PHOTO TR: Cedarpoint coastermania 2011

Girls on trampolines, snakes, and bondage???
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PHOTO TR: Cedarpoint coastermania 2011

Postby thrillrider » Sun Jun 05, 2011 7:13 pm

This weekend was coastermania at cedarpoint. So of course, I will have plenty of pictures to share with you all. We got to the park on friday night, and left on sunday afternoon. During the entire weekend, we may have gotten 3 hours sleep.

The ert was amazing, as there were not as many people as years past. As a matter of fact, the park has been fairly slow as of late. I was talking with an employee, and he was saying that this years attendance is down. I agree, as many of the lines were very short. During the day on saturday, millennium force was around a half hour wait. The weather was great, so I am not sure what's going on. High gas prices perhaps? I have been to the park 6 times this year, and the only time it was busy was opening weekend.

Windseeker was still down, but work was being done on it and it was slowly going up and down the tower. On saturday night, cedarpoint replaced the windseeker ert with millennium force ert.

While in line for the riverboat, there was a huge snake playing in the q line, and I caught the antics of the cedarpoint employees trying to capture it.

Enjoy the pictures....
100_0573 (Medium).jpg
On the way to cedarpoint, we saw this huge carnival in Michigan.
100_0576 (Medium).jpg
I see a credit.
100_0581 (Medium).jpg
We arived just as it was getting dark.
100_0580 (Medium).jpg
It's hard to tell, but there is a cloud of bugs in this picture. They were everywhere this entire weekend.
100_0582 (Medium).jpg
Somebody really likes cedarpoint.
100_0587 (Medium).jpg
Ocean motion has another new sign.
100_0588 (Medium).jpg
The new platform is a liitle confusing.
100_0599 (Medium).jpg
This park looks it's best at night.
100_0602 (Medium).jpg
Witches wheel.
100_0605 (Medium).jpg
Mine rides station has yellow lights to keep the bugs away.
100_0610 (Medium).jpg
New night time show has fireworks. You can see them from the back of the park.
100_0615 (Medium).jpg
100_0616 (Medium).jpg
As you can see, bugs were everywhere.
100_0621 (Medium).jpg
Ert on meanstreak. A few weeks ago when I was on it last, it was great. This time around, it was not so great. What a differance 2 weeks makes.
100_0622 (Medium).jpg
Magnum now has new monitors. The old ones were sent to the trash pile.
100_0623 (Medium).jpg
Dragster ert.
100_0626 (Medium).jpg
100_0630 (Medium).jpg
Magnum ert was great. I was able to get 15 rides in.
100_0631 (Medium).jpg
On the way out of the park, we had to dodge park vehicles.
100_0633 (Medium).jpg
Workers were replacing a lot of lights on scrambler.
100_0635 (Medium).jpg
100_0638 (Medium).jpg
I think they need to replace some of these.
100_0640 (Medium).jpg
Flower garden in now prepped awaiting the flowers.
100_0642 (Medium).jpg
5 Am came around really quick.
100_0647 (Medium).jpg
Evere wonder what the park looks like at 5 Am? Here ya go.
100_0648 (Medium).jpg
The park was nice enough to have coffee, juice, and donuts for everyone to enjoy.
100_0649 (Medium).jpg
Why does this just sound so wrong?
100_0650 (Medium).jpg
The first ride of the day was millennium force.
100_0651 (Medium).jpg
Millennium force is one hell of an alarm clock.
100_0652 (Medium).jpg
This is part of the starlight show at night. Kinda surprised that they would have wires laying around like this everywhere.
100_0654 (Medium).jpg
Good morning dragster and skyhawk.
100_0653 (Medium).jpg
Next stop of the morning was maverick.
100_0656 (Medium).jpg
My kind of line.
100_0655 (Medium).jpg
While in line, you can see what's left of white water landing.
100_0665 (Medium).jpg
Station shot
100_0666 (Medium).jpg
100_0667 (Medium).jpg
2 for the price of 1
100_0668 (Medium).jpg
100_0670 (Medium).jpg
Vegitable dyeing? Wtf???
100_0671 (Medium).jpg
Nice shot of millennium force
100_0672 (Medium).jpg
Is it just me, or do the two bears look pissed?
100_0675 (Medium).jpg
They were still out power washing the gum off the midway.
100_0677 (Medium).jpg
Mantis had ert as well. I only ride mantis once a year, and today was that day. I am not sure what it is, but mantis messes with my legs.
100_0680 (Medium).jpg
Lot's of tpr members were in the park this weekend.
100_0682 (Medium).jpg
Lots of work was being done on windseeker.
100_0683 (Medium).jpg
All of the seats were tied together by a rope. The ride was going up and down all day, and spun slow at least once.
100_0684 (Medium).jpg
The door was laying on the ground.
100_0685 (Medium).jpg
They seemed to be doing a lot of work on whatever part of the ride this is.
100_0686 (Medium).jpg
Control booth
100_0687 (Medium).jpg
100_0688 (Medium).jpg
The madonna wing of the hotel.
100_0691 (Medium).jpg
This crappy breakfast cost me $12 at hotel breakers.
100_0693 (Medium).jpg
Funky pen at the gift shop
100_0694 (Medium).jpg
I never knew that the hotel had a basement.
100_0695 (Medium).jpg
Back to the park we go.
100_0699 (Medium).jpg
The new beach gate.
100_0701 (Medium).jpg
I love that they are one of only a few parks that still use coal trains.
100_0703 (Medium).jpg
This was once used as the overflow area for millennium force.
100_0705 (Medium).jpg
Millennium forces cable lift house.
100_0708 (Medium).jpg
A shot of maverick from the train.
100_0713 (Medium).jpg
We popped into the parks musium for a look around. They had the knex displays out for everyone to see.
100_0714 (Medium).jpg
100_0716 (Medium).jpg
I miss this ride.
100_0717 (Medium).jpg
Mean streak made from tooth picks.
100_0718 (Medium).jpg
There were a lot of pictures of past attractions.
100_0719 (Medium).jpg
100_0861 (Medium).jpg
Hide ho in the
100_0855 (Medium).jpg
100_0720 (Medium).jpg
You can still play football for only 10 cents.
100_0722 (Medium).jpg
100_0726 (Medium).jpg
There is also a bunch of old train sets.
100_0727 (Medium).jpg
A bunch of the wax figures from the eden musee(sp) that used to be at the front of the park were on display.
100_0732 (Medium).jpg
100_0733 (Medium).jpg
100_0728 (Medium).jpg
100_0852 (Medium).jpg
They also had a disturbing band organ from an old merry go round of years past. The angel had lost it's head here.
100_0853 (Medium).jpg
Not sure whats going on here.
100_0854 (Medium).jpg
Jesus is even inside the orgin.
100_0735 (Medium).jpg
How can a tube be square?
100_0736 (Medium).jpg
I wanted to buy this shirt.
100_0737 (Medium).jpg
The arcade had a few interesting games.
100_0740 (Medium).jpg
This was my favorate.
100_0738 (Medium).jpg
Mine ride goes over the water.
100_0739 (Medium).jpg
This guy is humping the fence.
100_0743 (Medium).jpg
It was time to check out the all wheels extreme stunt show. I recomend watching this show, because not only are they doing crazy stunts but.......
100_0744 (Medium).jpg
Need I say more?
100_0746 (Medium).jpg
100_0749 (Medium).jpg
Wicked twister, meet windseeker.
100_0751 (Medium).jpg
Wicked twister.
100_0756 (Medium).jpg
Maxair is back up and running.
100_0758 (Medium).jpg
It was now time for the lunch, and you were able to pick up your t shirt as well.
100_0759 (Medium).jpg
Bryan edwards spoke a little bit, and thanked everyone for comming.
100_0762 (Medium).jpg
People were mesmorized by his presence
100_0760 (Medium).jpg
100_0787 (Medium).jpg
It was getting hot out, so we decided to check out the parks new show for this year....Rocking at the point.
100_0794 (Medium).jpg
It was a decent show.
100_0764 (Medium).jpg
Not sure what this is, but it was hanging in the theater.
100_0798 (Medium).jpg
Angry birds are showing up everywhere.
100_0800 (Medium).jpg
Even the dock boxes on the ride platforms have seat belts now.
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Re: PHOTO TR: Cedarpoint coastermania 2011

Postby Skycoastin Steve » Sun Jun 05, 2011 7:25 pm

I never knew that the hotel had a basement.

Sure! It's where Pee Wee's bike is!

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Re: PHOTO TR: Cedarpoint coastermania 2011

Postby thrillrider » Sun Jun 05, 2011 7:34 pm

100_0801 (Medium).jpg
Ugggg!!! Why do people still do this?
100_0802 (Medium).jpg
There seems to be quite a few rides that do not open till 11am now.
100_0803 (Medium).jpg
The riverboat cruise is a nice way to take a break from the day.
100_0804 (Medium).jpg
You can get some great shots from the river boat.
100_0805 (Medium).jpg
There are several gags durring the ride as well.
100_0806 (Medium).jpg
I forced myself to watch the country show.
100_0809 (Medium).jpg
Windseeker has left the ground.
100_0815 (Medium).jpg
Back in line for the boat ride, there was this huge snake. I got the amusing video of a few employees trying to be snake wranglers. Video comming in a few
100_0820 (Medium).jpg
The entrance to the haunt on the island. This opens up in oct.
100_0822 (Medium).jpg
100_0824 (Medium).jpg
Shoot the rapids is now kinda working.
100_0826 (Medium).jpg
100_0828 (Medium).jpg
100_0829 (Medium).jpg
But water is free in most places?
100_0831 (Medium).jpg
It was starting to get dark, and that could mean only one thing.....more ert
100_0833 (Medium).jpg
Raptor doing it's thing.
100_0834 (Medium).jpg
This is the part of the park that some say is going to change next year.
100_0835 (Medium).jpg
So take it all in.
100_0836 (Medium).jpg
100_0837 (Medium).jpg
Blue streak is looking, and running great.
100_0838 (Medium).jpg
New 3 point challenge, still has nobody playing it.
100_0846 (Medium).jpg
100_0859 (Medium).jpg
I can't believe I almost forgot to put this picture I took from the town hall. Rectal balm???
100_0862 (Medium).jpg
Wave swinger.
100_0863 (Medium).jpg
This years show lineup.
100_0866 (Medium).jpg
I never knew that charlie brown was into bondage?
100_0877 (Medium).jpg
This was the new night time show. A bunch of pictures being flashed on a screen, with a few fireworks thrown in.
100_0881 (Medium).jpg
Ert on blue streak did not last long for most, because of this.....
100_0883 (Medium).jpg
Bugs....they were everywhere
100_0884 (Medium).jpg
Closed games area.
100_0887 (Medium).jpg
We ended the night with some great ert on millennium force.
100_0888 (Medium).jpg
More pictures to come soon.
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Re: PHOTO TR: Cedarpoint coastermania 2011

Postby thrillrider » Sun Jun 05, 2011 7:35 pm

Video of cedarpoint workers trying to rescue everyone from the anaconda of death.

Click to download video to your computer or iPod/iPhone

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Re: PHOTO TR: Cedarpoint coastermania 2011

Postby Midgetman82 » Sun Jun 05, 2011 9:27 pm

Coastermaina looks like fun, sucks to have all those bugs around.

I don't think I could handle only getting in 3 hours of sleep. Someday maybe, but not yet!
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Re: PHOTO TR: Cedarpoint coastermania 2011

Postby thrillrider » Mon Jun 06, 2011 2:53 am

Yea, it's brutal.

This is going to be a long week.
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Re: PHOTO TR: Cedarpoint coastermania 2011

Postby coasternut » Mon Jun 06, 2011 5:28 am

Here is my text trip report. I posted on the CP discussion site since there wasn't a Coastermania site.

Coastermania Trip Report:

Extraordinary event especially for the price $0.00 :lol: for anyone with a coasterclub id (TPR), and a day pass or season pass. No upcharges! :lmao:

Breaking Wind (aka: Windseeker) still not close to opening any time soon. Work was being done on it all day Friday and Saturday. I did see it complete cycle twice on Saturday at around 7PM. It really is a beautiful ride at night. No work today on Sunday as it's a day of rest I guess.

Friday evenings "social hour" was superb. :p The food was great free drinks and you could buy a beer for less than $4. That beer price was barely more than they charge for a Pepsi at the vending machines at the park . Did I say this was all free except for the booze??? :b :br They had 2 kinds of wings, meatballs, and something else I can't remember right now. Oh yea, baked potatoes with the fixins, veggies and fruit too. :shockr:

After the social hour they had a "love fest" for "Big Dick" Kinzel. Of course I didn't participate, but was there. :x The man has truly done a lot for the park and the Cedar Fair name, but his time has long since past several years ago. :angry: Someone asked a question of him regarding bigger woodies. :airtime: His response was (which I couldn't believe), with the current state of the art the tallest woodie that can be built and maintained was 80 feet! :wtf: Many people said what about El Toro (of course I was wearing my E.T. shirt), but he just ignored them and moved on. Talk about being out of touch! The film festival was hilarious. You had to be there. If you were, you know what I'm talking about. :)

Friday night's ERT's were super, running as usual well past midnight (closer to 1am). I left at 12:20 since I was to be back on Saturday at 5:30 for the morning ERT. God knows I need my beauty sleep! =)

Saturday we had early morning ERT and evening ERT (which I didn't attend thanks to all the bugs - muckelheads and May flies). I wish there was a way to control them, but they do taste like chicken. :Pr Saturday's free lunch had hot dogs, ziti pasta, potato salad, and Hawaiian chicken. My only disappointment was no Toft's ice cream cups. That's been a tradition over the years.

I had a great time at the park for the weekend Friday -- today Sunday getting 116 rides in! Just a great time, and next year there will be no "Big Dick." :devil: That's worth looking forward to... :butt:


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Re: PHOTO TR: Cedarpoint coastermania 2011

Postby The SETGO Guys » Mon Jun 06, 2011 5:38 am

Its odd how Cedar Point has seems to have some really nice spots to it, yet has some areas that seem to need a lot of work. I really like the theming they seem to be putting in, it adds a lot to the park! Hopefully I can get out there some day!

Thanks for the great pictures! :b

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Re: PHOTO TR: Cedarpoint coastermania 2011

Postby CorkscrewFoley » Mon Jun 06, 2011 8:16 am

Dave, as always I enjoy reading your TRs and this was no exception. So one question about the part of the midway that's going to change next year, they're not taking down Blue Streak are they? It's a stupid question I know...

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Re: PHOTO TR: Cedarpoint coastermania 2011

Postby Amy Baby » Mon Jun 06, 2011 9:15 am

Coastermania was great and fun at the same time. I am now recovering from the workout I got from walking the many miles all day on Saturday. At the lunch, the shirts that we were given look really good and I cant wait to wear mine. The lines were not long at all which was a big plus. I just wish it wasn't sooo dang hot out. Other than that, we had a great time. Cannot wait for next years Coastermania.


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