Photo TR: Mid-Winter Aussie Trip with the Kiwis

With two "new for 2012" credits! Wet'n'Wild pg. 3
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Archived Photo Trip Reports of Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, and Donkeys!
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Photo TR: Mid-Winter Aussie Trip with the Kiwis

Postby mattnz » Sun Aug 12, 2012 7:57 pm

Andrew and I have thoroughly enjoyed two TPR trips in the last couple of years during this colder time of year for us downunder. It's wonderful to get away from the "Antartic Riviera", as I like to call New Zealand in winter time. We decided to take a week's long vacation in Sydney and the Gold Coast to keep us ticking over coasterwise since we were unable to do a TPR trip this year. The official TPR trip to Oz in March 2011 looked absolutely amazing - and we'd never done the Aussie parks before - so after snapping up a few cheap airfares we were on our way.

The weather was beautiful, the parks pretty quiet this time of year and another bonus for us was to try out the two "new for 2012" credits at Dreamworld (BuzzSaw) and Warner Bros. Movie World (Green Lantern Coaster), so we have plenty of photos to share. Our general consensus with the Aussie parks was similar to TPR's: the parks are totally decent - smaller in scale than US parks, of course, but with a lot to offer nonetheless. Here's our itinerary:

Luna Park Sydney (scroll down)
Warner Bros. Movie World
Sea World
Wet'n'Wild Water World

(Alas we didn't make it to Aussie World this trip.)

We started in Sydney where we hit up Luna Park and finally got on an elusive and rare wooden Wild Mouse, which was awesome. Luna Park was also a little bigger than I had expected, with some great, quirky stuff to recommend it, like the original 1930s fun house, the Rotor and the Flying Saucer, a rare HUSS UFO ride. We spent a few days in Sydney, which is a very vibrant place, if a little pricey! Onto the photos.
IMG_3674 (Copy).JPG
Here we are again at Wellington Airport's 'pumpkin' terminal. Must be time for another international trip!
IMG_3678 (Copy).JPG
In Sydney we stayed with Andrew's dad in Leichhardt and were greeted with fantastic weather.
IMG_8304 (Copy).JPG
We used the light rail to zip into town for a bit of sightseeing.
IMG_8220 (Copy).JPG
Just under the harbour bridge you'll find...
IMG_8222 (Copy).JPG
Luna Park! (Looking all patriotic for the Olympics.)
IMG_3704 (Copy).JPG
Looking down the midway.
IMG_3705 (Copy).JPG
The prices - like everywhere in Sydney - were very steep. They charged $10 for ONE RIDE! The $44.95 day pass was OK, though you'd pay similar at a Six Flags or Cedar Fair park.
IMG_3697 (Copy).JPG
First up - the Rotor!
IMG_3712 (Copy).JPG
Detail. This park has hilarious political incorrectness everywhere.
IMG_3706 (Copy).JPG
And inside...
IMG_3708 (Copy).JPG
We've been on a few rotor rides in the US. Always fun - and here they let you position yourself sideways.
IMG_3710 (Copy).JPG
At the end of the ride they don't bring the floor back up, they just let you slide down!
IMG_3698 (Copy).JPG
Time to check out what else the park has to offer.
IMG_3699 (Copy).JPG
A lovely old carousel.
IMG_3701 (Copy).JPG
This park has a very troubled history. I'm guessing this is one of the older rides.
IMG_3713 (Copy).JPG
Ahh! We've been spotted!!
IMG_3715 (Copy).JPG
Downunder cotton candy is called 'candy floss', or in this case 'fairy floss'.
IMG_3718 (Copy).JPG
This had a very long cycle (a little too long actually!).
IMG_8234 (Copy).JPG
We were really looking forward to our first wooden Wild Mouse coaster!
IMG_3723 (Copy).JPG
The entrance.
IMG_3726 (Copy).JPG
You get up close and personal to the track in the queue.
IMG_3729 (Copy).JPG
Cute station and transfer track.
IMG_3730 (Copy).JPG
Cute trains!
IMG_3731 (Copy).JPG
They'll let you squeeze in two adults.
IMG_8288 (Copy).JPG
The ride itself was really fun!
IMG_3727 (Copy).JPG
There are some genuine "holy shit" moments on this, along with some great airtime.
IMG_3775 (Copy).JPG
We loved it! (And would love to try the even more insane Aussie World ride.)
IMG_3736 (Copy).JPG
View of the ride from the fun house. You do sort of feel like you'll careen off the track and into the ocean.
IMG_3733 (Copy).JPG
Speaking of the fun house...
IMG_3735 (Copy).JPG
Luna Park apparently has the only operating example of a 1930s fun house left in the world.
IMG_3741 (Copy).JPG
Lots of history and memorabilia inside.
IMG_3742 (Copy).JPG
Wacky mirrors.
IMG_3743 (Copy).JPG
This way to more fun...
IMG_3744 (Copy).JPG
Moving platforms.
IMG_3747 (Copy).JPG
Andrew's 'Marilyn' moment.
IMG_3748 (Copy).JPG
I can imagine TPR having a blast in here!
IMG_8238 (Copy).JPG
The spinning barrel was fun to watch.
IMG_3755 (Copy).JPG
Primarily to see kids get thrown off!
IMG_3749 (Copy).JPG
"Hello luv!"
IMG_3756 (Copy).JPG
A little more of that aforementioned political incorrectness.
IMG_3758 (Copy).JPG
Looks like a good chance for an injury here, but actually they supervise all the rides quite closely.
IMG_8249 (Copy).JPG
We had to try out these crazy slides.
IMG_8274 (Copy).JPG
It was a little unnerving at the top.
IMG_8277 (Copy).JPG
Looks fun.
IMG_8254 (Copy).JPG
Our turn!
IMG_8279 (Copy).JPG
There's a very steep slide here too.
IMG_8264 (Copy).JPG
Andrew and his dad on the way down.
IMG_3759 (Copy).JPG
There were quite a few old coin-operated games in here too.
IMG_3760 (Copy).JPG
We encountered some more bizarre paintings on the way out.
IMG_3732 (Copy).JPG
The old Big Dipper station is now used for the Tumblebug ride (a HUSS Troika).
IMG_3767 (Copy).JPG
As if clowns weren't creepy enough...
IMG_3768 (Copy).JPG
One thing not to miss at Luna Park is the Flying Saucer! (And it's easy to miss the station.)
IMG_3771 (Copy).JPG
This HUSS UFO is much, MUCH crazier than a traditional round-up ride, and goes completely vertical!
IMG_3774 (Copy).JPG
Time to head out and see a little more of Sydney...
IMG_3777 (Copy).JPG
Farewell for now Luna Park - I hope your future is a little less troubled than your past!
IMG_8286 (Copy).JPG
Heading out we saw some people atop the bridge. For $250 you too can enjoy this climb!
IMG_8298 (Copy).JPG
We went underneath instead. It really is an awesome old structure.
IMG_3787 (Copy).JPG
We walked over to the CBD.
IMG_3791 (Copy).JPG
Long way down...
IMG_3797 (Copy).JPG
Oh, bless.
IMG_3836 (Copy).JPG
There were people lounging in the it really August?!
IMG_8403 (Copy).JPG
We visited Chinatown.
IMG_3852 (Copy).JPG
It's a really cool place with lots to see (and eat).
IMG_3842 (Copy).JPG
A good place for Asian cuisine in Eating World! (Very authentic.)
IMG_3862 (Copy).JPG
We wandered through Paddy's Market, a crazy mish-mash of stalls.
IMG_8428 (Copy).JPG
We walked over to Hyde Park.
IMG_8413 (Copy).JPG
Is Big Brother a pop group or something nowadays?!
IMG_8449 (Copy).JPG
Homeless man outside Prada.
IMG_8463 (Copy).JPG
The Queen Victoria Building was pretty cool.
IMG_8465 (Copy).JPG
But you had to be a millionaire to shop there!
IMG_8457 (Copy).JPG
Sydney is the only place I've seen cops on horseback.
IMG_8376 (Copy).JPG
We made it back to Darling Harbour where some kind of boat show was going on.
IMG_8375 (Copy).JPG
And here's the Sydney monorail. Get on it ASAP - apparently no one rides it and it won't last much longer! Anyway, that's Luna Park and Sydney for now. More from downunder to come.
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Re: Photo TR: Mid-Winter Aussie Trip with the Kiwis

Postby Stitch_101 » Sun Aug 12, 2012 8:39 pm

Some great pics from Luna. Can't wait to see your reports on Dreamworld and Warner Bros Movie World in particular!

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Postby mattnz » Sun Aug 12, 2012 10:23 pm

^ Thank you!

After our short stay in Sydney we made it up to the Gold Coast where the weather was even lovelier (we're talking summer temperatures for New Zealand!). We had quite a few parks on our itinerary, so hired a car and stayed close by the beach, which worked out very well. The Gold Coast parks are open year-round, and that gives you something of a Catch-22: while the crowds are light, some attractions are inevitably down for maintenance, the parks understaffed and operations somewhat less than desirable. One other thing we encountered is that Australia has never heard of single rider queues, and not ONE coaster station lets you queue for your desired row. This was OK at Dreamworld, but was certainly frustrating at Movie World (more on that later).

Dreamworld was our first stop and favourite park. Most attractions had one ride op where possible, but that didn't matter too much since the place was pretty quiet. The newest ride BuzzSaw (a Maurer Söhne SkyLoop) was having a few troubles. It didn't open until about 1pm, and then with only the front car taking passengers (that's six people per ride cycle). Loading was very slow and the line became long, but we got a few rides in. Having never been on a SkyLoop we found it quite a bizarre experience! It's daunting hanging upside down 150 feet in the hair in a lapbar-style restraint. The ride's themeing was also a little strange, but it's a good fit for the area of the park it's located in (Gold Rush), looming right near the entrance.

The other coasters at Dreamworld are similarly short and nothing to write home about (except Tower of Terror II which we LOVED!), but what the park is lacking in coasters they certainly make up for in other rides and attractions. I would highlight the awesome Intamin drop tower, which instantly became our favourite. The drop just seemed to keep going and going! The park also has a fun Intamin gyro swing, a strange Vekoma Waikiki Wave Super Flip, a good rapids ride and log flume, the newly themed kid's area DreamWorks Experience, the Australian Wildlife Experience and Tiger Island included with admission, plus a decent adjoining water park.

All in all we found Dreamworld to be a great day out. And getting a bit of sun was certainly a bonus!
IMG_8481 (Copy).JPG
We finally made it to the Gold Coast for a little sun and relaxation by the beach.
IMG_8495 (Copy).JPG
We stayed in a hilariously tacky 80s apartment. But we had a nice view.
IMG_3891 (Copy).JPG
First park for us was Dreamworld!
IMG_8504 (Copy).JPG
I've been wanting to come to this park since I was a kid.
IMG_8505 (Copy).JPG
Looming near the entrance is BuzzSaw, which has certainly added to the park's skyline.
IMG_8700 (Copy).JPG
The adjoining water park looked very nice (is that a hydrocoaster I see?).
IMG_8500 (Copy).JPG
There were some workers atop the Giant Drop.
IMG_3907 (Copy).JPG
Well-trained by TPR we headed straight to the newest ride first, only to be greeted by this... And closed is how BuzzSaw stayed most of the day.
IMG_8648 (Copy).JPG
We heard the roar of Tower of Terror II (which you can hear all over the park!) and decided to ride that first instead.
IMG_3893 (Copy).JPG
Wow, it really is going to be a quiet day.
IMG_3898 (Copy).JPG
The infamous ride entrance.
IMG_3901 (Copy).JPG
The queue.
IMG_3902 (Copy).JPG
It's a good thing the queue is covered and air conditioned - Aussie summers get HOT!
IMG_8543 (Copy).JPG
Tower of Terror II had a fantastic enclosed launch with lights galore.
IMG_8547 (Copy).JPG
The speed on this - especially going backwards - was unexpectedly awesome.
IMG_8553 (Copy).JPG
This is about as high as the ride gets, but backwards it certainly feels high enough.
IMG_8606 (Copy).JPG
On the same tower is another great Intamin ride...
IMG_8576 (Copy).JPG
An interestingly themed drop tower!
IMG_8577 (Copy).JPG
The ride entrance.
IMG_3916 (Copy).JPG
Nice of the park to post this outside...
IMG_3914 (Copy).JPG
But reduced capacity certainly wasn't going to be a problem today! (And they did run both sides of the tower later on.)
IMG_3915 (Copy).JPG
The loading area. About now you to start to feel a little nervous...
IMG_8631 (Copy).JPG
It's a LONG way up!
IMG_8674 (Copy).JPG
They keep you at the top for what seems an eternity.
IMG_8679 (Copy).JPG
And drop for what seems an eternity! Amazing ride!
IMG_3922 (Copy).JPG
After two Intamin rides, why not ride another!
IMG_3924 (Copy).JPG
Some 'fun facts' in the queue.
IMG_3925 (Copy).JPG
The trains were a bit odd, and not too comfortable, especially on your knees.
IMG_3928 (Copy).JPG
These side cars for kids were a great idea though.
IMG_3929 (Copy).JPG
And this rotating bin for loose items was a fantastic idea!
IMG_3999 (Copy).JPG
The ride itself is definitely a 'family' one.
IMG_8590 (Copy).JPG
Fun ride for families though.
IMG_4008 (Copy).JPG
Dreamworld still have their Wiggles.
IMG_8507 (Copy).JPG
Time to see what else the park has to offer...
IMG_3904 (Copy).JPG
They had a few characters out and about.
IMG_3931 (Copy).JPG
Can we make it four Intamin rides in a row?
IMG_8612 (Copy).JPG
Why yes we can!
IMG_8624 (Copy).JPG
The Claw went very high indeed.
IMG_8628 (Copy).JPG
This was a great gyro swing! I preferred it to the giant HUSS versions.
IMG_3947 (Copy).JPG
Near the Claw another new ride has appeared since TPR's visit: Shockwave.
IMG_3948 (Copy).JPG
It's a Disk'O Coaster.
IMG_3933 (Copy).JPG
With a 'hump' in the middle. Always a fun ride.
IMG_8609 (Copy).JPG
The park has an Enterprise...
IMG_8610 (Copy).JPG
And this weird Vekoma contraption that has one arm that can bend allowing for diagonal twists. Why haven't Vekoma made more of these?
IMG_8613 (Copy).JPG
I have no photos of the ride in motion... They needed at least a dozen riders and there weren't many takers today.
IMG_3934 (Copy).JPG
Time for another quality credit!
IMG_3936 (Copy).JPG
This Arrow coaster used to be at Luna Park Sydney, hence the odd layout.
IMG_3938 (Copy).JPG
The station was strange...with doors that closed completely. Not very efficient.
IMG_3939 (Copy).JPG
Front part of the ride. Apologies that our photos of Cyclone kinda suck, but then the ride kinda sucked too!
IMG_3942 (Copy).JPG
The exit to the ride is famously pointless!
IMG_3932 (Copy).JPG
We checked out the new kid's area.
IMG_3954 (Copy).JPG
Looks nice.
IMG_3960 (Copy).JPG
Madagascar characters now live here.
IMG_3961 (Copy).JPG
And some of them spit at you!
IMG_3952 (Copy).JPG
Shrek's here too.
IMG_3953 (Copy).JPG
This area is now known as 'Shrek's Faire Faire Away'.
IMG_3955 (Copy).JPG
Rugrats Runaway Reptar is now called 'Escape from Madagascar'.
IMG_3956 (Copy).JPG
They had some dummies riding in the back.
IMG_3959 (Copy).JPG
It's your standard Vekoma family invert, but I liked how it glides over the pathways at certain points.
IMG_3950 (Copy).JPG
It looks like Dreamworld have more planned for this area.
IMG_3964 (Copy).JPG
We decided to check out some wildlife.
IMG_3965 (Copy).JPG
The young tigers were very cute!
IMG_3966 (Copy).JPG
This guy took up-close photos for people.
IMG_3968 (Copy).JPG
The bigger cats were very cute too.
IMG_3971 (Copy).JPG
This is about as playful as they got.
IMG_3973 (Copy).JPG
Time for lunch and we felt the sting of Aussie theme park food prices - ouch!
IMG_4012 (Copy).JPG
We also noticed the park has a few 'Canobie Park style' food stalls.
IMG_4013 (Copy).JPG
Very RCT!
IMG_3988 (Copy).JPG
Time for something a little leisurely: the train.
IMG_8514 (Copy).JPG
We hoped for some good photo ops, but the train ride was mostly through fairly dense bush.
IMG_8515 (Copy).JPG
Looks like the old paddle wheel boat is no longer operating. (Site of future dinosaur attraction?)
IMG_8593 (Copy).JPG
I'm guessing this is another mode of transport that's long since bitten the dust.
IMG_4016 (Copy).JPG
Finally we saw BuzzSaw operating and wandered over to check it out.
IMG_8707 (Copy).JPG
It's a strange looking contraption (photo from outside the park).
IMG_8652 (Copy).JPG
Intimidating vertical lift.
IMG_8659 (Copy).JPG
Off they go!
IMG_8665 (Copy).JPG
Straight down and backwards through the loop.
IMG_3977 (Copy).JPG
Entrance to the queue.
IMG_3979 (Copy).JPG
A bit of themeing. This was accompanied by the occasional LOUD buzzsaw sound, along with some evil shrieks and screams. Quite strange!
IMG_3980 (Copy).JPG
It look a long, long time to get on with the back car not open and slow ride ops.
IMG_8682 (Copy).JPG
Finally, we rode.
IMG_8686 (Copy).JPG
Going over the top.
IMG_8691 (Copy).JPG
Not too many hands up on this ride.
IMG_8642 (Copy).JPG
You pull some major G-forces at the bottom of the initial drop.
IMG_8696 (Copy).JPG
Going backwards through the sky loop was fun (I see some daring riders!). In all, it's a good ride and decent addition, but I'm sure the locals would love to see a longer and better coaster built some day.
IMG_3984 (Copy).JPG
The gift shop was curious. The Book of Runes? Mythic Tarot?!
IMG_3908 (Copy).JPG
Across from BuzzSaw you can see the remants of the old Wild Mouse in a box, Eureka Mountain Mine Ride, SBNO since 2006.
IMG_3909 (Copy).JPG
We decided to give the rapids ride a spin.
IMG_4020 (Copy).JPG
Here's the station.
IMG_4006 (Copy).JPG
It was a great rapids ride with a long (and well-themed) enclosed section. We didn't get too wet which was probably a good thing.
IMG_3911 (Copy).JPG
Another view of Eureka Mountain Mine Ride.
IMG_8598 (Copy).JPG
We gave the log flume a whirl.
IMG_4004 (Copy).JPG
Loading area with one poor ride op in attendance.
IMG_8596 (Copy).JPG
This was a fairly short flume but had to me the perfect amount of 'wetness' - a nice splash but not enough to get your shoes wet.
IMG_8701 (Copy).JPG
We had a great day at Dreamworld and I'll be interested to see where the park goes in future. Would love to drop by again someday!

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Re: Photo TR: Mid-Winter Aussie Trip with the Kiwis

Postby australianalex » Sun Aug 12, 2012 10:57 pm

I agree the ride stations here are extremely frustrating. On most rides you're told where to sit, but if you ask politely you may be lucky enough to wait for front row, but that's quite rare as the staff in this country aren't exactly friendly in most places. Interestingly, Motocoaster does have a single riders queue, but I've never seen it in use as its usually chained off.
Anyway, cool TR and nice pics! Can't wait to see your TR of Movieworld. Though Dreamworld is undoubtably a better all round park, Movieworld is my favorite as it doesn't seem quite so disjointed, plus the ride quality is much better.

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Re: Photo TR: Mid-Winter Aussie Trip with the Kiwis

Postby mattnz » Sun Aug 12, 2012 11:38 pm

^ Thank you. I found the ride ops pretty friendly at Dreamworld, but noticely cold at Movie World. I forgot the Motocoaster has a single rider line. It seemed to get used exclusively for the sidecar.

I also can't believe I forgot to add the single most important photo in the Dreamworld TR...
Boob (Copy).jpg
Hold on to the ladies girls! BuzzSaw will make them pop out!

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Re: Photo TR: Mid-Winter Aussie Trip with the Kiwis

Postby deguy123 » Mon Aug 13, 2012 4:42 am

Great pictures Matt! Looks like you guys were having a great time and I love the Rotor picture at Luna Park. Reminds me of the one at Canobie Lake last year on NorthEast Trip! You guys better get out here next year for a TRP Trip next year if your able to :-)

North East Trip 2011

LeviaTHON 2012

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Re: Photo TR: Mid-Winter Aussie Trip with the Kiwis

Postby Stitch_101 » Mon Aug 13, 2012 9:01 am

Yay, More TR goodness! :p I've very interested in the Skyloop coasters, and think they look like a very fun ride, but your right, Dreamworld looks like it could use something a bit more... Well more, to help round out its coaster offerings. Can't wait to see the rest of the trip.

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Re: Photo TR: Mid-Winter Aussie Trip with the Kiwis

Postby vacoaster09 » Mon Aug 13, 2012 9:54 am

I do like Dream world's stations and themes.
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Maverick - (giggles with guilty grin)"

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Re: Photo TR: Mid-Winter Aussie Trip with the Kiwis

Postby beatle11 » Mon Aug 13, 2012 1:47 pm

Nice pics. I'm glad we have a UFO at Canada's Wonderland. It's one of my favorites. Those wooden mice look terrifying, even more so with two people stuffed in the car. Hope to see you guys on a trip next year!

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Re: Photo TR: Mid-Winter Aussie Trip with the Kiwis

Postby mattnz » Mon Aug 13, 2012 11:39 pm

^ Thanks - you too! I'd love to try the Wild Mouse at Blackpool. Looks awesome. I wish there were more than (four?) of these things in the world.


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