Photo TR: My (great) Banshee Bash experience

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Photo TR: My (great) Banshee Bash experience

Postby Jantzen73 » Sun Jul 27, 2014 10:08 am

So, finally after years of reading about them, I got to experience my first TPR event – and Wow!!! What a great time!!! First, kudos to Robb, Elissa and Don Helbig (and I’m sure many more behind the scenes) for organizing this great event for us! Every time I saw Robb he was making sure everyone was having a great time! Don was there all day too – even ending with a few well deserved night rides on the Beast.

Me, my son and daughter arrived Thursday night about 7:30 PM – grabbed a bite to eat and could not resist getting in a few rides before heading to bed. I had planned to get to bed earlier than later since we had a full day ahead of us but with such a beautiful evening and Platinum Passes we had to head over to the park for a while. So, after grabbing a bite to eat we got to the park about 8:30 PM – walked over and waited about 45 min for Diamondback – grabbed some blue twist cones and made it to the Beast line right before 10 PM. Got a great night ride on the last train of the night and headed back to the hotel to rest up for Banshee Bash!

We happened to be at the same hotel as the TPR tour – so it was exciting to see all the TPR members getting ready for the big day (and you know, eating cereal and stuff). Anyway, we headed over to park about 7:30 AM, checked in and received our lanyard and event wristbands from a smiling and excited Robb. I met Dave from the upcoming Mini-East-Coast tour and then we hung out until the gates opened. First up was Banshee for some morning ERT – or I like to call it EERT – EXTRA Exclusive Ride Time! I was pleasantly surprised that Robb had kept the number of participants in check so it was walk-on city (and a 1 train wait for the front) during ERT. We even snagged a back row ride with Robb – it was like living in one of his POV video’s – hearing him whoop and wheee through the course!!!

We then head over to Diamondback for some more walk-on ERT! Too many rides to count. Had a great crew member on the mic that was excited to have all us enthusiasts aboard and kept it fun for us.

We then decided to skip the waterpark ERT (due to the time and distance) and headed over for a morning Beast ride as the park opened to the public. We opted out of the Fast Lane Plus as we had done the park a few times before (with FL+) and were good hanging out and enjoying the day. So we head up the Eiffel Tower to enjoy the views then my kids did the Sling Shot since they loved the new one at Cedar Point – though this one was a bit painful as the restraints are not as comfortable as the new one – and really dug into their laps. We swung by the front of the park and kicks some soccer balls into the fountain for the KI Kicks Cancer event.

It was nearing lunch so we headed over to the Picnic Grove where we were treated to a nice spread of food and drink. There was even a Banshee Bash cake! And it was really tasty! I enjoyed a beer with lunch as we listened to Robb, Don, Greg and a gentleman that runs all the Cedar Fair FunTV programming. Don gave us a quick history on the Beast while Greg discussed the process of bringing in Banshee. The FunTV guy (sorry can’t remember his name) told us how all content for all Cedar Fair parks originates from the Kings Island office. He also mentioned that they plan more interactive trivia games via smart phones – so you could compete with folks in your line and even in other parks – pretty cool. He then asked for some requests for content – Robb jokingly asked for Frozen – then on a more serious note asked for some good behind the scenes videos. Which then led to them revealing that FunTV will be providing official POV videos for all Cedar Fair coasters in the future. Also got to meet some friendly TPR folks (sorry don’t recall the names) and got to get a quick pic with Snoopy! Good times.

Next on the event schedule were some behind the scenes tours of Banshee, Beast and Diamondback. Banshee was more of a side, than a behind the scenes tour – and being there opening day when the crowds over-spilled to the side of the ride I had already seen this side of Banshee. I was hoping to get back by the pretzel loop area – but with the amount of people it was understandable – and it still made for some great pics! The Beast tour, however, did not disappoint – we got to go all the way back to the 2nd lift hill. It was great to be among all that historic lumber and you could really appreciate how they used the existing terrain. The TPR crowd was definitely in coaster-nerd nirvana back there! Oh, and the Diamondback views were cool too - especially when the train came rolling through.

Next, we decided to head to the water park to relax and recharge. Unfortunately, we got so caught up over there that we did not make it back in time for the Cirque Imagine show that evening. Though from all accounts (and all the tweets) it was a great show.

Getting hungry we headed to the Reds Hall Of Fame Grille for a bite to eat – wings were surprisingly good there – rest was just ok. My son played the spin the wheel game in front of Diamondback and went 2 for 2 – so we headed over to Banshee where he and my daughter used a voucher. My son and I did the drop tower then we head over to the Beast where my son wanted to get an evening ride in using his second front of the line voucher (he always seems to take his sister - and not me :lmao: )

We then made our way to the International Restaurant above the front gates for the TPR fireworks viewing. Had a great time and a great view of the show – just one more cool / unique thing we got to experience that day.

Now it was time for some night ERT! We headed to Banshee for a quick ride in the dark – then off to Diamondback for a few quick rides – and finally over to the Beast at 10:55 PM for the 11 PM ERT. Got too many rides to count – and had a blast! Rode until the final train of the night! Again great crews at all the night ERT sessions.

Finally it was time to make our way out of the empty park. We were able to thank Don for his hospitality as we made our departure. Great day – so many highlights – and a well-run and fun event!!!
TPR'ers huddling before Banshee Bash
Someone is ready for Banshee Bash!
On 3! 1, 2, 3 - Banshee Bash!!!
Pre-ERT line starts at Banshee
Almost there - let us in!
I see you - 4 Delirium ERT riders
How's that Diamondback ERT going?
He thinks he can solve it
Time for some, er, morning wood
Who doesn't love that slow, long ascent?
Artsy Beast
Diamondback doin' its thing
Put your hands up if you love airtime!
What goes up, must come down
Love, love, love this element
Time to go up the Eiffel Tower for some views
There's that twisted metal we call Banshee
2nd loop in the back
Love the contrast of the green train
I spy a Diamondback splashdown
This is as close as I want to get to WindSeeker
Sorry - it's just so pretty
The money shot - full spray!
And poof! It's gone
Any last thoughts?
Spied Banshee through the fence waiting for SlingShot
That's enough - I'm outa here
The International Restaurant where we'd watch the fireworks from later tonight
Helping out a good cause and having fun too!
Don giving us some backstory on the Beast
My son was so excited to see Snoopy he forgot how to smile!
Gathering for Banshee behind the scenes
Smile like a Banshee
That great first drop!
Let's loop the lifthill
It was tough fitting in all this track in one shot
Love all the theming on this ride
A ride through the cemetary
Watch out for that tree!
Get your Delerium face on
I think that's the same train from this morning going up the lifthill
Behind the scenes of the station
TPR'ers walking hallowed ground
Looks like they found their second home
Like a wooden jungle gym back there
It's like the Beast just rose right up out of the ground back there
Lots of lumber
Crowds starting to gather for that first hill money shot
Get ready!
Here it comes!
Headed back in
Just a lovely structure
Trying an artsy first drop shot
More lens flare and more Beast
Isn't she purty?
Damn, this is one big roller coaster
Raise your hands if you love the double helix!
Swoosh - right by us
I see you WindSucker
A shame so few will get to see this giant from this point of view
It keeps going, and going and going...
More wood
...and on the 8th day - He created the Beast
2nd lift hill motor goodness
Paparazzi were out and about
Everybody say "Cheese!"
Postcard shot
Some sexy lines
Had a great time at Banshee Bash!
2 spins, 2 wins! Lets go ride!
Beast at night is best at night
We give the Beast at night 4 thumbs (and 4 red-eyes) up!!!
And that was our day at Banshee Bash! Thanks for looking!
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Re: Photo TR: My (great) Banshee Bash experience

Postby CPSFMMCW » Sun Jul 27, 2014 11:40 am

sounds like an awesome time! Man, I would've loved to be there...those behind the scenes tours sound like a blast
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Re: Photo TR: My (great) Banshee Bash experience

Postby Philrad71 » Sun Jul 27, 2014 3:24 pm

Great pics & write-up as always - that was quite an awesome day!

You must have been over at the water park around the same time as we were...didn't that water feel like heaven after doing those two coaster walk-backs? :)

We stayed in the wave pool for about 45 minutes and then took two loops around the Lazy River before making it back (albeit, a bit late) for the seating of the Cirque show.

My calves can still feel it today, but it was a very good time...kudos again to Robb, Elissa and the fine folks at Kings Island for truly making us all feel like VIP's!

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Re: Photo TR: My (great) Banshee Bash experience

Postby The49er » Sun Jul 27, 2014 4:09 pm

POVs for all Cedar Fair coasters on FunTV, you say? Can't wait for Taxi Jam :P
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Re: Photo TR: My (great) Banshee Bash experience

Postby coasterchitchat » Sun Jul 27, 2014 4:11 pm

The next Ohio Bash event is the one I'm signing up for1 That sounded like so much fun.

I went on Banshee the other and I LOVED it! I really wanna ride a coaster with Robb some day.
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Re: Photo TR: My (great) Banshee Bash experience

Postby coasterbill » Mon Jul 28, 2014 6:07 am

Great photos, it looks like everyone had a great time.

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Re: Photo TR: My (great) Banshee Bash experience

Postby coasterlvr » Fri Aug 01, 2014 6:45 pm

we must have been on the same train Thursday night. I was on the last Beast train too. :)

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