Photo TR: Jianghui Amusement Park 9/25/11

A very nice park in Jiangmen
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Photo TR: Jianghui Amusement Park 9/25/11

Postby The Angry Darren Mullins » Sun Sep 25, 2011 7:59 am

I woke up this morning and headed to Jiangmen in Guangdong in China. About a month ago, I learned of a park there called Jianghui Amusement Park. The park was not on the RCDB at the time I learned about it. The park is a wonderful traditional park that is, by Chinese standards, well-kept. The gondolas on the ferris wheel are new. There is a new kiddie ride there and most of the older rides look decent. There is a mouse coaster there that is like several others I have ridden. Most small parks in China just have a mouse coaster and nothing bigger. This is okay though as I love mouse coasters. There is also a powered coaster called Golden Dragon. The helix on Golden Dragon is taken at a decent speed. There is a nice log flume with the shortest flume boats I have ever seen. There is also a dark ride with dinosaurs (Cedar Fair doesn't have anything on the Chinese) and it cost only 5 yuan (75 cents) to ride through and look at dinosaurs, which is a much better value than the dinosaur attractions Cedar Fair has been building. There are two Jeff Johnson credits at Jianghui Amusement Park and other rides, including a Paratrooper and a moon cars ride. It is a very nice park that sits just outside of the city of Jiangmen and not far from Jiangmen's East Lake Park (Donghu Park).
Jianghui Entrance.jpg
Welcome to today's adventure
Jianghui sign.jpg
I think I know where to go here.
Jianghui Golden Dragon.jpg
Here is Jianghui's Golden Dragon.
Jianghui Golden Dragon 2.jpg
Here is part of the Golden Dragon's layout.
Jianghui Golden Dragon Onride.jpg
Here is the Dragon in action.
Jianghui Mouse Station.jpg
This is the ride I came here for.
Jianghui Mouse 2.jpg
I took this photo from inside the station area.
Jianghui Mouse 3.jpg
Here is a good view of a lot of the mouse's layout.
Jianghui Mouse 1.jpg
Here is another view of the mouse.
Jianghui Mouse Onride.jpg
I took this shot while riding.
Jianghui Carousel.jpg
All parks need one of these.
Jianghui Top Spin.jpg
This Top Spin knockoff was a new ride.
Jianghui Paratrooper.jpg
I think this ride came from Australia. There was an advertisement on the arm of the ride for an Australian company.
Jianghui Games.jpg
This game stand was at the park.
Jianghui Dark Ride.jpg
A dinosaur overlooks Jianghui's dark ride. This one must have gotten loose from a Cedar Fair park.
Jianghui Moon Cars.jpg
I love these moon car rides.
Jianghui Jeff Johnson 1.jpg
The park had this Jeff Johnson credit.
Jianghui Jeff Johnson Credit 2.jpg
The park also had a second Jeff Johnson credit.
Jianghui Flume.jpg
This flume ride has this smallest boats I have ever seen on a flume.
Jianghui Ride.jpg
This was a new ride.
Jianghui Spinning Coaster Station.jpg
A spinning coaster like the one Amazing World at the South China Mall used to have once stood in this spot.
Jianghui Spinning Coaster Footers.jpg
Here are the footers that remain from the spinning coaster.
Jianghui Ferris Wheel.jpg
I took this shot of the ferris wheel before saying goodbye to Jianghui Amusement Park.

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Re: Photo TR: Jianghui Amusement Park 9/25/11

Postby SoCalCoasters » Sun Sep 25, 2011 8:30 am

OMG! That top spin looks like it came straight out of RCT2!

I always love seeing parks like this.
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Re: Photo TR: Jianghui Amusement Park 9/25/11

Postby SharkTums » Sun Sep 25, 2011 8:50 am

China is weird, that is all!

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Re: Photo TR: Jianghui Amusement Park 9/25/11

Postby A.J. » Sun Sep 25, 2011 11:55 am

That Topspin knockoff looks like it's missing two harnesses. They seem to have replaced them with...backpack straps?
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Re: Photo TR: Jianghui Amusement Park 9/25/11

Postby The Angry Darren Mullins » Sun Sep 25, 2011 3:08 pm

China is indeed weird, but it is weird in a good way. Jianghui is in a beautiful location with a lot of trees and a lake. Locals probably do not even notice that Jianghui's mouse is the same as the one at the nearby East Lake Park.

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