Photo TR: Sea World, Disney World, and Busch Gardens Tampa

January 6-10
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Photo TR: Sea World, Disney World, and Busch Gardens Tampa

Postby Coaster Palooza » Fri Jan 13, 2006 3:23 pm

We took a 5-day vacation to Orlando to visit Sea World, Disney World, and Busch Gardens Tampa. We were so thankful my sister-in-law sent us an email that a cold front was pushing sough into Florida. Lows in the 30’s and highs in the 50’s. Not your typical Florida weather. We began on a red-eye and arrived in Orlando Friday at 6am. Our first stop was Sea World. I hadn’t been there in years and it was Gyendolynne’s first visit. We have Platinum passes from Sea World San Diego which made the trip easy and very pleasant. I’ll break down the days below, but the next few days went like this: Friday (Day 1) – Sea World, Saturday (Day 2) – Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Sunday (Day 3) – Disney World’s Epcot and MGM Studios, and Monday (Day 4) – Busch Gardens Tampa.

Day 1: Sea World was great, not crowded and the park was fun. The Platinum passes got us parking up front. It was so cold people wore ski caps! And the wind blew too. I wanted to ride Journey to Atlantis but knew I’d get wet and it was just too cold. So we started off riding Kraken and then took in the Clyde and Seamore show. Kraken was a great ride, very smooth. The show was different than San Diego’s and we actually liked it better. Next, we headed to the Pets Ahoy show. Again, our passes saw us in premiere seating at all the shows all day. Pets Ahoy was really great as the animals did most everything without trainers on stage. The trainers came out for a couple skits; but, it was mostly the animals doing their stunts. Very enjoyable. We skipped the dolphin show (Blue Horizons) and had lunch because Odyssea was scheduled for 12:30 and Shamu was scheduled for 1 and it was already after 11. The Odyssea show was interesting; but, we couldn’t stay because we wanted to see Shamu and the new baby. Shamu didn’t disappoint. The baby swam around and came out of the water once in a while, too. One of the trainers appeared very young and she was the one Shamu shot up out of the water on his nose. I always liked that. The whales wanted to just swim around so we didn’t get to see the 12,000 pound whale this time. The weather warmed up after the show so I thought it would be a great time to ride Kraken one more time and then Journey to Atlantis….WHOOPS! I got soaked on JtA. I know, what a shock. Gyendolynne just laughed. We judged it best to leave the park then and put me in some dry clothes. On the way out we bought a couple of souvenirs. I was very glad my brother lived close by as we headed there to clean and dry my clothes. We had planned to see them for dinner anyway and just arrived earlier than expected. After dinner and hanging out, we headed to our hotel. Unfortunately it was over booked and we didn’t have a room. They tried to make some concessions to accommodate us but I wasn’t happy (and we had been up around 40 hours at that point.) Graciously, my brother offered to let us stay with them for the whole trip instead. (We had planned on staying with them Monday night only.)

Day 2: My brother got tickets to Disney World and Park Hopper passes. He worked there in December and he knows some people. ;) Last time we went to Disney, we didn’t visit Magic Kingdom so this time we went there first. It turned out to be a great day, aside from it being so friggin’ cold! There was a new Cinderella show in front of the castle which we saw first. Then we headed to Tomorrow Land to ride Space Mountain. Buzz Lightyear was down for maintenance. It was a terrific day anyway. We rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Pirates of the Caribbean, It’s a Small World (yes I know!), the Bear Show (which I will never hear the end of), Haunted Mansion, and did a few other things too. The parade was colorful, also. I have to relay one story about Disney. We were having lunch after Small World and the area was packed. After we paid for our meal we headed outside. (Did I say it is really cold yet?) There was no place to sit and so we just put our tray on a ledge and stood there eating. We weren’t there long when a young man sweeping trash and cleaning the tables came to us and said there was a table available under the covering. I asked him, “Can you hold it?” and gathered our lunch onto the tray and followed him. The young man wiped thoroughly cleaned the table and we sat down and comfortably finished our lunch. I was so impressed by his customer care. He didn’t have to say anything to us and could have just wiped off the table and continued on sweeping up trash. But he saw us and made sure we sat down to eat. That is why Disney World is such an awesome place. When leaving, we stopped at Guest Relations to tell them how he made our day even more pleasant. His name was Michael. For dinner we took my brother and his wife out to Friendly Confines.

Day 3: We used the Park Hopper passes for Epcot and MGM Studios. My brother accompanied us to ride Mission Space. It was his first time riding it. We rode Test Trak next, and then bought some more souvenirs. My brother took the souvenirs home for us and we went to MGM. We just had to get on the Tower and I wanted to ride Rock ‘n Roller Coaster again. We ate at MGM and then went back to Epcot where we used the fast pass for Honey I Shrunk the Audience. The Soarin’ ride was packed, there was an 80 minute wait and the fast passes were already up to 7:30-8:30pm. It was only 4! We’ll have to do that another time. The Living Seas was next door and it’s great. I’ve been there before and they change it every time. I enjoyed this visit best. The pictures will probably show the fun. After a full day of park hopping, we headed to Cracker Barrel for dinner--a favorite place.

Day 4: This was the day for Busch Gardens. It may only be an hour and a half trip, but sometimes it feels like a lifetime! We started our day where we finished the night before, at Cracker Barrel for breakfast. We arrived at BG around 11am and our platinum passes got us up-front parking again. Anheuser Busch really runs their parks well and they take good care of pass members. We have Cedar Point and SFMW season passes, but no one takes care of you quite as well as AB parks. Even arriving 2 hours after the park opened didn’t hurt the day. We went immediately to Sheikra and rode twice in a row in the front with our passes and without much of a wait. We wanted to ride twice and get our pictures which we did. We also bought the DVD, too. It was really great. I wanted to ride Python and some others I missed last time. They’re the kind of rides that are hard on Gyendolynne and I knew she wouldn’t ride them; but she loves taking pictures of me riding. Unfortunately Kumba wasn’t running so I was glad we rode it the last time we visited Busch Gardens. Next, we took the skyride to Nairobi to ride Montu and then the Serengeti train. Unfortunately it was only a 20 minute round trip due to maintenance. So we rode a couple more coasters and then headed to Gwazi and the Hospitality Center…MMMM BEER! Gyendolynne suggested we take the beer training school. It was a good suggestion and now we are both honorary Beermasters. Watch out Wally! It was our last night in Florida and my sister-in-law treated us with homemade “pasties” for dinner. (“Pasties” [pronounced with a short a sound] are individual pastries made of pie dough filled with potatoes, meat, and onions—an English and Moore family tradition and a very nice thing for my sister-in-law to make considering she is a vegetarian.) I especially enjoyed them as I haven’t had any for 2 or 3 years. They were the perfect end to a fun trip and we flew home the next day.

If you have made it this far, thanks! Here are the pictures!
Picture 005.jpg
Hey it's Shamu, we made it!
Picture 007.jpg
Pink flamingos. Can you tell it is cold? The wind is blowing too.
Picture 008.jpg
Sea turtles
Picture 010.jpg
It definately looks cold to me. :)
Picture 011.jpg
The entrance that everyone was avoiding early in the morning.
Picture 012.jpg
We decided to ride Kraken.
Picture 013.jpg
I'm in the second row on the far right.
Picture 014.jpg
Ooooh, Kraken eggs, don't disturb!
Picture 015.jpg
Be careful Gyendolynne
Picture 016.jpg
This thing can get mad.
Picture 017.jpg
Gotta get my smashed pennies
Picture 018.jpg
Clyde and Seamore show.
Picture 019.jpg
These trainers did a great job with the sea lions.
Picture 020.jpg
These 2 need to be rescued off the island
Picture 024.jpg
Time for something to eat.
Picture 025.jpg
The pets ahoy set.
Picture 026.jpg
The sky ride. We thought the flag looked great blowing in the wind.
Picture 027.jpg
Of course it is an Anheuser Busch park, here is the proof
Picture 028.jpg
Clydesdales Hamlet
Picture 029.jpg
The donkey, I just loved those commercials.
Picture 030.jpg
Yay, Shamu stadium
Picture 031.jpg
How about a couple of stars!
Picture 032.jpg
The one on the left was the baby. All you can see is it's dorsal fin.
Picture 033.jpg
If I weighed 6000 pounds, I couldn't do that. :)
Picture 034.jpg
or that!!!!
Picture 035.jpg
Going across the stage. I think it must be her favorite move because she does it all the time.
Picture 036.jpg
Let's go surfin'
Picture 037.jpg
My favorite move. I like it when Shamu brings the trainer up on the nose. I think it would be great to be able to do that.
Picture 038.jpg
The baby is on the right trying to splash the crowd. It was really cute and funny.
Picture 039.jpg
Here's another shot of the baby trying to splash the crowd.

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Postby Coaster Palooza » Fri Jan 13, 2006 3:35 pm

The trip continued.
Picture 040.jpg
Here's the group!
Picture 041.jpg
Yep, the show is over
Picture 042.jpg
This waterfall was really cool.
Picture 043.jpg
Anheuser Busch always has nice landscaping.
Picture 044.jpg
Look, Penguins!
Picture 045.jpg
I never heard of a Green and Yellow penguin...
Picture 046.jpg
Another ride on Kraken
Picture 048.jpg
I really don't know what I was thinking.
Picture 049.jpg
I'm soaked and it is around 50 degrees!
Picture 050.jpg
Hey, we're at Magic Kingdom!
Picture 051.jpg
Thanks for the tickets Jeff!
Picture 052.jpg
Wow, Goofy
Picture 053.jpg
We took the bus from the front to the castle
Picture 056.jpg
Out in front of Cinderella's castle
Picture 057.jpg
Hey, it's us!
Picture 055.jpg
Picture 058.jpg
Entering Tommorowland
Picture 059.jpg
Buzz Lightyear is down. :(
Picture 060.jpg
After Space Mountain, we headed to Blue Thunder Mountain Railroad. I was thinking of riding Splash Mountain....NO WAY!! Too Cold
Picture 061.jpg
Here's Gyendolynne waiting patiently.
Picture 062.jpg
Ooooh, On ride photo.
Picture 063.jpg
Here's another one.
Picture 064.jpg
Yep, they just keep coming.
Picture 065.jpg
I don't get what the deal was with me having my mouth open, but if this offends anyone, sorry.
Picture 066.jpg
Wooo Hooo, Pirates of the Caribbean. Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me.
Picture 067.jpg
The bears, don't do this, you will never hear the end of it!
Picture 068.jpg
Here's their finale.
Picture 069.jpg
Onto It's a Small World.
Picture 070.jpg
I think we still have the song in our heads.
Picture 071.jpg
Small World continues....

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Postby Coaster Palooza » Fri Jan 13, 2006 3:47 pm

Trip continued...
Picture 072.jpg
I don't know where this smile comes from.
Picture 073.jpg
Now for something better.
Picture 074.jpg
These tombstones cracked me up.
Picture 075.jpg
This face actually moves.
Picture 076.jpg
Parade shots coming up.
Picture 077.jpg
This mouse was everywhere.
Picture 078.jpg
It was like he owned the place or something. ;)
Picture 079.jpg
I don't know what the deal was with these guys.
Picture 080.jpg
Picture 081.jpg
Alice, not in wonderland
Picture 082.jpg
The wonderful thing about tiggers, is tiggers are wonderful things...
Picture 083.jpg
Winnie the Pooh
Picture 084.jpg
Evil Float
Picture 085.jpg
Everyone's dancing
Picture 086.jpg
What's up Chip, or Dale?
Picture 087.jpg
The good float
Picture 088.jpg
Another good float
Picture 089.jpg
The Liberty Bell
Picture 090.jpg
Here's that guy with his mouse again.
Picture 091.jpg
You can never have too many pictures in front of this castle.
Picture 092.jpg
Here's main street, still decked out for Christmas.
Picture 093.jpg
Magic Kingdom's Christmas tree.
Picture 094.jpg
We took the ferry back to the parking lot. We were told it would be faster than waiting for the monorail.
Picture 095.jpg
Another pic of us, leaving Magic Kingdom.
Picture 096.jpg
There's the castle.
Picture 099.jpg
Here we are at Epcot
Picture 097.jpg
They were having the Disney marathon happening today.
Picture 098.jpg
Entrance to the Worlds. The runners were running around this. I believe they started at Magic Kingdom.
Picture 100.jpg
My brother and Gyendolynne at the entrance to Mission Space. No wait at all.
Picture 102.jpg
On our way through the entrance.

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Postby Coaster Palooza » Fri Jan 13, 2006 4:02 pm

Trip Continues.
Picture 103.jpg
The astronaut uniforms.
Picture 104.jpg
Waiting for Gary Sinise to start talking.
Picture 105.jpg
Hey, we're about to take off.
Picture 106.jpg
The instrument panel
Picture 107.jpg
Jeff in the upper left on Test Trak.
Picture 108.jpg
Me, upper left on Test Trak.
Picture 109.jpg
Gyendolynne, upper left on Test Trak. How did we all end up in the same seat?
Picture 110.jpg
There's that mouse's hand again.
Picture 111.jpg
and here's his dog.
Picture 112.jpg
Bus ride to MGM.
Picture 113.jpg
Tower of Terror....Muhahahaha
Picture 114.jpg
I enjoyed Rock 'n Roller Coaster this time. It was fairly smooth.
Picture 115.jpg
MGM Christmas tree with Tower of Terror in the background.
Picture 116.jpg
Part of the new attractions at the Living Seas.
Picture 117.jpg
My mouth is actually closed here, that won't last long.
Picture 118.jpg
Gyendolynne, don't pick a sharks nose!
Picture 119.jpg
HELP, He's eating me.
Picture 120.jpg
Now his friend is in the act.
Picture 121.jpg
Sure, you can play with them, but they eat me!
Picture 122.jpg
They must like your smile.
Picture 123.jpg
Cracker Barrel for dinner.
Picture 124.jpg
Yep, we're in Florida, it is cold, and the fireplace is going.
Picture 125.jpg
Amazingly, this was only around 10 hours later. We were back here for breakfast on our way to Busch Gardens. We were given the same seats!
Picture 126.jpg
Here's our car.
Picture 127.jpg
We called it our toaster car because it looks like a toaster.
Picture 128.jpg
We will be back for beer school later.
Picture 129.jpg
Anheuser Busch's landscaping, second to none.
Picture 130.jpg
This is why we're here. What a great ride.
Picture 131.jpg
Here's the exit. They have photos and DVDs of the ride.
Picture 132.jpg
No wait, just get on the next ride. They were running 3 cars too!

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Postby Coaster Palooza » Fri Jan 13, 2006 4:07 pm

Trip continues, this should be the end.
Picture 133.jpg
First drop, front row has great view, but the back row has best airtime.
Picture 134.jpg
What a great ride.
Picture 135.jpg
Tiger picture.
Picture 136.jpg
Anyone that has a cat knows this look.
Picture 137.jpg
A shot from the sky ride.
Picture 138.jpg
Cheetah Chase from the sky ride.
Picture 139.jpg
Yep, more animals.
Picture 140.jpg
Lookout Gyendolynne, here comes Montu.
Picture 141.jpg
Sweet signature move.
Picture 142.jpg
Anheuser Busch, you gotta have the Clydesdales Hamlet.
Picture 143.jpg
and a donkey.
Picture 144.jpg
We might be getting close to some drinking time.
Picture 145.jpg
First we have to see Tex on Rhino Rally,
Picture 146.jpg
Some more animals,
Picture 147.jpg
yep, now it's time to drink. This is an aluminum bottle. I thought it was pretty cool and it kept my beer colder longer.
Picture 148.jpg
Gyendolynne and her turtle friend.
Picture 149.jpg
Me on Scorpion. I am in the second row.
Picture 150.jpg
Another on ride shot.
Picture 151.jpg
Self explanatory.
Picture 152.jpg
I'm waiting for your picture up here Wally. You are part owner, right?
Picture 153.jpg
We graduated....First in class. ;) Maybe Wally will hire us since he is part owner. :)

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Postby Erik Johnson » Fri Jan 13, 2006 4:43 pm

Hey great trip report. Leanne and I just went to IOA and Sea World this past weekend. Yeah Sea World was great...I am glad we decided to get those Platinum passes as well. thanks for posting!!

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Postby CoasterCrazy » Fri Jan 13, 2006 4:50 pm

Awesome Photo TR, thanks for posting all the great pictures!

Florida parks are a lot of fun to visit, exspecaly in the winter! :)

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Postby Coaster Palooza » Sat Jan 14, 2006 9:35 am

^^Eric, I saw your video of Sea World and thought it was really great. I wish we could have seen the end of the Odyssea show.

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Postby Hattuchili » Sat Jan 14, 2006 9:44 am

What a great Photo TR, Rick! It looks like you had a good time in Florida! Thanks for posting!

--> from good old Germany and back in Orlando!

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Postby Joe Cool » Sat Jan 14, 2006 10:07 am

Wow awesome Photo TR! Looks like you guys had a good time.


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