Photo TR: Titletown

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Photo TR: Titletown

Postby LoneRider92 » Mon Jun 06, 2011 10:13 am

First Trip Report. Alright, here goes...

This weekend my old man and me made the three hour drive to Green Bay for a little day trip. I had been to Green Bay a few times before, but this was the first time that there has been a credit involved. For those who don't know, Bay Beach Park is a small family park that has a few rides. This little park is actually a GREAT place for families; parking and admission is free and the price for ride tickets is VERY affordable (A whopping 25 cents per ticket, the gougers!). The park also has a couple of playgrounds and picnic areas, making it a nice place to spend a day with the family.

Ok, fine, I'll get to the coaster.

Zippin Pippin is situated at the end of the park. I will say that the area it is situated in is needing some shade or trees or something, as currently it is not very aesthetically pleasing. Waiting ten to fifteen minutes in the sun wasn't unbearable, but in a place where it snows 14 months out of the year, it was tough for the locals (and me). My first time I waited for the back seat and got on without too much trouble. We sat in the train for a few minutes, nothing happening. Then I heard the words I hate; "Unload the train". Ugh. It broke down my first time. :x Fine. After waiting fifteen more minutes, I finally got my ride, and it was well worth it!

Word From The Coaster Nerd

Wow! Don't be fooled by a smaller ride, this thing was a ton of fun! After seeing how slowly it ran in the testing videos, I wasn't sure about it, but it ran just fine. I rode in the front, middle, and back, and I can say that the front is the most enjoyable. There is airtime on almost every hill and it runs pretty quickly. The back has good air on the first two drops and the middle had good low g's. One thing I will say about the ride - Look out for the second-to-last-hill! It's very abrupt and gives a WICKED shot of airtime. Also, the turns aren't formed very well and seem to have a few corners in them, but otherwise the ride is smooth and great fun. Bay Beach definitely has a winner here. The ride is very popular with all who ride it. Luckily the line remained fairly short all day. We heard some horror stories about the wait being MUCH longer than 15-20 minutes, so keep in mind that the park is very popular and the crowds of families can get fairly dense.

I can say that I was glad that I made the trip up here to experience the ride. It was well worth it! I don't know if it would be worth making a trip just for the ride if you have a lengthy drive, but if you could add the park on a trip I would recommend it. Bay Beach is a very nice park and is a great way to spend a day with the family.

On to pictures!

ADMIN EDIT: I went ahead and added the "Photo TR:" notation to the front of your thread's title. Thanks for sharing this with us and welcome to Theme Park Review!
Wouldn't you know it, we got lost on our way to the park. Luckily this nice man pointed the way for us.
Well, this looks like the place.
The main building. Oooh... Aaaah...
And that's what I'm here for!
Tickets required. Makes for a VERY affordable day at 25 cents a ticket.
The train station, largely unchanged from my last visit many years ago.
The Yo-Yo.
Rejoice, the coaster is near!
Rounding the bend.
Rules of the ride.
Snazzy ride sign.
Nice to see the old sign made it.
At least this isn't full today.
Headin' up the lift
NERD SHOT! Unfortunately, this guy ended up causing problems all day long...
Station shot
Builder's plate
I was literally sitting RIGHT THERE when the ride broke down. The lift kept running and it wouldn't send a train, so we had to wait while the ride op called M&V to figure out what to do. *sigh*
Evac-ing the train. Really? Just my luck
NERD SHOT! - The Revenge of the NERD SHOT!
First drop. Nothing else to do while waiting but take pictures, I guess
Pops heard that the ride had lines all the way to the ticket booth at some point. As you can see, that would be a LONG wait o.O
Chairplanes (Cute name IMO)
Most bad-a$$ looking train ever!
Ferris wheel. I would have liked to get some aerial shots but the line was super long
Best guess, the station was brand new the last time I was here. It feels like forever ago
I would have liked to get some Pippin swag, but that penny-pinching padre of mine said no =(
Aneurysm - The Ride aka Scat
In between the rides area and Zippin Pippin is this very nice shaded area. Bay Beach really seems to be a great place to spend a day with the family. It definitely seems to be a popular place
Second breakdown of the day. Yay?
Believe it or not, Green Bay actually HAS a bay. Who would've thought?
Hangin' out at the entrance
Eh, this pic actually turned out pretty decent!
This one, not as good
Let's hop on the train for a quick ride shall we?
It wouldn't be a TPR report without a THROUGH THE TREES!!1!1! shot, would it?
Quick fact: when Father Marquette was visitng Green Bay many years ago, he was walking over a bridge when he slipped and fell into the water. He looked down and "Deep Here". And that's how the city of De Pere got it's name (Get it? Deep Here = De Pere? lolol... Don't blame me, it was my dad's joke)
The end of the line and the end of our day at Bay Beach Park (Dad's mammoth safari hat says hi!)
Sorry Scat, I didn't feel like feeling seasick today
Parting shot of Zippin Pippin. What a great surprise it was!

Part two in the works...
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Re: Titletown Photo Trip Report

Postby LoneRider92 » Mon Jun 06, 2011 11:16 am

Parte dos
On the way to our next destination. I wonder if that's it?
Does this have something to do with it?
Yep! This is it! The world famous sign in some guy's back yar...
No, wait! We're here to see the Frozen Tundra! (Today, however, the ice was all melted. Darn)
WHAT THE HELL'S GOIN' ON OUT THERE?!?!?! Thank you Vince. You just make everyone feel welcome here...
This place looks like fun! Let's have a look!
Lombardi out front and these bruisers just inside. How inviting
Me doin' the famous Packer bike ride
Me hanging out with Donald Driver. What an awesome guy! (Even if this one didn't say much...)
Doing my part to help win the Ice Bowl
Sorry Terrance, someone beat you to this one!
Something doesn't seem right here...
For those Bears fans out there, you might want to look away for the next pic...
NFC Champs Trophy

Steelers fans should REALLY look away for the next pic...
Super Bowl Trophy (named after who again? =D)

(Sorry, gloating done)
Me with a souvenir. I didn't get very far with it though...
I know a few coasters that could send people here (Donald says hi again!)
The Lambeau Leap wall kept me entertained for at least 20 minutes. Not by me jumping, but watching little kids plow into the wall at full speed again and again in an attempt to make the jump. It was supremely satisfying
Of course, Pops had to relive the glory days (read: imaginary) of him being a top athlete

So I had to show him up a little =D

MOV06068.MPG [ 5.74 MiB | Viewed 5770 times ]

The desk of the legendary coach Vince Lombardi
Dad channeling some of that Lombardi anger

(This one will be burned into my head for a bit...) o.O
Bart was a little nervous. "You're not the coaster guy that fools around with statues, are you?"
Apparently, my dad not only gave meanness lessons to Lombardi, but also to Ray Nitchske. I would not doubt that.
Being a ruff tuff football fan, I was delighted that I found such FABULOUS gifts in the pro shop XD
I was absolutely not going to leave without taking this. Getting it out of the shop presented a problem however
The ACER in me told me to take a picture of this
Where are we again?
Famous people park here
People in Green Bay had some pretty cool stuff in their backyards. I was digging the turnstyle in this yard across the street from the stadium
Okay, even if the entire report sucked, I at least included food. That makes it better, right?
Rocky's has some pretty sweet pictures in their restaurants. Hehe...
This guy makes some pretty amazing pizza. If you're in Wisconsin, I suggest making a visit at any one of the locations at least once
One piece was awesome, two pieces were heavenly, five and a half sent me into a nice little food coma
Good sunset. Good day
I'll see you in a week. =)

All done. Comments/questions/praise would be appreciated [I'm a trip report virgin. It's my first time. Be gentle ;) ]
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Re: Titletown Photo Trip Report

Postby Jakizle » Mon Jun 06, 2011 12:06 pm

Wow, so the coaster is only $1 to ride?? That's a great deal! I also didn't know they had 2 trains, that's great to hear.

I did see that in a few of the POVs on Youtube the turnarounds do have some weird kinks in them, but the airtime on this thing looks great and to me it looks like they one upped on a classic. Don't see myself in Green Bay anytime in the near future but the coaster and park look great! Good to hear they are getting steady business.

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Re: Titletown Photo Trip Report

Postby Hilltopper39 » Mon Jun 06, 2011 12:50 pm

I'm a little disappointed to see that there is a second Scat Ride in operation in the world. Beech Bend has officially lost some of it's mystique.

It looks like the Zippin Pippin Relocation turned out awesome! I seriously had my doubts about relocating am 80 year old wooden coaster but it looks like everything went well. With that being said does anyone out there know how much of the new Zippin Pippin is original? I know the trains are new, the footers are new, most of the top track layers are probably new and from the looks of the pictures almost all of the bents in the structure looks new. So is this a New Zippin Pippin or a recreation of it similar to all of the Coney Island Cyclone clones out there?

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Re: Titletown Photo Trip Report

Postby LoneRider92 » Mon Jun 06, 2011 1:16 pm

Hilltopper - as far as I know, the only thing that's original on the ride now is the design and the Elvis sign. It really is a New Zippin Pippin.

As for Jakizle, yes, they are running two trains, which surprised me too. However, they were stacking like real pros, which almost made it like they were running one. The way the station is designed, riders exit the same side they enter, which means oncoming riders have to wait until everybody is off the train and out of the station. In addition, the ride ops go through once and check the seatbelts only, then check the lap bars, which made the whole loading process pretty darn slow. I hope they can at least pick up the pace in the future, as the line was starting to get lengthy when I left, and it was only 1:30.
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Re: Titletown Photo Trip Report

Postby PSiRockin » Mon Jun 06, 2011 1:50 pm

Very nice TR.

Going by the ride sign photo, I thought the coaster would have just 1 Morgan train, but it had 2 PTC 3 bench cars, with 5 cars per train? Nice! (and no headrests either :p)

The ride seems to be very picturesque, and you did a nice job.
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Re: Photo TR: Titletown

Postby cal1br3tto » Tue Jun 07, 2011 10:21 pm

Sounds like Zippin Pippin is a success! I would love to visit that charming little park.

Looks like there are some cool photo ops in that museum. I know I would have fun with the leap wall!
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Re: Photo TR: Titletown

Postby YoshiFan » Tue Jun 07, 2011 11:12 pm

Those ride prices are crazy, it makes Knoebels look expensive! $0.25 for the kiddie rides, $0.50 for the flats and $1 for the coaster. That has got to be the cheapest park in the country.

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Re: Photo TR: Titletown

Postby daveydo5172 » Tue Jun 07, 2011 11:45 pm

Nothing is original unfortunately, on M and V's facebook page, they posted that there were NO groundplans of the ride anymore, so most of it was done by guessing and by viewing old photos of the ride.....the trains are from either Beech bend or Myrtle beach....I cant remember which.

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Re: Photo TR: Titletown

Postby RoCo » Wed Jun 08, 2011 12:44 pm

This DOES look like a very cool little park; nice report; thanks! I'd heard the whole "This is Elvis' favorite coaster" story, but had no clue that his private party at Libertyland was his last public appearance.

Turnstile in backyard FTW!
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