (Copy).JPG
It was a pretty cool show.
IMG_9133 (Copy).JPG
Lots of duelling and humour between the guys.
IMG_9136 (Copy).JPG
IMG_9156 (Copy).JPG
Never noticed those workers in the background before now!
IMG_9182 (Copy).JPG
Multiple flips...
IMG_9186 (Copy).JPG
This was fun to photograph.
IMG_9198 (Copy).JPG
Not quite sure what's happening here...
IMG_9203 (Copy).JPG
This guy was British; the others were Americans and Aussies.
IMG_9206 (Copy).JPG
I'm not much of a show person, but this was definitely fun to watch.
IMG_4238 (Copy).JPG
After the show we had a look at the Penguin Encounter.
IMG_4240 (Copy).JPG
They had a nice enclosure.
IMG_4243 (Copy).JPG
Looks like the Antarctic to me.
IMG_9235 (Copy).JPG
The penguins were quite amusing to watch, and you could get very close to them.
IMG_4249 (Copy).JPG
We found the park's famous prayer rooms, which catered more to the Islamic crowd.
IMG_4250 (Copy).JPG
We rode the monorail, which proved to be a bit useless for photos thanks to some annoying Nickelodeon advertising!
IMG_9300 (Copy).JPG
At the north of the park we found Castaway Bay and this nice-looking splash battle.
IMG_4278 (Copy).JPG
Not too many riders today!
IMG_9302 (Copy).JPG
The Sky Fortress climbing structure.
IMG_4283 (Copy).JPG
Some pricey food in Castaway Bay. (Bear in mind the Aussie dollar is about the same as the USD right now.)
IMG_9296 (Copy).JPG
Some cute little penguins in rehab.
IMG_9284 (Copy).JPG
We had a look around Shark Bay.
IMG_9238 (Copy).JPG
Glass-bottomed boat rides were a very steep $10...
IMG_9244 (Copy).JPG
I didn't see the point when you can just go underground to the viewing area!
IMG_9283 (Copy).JPG
The lagoon was filled with sealife.
IMG_9259 (Copy).JPG
IMG_9271 (Copy).JPG
IMG_9290 (Copy).JPG
Back outside you could get up close and personal with some of the more friendly sealife.
IMG_4313 (Copy).JPG
Sea World is the only park in Australia with polar bears.
IMG_4314 (Copy).JPG
There was only one bear out today and he was sound asleep.
IMG_4316 (Copy).JPG
The park had a big focus on keeping the bears entertained and interactive with one another.
IMG_4290 (Copy).JPG
Time for the Fish Detectives show!
IMG_4298 (Copy).JPG
This was cheesy fun.
IMG_4302 (Copy).JPG
The sea lions were actually very clever.
IMG_9318 (Copy).JPG
The show is based around the fish store Alota Baloney, where the evil antagnoist is making big profits by catching too many fish.
IMG_9338 (Copy).JPG
It's amazing what a sea lion will do for a treat.
IMG_9341 (Copy).JPG
Hunting for clues...
IMG_9363 (Copy).JPG
In all, a fun show!
IMG_9372 (Copy).JPG
Finally, we checked out Imagine, the park's excellent dolphin show, set in a large sandy bottom lagoon.
IMG_9418 (Copy).JPG
Dolphins away!
IMG_9384 (Copy).JPG
Treading water?
IMG_9394 (Copy).JPG
Don't think these tricks come for free...
IMG_9403 (Copy).JPG
After a little pause for interaction with some lucky guests...
IMG_9426 (Copy).JPG was back to the show!
IMG_9433 (Copy).JPG
Fun job?
IMG_9455 (Copy).JPG
We were impressed with what these fish could do!
IMG_9461 (Copy).JPG
So we really only have positive things to say about Australia's Sea World.
IMG_9469 (Copy).JPG
It was a great day out! Thanks for reading. (Our final update will be a super quick look at Wet'n'Wild.)

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Re: Photo TR: Mid-Winter Aussie Trip with the Kiwis

Postby australianalex » Sun Aug 19, 2012 3:53 am

It sucks you missed out on Wild West Falls, it's a great ride. Well themed, very long, and full of surprises.
I have to say you seem to have caught the staff at Movieworld on a bad day. I mean, they're always quite harsh, but what you experienced is out of the ordinary based on my visits to Movieworld.

Anyway, great pics again!


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