Chadster's Vacation Adventures: Final Edition!

2/2/13 - Sea World Orlando!
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Archived Photo Trip Reports of Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, and Donkeys!
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Re: Chadster's 2011 Trip Diary - Enchanted Forest Photo TR!

Postby Shavethewhales » Mon Jul 18, 2011 10:25 pm

Enchanted Forest looks freaking awesome. If I had a few million to blow making a theme park, that's more or less what I'd want it to look like. They've obviously gone to great effort to build an immersive environment full of great thematics and detail, which is what I really like to see in parks. It looks like they keep it clean too. A few more rides would make it a destination in my book.

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Re: Chadster's 2011 Trip Diary - Enchanted Forest Photo TR!

Postby Pirouettes907 » Tue Jul 19, 2011 12:58 pm

Forests tend to creep me out. Something about lots of trees, no sun peeking through, I don't know--but they always seem dreary, depressing and claustrophobic to me.

So when you plop a theme park full of figurines of nursery rhyme characters, some of whom have these truly freaky, lurid expressions (Humpty Dumpty, anyone?), you have the ingredients for a nightmare setting in my book. Is it just me, or would this place be a really good set for a horror film?

But in all seriousness, I went on the park's website and read a little on this place's history (the guy who designed it saw a dearth of family activities in Salem and scraped together what he had to finance his dream; it took seven years for it to actually become a reality) and I really do have to appreciate what this place is all about and that it still exists today. I think the nursery rhyme theme might be outdated these days, so this place seems like a relic of the past with a few quirky rides thrown in the mix to keep things even more unique. I'm very much looking forward to visiting Enchanted Forest in September.

Thanks for sharing all this, Chad!

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Re: Chadster's 2011 Trip Diary - Enchanted Forest Photo TR!

Postby RoCo » Tue Jul 19, 2011 2:34 pm

Very cool that you got to Enchanted Forest! LOVE that place. Was the "haunted mansion" still there? My only visit was just passing through, on a Sunday morning (?) and the park was completely empty. It was surreal. But the Bobsleds were a blast. Gotta give it up for a totally in-house-designed and -built Matterhorn tribute.
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Re: Chadster's 2011 Trip Diary - Enchanted Forest Photo TR!

Postby chadster » Tue Jul 19, 2011 7:03 pm

14,000 page views, thanks everyone :airtimer:

^ Haunted Mansion was alive and well! I thought it was really really creepy, but in a good way! It was well thought out and gave an authentic haunted house feel.

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Re: Chadster's 2011 Trip Diary - Enchanted Forest Photo TR!

Postby chadster » Fri Jul 22, 2011 7:22 am

Jakizle wrote: The Topper Track on Tremors is on the top of the first turn after the first drop then is on the hills leading to the far turnaround and through the far turnaround. I think it's like 1200' of track!

From Screamscape today:

Park News - (7/22/11) Roller Coaster Alley dropped by Silverwood this past week that the test sections of Rocky Mountain’s Topper Track that were installed last year have now been removed (and were seen laying by the air strip from the train ride) and replaced by some newly rebuilt and retracked segments on Tremmors....

Jake, I guess this would be why I didn't notice any topper track on Tremmors, and I agree with the folks at Coaster Alley, it was running damn fine, though I have no previous rides to compare it to.

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Re: Chadster's 2011 Trip Diary - WoF's Coaster Mayhem! Pg 17

Postby chadster » Tue Aug 16, 2011 6:15 pm

It's the next to last weekend of daily operation for Worlds of Fun and that can only mean one thing, the 6th Annual Coaster Mayhem held on August 13th. Coaster Mayhem is a park sponsored event open to anyone with a valid coaster club membership and comes with a very reasonable season pass cost of $14 + new for this year, $2 for will call pick up.

So, you are asking, what do you get for your $16? Well, you get free drinks, lunch, ERT on Patriot and PROWLER!, VIP seating for "Don't Stop Believing" and several discounts throughout the park. Also featured this year was a Worlds of Fun history exhibit and working model's of WoF's past coasters.

At lunch we were treated at a peek at the concept art for this year's haunt. Worlds of Fun is promising to become the best in the chain for haunt season so Knott's, are you listening Knotts? Watch out, the midwest is gonna strike! Also, I was able to quash one rumor, WoF will not be getting a 2012. Yeah, I know, I was disappointed too. What does 2013 hold? Well, that's still a secret, they have plenty of space to expand, so let's hope Cedar Fair will give them something good in 2013 ;)

This will be a two part Photo TR as I'm including some stuff I don't normally include along with several pictures from the "weekend only" history and coaster model exhibit.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 003.JPG
So early, so quiet, yet so inviting!
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 013.JPG
So why are we here so early? Why for coaster mayhem of course! This year the park gave out free refillable bottles with free refills all day!
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 008.JPG
Uh Oh, my favorite flat ride in the park is still down. Must get to the bottom of this, it's been closed since summers end last year.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 016.JPG
In to the empty park we go!
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 017.JPG
The Grand Carousel still looking good. Interesting factoid, the original sign was given to the folks who are achiving historical aspects of the park at lunch. Yes, I know, the horses used to go in circles at GL, but at least the original sign is going to people who will take care of and cherrish it!
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 026.JPG
First up on today's agenda, an hour of ERT on Patriot!
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 019.JPG
And few showed up which meant I never got off the train. I lost count of how many rides in a row I got in after 24. Sure, it's not the most forceful of the B&M's, but it's a solid ride. And for those wanting to know, yes, it's in my top 10 for mulitple reasons.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 039.JPG
After our hour of ERT, the public swarmed the ride so I headed to Cyclone Sam's Cloud Poofer 2000, still the best trabant ever.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 040.JPG
New in the park this summer is the Chippery, basically flavored fresh chips.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 042.JPG
Not new this year, but having returned is this doggy show. Is this thing even popular?
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 044.JPG
Knowing that the line for Mamba would be insance, I headed thataway before the crowds infiltrated.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 047.JPG
No trains on the transfer track means at least two trains running! Well, in fact that's all they put on the track this year. Why you ask? Well, after some sleuthing we found it was for several reasons. The first being they just didn't have enough time to refurb all three trains by summer due to the construction of Planet Snoopy, The Grand Carousel, and one other thorn in their side which I'll tell you about in a bit. The other reason being they simply didn't need three trains but for a few times last year, so they figured why bother stressing over it. So, where is the third train you ask? Well, it's safe and rehabed in storage. This way, over the off season, they only need to complete the rehab on one train giving them all year to work on the second one on track. So, there you have it.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 050.JPG
It was so hot outside, even the bees needed a drink!
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 052.JPG
Prowler completing the last of its test runs.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 074.JPG
So while I waited for Prowler, I went and shot up a few things.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 078.JPG
So what do we have here? Exclusive viewing time at this weekend only exhibit.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 079.JPG
I have to admit, I have never been in the All Stars Grill which overlooks the log flume and where the exhibit was located. I must say, they have some decent food and coupled with a season pass discount, reasonably priced too.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 081.JPG
But we weren't here for the food, no, we were here for the history and coaster models.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 082.JPG
They had press releases and photographs from park construction to present day.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 083.JPG
Its Eli!
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 086.JPG
Zinger track piece
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 087.JPG
And Zinger track plans.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 088.JPG
And the Schussboomer which I don't remember.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 089.JPG
And I don't remember this either.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 093.JPG
I know there are some Orient Express fanatics out there, so this shoe's for you!
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 096.JPG
And a wheel.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 097.JPG
And an Orient Survival Kit and anti-rollback.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 099.JPG
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 101.JPG
My, what a big nut you have.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 098.JPG
They also had a well thought out and good looking timeline displayed.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 100.JPG
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 104.JPG
Next it was time to take a look at all of the coaster models of past WoF coasters courtesy of
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 107.JPG
Here's the Zinger which was on maintenace for a special order part. However, if they manually pushed the train to the top, it ran with no issues.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 108.JPG
The Orient Express was easily the most impressive of all the models and it worked flawlessly.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 113.JPG
Everything was done exacting including the interlocking loops.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 118.JPG
All of these models were recently on display at Union Station in KC. It was so popular that they have offered the creator a permanent spot. As a result, the models will be spruced up and put in a more permanent configuration.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 119.JPG
For instance, the OE was broken down into 5 pieces for transport.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 130.JPG
Big or small, they build them all.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 131.JPG
They even have the transfer tracks. The models only have one train so the transfers are for looks. It only takes about 10 seconds for the train to make its way around the OE track.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 132.JPG
And a different angle.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 135.JPG
Death machine.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 137.JPG
Hmmm, so what are these people doing?
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 139.JPG
Why flooding the channel of course!
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 142.JPG
Isn't it ironic that they placed the shell of EXT next to a trash can?
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 153.JPG
So now it was time to hit up a few more flats and get my Bamboozle on.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 156.JPG
Dragons were just now testing.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 161.JPG
Patriot doing its thing.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 173.JPG
Intersting. You can get a Chicago Hot Dog or Texas Pretzel at a Chinese Pagoda.

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Re: Chadster's 2011 Trip Diary - WoF's Coaster Mayhem! Pg 17

Postby Jakizle » Tue Aug 16, 2011 6:17 pm

Chad, Roller Coaster Alley was actually the photos even they posted you can see the topper track on Tremors. It's just such a brilliant design it blends in so well with normal coaster track of the same color. Someone emailed Silverwood and I think confirmation is pending but in the photos and videos on YT it definitely is still there.

And P.s. I love WOF! Super nice park IMO.

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Re: Chadster's 2011 Trip Diary - WoF's Coaster Mayhem! Pg 17

Postby chadster » Tue Aug 16, 2011 6:18 pm

Part II, includes just what in the world is up with Thunderhawk.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 174.JPG
Ah Thunderhawk, why aren't you up and running.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 178.JPG
At least you're hanging in the air and not sitting on the ground.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 179.JPG
But your wiring is still not connected. So, just what is wrong with you?
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 185.JPG
Somewhere in this photo you will find the problem...
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 189.JPG
So here it is. They are finally able to put humpty back together again. HUSS, being HUSS, doesn't keep parts on the shelf, so a few parts had to be custom made. Well, one thing leads to another, motors need work, HUSS issues a recall notice, and just when they got it all put back together, bam, dead batteries. And, you guessed it, Walmart doesn't stock a HUSS battery, so once again, they wait. However, all of the parts are in and humpty will fly again.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 193.JPG
Meanwhile, over at Planet Snoopy
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 197.JPG
The wacky worm is still wacky.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 204.JPG
Snoopy still has cookies.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 205.JPG
The boutique is still a nice place to cool off.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 213.JPG
Snoopy is still top dog in the park.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 219.JPG
The balloons are up and running and looking good, a nice fit in this area.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 218.JPG
And the monorail thingy is up and running. Interesting factoid, this was classified as a super structure by the permitting office. Yes, I know what you are thinking, it's a kiddie ride. They do things differently in KC I suppose.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 216.JPG
Snoopy watching over the towers. Planet Snoopy really is one of the best improvements the park has made in some time. Yes, the new coasters are impressive, but as a whole, it's a tremendous overhaul and has been well received by the public.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 220.JPG
The line for Detonator was crazy!
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 224.JPG
So I hit up the scambler. Not overly intense, but was ran well.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 288.JPG
So it was time for a train ride on ELI!
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 229.JPG
The train ride is around 7 minutes and gives you a good tour of most of the park and allows you to see rides from a different perspective.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 233.JPG
Go Back!
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 234.JPG
The one ride I haven't been on in a long time, mostly because these are typically slow loaders and draw long lines.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 236.JPG
So for those of you who have not been on PROWLER! I thought I'd take a moment and show you the first half of the ride and why it's so awesome. First, you come of the lift hill in a signature GCI twist that takes you back under the lift.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 249.JPG
shooting out from under the lift.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 245.JPG
through the trees
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 244.JPG
A quick up and down to get your picture took
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 243.JPG
then the speed stablizes and you make a slight turn
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 242.JPG
And move side to side with your hands in the air like you just don't care.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 241.JPG
zoom past low to the ground
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 240.JPG
where we you get a few more ups
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 239.JPG
to get ready for...
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 238.JPG
the turn around
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 255.JPG
where you twist and turn all the way back to the station where your heart is pounding and your brain is telling you to run around, get back in line, and do it all again.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 264.JPG
YES!!! They are working to get Thunderhawk up and ready for inspection!!!!
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 277.JPG
What the????
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 282.JPG
I guess its popular afterall, who woulda thunk it
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 287.JPG
The second best restaurant in the park.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 292.JPG
What is wrong with this picture??? Ok fine, I'll just tell you so you don't have to guess...people actually WANTING to ride the boomathing! shocking. Doctors are standing by.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 313.JPG
hmmmm, I wonder why that is.....
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 321.JPG
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 333.JPG
Snoopy says it's dark enough for Hot Summer Lights!
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 354.JPG
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 363.JPG
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 367.JPG
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 520.JPG
The tunnel of love.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 512.JPG
for those wondering, the sperm are still there.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 515.JPG
I'd be pissed too if I had something tickling my ass.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 383.JPG
It was a full moon tonight and the only place in the park I could get a moon shot and coaster shot was by the boomerang. So, here we go.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 475.JPG
So you are asking yourself, why?
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 479.JPG
Well, for those that attended coaster mayhem, the park is giving away cash to the best picture taken during the event.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 479.JPG
And who couldn't use an extra hundred bucks.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 489.JPG
So yeah, that's why, hope you enjoyed the boomerang moon shots.
WoF Coaster Mayhem 2011 494.JPG
And there you have it, good night Worlds of Fun! Thanks for another fantastic Coaster Mayhem, see you again soon!

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Re: Chadster's 2011 Trip Diary - WoF's Coaster Mayhem! Pg 17

Postby PAL » Tue Aug 16, 2011 7:40 pm

Nice park. It looks like Cedar Fair invested serious money in the past few years. How tired did it get beforehand?

Prowler, come Friday you will be mine!

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Re: Chadster's 2011 Trip Diary - Photo TR:WoF's Coaster Mayh

Postby chadster » Wed Aug 17, 2011 8:02 pm

^The kids area over the years just lost it's luster, actually it never really had any, it was just there, not much for the kids. After tearing down the Orient Express and Zinger amongst other rides, they really just didn't have much to draw you to the park. I hated to see the Himalaya go, but the tradeoff in Patriot was worth the sacrifice and Prowler beats Timber Wolf like Timber Wolf beats you. It's a smaller park in the rides department with a large footprint so it needed something to keep people there which is what Cedar Fair appears to try to be doing. Holding true to form, I don't see any capital improvements in 2012 as it seems of late they only infuse major cash every other year.


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