Chadster's Vacation Adventures: Final Edition!

2/2/13 - Sea World Orlando!
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Archived Photo Trip Reports of Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, and Donkeys!
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Re: Chadster's Vacation Adventures: Photo TR: Silver Dollar

Postby -Edge of Beast- » Fri Dec 23, 2011 10:06 am

Wow, thanks for the trip report Chad! The park looks unbelievable with all of those lights on. I actually went to see the lights a few years ago and I was in absolute awe to see that many lights on a building.

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Re: Chadster's Vacation Adventures: Photo TR: Silver Dollar

Postby chadster » Sun Dec 25, 2011 9:12 am

Ok, well it looks like you guys have earned the opportunity to see a little thing I call the Jersey Shore Whore coming up the first week of 2012. Merry Christmas!

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Re: Chadster's Vacation Adventures: Photo TR: Silver Dollar

Postby beatle11 » Sun Dec 25, 2011 9:15 am

^Yay! Happy Festivus!

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Chadster's Vacation Adventures: Bonus! Jersey Shore Whore

Postby chadster » Mon Jan 02, 2012 11:20 am

As a special thank you to everyone who read and supported this thread over 2011, I bring you this special multi-part trip report of the Jersey Shore. Until February, Enjoy!

Ok, so here is the deal-e-o. I will send to someone, gratis, an envelope of crap. How do you get that envelope of crap? Simple. At the end of this three part bonus report tell me how many times I was stalked. All persons with the correct answer will have their name entered into a drawing for the crap. It can't get any easier! Ready? Yes? OK!

Back in July, I think....I arrived a few days ahead of the North East Tour to the safety and comfort of Newark, NJ. Stumbling through an Airport littered with construction and signs to misguide you, I arrived to the overpriced car rental counter where with 2 people ahead of me took no less than 30 minutes to sign the paperwork. Once in the garage a friendly person took us to an 'upgrade' only to stick his hand out wanting a tip. Um yeah, sorry man, I just paid $70 a day for freaking sardine can, I am not going to tip you.

Wanting to get the hell outta there as fast as I could I wasted no time connecting Marcia (Yes, I named my GPS, get over it) and programming in the nearest safe house.
ShoHo 001.JPG
Not 100% confident in this being a safe house.
ShoHo 005.JPG
First credit of the 3.5 day coasterthon! Looks innocent enough.
ShoHo 011.JPG
Oh yes, just the way I like my kiddie coasters, nice and smooth. Just enough speed to give you a rush without pushing you over the edge.
ShoHo 012.JPG
ShoHo 013.JPG
What else is here...meh.
ShoHo 015.JPG
oooooo, I like Himalaya's. Too bad these suck.
ShoHo 016.JPG
Well, I guess this is all that's left worth riding. With the exception of my shadow, no one else was on the ride as the park looked like a ghost town.

Leaving the park it was time to bend over, drop trou, and grab the ankles as the turnpike was ready to take me on a fantastic voyage to SFGAdv.

With the help of excellent directions from Marcia, confusing signs, and a wreck that was so far off the side of the road you could barely see it but still backed up traffic for an hour, I finally arrived at SFGAdv with 1:10 left in the operating day. As per usual King was down, so El Toro, Green Lantern, and Superman it was!

After an exhausting day it was time for a stop at Walmart, Wendy's, a drive thru Princeton, and a night at the Hilton in Princeton. See, when I roll, I roll in style. Night night!
ShoHo 020.JPG
After a few hours of sleep it was time to head out. Looks like CoastinKatie was being transported too.
ShoHo 021.JPG
Worst park and most expensive credit ever! Seriously, this park blows.
ShoHo 028.JPG
Park operations just sucked. It took 15 minutes to load onto this, and while it was ok, I've had better.
ShoHo 030.JPG
So after a hellish entry process and an unimpressive first impression of the park, the idea was to get the credit and get gone.
ShoHo 032.JPG
Hell Cat would turn out to be Hell.
ShoHo 034.JPG
I think the lift was smoothest part. The rest felt like you were being dropped straight down to hell.
ShoHo 037.JPG
Even these kids were like WTF?!?!
ShoHo 040.JPG
It wouldn't be a Chadster trip report without....NERD SHOT!
ShoHo 022.JPG
Their drop tower was a trailer model and was...OK.
ShoHo 025.JPG
But easily the best part of the park, and that's not saying much, is the water park.

Clementon seemed to have staff that didn't care, rides that appeared to be neglected, and clientele that is somewhat suspect at best. The one ride I was looking forward to, their log flume, was closed. Doubt I will return to ride it tho.

Anyway, finished with park 3, on to park 4.
ShoHo 061.JPG
Ahoy mate! come get some of me pirate booty.

He had me at booty.
ShoHo 045.JPG
Nice booty :D
ShoHo 051.JPG
I think she's been ridden hard and put away wet.
ShoHo 047.JPG
Bahhh! My STALKER is back!
ShoHo 052.JPG
From booty to swingers, this park has it all.
ShoHo 053.JPG
Of course if you like to bounce up and down, you can do that too.
ShoHo 056.JPG
ShoHo 057.JPG
Their Double Shot means you shoot out twice, it doesn't mean you shoot out and down. Since it was dead the choice of seats was given, naturally I chose the seat with a view.
ShoHo 063.JPG
And this would be the view.
ShoHo 065.JPG
Time for a stroll down to the next park of the day. I think I need a shower already.
ShoHo 066.JPG
ShoHo 067.JPG
Look, they have swingers down here too!
ShoHo 068.JPG
ShoHo 074.JPG
I have no shame.
ShoHo 078.JPG
See, no shame.
ShoHo 086.JPG
The thing went slow enough that you could get a nice overview of the Pier. Mr. Coaster over there was closed. VERY disappointed. But, this kiddie makes up for it....
ShoHo 089.JPG
But one thing I learned early on, these Piers are expensive!
ShoHo 087.JPG
Bahhh! Stalker!
ShoHo 092.JPG
Meh, it's just hard to find one that will give it to me fast and slow both forwards and backwards. I sure hope those days aren't gone.
ShoHo 095.JPG
I think you could ride stuff in the building for like $1 each which included the carousel.
ShoHo 107.JPG
NO! Don't take the Ring!
ShoHo 105.JPG
Sadly this would be the last time the ring would be seen as moments later it was gone. Poor ring.
ShoHo 110.JPG
For some reason my stalker insisted on following me here and wanted to do so in a hurried fashion. Not sure why.
ShoHo 114.JPG
ShoHo 115.JPG
Bahhh! Stalker!
ShoHo 120.JPG
Rated 'E' for 'Everyone'
ShoHo 124.JPG
Time to kick this place to the curb and....
ShoHo 123.JPG
...hop on over...
ShoHo 127.JPG park #7, Steel Pier! Very ghetto, but in a good way. This would be a very quick visit. The Crazy Mouse, yeah, it was loco.
ShoHo 126.JPG
Bahhh! Stalker!
ShoHo 128.JPG
Maybe if I don't look my stalker won't see me.

Anyway, quick stop, checked into what was supposed to be a nice hotel only to find out they were oversold and shipped us into their older hotel which was, ghetto, and required a chair to be placed in front of the door at night for safety. Not wanting to stay their, it was off to park #8
ShoHo 135.JPG
If you guessed Morey's Piers was next, well, you win something, maybe a dirty sock. Anyway, this thing road like an old woman, rough, unpolished, and not very pleasant. It was the only credit I was missing at Morey's. Thankfully they have other awesome rides like Ghostship to enjoy.
ShoHo 138.JPG
Of course this visit also allows me to compare the new train to the old one on the NorEaster. And yes, it's MUCH better.
ShoHo 143.JPG
But it was getting late, and when it get's late, I like to do 'IT'
ShoHo 151.JPG
So, we did IT slow
ShoHo 153.JPG
Then we did IT fast
ShoHo 157.JPG
Then we sat and spun on IT
ShoHo 144.JPG
After we did IT several times, I was exhausted and ready for bed in the hotel that required armed security. And this ends Days 1 & 2 of 4 of the Shore Whore!

God willing, we will wake up in the morning safe and secure and be able to continue on!

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Chadster's Vacation Adventures: Bonus! Jersey Shore Whore

Postby chadster » Mon Jan 02, 2012 11:20 am

Whew, survived the overnight ghetto hotel and was up and at it early to travel to more parks!
ShoHo 162.JPG
First on the list today was Fun TOwn!
ShoHo 163.JPG
Another well placed shot tower that allowed you to reload and shoot again!
ShoHo 161.JPG
I thought my throat was going to turn inside out, this thing was on kill!
ShoHo 164.JPG
ShoHo 165.JPG
Oooooooo, this looks promising!
ShoHo 166.JPG
ShoHo 167.JPG
More birds in cages.
ShoHo 169.JPG
Sadly, height requirement would not let me ride.
ShoHo 170.JPG
But this was actually fun moving side to side and spinning with variable speed.
ShoHo 172.JPG
A Sponge Bob dark ride that looks....
ShoHo 173.JPG
...fully licensed!
ShoHo 174.JPG
Now it was on to Casino Pier which was park I don't know what number it was. Anyway if you do, post a comment and let me know for a bonus entry for the drawing.
ShoHo 182.JPG
I suppose by now I have ridden one too many kiddies. Coasters that is.
ShoHo 183.JPG
Is it a bird, is it a plane?
ShoHo 184.JPG
NO! It's Mighty Mouse!
ShoHo 185.JPG
Ahhhhh, how cute!
ShoHo 191.JPG
Over to the left you will see a guy playing in what he thought was a jungle gym. Sadly for us, he was working on a MCBR which meant the ride was down. Now, over to the right is where we would head next.
ShoHo 196.JPG
ShoHo 201.JPG
Easily one of the better dark rides on the shore.
ShoHo 202.JPG
Sorry, I have a headache.

After picking up three or four credits at Casino Pier it was off to find the car, which had a piece of litter on it from the local police department. Apparently I didn't know how to properly operate the parking meter and they thought I needed a lesson in how to add money to the meter. But, instead of adding money to the meter I was asked to add $40 to the county's general fund.
ShoHo 210.JPG
New park, new coaster. First one to name the park gets a bonus entry!
ShoHo 206.JPG
ShoHo 212.JPG
Weeeee. Ok, enough of this. Moving on to...
ShoHo 221.JPG
This lovely park and yet another cookie cutter coaster!
ShoHo 215.JPG
But Jenkinson's has something special
ShoHo 216.JPG
On of the most bad ass powered coasters I've ever been on
ShoHo 217.JPG
This thing was on kill to the point I actually wanted to ride it again! But no time for that, it was off to a creepy walk thru attraction up the boardwalk and then on to yet another park!
ShoHo 224.JPG
Looking back, I did a hell of a lot of driving on Day 3.
ShoHo 226.JPG
More pirates booty!
ShoHo 228.JPG
At least I could assist putting out a fire.
ShoHo 230.JPG
Wheel of fortune.
ShoHo 231.JPG
Licensed from Disney.
ShoHo 232.JPG
Look, its a fast food mascot!
ShoHo 235.JPG
A midway of happiness that only opens after like 5pm.
ShoHo 233.JPG
Oh baby!
ShoHo 236.JPG
"I like it with two tails in the rear"
ShoHo 240.JPG
See ya fantasy where to...
ShoHo 242.JPG
Oh yeah, last park of the night! I will say this was a creepy ghetto park. What park is it? Well name it and you get a bonus entry.
ShoHo 245.JPG
The ops were all in plain clothes so you didn't know who worked there and who didn't which actually added to the experience.
ShoHo 250.JPG
Should I take it in the front or...
ShoHo 257.JPG
in the rear?
ShoHo 258.JPG
Bahhh! Stalker is taking it in the rear!
ShoHo 260.JPG
So as we coast off into the night time we end day 3. Overall this creepy park was not all that bad, it had character and personality, something that most of your chain parks don't have.

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Chadster's Vacation Adventures: Bonus! Jersey Shore Whore

Postby chadster » Mon Jan 02, 2012 11:23 am

And finally here starts Day 4 and my last TR for about 5 or 6 weeks.
ShoHo 261.JPG
I must be on the right street!
ShoHo 262.JPG
This place must have low enrollment
ShoHo 263.JPG
I mean, I'm pretty sure our nation's politicians, certain investors, and celebrities have not graduated from here.
ShoHo 266.JPG
So if you guessed I am now in NY City, you guessed right!
ShoHo 278.JPG
And in NYC we find a classic carousel!
ShoHo 282.JPG
Hand crafted and painted, this classic is a work of art.
ShoHo 285.JPG
Bath time?
ShoHo 292.JPG
ShoHo 297.JPG
ShoHo 301.JPG
The attention to detail is beyond describable
ShoHo 299.JPG
Elegant in every sense
ShoHo 267.JPG
Bonus entry for the first one to name my stalker.
ShoHo 308.JPG
Next park in quite a nice setting, still in Central Park.
ShoHo 315.JPG
Mini Mad Mouse?!?!
ShoHo 312.JPG
Oh well, lets get this over with, we have two more parks left on the list.

Speaking of, have you been keeping track because I haven't ;)
ShoHo 319.JPG
Probably the safest park of NYC
ShoHo 322.JPG
Moving on we would drive through Harlem quite by accident. If you have never visited Harlem, well, lets just say it looks just as it does on Law and Order.
ShoHo 350.JPG
Moving quickly out of Harlem I hauled out to Adventure Park.
ShoHo 347.JPG
This is puked out of....
ShoHo 345.JPG
ShoHo 329.JPG
ShoHo 330.JPG
I liked it, I mean it didn't give it me rough, but not smooth, so I suppose it gave it me with a mixture that was pleasurable.
ShoHo 333.JPG
Wow, these kiddie rides run fast.
ShoHo 338.JPG
My, what a long centipede(?) you are
ShoHo 356.JPG
Ok, final park, and not only am I wearing down by now, so is my camera. Rye Playland is now in my top 10 most liked parks. It has a classic feel with a nice mixture of carnival rides and classic rides like this galloping racing horse. The employees would give you pointers on your riding technique.
ShoHo 354.JPG
Next up was this death machine. Another death machine would be found on the NE Trip to Coney Island.....
ShoHo 358.JPG
ShoHo 357.JPG
Coasters that require one to play with a brake handle turn me on.
ShoHo 361.JPG
And finally a mouse ride to end this report.
ShoHo 360.JPG
Goodbye Rye! Thanks for a fantastic evening and an unexpected fireworks show! (Unexpected because it was good!)
ShoHo 368.JPG
And here would start the NE Trip, but thats already been covered so...
ShoHo 378.JPG
So wave bye to the camera and remember to post for your chance to win an envelope of garbage!

Thanks again, see you again in February!

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Re: Chadster's Vacation Adventures: Bonus! Jersey Shore Whor

Postby QueerRudie » Mon Jan 02, 2012 12:21 pm

Number of times I spotted Laura, your "stalker"... 8.

The park with the Wildcat Mk.65 (From our Lord and Savior, Anton Schwarzkopf) you were on: Keanesburg Park, in Keanesburg, New Jersey.

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Re: Chadster's Vacation Adventures: Bonus! Jersey Shore Whor

Postby larrygator » Mon Jan 02, 2012 12:40 pm

Dragon at Blackbeard's Cave.

There have good, old school video games in their arcade.

This thread is growing on me like a cancerous tumor.
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Re: Chadster's Vacation Adventures: Bonus! Jersey Shore Whor

Postby Chroniq » Mon Jan 02, 2012 2:47 pm

Thanks for providing us with one of the most varied, interesting, and expertly photographed threads of 2011. My new year's resolution? To be able to do even half of this in one year!
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Re: Chadster's Vacation Adventures: Bonus! Jersey Shore Whor

Postby netdvn » Mon Jan 02, 2012 5:12 pm

I spotted your stalker in 11 pictures and she followed you across 18 different parks.

I had to do a few recounts to get it right.

Someone should call the police! :P
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