San Diego Zoo's Wild Safari Park TR

Formerly Known As The Wild Animal Park
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San Diego Zoo's Wild Safari Park TR

Postby SoCalCoasters » Sun Jul 17, 2011 11:08 am

Hello everyone! I visited the San Diego Zoo's Wild Safari Park today! The park had a very opposed name change, and was formerly known as the Wild Animal Park.

The park itself has had a very major turnaround over the past few years, going from a very rustic feel, to a modern and updated feel. The only loss was the former tram ride called the WGASA Busch Line. Supposedly the designer of the monorail named it "WGASA", which is an acronym for "Who give a $@#% anyway"...

This in turn caused the downfall of the Asian Area, which has since become nearly abandoned. I did not visit this area during this trip because it's a 30 minute hike uphill with little shade. The only other area was not visited was the Gorillas, because we ran out of time.

Also with the name change came updates all over the park along with new pricing options. You now buy a "Safari" with your ticket. Various options are given including:

Zipline Safari (Flightline)

African Tram Safari (standard Safari, included in ticket price)

Cart Safari (small vehicles get you up closer to the animals)

Segway Safari (Segways with offroad tires that take you into the backroads with an upclose encounter)

Truck Safari (the Safari that allows you to ride in a truck and feed various animals inside the exhibit)

Ballon Safari (A hot air ballon that takes you 400 feet up in the air for a true brids eye view of the park)

All of these attractions are upcharges except for the African Safari which is included in your ticket.

If you intend to visit, I recommend the Zipline Safari, which takes a good two hours, but is absolutely amazing, but for $75 a go...

Anyway, here's all the pictures from the park, enjoy!
DSCN0711 (Copy).JPG
Welcome to the Wild Safari Park...
DSCN0712 (Copy).JPG
Inside the entrance building. You can purchase various upcharges and food at the booth on the left, and a giant park map is on your right.
DSCN0713 (Copy).JPG
The mega map on the side of the entrance hall.
DSCN0715 (Copy).JPG
Onto the main attraction! The animals!
DSCN0717 (Copy).JPG
They had various birds up on the hill side of the entry path that leads in and out of the park.
DSCN0718 (Copy).JPG
These guys were pretty active...
DSCN0719 (Copy).JPG
One of the exhibits held these guys. When I left, they were exactly the same, and that was 5-6 hours later!
DSCN0721 (Copy).JPG
A macaw was just chillin' up there.
DSCN0722 (Copy).JPG
Another bird asleep. Many of the animals were still snoozing when we arrived.
DSCN0724 (Copy).JPG
Near the entrance, they have 4-5 different meet-n-greets with various animals. Right as we arrived, they brought out an (Golden?) Eagel. Whatever breed it was, it was American . :P
DSCN0726 (Copy).JPG
This guy was huge, but only weighed around around ten pounds!
DSCN0727 (Copy).JPG
I'm a big scary golden eagel! Gimme some candy!
DSCN0729 (Copy).JPG
The trainer allowed for some great photo ops.
DSCN0734 (Copy).JPG
DSCN0733 (Copy).JPG
All of these guys were just sleeping.
DSCN0735 (Copy).JPG
This guy was standing guard while the others were sleeping.
DSCN0736 (Copy).JPG
The Mambasa Labgoon Area was quite beautiful, and had an abundance of wildlife.
DSCN0737 (Copy).JPG
The lagoon area is huge, and is populated with thousands of birds, fish, and other animals.
DSCN0738 (Copy).JPG
The area had fun little touches like these lilly pads which you could hop onto.
DSCN0739 (Copy).JPG
A duck.
DSCN0740 (Copy).JPG
Another view of the fort on top of the waterfall.
DSCN0741 (Copy).JPG
More birds nesting.
DSCN0742 (Copy).JPG
I love this area!
DSCN0743 (Copy).JPG
Another duck.
DSCN0745 (Copy).JPG
There were gease with just sleeping in the middle of the walkways on the water with people walking by.
DSCN0746 (Copy).JPG
This was a giant-ass pelican! It was 4-5x larger than a normal pelican.
DSCN0747 (Copy).JPG
Ring Tail Lemur!
DSCN0748 (Copy).JPG
They were running all over their little island.
DSCN0750 (Copy).JPG
The warthogs had just gotten their breakfast and were "pigging out".
DSCN0752 (Copy).JPG
DSCN0753 (Copy).JPG
They ate out of the ball.
DSCN0754 (Copy).JPG
This little chick was wandering around chirping.
DSCN0755 (Copy).JPG
This is a shoebill stork that is always hiding out.
DSCN0756 (Copy).JPG
Very cool bird!
DSCN0757 (Copy).JPG
More giant-ass birds!
DSCN0758 (Copy).JPG
Entrance to the first Safari, the Zipline named Flightline.
DSCN0760 (Copy).JPG
The Lorikeets were very active in their exhibit. You could buy nectar, and they would fly over to you faster than an ACEr to a buffet table. ;)
DSCN0761 (Copy).JPG
They were big on grooming.
DSCN0764 (Copy).JPG
The moneys were hanging on the edge of their exhibits and checking everyone out as they walked by.
DSCN0766 (Copy).JPG
Now we head out onto the Rift Valley Area, that overlooks the whole lower section of the park.
DSCN0767 (Copy).JPG
The overlook provided some great views. The Ballon Safari is right below.
DSCN0768 (Copy).JPG
This area mimics an African Safari, and takes up a good majority of the park's land.
DSCN0769 (Copy).JPG
Another look at the Ballon Safari.
DSCN0773 (Copy).JPG
Some Giraffes were grazing a few hundren feet away. Good thing I had my trusty 36x zoom.
DSCN0774 (Copy).JPG
A panoramic diagram that explains what you're observing.
DSCN0775 (Copy).JPG
Down we went! Thos shows the platform we were on moments before. There's about 150ft. up.
DSCN0777 (Copy).JPG
The Ballon Safari rising into the air. This thing is really scary to watch on windy days when it remains in operation.
DSCN0778 (Copy).JPG
The ending of the practice zipline for Flightline. The main zipline is an hour away, and takes you all the way down the side of this valley.
DSCN0779 (Copy).JPG
Heading to the exhibits, they displayed the section of the map that corresponded with the area.
DSCN0780 (Copy).JPG
Ballon Safari signage.
DSCN0781 (Copy).JPG
The water area was a huge hit, and is always packed in the afternoons with tons of kids and teens.
DSCN0782 (Copy).JPG
This is the new remodeled Lion Camp with a Cheetah Run.
DSCN0783 (Copy).JPG
DSCN0784 (Copy).JPG
Sleepy Cat is Sleepy.
DSCN0785 (Copy).JPG
Probably my favorite shot of the whole update.
DSCN0786 (Copy).JPG
DSCN0787 (Copy).JPG
Occationally you'll see Lions snoozing in front of where the people are standing.
DSCN0789 (Copy).JPG
A view towards the Africa Tour.
DSCN0790 (Copy).JPG
The main attraction!
DSCN0791 (Copy).JPG
The queue has tons of signs and TVs telling you various facts.
DSCN0792 (Copy).JPG
This queue fills up very fast in the afternoons.
DSCN0793 (Copy).JPG
AKA we're paying a couple extra bucks to skip you suckers.
DSCN0799 (Copy).JPG
The trams are "eco friendly" and what this?
DSCN0798 (Copy).JPG
I had no idea these were from Chance until today!
DSCN0800 (Copy).JPG
As we began our tour, we passed the Segway center.
DSCN0802 (Copy).JPG
The first animals we see are Cheetahs! They were resting in the shade in tall grass.
DSCN0803 (Copy).JPG
Then some giraffes.
DSCN0804 (Copy).JPG
And a giant pod of Flamingos.
DSCN0805 (Copy).JPG
More wildlife!
DSCN0807 (Copy).JPG
A small island held most of the African Birds.
DSCN0809 (Copy).JPG
The Ballon Safari heading for the heavens.
DSCN0810 (Copy).JPG
The Vulture exhibit was strangely lush.
DSCN0811 (Copy).JPG
DSCN0812 (Copy).JPG
Flightless bird is flightless.
DSCN0814 (Copy).JPG
There were many active animals.
DSCN0815 (Copy).JPG
I'll post more pictures soon!
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Re: San Diego Zoo's Wild Safari Park TR

Postby xmichellex » Sun Jul 17, 2011 11:19 am


This picture is hilarious!!

Great pictures, thanks for sharing. This looks like an awesome experience - the zip line option sounds so cool!
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Re: San Diego Zoo's Wild Safari Park TR

Postby DiveMachine » Sun Jul 17, 2011 2:47 pm

Wow, Great Photo TR! The Zipline option sounds really cool, and I love the fact that they have a lot of different options. Looks like a pretty unique thing.

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Re: San Diego Zoo's Wild Safari Park TR

Postby QueerRudie » Sun Jul 17, 2011 2:55 pm

It's interesting to see The Wild Animal Park... SDZWAS... whatever it's name is now compared to my first visit there in 1984... Yes, that long ago. I do remember the Monorail, as it reminded me of the one at Kings Dominion and Kings Island (Anybody have any clue if it too was an Inty Monorail). I also remember (Fondly!) the "There are NO bathrooms on this safari, so use them before you board!' signs all over the place.

Sad to see them go, I can only hope they'll ressurect them again in the future!

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Re: San Diego Zoo's Wild Safari Park TR

Postby 805Andrew » Sun Jul 17, 2011 4:22 pm

I haven't been there since my last trip to San Diego in 2005 which included the Wild Animal Park, San Diego Zoo, and Sea World. I've always enjoyed my visits to the Wild Animal Park and almost prefer it over the Zoo as it is more interactive. The WGASA Monorail was my favorite, I'm sad to see it go, as the 45 minute ride gives you a good chance to see animals in their natural surroundings. I know they have a tram now, but its not the same as a monorail. I also really enjoyed the African Outpost section and feeding the Giraffes, feeding the lorikeets, and the butterfly aviary. I'm glad they added a zipline, it looks cool and I may have to try it next time I visit there. I don't know why they changed the name though to San Diego Zoo Safari Park as I thought Wild Animal Park was a better and catchier name.
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Re: San Diego Zoo's Wild Safari Park TR

Postby mrkstinn » Thu Aug 04, 2011 7:20 am

great pix! it was real fun to watch your fotoreport))

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Re: San Diego Zoo's Wild Safari Park TR

Postby Electerik » Fri Aug 05, 2011 7:29 pm

Thanks for posting this! I didn't even know it existed.
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Re: San Diego Zoo's Wild Safari Park TR

Postby SoCalCoasters » Mon Jan 23, 2012 8:35 am

More pictures!

Sorry these took nearly 6 months to post. :oops:
DSCN0816 (Copy).JPG
The tram went all around "Africa". This giant exhibit is modeled with different parts of Africa.
DSCN0820 (Copy).JPG
This giraffe was watching the tram as it went by.
DSCN0822 (Copy).JPG
Beautiful Animals
DSCN0823 (Copy).JPG
Springbalk? Can't remember exactly.
DSCN0824 (Copy).JPG
This shows off a large portion of the African exhibit.
DSCN0825 (Copy).JPG
I really love this park.
DSCN0827 (Copy).JPG
DSCN0828 (Copy).JPG
I think every Rhino I saw was asleep.
DSCN0829 (Copy).JPG
The wild asses are shy, so they're put in a different exhibit thanb other animals.
DSCN0833 (Copy).JPG
I just love the atmoshpere of this park!
DSCN0834 (Copy).JPG
The entire tour takes around 30 minutes to complete, on a two mile loop.
DSCN0835 (Copy).JPG
n a few years, this area will look more like a forest.
DSCN0836 (Copy).JPG
Looking out over the valley.
DSCN0837 (Copy).JPG
I really love the views!
DSCN0840 (Copy).JPG
Coming back around you take a higher route with better views.
DSCN0842 (Copy).JPG
Coming Around...
DSCN0845 (Copy).JPG
These animals were on a hilly section above the tram.
DSCN0848 (Copy).JPG
DSCN0849 (Copy).JPG
DSCN0850 (Copy).JPG
DSCN0851 (Copy).JPG
This is the only time I've ever seen a Giraffe sitting down!
DSCN0853 (Copy).JPG
Nevermind, I found some non-sleepy Rhinos.
DSCN0855 (Copy).JPG
That;s the end of the Tram Safari. The next area was the African Loop, which is a very long winding path with African animals that takes around 30-45 minutes to walk through at a leasurely pace.
DSCN0856 (Copy).JPG
Segway Safari. Let's just hope there aren't any cliff nearby ;)
DSCN0857 (Copy).JPG
This is the feeding Safari.
DSCN0859 (Copy).JPG
Cheetah Chillin' in the tall grass.
DSCN0860 (Copy).JPG
The path at the beginning of the loop.
DSCN0861 (Copy).JPG
Looks like someone had one too many drinks.
DSCN0862 (Copy).JPG
This section is out on a lake, with a man made island in the center.
DSCN0863 (Copy).JPG
Another view of the prop car.
DSCN0864 (Copy).JPG
Those were the flamingos from earlier.
DSCN0865 (Copy).JPG
There were a gazillion ducks sleeping right here...
DSCN0866 (Copy).JPG
Bright Sun is Bright
DSCN0868 (Copy).JPG
Mother duck and her chicks.
DSCN0869 (Copy).JPG
I'm pretty sure there are more ducks here than there are all other animals combined!
DSCN0870 (Copy).JPG
This area is very nicely done.
DSCN0871 (Copy).JPG
What's this?
DSCN0877 (Copy).JPG
DSCN0878 (Copy).JPG
I randomly got this realy interesting shot.
DSCN0879 (Copy).JPG
Where else can you get awesome landscaping like this in a ZOO!
DSCN0881 (Copy).JPG
Going down?
DSCN0882 (Copy).JPG
This area of the park was beautiful.
DSCN0884 (Copy).JPG
This area was very photogenic.
DSCN0889 (Copy).JPG
Don't touch my eggs.
DSCN0895 (Copy).JPG
More animals.
DSCN0899 (Copy).JPG
It took me like ten shots to get this, the bird wouldn't sit still.
DSCN0903 (Copy).JPG
DSCN0904 (Copy).JPG
The head looks so disproportional...
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Re: San Diego Zoo's Wild Safari Park TR

Postby ntweisen » Mon Jan 23, 2012 7:43 pm

Great pictures! I'm still pissed about the name and tram tour changes. Oh well, guess I should get over it.

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Re: San Diego Zoo's Wild Safari Park TR

Postby WFChris » Fri Jan 27, 2012 5:28 am

Wild Safari Park is really a little gem here in Southern California. It is one of those parks that just can't be covered in one day if you want to check everything out. Especially if somebody in your group becomes fixated on a specific display, like the banzai trees.


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