The "Official" TPR Returns To Asia Ongoing TR!

The Re-Cap update has been posted!!!!
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The "Official" TPR Returns To Asia Ongoing TR!

Postby robbalvey » Fri Dec 23, 2005 8:02 am

The official "Theme Park Review Returns to Asia" Photo & Video TR's!

Below you'll find daily Trip Reports and photos from our recent coaster expedition in Asia. Coming soon will be a FULL detailed report with more than 1,000 new photos and videos!

Day One - Arrival and Ocean Park (scroll down)
Day Two - Hong Kong Disneyland - Part 1
Day Three - Hong Kong Disneyland Photos - Part 2
Day Four - Getting to Japan and Galaxy Express 999!
Day Five - Space World and Uminonakamichi Seaside Park!
Day Six - Day Six: Kijima, Wonder Rakutenchi, and Harmonyland.
Day Seven - Mitsui Greenland Photos - Part 1
Day Seven - Mitsui Greenland Photos Part 2, Kashikaen
Day Eight - Kobe Portopialand, Central Park, and Kurashiki Tivoli Park
Day Nine - Hamanako Pal Pak, Manhattan Express & Viper's Love Child, and TOKYO photos!!!
Day Ten - Nasu Highland or "Coaster Snow Day!!!"
Day Ten Part Two - Tokyo Disneyland Countdown Party!
Day Eleven - Tokyo DisneySea
Day Twelve - More Tokyo Disneyland and Joypolis!

THE RE-CAP UPDATE!!!! Just when you thought the Asia updates were all done! :P

Videos added:
12/23 - Ocean Park's Wild West Mine Train & The Dragon POVs!
12/26 - Titan & Venus at Space World POV!
12/28 - Atomic Coaster from Mistui Greenland POV!
12/29 - BMR-X and Double Loop POV from Kobe Portopialand!
12/30 - Hamanako Pal Pal's Mega Coaster (Manhattan Express & Viper's love child!)
1/3 - Big Boom POV from Nasu Highland

Download videos in the Members Only section:

Day One - Arrival in Asia and Ocean Park!

We are BACK in Asia! So far the trip has been amazing and it's only DAY ONE!!!! I'm going to make this quick since we've had a really LONG day today.....

First off, we got bumped off our flight...but in a GOOD way, we actually got transferred from our flight that was going to make a stop in South Korea to a direct to Hong Kong flight, which put us in 7 hours early!

Basically that meant we could do Ocean Park today and make the rest of our time in Hong Kong that much more relaxing.

Our flight arrived, we all bought our "pussy cards", got on the train and we were on our way to check into our hotel at Hong Kong Disneyland. We dropped our stuff off, back on the train again to Ocean Park.

The day at Ocean Park was great! Much better than my last visit because I had people to hang out with. They also had tons of Christmas stuff going on including snow tubing!!! Yes!!!!

As for the two coasters there -

Wild West Mine Train - What a great little ride! I really enjoyed this on my previous visit and it was just as good, if not better now.

Dragon - OMG if I thought this was painful before, it's worse now! It's a true "Arrow Classic" :lol:

We spent a couple of hours at the park, did some meandering around Hong Kong, then back to Disneyland we went.

Since today's update is going to focus mostly on Ocean Park, I won't say too much about HKDL other than Space Mountain is AWESOME! We were all really blown away. It is MUCH MUCH better than the new, revamped California version. But that's for tomorrow's update. In the meantime, onto some photos and there are also two on-ride videos from the coasters at Ocean Park in the "Members Only" Forum. Check those out here:
This is what we look like after a 15 hour flight. Not too pretty, I know!
They are welcoming us to Hong Kong. Too bad they spelled "Robb" wrong, but we get the gist! ;)
Disney trains! These are the best. Well, at least until we get to Tokyo Disneyland!
"Welcome to Hong Kong Disneyland Robb & Elissa and Theme Park Review!" (That's what it says under the English part!)
We got to our hotel just at sunrise. This place was really nice! I was expecting something more like a "moderate" resort, but it's Deluxe all the way!
On our way to Ocean Park, we pass the crazy sea of Hong Kong apartment buildings!
Just take bus "69 with a 2 in the middle" direct to Ocean Park!
That's the Ocean Park dude saying "Yo, wassup beyotches!"
And the beyotch is all "Yo, wassup Ocean Park dude....gimme some Arrow pain!"
Oh, wait...but first....we gotta make a pitstop! Only been in the country an hour and a half, and we're already at a McDonalds! =)
"Welcome to Hong Kong, now it's time to go snow tubing!!!"
They weren't quite used to riders of unusual size!
Time to travel to the rides side of the park via the crazy Sky Way of "really high off the ground" death!
But man, check out that view!
Wild West Mine Train might actually be the coaster with the best view ever!
This view looks really good...
This view....not so good!
A chick and a quaker...much better view!
I mean, look at how awesome that is!
"Does this count as Bird Flu?"
Awesome view from up here too!
"Yo my homies...I'm da Quaker. I'm a couple hundred feet up, I'm in Hong Kong, and I'm trusting my life to S&S!"
"Hey guys, go demonstrate what's going to happen later in the room with all those Chinese ladies!"
Quaker is introduced to random Asian funky games. This one is the "Walk the dog and don't get hit by a truck" game....SERIOUSLY!!!!
And there is the Arrow Looper of hot head smashing pain! Go download the video in the Members Only section to see!
I was told this was the very first sidewinder inversion. It should have been the last!!!!
"Um.....starting contest between an idiot and a fish with eyes on the top of it's head????"
It's a Panda. This time around it's sleeping and not taking a giant poo!
The best part of the panda exhibit are the waffles they make out of them!
"I wanna win one of the giant, green, um....WTF IS THAT THING?!?!?!" (note the pussy card is accepted even at the games!)
On our way out of the park we paid homage to the HUGE Ocean Park Christmas tree!
On the trains you can do one of three things....1. Sleep (as demonstrated by our actor above)
2. Text message on the cell phone or 3. Play Animal Crossing on your DS!
The "Cheese Grater" building. Probably my favorite building in all of Hong Kong!
Our view from our hotel room at the Disney's Hollywood.
We got to the hotel at sunrise, and we finally made it to the room at sunset.....time for a few more hours at Disneyland!
We'll post Disneyland photos and video tomorrow (even an onride of Space Mountain), but for now it's off to bed. "Quaker, you sleeping with Elissa tonight, or do I have to?"

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Postby Bubba Z » Fri Dec 23, 2005 8:19 am

Very cool update guys, Good thing you got the extra seven hrs in so you could walk the dog. And that mine train view is pretty awesome. Can't wait for the HKDL update.

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Postby Erik Johnson » Fri Dec 23, 2005 8:32 am

I sure hope you guys brought your DS: Animal Crossing with you. Otherwise you are going to have a lot of weeds to clean up when you get home.

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Postby Luxo » Fri Dec 23, 2005 8:44 am

Great photos, can't wait to see some of HKDL! I wish I had something more witty/funny to say. :lol:

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Postby Canobie Fan » Fri Dec 23, 2005 9:27 am

I have sone old coaster DVD like "worlds greatest thrills 3D!!!" or something like that that shows a POV of the arrow.. It looked fun then :-\

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Postby Dainty Aqua » Fri Dec 23, 2005 9:42 am

GREAT photo TR!!! I am so glad I could finally relate to a thread in "Theme Parks, Roller Coasters & Donkeys" since previously, most other threads are on theme parks or coasters I am not familiar with.
Well, it has been donkey yrs since I last went to Ocean Park... From some of the pics, I believe they have revamped the place &/or added some new rides.
Will probably plan a trip to Hong Kong early next year as I wanna visit the new Disneyland there.
Cant wait for the Japan photo TR! Are you guys planning to visit Nasu Highlands this time round??
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Postby coasterboi » Fri Dec 23, 2005 9:54 am

Wow that place look like a very cool park

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Postby Homer » Fri Dec 23, 2005 9:55 am

Great photo TR Robb. Hope this Asia trip is better than the last! And by that, I mean 20 times awesomer.
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Postby socalMAN123 » Fri Dec 23, 2005 9:57 am

Nice pics guys! I can't wait for Hong Kong Disneyland pictures! OMFG, Flesh-Eating Plant?! Another thing you will see in every other country except the US.
---Brent 8)

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Postby Montu » Fri Dec 23, 2005 10:29 am

Nice pics! Can't wait to see the Space Moutain video!


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