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P. 1678: Wildwood Grove announcement
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Re: Dollywood Discussion Thread

Postby DJeXeL » Fri Mar 23, 2012 2:01 pm

Looks to be a hit. Dollywood did a great job on this beast. Robb & Eric what are your impressions?
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Re: Dollywood Discussion Thread

Postby robbalvey » Fri Mar 23, 2012 2:02 pm

^ I unfortunately, wasn't at the event. Eric will have a report up soonish, though!

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Re: Dollywood Discussion Thread

Postby chrisdanger » Fri Mar 23, 2012 2:10 pm

Very cool indeed man...I may need to take a trip to the smokeys here sooner than later...

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Re: Dollywood Discussion Thread

Postby spinning man » Fri Mar 23, 2012 2:10 pm

I wonder how that loop felt like. After riding the swarm, I have even more interest in all the wing-riders, and the roar from wild eagle is lovely.

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Re: Dollywood Discussion Thread

Postby DJeXeL » Fri Mar 23, 2012 2:12 pm

^^^We will be patiently waiting...... :p
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Re: Dollywood Discussion Thread

Postby Reuschini » Fri Mar 23, 2012 2:16 pm

Wow, this is the first wingrider POV I've seen where I would actually want to ride this thing!

Very cool and looks like one of the more intense ones out there.

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Re: Dollywood Discussion Thread

Postby r3vo » Fri Mar 23, 2012 3:27 pm

Well, I just got back home from the park and will say that Wild Eagle definitely doesn't disappoint. My only ride on it took place on the rear left outside seat and the first drop was INCREDIBLE. The inversions have great pacing to them. The zero-g doesn't hang as much as it looks like from off-ride, and definitely not as much as The Swarm seems to. There is a nice pop of air you get coming out of time immelman, and the flat spin is a really cool inversion especially with the way you are seated on the wing riders. The little bunny hop doesn't give as much air-time as I would like. The figure 8 has some nice forces to it, especially the last turn. Overall I would say that Dollywood and B&M did a great job creating a family friendly ride that can be enjoyed by all.

I will also say the retracking Dollywood did on Thunderhead is appreciated, and it was running GREAT today! Love that ride! :airtime:

On a side note, anyone know why one of mystery mine's trains was stuck in the final inversion?

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Wild Eagle Media Day!!

Postby ernierocker » Fri Mar 23, 2012 3:28 pm

Hey guys! I just got back from an amazing day at Dollywood! Starting with my first media event representing TPR at the Boomsday Announcement, I was anxiously awaiting for the opportunity to attend this morning's event! And now it has finally gone and past. It has been an absolute blast to bring you an inside look at Dollywood's latest creation and I am thankful to Robb and Elissa for allowing me to represent you guys. Also, a TON of thanks to Pete Owens, Brian Angello and everyone else at Dollywood for inviting us down the park and giving us this amazing coverage! Now, all you guys can head to Tennessee and see it for yourselves!

So, how was Wild Eagle you ask??? I was able to get two rides this morning. Once in the back right inner seat and once in the front right inner seat. The set-up for the day didn't really allow me to get a TON of rides, but I feel I got a good taste of the experience. My first ride on a Wing Rider was a lot of fun! You really fly up the lift hill and all you can see is lift hill and sky. Seriously, it is a steep lift hill! As you would expect being in the back seat you are absolutely flung over the lift hill. What a drop!!! It really took my breath away and I actually completely forgot to take a second to enjoy the views on top of the mountain! After that, it is the four loops which are all taken with decent forces and flow well together. I didn't get any air whatsoever on my first ride through the air time hill and the ride was actually a little dull during this portion. But the final twist at the end had a lot of forces comparable to Goliath's helix at SFOG. Another surprise was how fast you go from the first brake to the holding brake. You actually get some decent forces on the left turn back towards the station!

My second ride in the front seat was a totally different experience! While the first drop wasn't nearly as forceful, I quickly realized one of the benefits of a front seat ride on a Wing Rider was. Leg choppers! Through each loop, it feels like you are narrowly missing the track supports just below your feet. Really adds an extra dimension to the ride. Not to mention you get close to some of the trees along the outside of the ride. Will be nice to check this out when the trees start to fill in with leaves. I actually got a tad bit of floater air through the airtime hill on my second ride. Will see how this changes as the ride breaks in more.

I have to say I enjoyed my front seat ride more than the back seat one. The ride seemed to pack more of a punch throughout the ride rather than just the first half of the back seat ride. I have been told that the left side is a totally different experience than the right side (like you would expect and has been speculated on here before) The lateral forces are supposed to be much stronger as you are on the inside of all the inversions. I will just have to find out for myself next week! ;)

To conclude, Wild Eagle is another fabulous addition to the Dollywood coaster family. You will not be disappointing so head on down here and ride it!

Okay, enough jibber jabber. On to video & photos!

Off-Ride Shots and Rider Cam POV:

Front Seat POV:
Wild Eagle 01.JPG
After anxiously waiting for over 6 months since the Boomsday announcement, it was finally time to ride Wild Eagle! But first things first. Need to get our media credentials!
Wild Eagle 02.JPG
Yup, going to need one of these!
Wild Eagle 03.JPG
And with our pass we got these nifty Wild Eagle T-shirts!
Wild Eagle 04.JPG
That's the goal of the day!
Wild Eagle 05.JPG
Not only was the media event today, but it was also Passholder Preview Day.
Wild Eagle 06.JPG
And there was a lot of season passholders here!
Wild Eagle 07.JPG
But we are not here for that, we are here to eat!
Wild Eagle 08.JPG
And like everything else that Dollywood makes, their breakfast was mighty tasty!
Wild Eagle 09.JPG
This looks like important information. I wonder what this sign is trying to tell us.
Wild Eagle 10.JPG
Ah, the sign was taking us here! How convenient!
Wild Eagle 11.JPG
And there is the star of the day! The station really turned out amazing!
Wild Eagle 11A.JPG
A LOT of TV stations made it in for the event.
Wild Eagle 12.JPG
As did a horde of other people! There was easily 300 media, VIP and other people there this morning!
Wild Eagle 13.JPG
Wild Eagle's statue is looking fantastic for its big day!
Wild Eagle 14.JPG
And here's DOLLY! Wild Eagle's ceremony has begun!
Wild Eagle 15.JPG
Dolly made it very clear that she would not be going on her newest creation.
Wild Eagle 16.JPG
Of course, there were live eagles there!
Wild Eagle 17.JPG
Dolly presented the auction check to the American Eagle Foundation during the ceremony. (Dollywood held an auction to be the first to ride Wild Eagle and the proceeds were all donated to the foundation)
Wild Eagle 18.JPG
Dolly prepares the crowd for the first official ride of Wild Eagle.
Wild Eagle 19.JPG
Kablooey! And with this mess of confetti and smoke, Wild Eagle has officially opened!
Wild Eagle 20.JPG
And there goes the first train!
Wild Eagle 21.JPG
And the crowd goes wild!
Wild Eagle 22.JPG
How about we take Wild Eagle for a spin! Notice the awesome entrance sign. (pssst Larry ;) )
Wild Eagle 23.JPG
Been waiting to see this for a long time! A Wild Eagle train full of passengers!
Wild Eagle 24.JPG
This was all media. The other side looked the same!
Wild Eagle 25.JPG
Operations were actually a little slow for the first day. But I am sure they will work all the kinks out and things will be moving smoothly soon! It's Dollywood. No worries.
Wild Eagle 26.JPG
Have I mentioned I love the loading station?
Wild Eagle 27.JPG
The completed Wild Eagle plaza. It turned out great!
Wild Eagle 28.JPG
A lot of details have been added to the queue since the last time I was here last month.
Wild Eagle 29.JPG
Like these handrails! There really isn't much to the line once you are inside the building. This is pretty much it and then you head upstairs to the loading station.
Wild Eagle 30.JPG
Will your first ride be to the left or the right?? Such tough choices!
Wild Eagle 31.JPG
We took their advice! ;-)
Wild Eagle 32.JPG
Here is another look at the elevator to get to the loading platform this time from the ground level. You will be loaded into the front seat on the right side of the train. Doesn't look like there will be away to ride on the left side.
Wild Eagle 33.JPG
What a view!
Wild Eagle 34.JPG
Some more ride information for the Park Index!
Wild Eagle 35.JPG
Noted! And parents especially take note! ;)
Wild Eagle 36.JPG
Are you wondering where you can buy your Wild Eagle merchandise. Well, exit the ride and you will walk into the right place!
Wild Eagle 37.JPG
And there is a lot of it!
Wild Eagle 38.JPG
Plenty of Wild Eagle t-shirts!
Wild Eagle 39.JPG
and haven't you always wanted Wild Eagle sandals! But you wont be able to wear them on the ride! ;)
Wild Eagle 40.JPG
Who wants a Wild Eagle shot glass??? They are here waiting for you!
Wild Eagle 41.JPG
And then we were magically whisked away to SFMM! :-)
Wild Eagle 42.JPG
Here is a great feature included on Wild Eagle. Your on-ride photo can be uploaded directly to Facebook!
Wild Eagle 43.JPG
First you pay for your photo here.
Wild Eagle 44.JPG
Then you go to one of the touch screen kiosks.
Wild Eagle 45.JPG
Scan the ticket they print out for you and voila!
Wild Eagle 46.JPG
And without further ado, a TPR-only exclusive, I now present to you: Wild Eagle Statue Heiney!
Wild Eagle 47.JPG
Love this view!
Wild Eagle 48.JPG
The former SkyZip building has officially been transformed into a drink station.
Wild Eagle 49.JPG
All the soda and icees you want. They also have popcorn.
Wild Eagle 50.JPG
Skyview Snacks officially gets TPR stamp of approval! ;-)
Wild Eagle 51.JPG
Another look at the amazing Wild Eagle statue.
Wild Eagle 52.JPG
Heading out for lunch we noticed a mob of passholders anxiously awaiting their ride.
Wild Eagle 53.JPG
Speaking of lunch! Dollywood was kind enough to not only serve us breakfast but they also had a lunch for us! Much appreciated!
Wild Eagle 54.JPG
And this is what we had for lunch!! Seriously, the park was well prepared for all of the ACERs in attendance today. ;-)
Wild Eagle 55.JPG
After asking how to eat this monster slice, Candace went with the fold and stuff technique.
Wild Eagle 56.JPG
And before we end this report, let's take a look at few more details around Wild Eagle.
Wild Eagle 57.JPG
Details like this are spread throughout the plaza.
Wild Eagle 58.JPG
This would of been useful information BEFORE they served us those massive slices of pizza! ;-)
Wild Eagle 59.JPG
I am awestruck at the mighty Wild Eagle!
Wild Eagle 62.JPG
And that's it! Get down to the park and ride this ride! You will not be disappointed! Thanks to all the guys at Dollywood for having us down to the park!
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Re: Dollywood Discussion Thread

Postby cfc » Fri Mar 23, 2012 3:36 pm

Thanks for the report, Eric. I'm really looking forward to riding Wild Eagle myself (and just hanging out at Dollywood).

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Re: Dollywood Discussion Thread

Postby PCW_Nut » Fri Mar 23, 2012 3:38 pm

Great report. Can't wait to ride during New Hotness later this summer


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